Tashan-e-Ishq 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle is in swimming pool, she is not coming out, kunj gets worried, Mahi says Twinkle di come out, Babee says to Kunj that do something, Kunj says i will go in, Babee says but you dont know swimming, Kunj doesnt think and jumps in pool, he sees Twinkle unconscious lying there, he lifts Twinkle in arms and brings her out, all are relieved. Kunj comes out of pool and puts Twinkle on floor, he tries to wake her up, he asks Twinkle to wake up, nothing will happen to you, Leela says why she is not opening her eyes? Kunj tries to revive her heart, Kunj gives her mouth to mouth breathe, Tu mere pas toh rehna plays, Kunj asks Twinkle to open eyes, Twinkle becomes conscious, all have sigh of relief, Twinkle looks at Kunj, he hugs her, Twinkle says i am sorry, Kunj says i am sorry, something

happened to you infront of me and i couldnt.. i was dying, i felt like i lost you, you are talking about this competition? let is go, if you are fine then my world, i mean our world is fine, Twinkle smiles at him, Sajna ve plays. Host says Mahi Luthra have won the competition. Twinkle throws key from her hands in pool, Kunj sees this and thinks that Twinkle did all this to make Mahi win.
Kunj-Twinkle, Mahi-Yuvi comes back home. Babee does their aarti, Babee says both daughter in law have become pride of ths house, Usha says to Kunj that if you dont know swimming then what was the need to jump in pool? what if something had happened to you? Babee says ask Twinkle sometimes too, her life was in danger, Cherry says Mahi won competition but people are praising Twinkle, Mahi gets angry listening this, Babee says you are good for nothing, you always see ill words, she asks Kunj to take Twinkle to room, Kunj leaves with Twinkle.
Twinkle s going to room, she slips but Kunj holds her in time. Yuvi holds Mahi’s hand. Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and takes her from there, Yuvi sees this and holds Mahi’s hand tightly, she screams, he says sorry.
Twinkle and Kunj comes in room. Ishq Bulava plays, Twinkle lies on bed, she recalls their moments, Kunj recalls how she touched his feet, Kunj covers with blanket, he checks her fever, brings thermometer, Kunj recalls how he gave her mouth to mouth breathe, Kunj sees temperature on thermometer, Babee comes there and asks Twinkle if she is fine? she says yes, Babee says you took our life today, you know how much tensed Kunj was, you fainted and otehrside Kunj died, this is true love, Twinkle lovingly looks at Kunj, Babee asks Kunj to make her drink soup, she leaves. Kunj sits beside Twinkle, he blows air on soup and offers it to Twinkle but she keeps looking at him, Ishq bulava plays, he makes her drink it, Twinkle says if you dont know swimming then why did you jump in pool? Kunj says let it be for now, Twinkle says why did you put your life in danger? Kunj says you did it too, Twinkle says i did it for Mahi, Kunj wipes soup from her face and says i did it for you, Twinkle is surprised, Twinkle holds his hand and says when i was not able to breath in pool, i knew you would come to save me for me, she smiles.

