Tashan-e-Ishq 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Manohar says to twinkle do you know what they would do to Ishan. Kunj says she did right if kidnappers have left cops can catch them. Kidnapper calls Manohar and says you informed cops? your grandson will have to pay for your sin wiht his life. His mom screams please don’t do anything to my Ishan. Kidnapper says of you want to save him come to ram leela ground at 7. Kunj and twinkle both say I will go to save Ishan.

They all reach the ram leela ground. Ishan’s mom cries please find my son. They start asking different people. Kunj asks twinkle not to go in crowd. She says I can take care of myself but he is a child we have to find hi asap. A man passes from behind them with Ishan in his lap.
Leela tells raman that twinkle informed cops and the kidnappers have threatened

to kill Ishan. Ramna says nothing will happen to him. Leela says I hope that child reaches his family. Please help my daughter.

Twinkle and Kunj see ishan behind a ride. Twinkle goes and hugs him. she says are you okay? He says yes. Kunj says we wont let anything happen to you. Kunj says lets go. He picks up ishan.
The kidnapper calls manohar you got your grandson back? But can you save him? Your grandson will be killed in front of you all. Everyone is dazed. Manohar says what are you saying. Kidnapper says look under his clothes. There is s bomb. He says you don’t have much time. Kunj says just three minutes. Kunj says in two minutes we can change it. Kunj sees the bomb. He says nothing will happen. Ishan’s mom cries please be careful. Kunj takes out the jacket and throws in in the wild. A fire breaks out. Kunj comes out of it with Twinkle in his arms. Everyone is in tears.

Manohar says I am so glad that you both are okay. Twinkle says important is that Ishan is okay. Anand takes Ishan upstairs.
Raman and Leela come home. Raman says twinkle are you okay? She says yes i am fine. Raman says you scared us. Your mom was so worried, she was praying all the time. Twinkle says maa.. Leela says I knew Manohar ji that God will protect you all. Raman says I am so proud of you. Twinkle says unless i have your prayers nothing can harm me.

Raman says our blessings will always be with you and kunj. No matter how mad your elders are their prayers are always with you. Never consider yourself alone. Anita comes in and says wow such scenes are even rare in movies these days. I am not here to socialize, just here to clear something. Twinkle says what you mean? Anita says you just came with you husband and blamed me and my son for Ishan’s kidnap. We didn’t do this. But wont you want to know who that person is? Twinkle says we all know you were behind this. Anita says idea was great but wasn’t mine. Kunj says who did it then? She says for that you need to hold your heart. That person is member of your family. That person is this, Mr. Manohar.

Precap-Leela says to Raman why did this happen to my twinkle. she is so young to bear all this. I brought her up like a princess and found her a prince as well but she keeps on facing troubles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice epiaode

    1. Nice episode

      1. OMG i dont understand why is manohar wants to kill his own grand son.

  2. OMG…….if manohar was behind it….but why he is doing all this..

  3. shifa(shakira)

    nice episode

  4. Princess roshni

    Nice episode .tomorow come quick

  5. I think manohar is losing money. …on verge of bankruptcy. ..so he is trying to siphon his own money to deal wid it ppl that’s y the precap says manohar staged ishaan’s kidnapping…..

  6. guys i thnk it is nt monahar but that beast of a mother the boy has is all behind ths i guess her cry and wail is as fake as she is..,……,….. kkkkkk no solid proof just random guess because we all knw an enemy will not reveal his helper anyway all my love is on Twinj!!!! cute couple

  7. There are negative roles coming in tashaneishq its kunjs n manohars sister.i got to know that these 2 r villians it means they r gonna help yuvi n throw twinkle out of manohar house n separate twinj n later on I think twinkle will know yuvis truth.I m so excited to c twinj getting seperated BT feeling bad 4 twinkle at d same time.I love yuvle.n no need to give seperate name 4 zain n Jasmin Caz zain’s in is already present in her name.spell n c the names of zain n Jasmin ‘in’ is common.c za’in’ jasm’in’.

  8. SNEHA – hope you are married and suffer same pain as TWINKLE and tell the rest of us so we can celebrate your misery . Can’t believe you are a woman –Shame on you

    1. I love yuvle n its jus a show.when I know they r jus portraying a character than no need to take it so seriously.I have not spoiled d character its d CVS n I think there I’ll b some suspense of yuvi also.

  9. My favourite serial is tashan e ishq….i don’t like anything….this is too good and couple

  10. ……..cute couple

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