Tashan-e-Ishq 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Its morning. Twinkle wakes up and sees her room walls decorated with flowers. She sees Kunj there, he sits on bed and says you look pretty while sleeping, give me one chance and i will make our lives beautiful, Sajna ve plays.. it turns out to be Twinkle’s dream.Leela comes there and wakes her up, she asks what happened Twinkle? Twinkle asks if Kunj called? Leela says no. Leela says Yuvi called me, he loves you alot,why you are talking about Kunj? you want to talk about him? Some media people enter Leela’s house. Twinkle and Leela comes to them and asks what they want? Kunj comes there and says Twinkle i your legal husband has come to take my wife Twinkle back, i know you love me but denying it, i am saying this infront of everyone to hold my hand and come back or else i

will slap you and will take you away by putting on my back, Twinkle is shocked and confused to hear it, he says you have to come with me as i wont take no today. Pallavi comes there and says Kunj you can do it,Twinkle dont you think this is most romantic thing Kunj has done.Kunj says see Twinkle everyone is seeing us, come with me else i will give my infront you here. Yuvi is outside house and send his men inside house. Kunj says to Twinkle that everyone here wants you to come with me.Yuvi’s men say that she is your wife, just kiss her, Kunj is stunned, everyone cheer for Kunj to kiss, he smiles at Twinkle.Pallavi smirks at Yuvi. Kunj comes closer to Twinkle, he cups her face and is about to kiss her infront of all but Twinkle pushes him away and slaps him,she says what are you doing? have you gone mad? Pallavi says you have gone mad, he is going behind,pleading you for days but you are just too stubborn and is not listening to him, what you think that you can use him like slave. One woman says she is so shameless, she is not going to her inlaws house, Kunj did mistake but he is apologizing, girls like her is destroying society, Twinkle says this is my family matter,you all should leave, woman says she wont understand like this, lets teach her,she take her slipper off, all other women follow her, they are about to beat Twinkle, but Leela and Kunj comes forward and protects Twinkle, Leela says stop it,i wont allow anyone to hurt my daughter, you all leave, women try to attack Twinkle,Kunj fights with them, police comes there and ask all to leave. They ask about Pallavi?she says i am Kunj’s friend,he came to pacify his wife but this chaos happened, all leave.
Kunj asks Twinkle to drink water, she says are you happy now? your cheap plan got successful,i never thought old Kunj can stoop so low? you wanted to show me as careless and characterless wife so that i can go back with you, you called Pallavi to humiliate me too, Kunj says she came to support me only, Twinkle says what about press and people? you have stooped so low, Yuvi plan and does tricks too but he is what he is infront of my face. Kunj says shut up, enough, from the time i have come,i am just asking forgiveness but you are not listening,when you dont want to be with me then i am not needed here, i thought to propose you on national TV but you think everything i do is wrong that i am just a wrong person,fine then. He brings out divorce papers and signs it, he says take it Twinkle, this is last thing that kept us joined, now we dont have any relation, i lost Twinkle, i am going from your life as you wanted, now be happy, he gives her papers, he greets Leela and leaves. Twinkle is in tears and looks at divorce papers.
Media corners Kunj outside house and ask Twinkle wants to go back to her 2nd husband? Kunj says shut cameras,he break some cameras and leave. Media people say that after rejection from his wife,Rocky has lost his mental stability.
Leela asks Twinkle to drink water. Yuvi comes there and asks Twinkle how disreare you? did slipper hurt you?i wish i was there.Leela says how you know all this?Yuvi says i saw everything on TV, he was loser but now has become psycho too, Twinkle looks on.
Kunj says to Pallavi that i was looking was in wrong place for love,i was doing everything for Twinkle’s sake, Pallavi says you didnt do anything wrong Kunj, dont feel guilty for anything.
Yuvi says to Twinkle that i can never disrespect you publicly, i love you,you deserve to be respected, you did right by slapping Kunj,he dserves it. Twinkle thinks about it.
Pallavi says i think its all my fault,i gave you all these suggestions, Kunj says no, its not your fault,when relations are broken then they cant be mend again, my and Twinkle’s relation was already broken,i didnt see it or i didnt want to see it. Pallavi puts hand on his shoulder and sits beside him, she says just because a relation is broken doesnt mean you lose faith in love, trust me love can heal anything, she holds his arm and hugs him from side,she says it seems like this is hint that you should move on in life, Kunj moves away from her and looks at Twinkle’s house from window.
Yuvi is saying things to Twinkle but she is recalling Kunj’s words only, Twinkle says leave from here, whatever happened today doesnt mean you have chance now, i have no space for you in my life and my decision wont change, Yuvi says are you serious? Twinkle says leave, Twinkle goes to her room,Leela sadly looks at her divorce papers.
Twinkle comes to her room and says what i did? I lost my relationship. She says to leela that kunj came to pacify me and I misunderstood me. I have finally realised that i love him, i can’t live without him. Leela says i just wanted to listen this. Twinkle says maa i have tortured him a lot,i have lost him maa,Leela says no, if he really loves you then he will comeback to you but you will have to go out of way to pacify him, You are my lioness, you never lose, twinkle says yes i am your daughter and i am going win kunj back.

