Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle comes in chess room, she looks around and gets tensed, Kunj smirks at her, Twinkle says this is same room like.. she recalls past, gas starts filling in room, Twinkle starts coughing, Kunj coughs too, Twinkle runs to go out, Kunj goes behind her, they are lost in rooms, twinkle is trying to find way, she asks if he doesnt know way out? Kunj smirks and recalls how he had earlier saved her from there, he thinks that you can try Twinkle but i promise you, i wont let you forget your past, you played game me so now its my turn to play game and you will lose game as i dont lose. Twinkle tries to open door but its locked, Kunj thinks that i told manager to lock it, Kunj acts like breaking it and says its jam, she says call manager, he says i forgot my phone in office. Yuvi calls Twinkle,

kunj strikes with her, her phone falls off from her hands, Kunj kicks it away before she can pick it up, Twinkle is not able to see anything due to gas, Yuvi calls again, Twinkle tries to search for her phone, she prays to God to help her. Kunj breaks door, Twinkle cries, Kunj leaves, Twinkle thinks that he is so selfish, he doesnt care for anyone, its useless to expect anything from him.
Kunj comes to manager and says opens every door and window of hotel and close gas leakage, my work is done, manager leaves. Twinkle comes there and claps, she says i havent seen arrogant person like you, people are right that money cant buy manners, i feel bad for Pallavi that she is marrying you, i was stuck with you in room too but you didnt help me and ranaway before even seeing back if i was alright or not, you have no chivalry, you are so bad person, i pity for Pallavi, she deserves better, Kunj says please dont say anything, as far as i know your husband has criminal records even then you married him, if good and educated girl like you can marry criminal like Yuvi then why you feel bad for Pallavi? i am far better than Yuvi, also its time for good girl meets bad boys, these days girls dont like good mannered boys, they like arrogant and bad boys so keep your lecture to yourself, Twinkle gets angry and leaves, Kunj thinks that i know you are affected Twinkle but you married person like Yuvi who is so cheap, i will make you remember this everyday, you forgot my love for person like him so i will give you pain back which you have given me, its just start.
Twinkle comes in corridor and says dont know how Pallavi bears him. Pallavi comes there, Twinkle says you were hurt on leg? Pallavi says i am fine now and Rocky was calling me again and again so i thought to come here, Twinkle thinks that i should talk to her that Rocky have serious anger issues, Twinkle says i wanted to talk to you, Kunj comes there and says to Pallavi that sweetheart you came, i am so happy, we will have dinner here, we cant put stress on your feet, Pallavi says why you care for me so much? Kunj says i care for people who matter to me, i cant give attention to everyone, Pallavi says Twinkle how will you go to Amritsar at this time now? go tomorrow, stay here with us, Twinkle says i lost my phone upstairs, Twinkle says i will bring it, Pallavi says sure, Twinkle leaves. Palalvi asks Kunj if Twinkle was affected today? Kunj says yes, when gas started filling in room, she was shaken up, her confidence was broken, i felt peace seeing her in that situation, Pallavi says i know you were waiting for this day, atleast you felt some peace. Kunj sees Twinkle coming, he pulls Pallavi close to him and starts closely dancing with her, Twinkle sees them dancing and looks away, Pallavi is confused, Kunj puts hand on her face and looks at Twinkle, Pallavi sees Twinkle there and understands why he is dancing with her, Twinkle smiles at them, Kunj pulls Pallavi close and dances with her romantically, Twinkle thinks that where i am stuck, i have to bear them, have to give them fake smiles and bear this boxer boy’s attitude, Kunj asks Pallavi if she is hurt on foot? she says no, Kunj says you are Sayappa queen, Twinkle thinks that Kunj used to call me same Sayappa queen. Yuvi comes there, Twinkle says thank God you came, Kunj says why did this Yuvi come here? i wont be able to torture Twinkle when he is here, Pallavi says i gave him alot of work so what he is doing here? Yuvi asks Twinkle why she was not picking up his call? Twinkle says all because of this boxer, i will tell you later, Yuvi asks her to give bright smile, Twinkle smiles. Kunj comes and says Yuvi couldnt stay away from you Twinkle, he is so loving husband, i dont think anyone might have loved you like the way Yuvi does, Twinkle says i dont like to share my personal life. Song starts playing, Yuvi says its my favorite song, Twinkle can i have pleasure to dance with you? Twinkle says no i dont want to dance, Yuvi pulls her and says lets have dance. Twinkle and Yuvi starts dancing on baatein yeh kabhi na, Kunj comes and dances with Pallavi. Twinkle and Yuvi happily dances, Yuvi stares her lovingly, Kunj is angry seeing them, dance ends, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i will come in 5minutes, he leaves. Kunj whispers something in Pallavi’s ear and leaves. Kunj comes and says to Pallavi that i wont go there, Pallavi says to Twinkle that my friend is marrying again but Kunj is not going there, Twinkle asks why? Pallavi says my friend did arrange marriage, boy was really nice but she left him and now marrying her lover, Kunj says her lover is mad man, he made dirty MMS of her, did so much to torture her and your friend is leaving nice husband for that psycho lover? Pallavi says Twinkle you make Rocky understand, Twinkle says i dont interfere but i dont think you people should not judge anyone like this, anyone can decide whom they want to live with, i think you both should go and support your friend in her decision, Yuvi comes and takes Twinkle from there, Kunj says this Yuvi doesnt leave her for a single minute, he is always behind her, Pallavi says relax.
Yuvi brings Twinkle to candle light dinner, she says you did all this? Yuvi says this all for you, i know you are tired of working all day so you need care and TLS(tender, love, care) so just sit and enjoy, Twinkle says you are so sweet, how do you know that i wanted all this? Twinkle sits down and starts eating dinner, Yuvi says i have ordered all your favorite dishes, he plays song Tum hi ho and says i know you are hungry, eat, Twinkle starts eating, Yuvi smiles looking at her. Twinkle offers bite to Yuvi, Yuvi looks at her with love, she smiles and offers him, Yuvi eats it from her hands, tum hi ho song plays, Kunj fumes in anger seeing this, Twinkle keep making Yuvi eat with her fork and eats herself too, Yuvi keep looking at her.