Scene 2
Mahi looks at Mrs. Amritsar’s crown, she recalls how Cherry said that Twinkle got more attention even after losing, she throws away crown, Twinkle comes there and says what are you doing? this is your winning title, i came to give you chocolates, we can have sweets, Mahi throws it away and says i have won this competition even after your attempts to make me lose, first you said that people would make fun of my scar then when i won competition, you wanted to grab attention so you faked your drowning in pool? how much low can you stoop, she asks Twinkle to get lost, Yuvi says go away else i will throw you out, Kunj comes and says you can touch her, Kunj comes to Mahi and says you are lucky to get a sister like her, she loves you alot, its your loss if you have no value of her, if you cant love her then atleast respect her, Yuvi says you.. Kunj says did i talk to you? i am talking to my sister in law so dont try to come inbetween, he holds Twinkle’s hand and takes her from there.
Twinkle is sadly standing in her room, Kunj comes there, Twinkle says Mahi will never forgive me, Kunj says you have tried alot, now its her turn, Twinkle says i feel like rectifying my mistakes, i wish i had never met Yuvi, i have problems because of Yuvi, Kunj says dont give him credit, you are not less Sayappa queen, Kunj says i wish we had no problems in life, you wouldnt have Yuvi in life and i didnt have Alisha in life, Twinkle says we would have met by families, we would have accepted each other, Kunj says we would have talked on calls, Twinkle says you would have taken me on dates and all, Kunj says i had to do everything? Twinkle says ofcourse, Kunj says i was london return, many girls were waiting for me, Twinkle says i am no less, you had to impress Miss Amritsar, Kunj says lets start afresh, I am Kunj, i have returned from London, i have given proposal for our marriage.. Kunj says now we will behave like we are meeting before marriage and you dont have Yuvi in life and i dont have Alisha in life, we have started meeting, Twinkle says this will be fun, Kunj says lets see, deal? Twinkle says deal bachelor Kunj Sarna.
Its morning, Twinkle looks at Kunj. Kunj calls her sitting in same room. She picks up call, he asks are you Twinkle? she says yes, he says i am Kunj Sarna, your mom must have told you, Twinkle says yes you gave proposal for marriage? he says yes, Twinkle says i get 12 to 13 proposals a day so i cant remember much, Kunj says i was thinking to take you on coffee, Twinkle says i dont have time, i have to go on shopping, Guradvarah, do you go there? Kunj says i went abroad but i know my culture, Twinkle says meeting is not problem but i get bored easily by people, Kunj says people say that i am good company, Twinkle says you are over-confident, Kunj says give me chance, Twinkle says okay i will give you 30minutes, i will meet you at coffee shop, Kunj says done, they end call and smile.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Twinkle that you are looking gorgeous, shall we leave? Twinkle says yes, Usha comes and says to Twinkle that your Mrs. Amritsar competition is finished so will you help me in kitchen or should i cook food alone? Kunj says actually.. Usha says dont try to take her side.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Harshi

    Best episode ever.
    The way Kunj shuts Yuvis mouth was bomb .
    Their phone conversation was so sweet the way they called each other aap… too cute

  2. Twinj scenes were awesome and fabulous just can’t wait to watch the episode wow , and this Mahi drama haven’t even finish yet and usha again continued her drama

  3. Wow it’s amazing i hope usha is understand twinkle…… Precap is boring yar usha is so rudly behaviour with twinkle but kunj u r so sweeet.

  4. Amreen

    Wow…. !!now this concept gonna rock this serial…. If they start from we fans see some good moments of kunj and twinkle…. Waiting for 2mrw episode..

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice secens b/w kunj and twinkle… precap is also good but usha is behaving like typical saas.. and will be acting as kabab me haddi in kal ke episode..

  6. Preety Sid Bieber

    Woooaw woooaw wooaw what an episode yarrrrrr…omg omg omg m gone be craaazzy nw…hle epi is mind blowing fab romantic amazzinggg fantstic outstanding..at frst mouth 2 mouth breathe n dn nw lyf start btwn our twinkj..
    Finaly they kick out there enmys..
    Bt ye usha mam offf hoo..pura romantic mood spoil kar diya iss aunty ne….
    Looovv uuuuuu sooo mch twinkj..

  7. Ritzi

    Woooow awesome one! But I HV a doubt when twinkle was inside the pool uv told “I hope twinkle to much na ho” can someone tell me why the hell he told this lines???? Does he still loves her(so called love I mean)

  8. ?Carol Ann ⛵⛵

    ??let it go.., Let it go…,Cant hold ? your worries anymore……???
    ? Let it go.., Let it go.., Just tell Kunj ? You love him more……????

