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Scene 1
Twinkle asks Leela to tell everyone that RT is lying and my father is dead, Leela says yes, this is truth, your father is not dead but alive, he is your father, your father he is, Leela cries. Twinkle recalls how in childhood they had his death anniversary, Twinkle says you told me that papa left us then how can you say that he is my father, Leela says i am not lying, he is your father, Twinkle shouts no he is not my father, Leela says he is your father and you cant runaway from truth as it will not change then, he is your father, Twinkle says if he is my father then he would have not be away from me for such long time, RT says dont punish your mother for this, this is truth, i am your father, we were in financial crisis, i had accident, all thought that i died and gave my family insurance

money so i thought if i return thenn they can file forgery case on my family but i missed my family all years, Twinkle says dont lie, you are dead for me so dont expect forgiveness from me, Kunj says atleast listen to him, calm down, Twinkle says why should i calm down? i still remember my mother’s pain, her hard work, her agony, she never said anything to me but i saw her dying inside, we had to bear so much because of this coward man and now he expect us to forgive him, how can we forget how we had to fight with all world, i cant take him as my father, i cant trust or forgive him, he is a runner, Leela slaps Twinkle and says do you even know who he is? your anger and complains are justified but you have my upbringing, did you forget how to talk to elders, you accept or not but truth is that he is your father, Twinkle is stunned and says you raised hand on me because of this man? who didnt care about our tears, who left us in middle, you can forget your tears but i cant, i wont forgive him ever, i wont accept him as father, she leaves from there, Kunj goes behind her. Cherry sees all this and says drama was entertaining and went as i expected.
Kunj comes to Twinkle and asks her to listen RT uncle once, Twinkle leaves from there in car.
Twinkle comes in her room and cries, she recalls how RT said that he is her father, how Kunj said that RT is saying truth, how Leela accepted it too. Kunj comes there, Agar tum saath Ho plays. He sits beside Twinkle and puts hand on her shoulder, she looks at him and hugs him, Kunj consoles her as she cries. Kunj asks her to cry as much as she wants, i am with you, all are with you to take care of you, your father did big mistake but you cant breakdown, you have to control yourself, i knew from before that RT is your father, i was waiting for right time, Twinkle says i dont wanna talk about him, leave me alone, Kunj says he regret his mistakes, atleast talk to him once, Twinkle says leaves me alone, Kunj says i know your pain, RT and Leela wanted to talk to you, if Leela can forgive him then why cant you? life is giving you another chance to make family, Twinkle says i cant give another chance, i am not great like Leela, what kind of father is he that he left us in problems? first he left us and now cameback suddenly, what he thought that he will handle everything coming back? how can one do such joke with his family? even you knew truth, we started to get along well these days only but you made fun of my emotions too, she cries.
Anita calls Cherry and asks if work is done? he says yes, she says okay.
Twinkle is sitting alone and recalls how Pragya( from Kumkum bhagya) told her to be strong and fight with all problems. She calls Pragya and cries, Pragya asks what happened? Twinkle says my father is alive, he kept us in dark for so long and now Leela and Kunj wants me to accept him, how can they expect me to forgive him, how can i forget my mother’s tears and pain? its not easy. Pragya says i know we cannot forget pain given by our own relations, but as you say two people Kunj and Leela are most important in your life then cant you forgive him for them? if parents can forgive their children then why cant children forgive them? sometimes we need to fight the situation, i dont even have my mother with me, you are getting chance to reunite with your family and as far as Kunj is concerned, he did everything for you, lying and hiding truth are two different things, just think if you were in Kunj’s place, you would have done same, Twinkle thinks.
Babee asks Leela to control herself, everything will be fine, Babee says to RT that i know you did everything for betterment of your family but your way was wrong, you shouldnt have left your family, Twinkle’s anger is right, she was kept away from her father, she couldnt accept truth now, Leela says my Twinkle couldnt accept truth, she doesnt even wanna talk to me, RT says this is all happening because of me, i should have not come in your and her life, i am leaving, he leaves, Leela tries to stop him, she gets dizzy, Babee says to Leela that Kunj will not allow RT to go anywhere.
Anita brings police in Sarna house, she asks where is RT? Babee asks what police is doing here? Anita says they have come to arrest RT, Rt did fraud with insurance company so he has to go to jail and we cant support criminal, Babee asks Anita when will she become good person? Anita says to inspector that he has runaway from here, she gives his hotel room address and asks him to arrest him. Leela says to police that misunderstanding happened, dont arrest him, Anita says come on you always take side of truth then how can you be part of fraud, she asks police to catch Rt, they leaves, Kunj comes there and asks what happening? Babee says Anita called police to arrest RT, Anita says if you people can make my son Yuvi get arrested then why cant i do that with RT? he is criminal, Leela cries, Kunj says to Leela that i will RT, he leaves.

Scene 2
RT is driving recklessly. Leela looks at RT’s picture and thinks wish Twinkle had listened to you. RT recalls Twinkle’s harsh words, he sees Leela calling and doesnt pick up. Leela gets worried for RT and prays to Lord to protect RT, wind blows and RT’s picture frame falls down and breaks, Leela is shocked to see that. Rt is driving fast and recalls Twinkle’s words, he has accident, he faints in car. Kunj is driving and trying to locate RT, he finds RT’s car. Kunj comes to RT’s car and looks in, he sees him injured and is stunned.
Kunj brings Rt to hospital. Babee and Leela comes there, Leela asks how is he? Kunj says he is in ICU, dont worry, he will be fine. Leela says everything is falling apart, i wish Twinkle had given him one chance, Usha consoles her. Kunj thinks to talk to Twinkle before its late.

PRECAP- Kunj tells Twinkle that father had bad accident and he is in ICU, Twinkle is shocked. Babee calls Kunj and says RT needs O negative blood and they dont have it. Kunj comes in hospital with Twinkle and requests staff to arrange blood but they say its short, Twinkle listens this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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