PRECAP- Kunj points gun at Yuvi and shoots him at dining table, Yuvi is shot, Twinkle screams seeing this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yeh kya naya drama hai yaar!! Twinkle tho sach dhekna hi nahi chahti…twinkle ko yuvi ke liye uske pyaar ka ehsaas tab hoga jab yuvi Usse dhoor hoga…dunno how the CVS us planning to end up..but it wuldb good if twiraj are together…else marriage waala cheez ka koyi value nahi rahega!!

  2. I think precap is kunj dreams

  3. Shri

    Love Twinraj a looooot. How sweet of Yuvi to plan a candle night dinner for Twinkle….. lovely

  4. hmm..precap jo hain vo to imagination hain…dekh kar hi pata chalta hain.and jin logo ko ye lag raha hain ki uvle will be the couple,bohot bari galatfemi me jeen rahe he vo log.jas ne apni recent interview me sab kuch confirm kiya.uske bad mera jo v doubts tha clear ho chuka ab.agar kisi ko jan na hain to vo interview dekh lena.

    1. Yuvle ki deewani

      Usne kaha uv z jus a frn to hr so wht cv’s storyln kabhi bhi chng kr skte h so don’t hope for ur twinj kyunki end m toh yuvle hi pair honge or yuvle hi 1st or real couple the agr blv nhi hota toh promos or 1st episodes dkh lena kunj toh beech m aya tha so nw ur actor sidhnt hs lft toh logcly aftr sidhant zain shud b the lead nt tht naman.

