Tashan-e-Ishq 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj pushes away Yuvi and drags him, Yuvi thinks why Mahi is not supporting him? she is only support, i have to make up Mahi’s mood so that i can comeback in house and take my revenge, Kunj throws him out and closes door.
Mahi is sitting in her room, Yuvi comes there from window, she says you? he puts hand on his mouth and says i am sorry, i know you are angry with me, i didnt do right, i was tensed, i have handled everything, i want to forget everything and start afresh with you, i love you so much, Mahi says stop it, what to forget? how can i forget and how much? should i forget that you have only used me, you dont love me, you have no place for me, which relation you are talking about? our relation is fake, i have seen your truth, i also listened what you think about me,

she tells him how she saw him in pool with girl, she says now say that this is lie, Yuvi says no this truth but i was drunk that night, i didnt know what i was saying, Kunj and Twinkle have made my life so difficult, i am sorry, this wont happen, forgive me else.. he takes knife and says take my life as i cant live without you, Mahi throws away knife and says stop this drama, i dont wanna talk to you, just get lost, Yuvi looks at her and leaves, Mahi cries.
Its morning, Kunj is sleeping on bed, Twinkle and smiles at him, she sits beside him and caresses his hair, she recalls how they tried to kiss and blushes, Kunj wakes up and says you will blush if you think about that act, Twinkle gets up and says what act? Kunj pulls her closer and says you forgot it so soon? Twinkle says what thing? Kunj says i will remind you, he comes closer to kiss her, Twinkle moves back and goes to brush her hair, Kunj says i will make you remember in such a way that you will never forget it, he comes behind her and put hands around her back, they share eyelock, Twinkle says time.. Kunj says this is perfect time, he closes his eyes and is about to kiss her but Twinkle puts hand on his mouth and says you are getting late, go and take bath, Kunj says you.. Twinkle says i know i am awesome, i will bring coffee for you, she pulls his cheek and leaves, Kunj says she destroyed whole romance.
Anita(actress is changed) says to Yuvi that how could Mahi spy on you? she is so stupid, Yuvi says i shouldnt have underestimated that ugly duckling, i have to win her trust back, Anita says if you do anything then Kunj can give you in police, Yuvi laughs and says these people like Kunj are so innocent that they forgive people easily, dont worry, my problem is to trap Mahi again and i know who can help me in this.

Scene 2
All are having breakfast, Twinkle says to Babee says that tomorrow is Usha and Manohar’s wedding anniversary, we should celebrate, Usha says its not needed, Kunj says we have to, Twinkle says Manohar have told me about anniversary, Manohar says i never gave importance to marriage, Usha used to remember this day but now i will rectify this mistake, we will celebrate this day for sure. Kunj passes flying kiss to Twinkle, she is stunned, Babee says to Usha we will go for shopping today, usha says i am old now, Twinkle says if you had taken part in Mrs. Amritsar competition then you would have won against me and Mahi, Usha says okay i will go, Kunj says to Manohar that you are lucky, your wife listens to you but every person is not that lucky, Twinkle stares him.
Leela calls Mahi and says i know you are hiding something, something is bothering you, tell me did Yuvi do anything? Mahi says no, Leela says atleast tell me what has happened? Mahi is silent, Leela says okay i will keep calling you and will keep asking you, she is about to end call but Mahi says Maa.. i love you, Leela says i love you too, Mahi ends call and cries.
Yuvi comes to RT and says i am sorry, i misbehaved with Mahi, i was so stressed out that i took out anger on Mahi, beat me, please beat me, i will go mad if Mahi doesnt talk to me, Anita asks him stop, RT says this is not the way, Yuvi says i request you to ask Mahi to talk to me once, if i dont get Mahi then i will die, i dont know why Twinkle and Kunj keep provoking Mahi against me, i request you just make Mahi talk to me, i am begging you, RT says okay i will talk to Mahi, Yuvi hugs him and smirks at Anita, RT says dont worry, i will talk to Mahi and she wont deny me for sure, he leaves. Anita says what if Mahi tells him everything? Yuvi says i know Mahi, she is silent girl, she wont tell anything to her father, just see what i do next.
Leela says to RT that you dont trust your daughter Twinkle? you trust that Yuvi? atleast trust Kunj, Rt says i have seen how much Yuvi love Mahi, Leela says he is fake, he is trapping you, RT says you are not thinking about Mahi, Leela says yuvi doesnt deserve to be with Mahi, RT says enough, i have taken decision to make Mahi agree to stay with Yuvi, i will make them one, he leaves.
RT and Anita comes to Mahi and says i know fights happen between husband and wife but meet him once, Anita says i know he has anger issues, i scolded him too but he wants to ask forgiveness from you but Kunj is not allowing him in house, what can he do? atleast give him chance to talk.
Kunj is packing his bag and looks at Twinkle, he thinks that she is ignoring as she doesnt remember anything, she must be having fun in making me wait, such a spoil sport, Twinkle is setting clothes and thinks Kunj must be angry, let me tease him little and see how he reacts, i am sure he must be so much angry on me, they both stare each other, Kunj starts to leave, he looks at Twinkle and asks if she wanna say something? she says no.. actually i have to tell you something.
Anita says to Mahi that i cant see Yuvi in pain, he loves you alot, please take care of him, RT says all mistakes can be forgiven, your mother forgave me too, wont you agree to your father? Mahi thinks that you and mother loved each other thats why she forgave you but Yuvi never loved me, he only used me, how will i survive with this fake relation? she says okay, if you want this then i am ready to meet Yuvi, RT and Anita gets happy, RT hugs Mahi and says be happy, Mahi thinks that i cant hurt you thats why i have said yes.
Twinkle says to Kunj that your lunchbox is ready, take it, dont eat from canteen, have a great day, Kunj says you are stubborn and cheat, you have broken promise, Twinkle says i accept that i did promise but there is no time frame that i have to do it in that only, Kunj says i cant believe this, he starts to leave, Twinkle asks him to take lunchbox, he says i wont and leaves, Twinkle says i will fulfill my promise but after making surrounding special.

