Tashan-e-Ishq 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Man says to Leela that you have done accident and you cant go, we will call police, Yuvi comes there and says to Leela that you did accident, you are bad aunty, Kunj comes there, Leela says i didnt do anything, he cam infront of my car, Twinkle comes and ask what happened? Leela says he is saying that i did accident but my car didnt even touch him, Yuvi smirks at Twinkle, Yuvi says she is bad aunty, he throws stones at Leela, Twinkle slaps Yuvi and says you have crossed all limits, i will not leave you today, Babee ask Twinkle to leave from there, she drags her from there, Yuvi cries and says to Kunj that Twinki hit me, Kunj says you didnt do right, you hit her mother, Yuvi says i am sorry.
Babee says to Twinkle that what had happened to you? it seems like you have so much anger

against him like you wanna blame him for everything, i know he did wrong by hitting your mother but he is a kid, i couldnt believe you are same Twinkle, how can you be so angry on kid? whats the matter? Twinkle says matter is that i have lost again to that jman, today he hit my mother on road and i was helpless, i cant believe and i am ashamed that loved him so much, i did everything for him, i loved him like mad, i lied to my mother, cheated my mother, i made plans to runaway with him but he never loved me, he wanted to use me to take revenge of his mother, they wanted to hurt my mother and i kept taking their side against my mother, thank God i listened to mom and got married to Kunj, i promised my mother that i wont allow past to come in my present but see my fate, my past is mixed in my present, i know Yuvi is faking his illness, i got proofs against him but he destroyed like my life, he came to Goa to kill kunj, he attacked Kunj in our marriage, i am like trophy which he wanna win, Twinkle says he tried to hurt my mother today, i have lost everything, i couldnt do anything, i have lost, she breakdowns in tears, Babee thinks something, Twinkle says to Babee that i am sorry, she ask babee to talk to her, she says i didnt know what happened to me, Yuvi comes there and says sorry to Twinki, he hugs Twinkle and says sorry, Babee gets angry and holds Yuvi’s ears tightly, she says to Yuvi that she is bhabhi(sister in law) and this doesnt happen here, she throws Yuvi out of room and locks it, Babee comes to Twinkle and says you dont need to say anything, i understand your pain, your past is hovering over your present, it is not able to forget cheating happened to you and your husband doesnt listen a word against Yuvi but i trust you completely, i am with you in this fight, dont worry, everything will be fine, Twinkle hugs her and says i used to feel about absence of mother figure in this house but you completed that space, she says i thought you would get angry thats why i hided this truth from you, i love you alot thats why i didnt tell you, Babee says i am not old fashioned mother in law and you are my daughter not daughter in law, now its time to bring Yuvi’s truth out, Twinkle says when you told Yuvi that i am his bhabhi, i got some idea but i need your help, you have to arrange pooja in house.
Yuvi comes to Kunj and Babee pulled my ears for Twinkle and scolded me for Twinki, Anita says so Babee is in Twinkle’s gang too? Babee says what gang? she says elders scold younger ones when they do mistake, Anita says you are right, you are elder and can scold anyone, i am sure if you have scolded him then he must have been wrong, Yuvi says but.. Anita says shut up, Anita says i am going to arrange party for new years if you permit, Babee says yes why not, infact i have arranged pooja today so that our new year is good as so much happened in house, Anita says you are right, Anita ask Yuvi to come with her, he says no i will stay with Kunj, babee says listen to your mother else i will pull your ears again, Yuvi leaves with Anita, Twinkle goes to prepare for pooja, Babee says to Kunj that after so much happened in house, i have realized that Twinkle is blessing in disguise for this house, Kunj agrees, Babee says Twinkle have done so much for this house so why cant we listen to her? if she is saying one thing again and again then we should give her chance to prove herself, Kunj says if you are talking about Yuvi then i dont believe this, Babee says Twinkel have left her house for you and when she talks about Yuvi, you dont listen to her, its not good, she is women and can sense things, i also feel she is right, atleast listen what she is saying, Kunj says even doctors say that Yuvi is ill, Babee says but we dont have any test reports of Yuvi, there are no proofs that he is really ill thats why i am asking you to find out truth, truth always need proofs so try to look for proofs to find truth, Kunj thinks.