      1. haha…even i also don’t like naman shaw.zain is better.twinkle ki sath ab uv hi accha lagega.but just because he is not handsome lyk sid or zain that doesn’t mean that makers will break the morality of the show.jas ka recent puri interview main par chuki hun.usko pucha geya tha ab lead twinkle-kunj se twinkle-uv hain kya?usne kaha aysa kuch v nehi hoga and uvle ki bech serf dosti dekhayega kyun ki twinj ka love story already dekhaya geya.and it will be a love triangle jesa pehle tha.she still loves kunj,miss him and uv is just her frnd.main to tei ab dekhti v nehi hun sid ke jane ki bad.bas written update par leti hun.aur interview and segments ka khabar rakhti hun.jas ne sab akdam confirm kiya.is liye tum log uvle ko lekar umid mat rakhna.kyun ki bad me tum log hi hurt honge.mere liye to tei sid ki jane se hi khatam ho geya

      2. aur ek bat sid koyi bech me nehi aya tha.sid was the hero and hero kavi bech me nehi ata hain.uv bar bar twinj ki bech a jata tha.aur vo villain tha.ab cv’s ka moto yehi tha to main kya karu?is liye sid ke barime kuch mat bolna.aur show 1st din se mene v dekha.unlogo ka plan hi tha uv ko villain,twinj ko couple dekhaneka.isme koyi kya kar sakta tha??

    2. Ha tho morality of d show is…Marriage waala cheez ko respect karna chaahiye…that’s y though she loved Yuvi after getting married to Kunj she was wd Kunj…ab twinkle Yuvi ki patni hai…tho Yuvi aur twinkle ko hi rehna hai..moral will be satisfied oly then!!

      1. nop.shadi is liye hua tha ki sab ko laga kunj mar chuka and ab twinkle ki baby ko bap ka nam chaiye.is liye ushane ye shadi karayi.but agar sab ko ye pata hota kunj zinda hain tab aysa kuch nehi hota.aur kunj ko ye sab dekh ke galatfemi hua.but ye to shadi nehi samjhota hain.is liye uvle ke bech kuch nehi 5 sal hone k bad v.ab jab kunj zinda hain to twinj should re unite.twinkle to still kunj se hi pyar karti hain.jab kunj ka v galatfemi tutega tab vo dono ek honge and yehi morality hain.

  5. I want to see twiraj together nd not kunj. . bcoz i love yuvi

  6. Oh my god how sweet was tonight’s eposide I liked twiraj ki romantic date they are the best couple

  7. I wanted to see twiraj not twinj. from the start I’m fan of twiraj .I’ll always want pair twiraj. Twiraj rock

  8. Ya precap was the imagination of kunj nothing else.I knew it that only twinj be the pair.

    1. How can you be so sure about that twinj is the pair ? My imagination it seems that twinraj is the pair regarding to yuvi’s behaviour anyway let’s see what happens

  9. Yuvle ki deewani

    Nw yuvle are the end game tei strtd with yuvle & kunj came in the middle so the cv’s ruind uv’s chrctr bt nw its gng gud cv’s realise n rectify ur mstk u cnt separate yuvle tm & agn enuf of twnj twnj twnj nw tht actor sidhant o whteva z also gone so reunite yuvle & fr dt rocky pallavi z the bst optn

    1. galatfemi me jina bandh karo yar..badme tume hi taklif hogi.is naman ke sath jas ko dekhna mujhe v accha nehi lagega but is liye show ki morality ki khilaf koyi nehi ja sakta.not the cv’s also.try to understand the fact

    2. twinj forever

      sid didn’t came in the middle. he was introduced after 10th episode. during the promotion itself there was sid.in one of the interview it is said that audition of so many girls were done to have a perfect match with sid.Atlast jasmine selected.if u have doubt u can check it at telly chakkar

      1. yup.r8..main v to yehi boli thi sid bech me kavi nehi aya.isliye bina kuch jane samjhe kuch bolna nehi chaiye.