    My Frozen song for Twinkunj… Haha ?
    Anyway, Im getting in love with this serial more and more… Each day and every sweet scenes…. Woohoo..!! It’s getting hot in here..!!!
    I hope in the next episode after this will be more romantic scenes that can make me Blushing like its really happen to me ??? Awww…, MR.KUNJ, it was sooooo……Sweet!!!?

  9. Mitali

    Guys have u noticed that when twinkle and kunj went to goa there was a fight btw kunj yuvi in sea n at that time kunj knew to swim but today he forgot

  10. Haily

    Omgg this is awesome …. I love this episode … just waiting patiently for the next. … Usha always with some madness … why she don’t like Twinkle di…. Twinkle sooo sweet and Kunj and twinkle are made for each other…. love you twinkj?????????????????????????????

  11. Todays episode was a blockbuster
    Waiting to see tomorrow’s episode and in which story villains are not there …..villains make the couple close…..in this serial also because of uv twinj are coming close
    Just waiting to see more blockbuster episodes of tashan e ishq

  12. Akanksha sharma

    All twinj scenes were just awesome…. and there idea of fresh starting was mindblowing…i luv the way kunj asks twinkle fr coffee date ….oh no but usha anti spoiled their sweet plan sometimes i am confused if she has a positive or a negative role???

  13. Zahra ismail

    Omg da episode was dam….. It ws extremely nyc luv yuh twinj i hope yuh guyz confess asap

  14. Kiran

    Wao wao wao wat an episode yaa!!! Wat a cute little converstion on the phone of kunj and twinkle wao wao wao waiting fr tomorrows episode but this usha is like eww!!! I hope they have a fun coffee date eagerly waiting fr tomorrows episode!!!

  15. Simi

    I jus can’t wait now. Can’t wait only for d upcoming track. I really feel tat dis is d most unique concept eve . d most unique. Love twinj . n sooooooo daaaammmmmn exited for dis whole week of tei . love e very moment of it .love tei n twinj ?????????

  16. Meenat Abubakar

    Wow!Wow!Wow 2days episode is mindblowing, i really enjoyed it twinj rocks, eagerly wetin 4 wat gonna hapen 2moro.LUV U ALL TEI FANS

  17. Hi gyes n nice song carol ann
    Wow today’a episode realy awosum spacaily twinj talking and called “aap” and i hope ab ye usha anty jyada tipical saas bahu ka drama start na kre and icant wait for next track love u soooo much twinj

  18. sachu

    This vas de best episode. I luved it… ooooo ….waiting for more cute moments of twinj … and I hope uv koi naya tamaasha na khada kar de…twinj ke beech mein phir se kabab mein haddy na ban jaye…(actually woh toh hoon).

  19. Sanu

    OMG today’s episode was awesome lovely twinj scenes were amazing yrr waiting fr nxt episode lovely ………….. Kunj is so cute

  20. sudha

    hai friends i miss u people and todays epi was awesome just like want see it again again again now a new story begins

  21. Rakshita

    OMGGGGGGGGG!!! this was not an episode…..it…it was a
    like a dreamisode for me…..twinkle taneja and kunj sarna that too normal beings without any problems….WOW nice concept !!! and why i am having a gut feeling that writers have started to read ff of gr8 writers on tellyupdated like aakanksha tara saibo sudha di sanjana tina SMC prapti mahira harshi fatarajo and many more i m sorry if i forgot anyone name in my excitement………!!!! oh god…..i think this week is not pyaar ki jeet it should be like sapno ki jeet all dreams of twinj and audience are cmng true…..they are coming true and i read on http://www.metromasti.com that twinj will imagine each other everywhere and realize thatthey are madly in love with each other and net track it was written and as i suppose is of their love confession…..i dont know if its true or not but i wish its true and they became strangers and are talking as if like fiance….sho sweet of kunj of course…it was his idea……..it is same as in ek nayi pehchan………in that too…..the lead couples did like this….but our twinj is the best u knw…..!!!!

  22. That phone concept of restarting was fabulous and that too the phone conversation was also super please show more of twinj ‘s outing

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.