Scene 2
Twinkle is in room and thinks that this plan should not fail, if it goes like what me and Babee have thought then we will gather proofs against Yuvi, she opens door and strikes with Kunj, Kunj says cant you walk with open eyes, Twinkle says you can walk too with open eyes, Kunj says i am seeing you double, i cant handle you single then how will i handle you two? Twinkle says funny and is about to leave but Kunj pulls her closer, Kunj leans is closer to Twinkle’s face, she gets tensed and ask in lower tone Kunj what are you doing? Kunj doesnt answer and is leaning closer to her more, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle looks in his eyes, he says Babee says that its bad omen to bang head one time so i was again.. what you thought i am going to do? she says i thought… he whispers in her ears that dont think much as when you think then.. she says then? he says then you create new problem, Twinkle gets angry and pushes him away, Kunj laughs and says you create problems whenever you make plan, he calls her sayappa queen, Twinkle says whenever you talk sweetly to me, you are going to irritate me later, Kunj says your brain is working, Twinkle hits him on foot kicking from her foot, he ask her to decide what she wanna do with me, Twinkle says i have to use mind to decide and i dont have it? right? Kunj says you… Twinkle says you.. they both stare each other, Twinkle hits him on foot again with her foot and leaves.
Yuvi is playing in his room, Jerry says you are lucky, if i was mad man then i would have got chance to touch Twinkle too, you did good by making Kunj your friend, you sleep on their bed, and i cant even touch her dupatta, if i used to sleep on her bed then i would have hugged her tightly, Yuvi starts beating him with bat, Kunj comes and ask what is happening? Yuvi says he is talking bad about Twinki, Jerry says i was telling him to not disturb Kunj and Twinkle,
Yuvi says he was talking about Twinki badly and i will beat him, Kunj says to Yuvi that Twinkle is my wife and i can protect her from anyone, you dont have do all this, Yuvi gets angry and says why will you do it? i will protect Twinki? if anyone tries to do anything with Twinkle then i wont leave that person, he holds Kunj’s collar and smirks like he used to do earlier when he was fine, Kunj is stunned to see this side of her, Yuvi then acts like kid and leaves from there, Kunj says when it was about Twinkle, i saw same anger and passion in Yuvi’s eyes, but how is this possible? maybe i am getting influenced by Babee’s talks, i mean how can Yuvi fake illness for so much time? and what about Anita? Yuvi loves her so much then how can he behave so badly with her to fake his madness? or maybe Anita is involved in his game too? i am not understanding anything, i dont know whom to believe and whom not.

PRECAP- Babee ask Kunj to fill Twinki’s maang/forehead with sindoor/vermilion, Kunj is about to do that but Yuvi says i will apply it too, he is about to apply it but Kunj holds his hand, Anita says to Yuvi that try and understand you cant do it, Yuvi gets angry and says if i cant apply vermilion to her then no one else can apply it too, he throws away sindoor box from Kunj’s hands, Kunj angrily looks at Yuvi while Twinkle smiles at Babee.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Twinj scenes so cute. Finally tashan-e-Ishq is back this week if not last week was so dull. Wow loved that part when Kunj came closer to Twinkle and finally got to hear Siyaappa Queen 🙂 this Yuvi annoying as usual, Yuvi khud ke zid me phaas Gaya , don’t he dare seperate Twinj
    Zain Imam is doing fab acting like his acting more than Jasmin and Siddhant, hope Yuvi turns positive and unite Twinj and some other girl comes in his life 🙂

  2. Ritzi

    Wow!!!!!!! Loved twinkle(as always),loved bebe loved kunj loved zain imam(acting) loved today’s episode ………it was simply awesome……even loved the precap!!!!! Maybe I m the only ONE who even watch the episode twice and also read the written updates?

  3. angel

    Twinkle and kunj is a perfect couple
    wo jo abhi naya serial ane wala hena “meri sasu ma” wo kis serial ke bdle me area
    I mean konsa serial khatam hone wala h???? Pls pls pls give me answer
    I am waiting 🙁 🙁

  4. samyu

    Thank god.. …after a long century, I’m getting a good feeling that psycho track will cum to an end…..!!!

    lov u TWINJ …..keeep going.. . <3 <3 <3

    I knew it that bhebee will be helping twinkle …. Excited to c tomrrwz episode. ….

  5. josphine muthoni

    Twinkle is noo loonger a silly twinki but a reasoning lady who is struggling to proove a ideal bahu which she is capable of.i love it wen twinkle is using her brains n wid beebe’s help yuvi will be exposed soon….nyc epc

  6. I love twinkle and kunj ….twinkle aurr babee ka plan successful ho jaye aurr sb ko UV ki schai ptaa chal jaye…. Last week the serial got much boring and dull track but now tashn.e.ishq is back with its full tsshan .. .hope that serial will be continued vd its new and good twists…and now UV must be exposed soon ..it already had taken more than a month….no need to drag this issue more and more.. Love twinkle and kunj

  7. farida

    KUNJ is acting dumb like ABHI in KKB – hey guy wake up and start seening through that IDIOT is making a fool of you before you lose Twinkle forever.

  8. swathi

    I dont want zain to do such negative roles. Cz he looks soo good nd acts tok well.. it will be good if he turns positive

  9. Nice episode. I love bebe she’s trying to help twinkle in exposing Yuvi. Kunj why can’t you open your eyes like twinkle to see that Yuvi is faking illness? Twinkle is so smart she’s trying so hard to expose Yuvi kunj please support her. Can’t wait for Yuvi to get exposed and also love between twinkle and kunj ❤

  10. Haily

    Awesome … I love you twinkle and Kunj????… you guys make a cute couple together … that episode was amazing , can’t wait to watch the other one to see UV got expose … ?????

  11. What nonsense is this yrrr…again kunj…..usy fir Marne ka plan…..why always he…???? Really disappointed to watch the promo…don’t kill kunj…plzzzz

  12. Ek din acha drama aa jata hai to next day utna e boring kr daity hain….if kunj is out of this show I will not watch this show again…n l mean it

  13. What the hell is this…again kunj…why always kunj…..plz don’t kill kunj..twinkle and kunj is a perfect couple….dont spoil it….the serial would really a flop if kunj is out of this serial….so its a request plzzzz don’t kill him……

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