  10. Pls let kunj to know the truth Cvs nd twinkle will always remain as twinkle kunj sarna nd let uv unite them nd let he join another girl like twinkle nd pls pls pls unite twinj nd most of us want twinj only can’t see twiraj for me twinj forever

    1. are yar twinj hi re unite honge.jas ne interview me v kaha and fans ko message v dia.kyun ki sab ko galatfemi ho raha he is liye use iske barime pucha geya tha and she confirmed it.kavi kisi show me dekha villain puri tara hero ban geya aur villain puri tara hero?itna bakwas koyi show nehi hota.uvle hi hota then kunj ko zinda rakhke ye log kavi new hero nehi late.simple as that.ye to mujhe ayse hi samajh a geya uparse jas v confirm kar dia sab.but sid ki jane se sab bakwas ho geya.and naman is not a fame.is liye tei ab bakwas hain.maja nehi ata bilkul.for that main dekh ti nehi hun

  11. Luv uv soo much. Ur soo amazing. Twiraj is best. Plzz don’t separate them.

  12. this series was becoming interesting after twinkle n kung consumption night but now so boring ,I don’t lk twinkle n yuvi together

  13. I don’t like kunj negative character……….old kunj twinkle Jodi superb ya……..BT new kunj not like that twinkle…..is better than twinkle yuvaraj……..plz …..writer ji I want twinraj jodi

  14. I am very happy to know that twinj will be lead and jas had confirmed.I have got a sigh of relief.
    Eagerly waiting for twinj to reunite.

    1. hmm..twinj will re unite as tei me unka love story dekhaya…jo v sab dekhaya pyar,tashan,emotions,consummation,pregnancy all were between twinj.is liye twinj will be the end game as jas confirmed

  15. Iss serial Ithna chal raha tha….now what happend thank god Sid was not the one who was playing in negative don’t understand will rocky will change his attitudes or not at any was want sid back but still ok at least don’t make rocky n twinkle pair I love naman Shaw I have seen piya rangrezz for him but twinkle n naman i think won’t look nyc but I believe twiraj will look gud as we hav all seen their scenes in the starting …..I#wish#jasmin#bhasin#aka#twinkle#happyr#returns#of#the#day#may#u#live#with#all#the#support#from#ur#family#n#fans#….
    First tym commented was a silent reader but not nw

  16. Precap its just a imagination

  17. jas ne ek bar nehi do bar confirm kar chuki hain tei ki present track and twinj ki barime.ekbar interview me,2nd tym fans ko jo message dia usme.batao aur kitna sureity chaiye??actually ayse hi pata chalta hain ki kya hoga kya nehi.upar se jas v ab clear kar dia.now my doubts are clear…

  18. is twinkle really married uv?
    or just a contract or something?

  19. i want twinj pair only…….

  20. Yes, ur right becoz everything is done between twinkle and kunj.so they are the lead pair.And twinkle still love kunj .agr ushey uv k pas jaana hota tu 5saal kaafi hote hai pyar k ehsass k liy pr vo ab bhi kunj se pyar krti h. Ha Ha ha.

  21. Guys… Plzzz let me know.. Mahi n twinki k dad k ky hua??? Coz c ws married to uv.. So wat wat happened to her.. Coz I didn’t watched that track..

  22. Yes naina you are right.
    Agar yuvle ko pair banana hota toh yeh 5 saal mein twinkle yuvi se pyaar v karne lag jaati aur yuvle ka track shuru ho jata.Lekin nahi twinj lead pair tha,hain aur hamesha rahega…
    Aur twinkle ka kunj v wapas aa gaya h toh bohot jald dono reunite honge.
    Love twinjjjjjjjjj

  23. Samairaahman you’re so positive yar you only support twinj no matter how much people say,im with you and looking forward what will happen in two next .does anyone have seen spoilers of tei

    1. thanks…actually i support twinj just for the morality.

  24. Right ami.
    Samiarehman supports twinj very much and her comments was so heart touching…her each and every words gives me a hope for twinj reunion.
    Love u samiarehman…
    Ami can u tell me what was written on spoiler.

    1. thanks rayna for like my comments…it really means a lot

      1. i too a twinj fan need them at any cost and i think tei is not like other shows as it gives some imp to fans comments hope after bearing a lot of drama we will get our beloved twinj together forever

  25. sorry Raynaud’s I was asking for if someone had saw the spoilers of tei .I haven’t seen.

  26. Sorry Rayna

  27. Ohh…
    No need to say sorry yaar.
    Welcome samiarehman

  28. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    samiarehmaan ur too good. . love u so much…keep supporting our twinj like dis

  29. I love yuvi and twinkle pair they are so cute yaar

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