Tashan-e-Ishq 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kunj says aunty these things dont suit you, you are a tigress. Everything is okay between twinkle and yuvi. Twinkle’s mom says yes say good bye to that topic. you both sit and talk. She leaves. Twinkle says thank you kunj.
he says wow you thanked me before demanding today. But why? She says because of what you did today. She says you need a friend like me to make you normal. i did this for you mom. She says that is why i thanked you.

Yuvi is mad and is throwing stuff. He says how can twinkle do this to me. How can she break up with me. She ruined my plan.
Kirthi says to twinkle are you okay now? how could you even think of taking poison. what is going on between you and yuvi? She says i have broken up with him.Kirthi says how could you do this? can you

live without him. you love him madly. Twinkle says this closet is so messy. i will clean all the mess from it and from my life. Kirthi says stop it and tell me what is going on in your mind? Twnikle says you know i loved yuvi for 7 years but i love my mom way more. He will take time but he will love someone else. but my mom, she has only me. how can i make her sad. I will do what she thinks is right. She has done so much for me. Now will do what a good daughter should.
Twinkle comes downstairs everyone tells her about plan. Pinni says how could twinkle be so tensed that she tried to kill herself. Leela says lets shut that chapter. Pinni says we should know her problem. Kunj says she is already stressed and if we talk about it again, It will bring tears in her eyes. I can’t stand them. Raman says then one more sweet for that. Kunj says no in that case a few tears will be okay.

Twnikle takes kunj out. She says there is nothing more than my mom’s happiness for me. I will do as she asks. I will marry the person she wants me to marry. I want to break this deal as well. We don’t need it. Anything can happen we shouldn’t waste time. You should tell your family about alisha. I cant marry yuvi but you will get your love. Kunj says i can’t believe its you. you were madly in love with you and you are sacrificing it for your mom. She says yes i am special. now do as i asked you. he says its not that easy. Since we have gotten engaged she doesn’t even pick up my call. Why dont you try with yuvi? She says i dont wanna talk about that.

Leela says to manohar what twinkle did was so wrong and now she is so ready. She has no problem with that relation. Manohar says if i want to do this i will. Twinkle will get married to kunj.

Twnikle overhears alisha talking to her mom. Alisha says let me handle kunj myself. i can’t stay with kunj’s joint family. i want to shift somewhere else with him. I just love his money and i wont share that money with anyone. her mom says what if he leaves you? she says that stupid kunj loves me he can’t do this. Twnikle says in heart she only loves his money. Kunj is so innocent.
yuvi recalls twinkle saying i can’t hurt my mom. She has done so much for me.
Everyone is making kunj eat. Leela comes and says stop it. let him breathe at least. Kunj says thank God you came or i would have had diabatese. Leela says don’t talk about diseases. you wedding is not far away. Lets go to a family picnic before wedding. I will make this plan.

Twinkle says to kunj she is just after your money. She doesn’t care about you. kunj says wow what a plan you have made. she says why would i make a plan. What are you talking about. he says you are telling me all this about alisha but you think i am stupid like you? i did everything for you and you did this. Twinkle says what would i get by planning all this. He says enough this is too much now. He leaves. Twinkle tries to stop him but shoves her.
Twinkle says she must be hurt after knowing about alisha. I pray he sees the truth. We have weird fate. Both of us.

Precap-Yuvi says to a guy just see what i do to twinkle today. it will be a dark night for twinkle and her mom. He tries to abduct twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG what’s going on? I hope kunj is helping twinkle from yuvi’s plan..

  2. Sry atiba U missed so many scenes today …and no detailed description of the story.

  3. Atiba at the end of precap yuvi tore twinkle’s clothes. And family comes to find kunj with unconscious twinkle with his shirt off

  4. was it kunj who tore the clothes or was it Yuvi? because i remeber kunj saying u “havent seen my bad side yet twinkle”. but how is it possible for such a good guy like kunj to do nonsense like that… maybe its Yuvis plan but then again it could be kunj aswell. suspense AWAITS….
    what do u guys think? kunj or yuvi? :/ hope to watch a positive show tomorrow!:)

  5. Most probably it’s kunj as the torn pocket is highlighted In the precap..

  6. wait i dont understand anything can u tell me whats wrong

    1. twinkle tries to tell kunj that alisha just loves his money and not him as she over heard the convo… but kunj gets upset and pissed off and tells twinkle that all these days you have seen the good side of me but now i will show the bad side…. so the show ends and then in the precap the above mentioned part is there about yuvi but other than that someone makes twinkle faint and takes her to some place… there he tears her clothes and stuff…. at the end of the precap they show kunj on top of twinkle shirtlessa and while all this was happening leela and family look for twinkle everywhre……….. so we are dont know if its kunj or yuvi who trying to do such a thing! :/ i hope its not Kunj….

      1. so we dont know if it is*

  7. who wears a ring in the middle finger? kunj or yuvi?

  8. I know that yuvi heart is true he cant do like that plz god save her

  9. I hate junk I prefer her with yuvi!

  10. One lame story is plotting now

  11. Wtf Kunj is doing?

  12. Maybe it some misunderstanding or yuvi beaten up kunj n bring him on top of twinkle so that the families can get a bad inpression about kunj cuz of twinkle breaking up with him so he might be taking revenge for that by doing this and kunj hear the people coming n he was getting up so that they can think nothing happen between them……just guessing

    1. Most probably.. cz kunj looked shocked :/ hopefully its a good thing! :/

  13. Nyz epi..

  14. i like yuvi

  15. shifa(shakira)

    i hope kunj help to twinkle and her mom

  16. Where is all those things you guys talking about ? I haven’t seeing any where

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