PRECAP- Twinkle decorates room with roses and candles, she says i told you Kunj i will fulfill my promise, i am so happy that our relation will go on next level today, Yuvi listens this and thinks i wont allow them to become one at any cost. Kunj and Twinkle lies on bed, Kunj on top of Twinkle, Yuvi sees it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When I saw the precap,I couldn’t stop laughing coz I thought twinj were romancing in front of Uv.. Then I realized that it was Uv’s imagination..Lollllllzzzzzzz

  2. OH MY GOD !!! IM so happy for both of them (Twinkle?Kunj) for making me blushing and makes my heartbeat move faster than ever. Hahaha….
    But honestly…., I’m a little bit afraid what will Yuvi do This time to separate this lover. And will Stupid Mahi believe him again???

  3. Thanks a lot dear atiba am so happy u r good writer… So know it’s aweasome episode but this stupid mahi is so dump yar… And percap was superb but this yuvi is i hate him thu thu thu shame on u yuvi how u r interfere in other’s life… Plz end this yuvi track…

    1. I thk u will make kunj believe that twinkle loves yuvi or extra martal affair.aarti

  4. kathleena lall

    omg.this is sooooo great.i love this episode more than the rest.i cant wait to watch it tonight on tv.twinj is the best.

  5. kathleena lall

    yuvi thinks he will be able to stop twinkle and kunj from becoming one but they have already became one long time ago. yuvi is going down.i sooo love tashan e ishq.

  6. I love you twinj!!??precap was amazing!!????

  7. A good episode
    plz do read my ff THE LOST LOVE

  8. Aawwww!!! Soooo cute towing…luv u boboth???

  9. Arre yaar twinj ko agar kuchh hanky panky sa karna hai toh doors and windows bandh karke nahi kar sakte kya… Sab kuchh uv ko dikhana zaruri hai…. Aur jis tezi se tei Romantic ho raha hai mujhe to apne parents k samne baith kar dekhna odd lag raha hai….

  10. Awwwwww soo cute. Love twinj

  11. Guys I got horrible news but hopefully it’s fake
    According to some source the new promo
    Yuvraj blindfolds Mahi and takes her to the terrace so she will fall seeing this Twinkle wl run to save her beloved sister,in the process she gets hurt on her head and suffers a MEMORY LOSS
    and they said that she wl only remember that she loved Yuvraj….
    OMG this is really very shocking but I don’t know if it is true…
    P.S-I would like to see Kunj jealous but not when she had a memory loss…
    But still we seen Jealous Twinkle now it’s time for Jealous Kunj…
    And I’ll kill UV not Zain if this happens bcoz of him it happened..

    1. Guys I just saw the promo posted on TEI fc Twitter. The thing is that Mahu falls and gets hurt…. I just want to know is it really that Twinkle is the one or is it Mahi…… Anyway thanks for updating on the upcoming twist . at least we can be prepared for whatelse that Yuvi has planned for Twinj . It is really good seeing Twinj together wish they will stay like that for some more time before stupid Yuvi does something. … Btw it’s also said that Mahi will slap Yuvi

      1. U r right SMC! !!!
        I read that the upcoming track is of memory loss
        In an attempt to save mahi, twinkle would get wounded and have an memory loss and she wd remember her love for uv but not kunj
        Uv cannot get arrested as it wd lead to twinkle to get into stress
        Let’s always hope for the best

    2. Muskan{News reporter}

      Arey yaar now only everything was on the correct track bt now this memory loss and if they wanna show thos then there should be complete memory loss not upto that so twinkle remembers that she loves yuvi…this news is very disappointing?? yaar just now Twinj got patch up and now dis much fast breakup too!!!!i i just hope this news shouldn’t be true..

    3. Smc can pls pls pls send the link of the promo or just say the site in which u got this news….pls!!!!

  12. Hey Anita got replaced but I liked Eva Grover’s acting yaar and this new Anita doesn’t has any villain like attitude yaar so a bit sad about it and this RT just wanna say ” go to hell with yuvi” but as long as twinj scenes are concerned it was muah! And precap is is super se bhi upar dude…….

  13. In ur face yuvi!!??

  14. Tanshi and swarsh lover

    Lve u twinj

  15. Twinj scenes OMG so good and awesome but this Yuvi is too much -_-

  16. Watchaa such a nyc episode jst waitin for tmrwz hope dat bit*h yuvi doz nah intefere luv yuh twinj

  17. Nice precap…. anita was change…:-) 🙂 .miss her

  18. Now what will uv do to stop them yaar!!???? I just wish he fails to it

  19. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    sOoprb .. .

  20. Amazing PRECAP!! Cannot wait❤️❤️

  21. I hope that yuvi plan will failed.twinj need to be alone and I hope they will romance ???

  22. Yuvi needs to mend his ways …..



  24. Oh love today’s episode more and the most!!!?

  25. Pric and a I did not see you post comments on tei before but if you are new hi I am shreshtha and I am 11 and I am from south africa.??⭐?⭐?

  26. I meant priyanka soo sorry!!!Stupid tablet! !!??

  27. today episode is more than superb

  28. Writer please dont let anything bad happen to twinj, love their role and this storyline is far more better than kkb

  29. to the hell with that kkb meer…..dont know when its gonna come to end….hahaha….love tei

  30. wow wht a precap bt why this Yuvi is here

  31. kunj love u ..ur so amazing

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