PRECAP- Twinkle comes to Sarna house with her luggage and dressed fully like a new bride. Usha opens door and says you here like this? Twinkle sees kunj behind her. She goes to him and says see your twinkle is finally here, I love you kunj, yesterday you came to pacify me and today i am here to win you back, kunj looks on with straight face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Baby

    wowwww seems intresting bt no sid no tei miss u sid luv u sidmin bt osm liking it

  2. Wow acha track chal rha hi nice…..

  3. can anyone pls tell me that was the expression of kunj in precap ???

  4. lub u sid
    misss u
    hate u zainnn

  5. SidMin

    The track is now quite interesting waiting for tomorrows episode want to know Kunj’s reaction
    Usha’s reaction tho will be the same she hates Twinkle I mean how can she Twinkle was with her in those 5 years where her son Kunj was busy planning to torture them and he did that too If Twinkle would not have been there Usha would have never got her son back
    Missing Sid and soon gonna Miss TEI Love you TEI and Sid

  6. Very nice twinky,but sid I miss u

  7. I love yuvi
    Twinkle doesn’t deserve him
    He is the best in loving and best to be loved
    Love you yuvi

  8. Wow superb love it. Twinkle looks awesome. Now its time of twinj yeeeee…………….

  9. What happened to twinkle why she is behaving like dis. Twinkle waited for kunj from 5 years even though she is married to Yuvi she loved kunj only . When rocky reveled that he is kunj she would have united with him instead she left house and went to leelas house. If she would united with kunj Yuvi would be went away from her. But she left kunj which made Yuvi to believe that twinkle loves him so he tried to win twinkle s heart Bt she cheated him . Twinkle is ruinning 3 lives i hope twinkle unites with Yuvi .

  10. Luv Sid (Siddhant Gupta)

    NIC episode. Missing Sid

  11. Kash sid wapas aa jaye….
    Or tei sidmin ke sath hi end ho…
    & this track is seems good…
    But only 18 days r left …
    Guys enjoy it fully in those last days of tei..
    Pls sid came back atlest for last15 epi…
    Will gonna miss tei.. Love u sidmin…

  12. Boss behave come on yaar dont say things like that Yuvi does not deserve Twinkle and after what Kunj did he too dont deserve her you dont give divorce papers just like that Kunj is mentally disturbed right now i understand where you are coming from i know when Rocky reveal that he was Kunj she should have accepted him but you know some women we tend to play hard to get and up losing the person we truly love call it ego my friend and you know what Boss i dont really care who she ends up with now cause she is the one that causes all this in the first place so let her deal with it she create a monster let her kill it what do you say

  13. accha hua show end ho raha hain..bunny ke bina koyi show hi nehi hain ye..sid jabse geya tabse hi show bakwas ban geya and logone galia di.behtar hota ki sid ke jane ke sath hi show end kar deta..bekar me bakwas bananeka koyi jarurat hi nehi tha..no chemistry,no romance,no masti from last 3 months…so ye show bandh hona hi tha…i am happy..

  14. Today’s episode was nice.Twinkle really deserve kunj’s harsh words.And finally she realised that she love kunj but it’s too late.
    I read on TOI spoiler that twinkle woos kunj and gain forgiveness from kunj and succeded in her mission bcoz of her true love.And they decided to get marry again.Pallavi and yuvi are heartbroken and angry with twinj reunion.On the day of their marriage,pallavi reaches the venue and accuses kunj as begamy and police arrest kunj.Twinkle struggles for finding proof for kunj’s innocence.Yuvi tells twinkle that he will help her but in one condition.And the condition is to have a physical relationship with him.
    Let’s see what will happen next.
    I don’t want twinkle to be agree on that stupid yuvi’s condition.How can he stoop so low.bl**dy yuvi.hate you.

    1. Oy Rayna yar ye tu kya kh rhi h i just wish ki hamare twinj happy life suroo kre is pallavi or uv ki to m asei ki tasii kr do. Hate them yar pr jo bhi ho jeet to twinj k pyar ki hi hogi tab hi to true love kahlayga and i know it will happen.

      1. Naina it is written on times of india spoiler.But don’t worry dear.everything will be fine.

  15. Nice precape

  16. Sruthi

    all misunderstanding was made by usha she only begged to twinkle to marry yuvi..and kunj no more.

  17. Me abi b sid bhai ko kunj mante hu…vhe image leke epi pdti hu….nd tei is gona interesting now….luv u sid bhaya

  18. Jisha

    Now it turned out to be interesting…

  19. I have a doubt. Twinkle married Kunj first and after that people thought that Kunj died and they made her marriage Yuvi. And now after 5 years Kunj returns as Rocky. Anyways even if Twinkle didn’t marry Yuvi, as she was living separately from Kunj legally their marriage is annulled. So how can Kunj say that Twinkle is his legal wife? Isn’t she supposed to be Yuvi’s wife?
    Anyways I want TwinJ reunion.

  20. Sid's biggest fan

    Wht the hell is this
    After sid tei has ruined ..
    It has no sense now its a total mess. If sid hvnt left the it would be wow to see every episode .. it was my fav. Show but now i hte it … now im just watching old tei episodes of sid … if sid cm bck it will become the best serial.. only if he return .. n i know it is not going to happn ..miss u soo much sid…. the one plyning role of kunj ri8 now is so stupid kind of … he cn never tk plc of sid. He was awesome . The we he displyed the image of kunj in the show was heart touching whether sad ,angry or loving he was great in that … plz bring sid back … we all miss him .. and if it will continue like this the show will lose all its popularity which has already came very low after sid left ….. lu sid

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