Tashan-e-Ishq 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle is taken to hospital, Leela ask doctor to come, all family members come there, Kunj brings doctor and tells him that she has taken poison, they take Twinkle to operation theater, Leela cries for Twinkle, she says everything is happening because of me, Kunj ask Usha to make Leela sit, Usha takes Leela with her, Leela says to Usha all is happening because of me, i shouldnt have doubted her because of that Anita, i questioned her, she got tensed and drank poison, she is innocent daughter, Usha says to Leela that Twinkle has destroyed her life but spare my son, Leela says what are you saying? Usha says if Twinkle is so innocent then why did she drink poison? maybe she has affair with Yuvraj and couldnt tell you, Leela says enough my Twinkle is not like that. Kunj and all are

worried about Twinkle, doctor comes out of OT and says we have taken poison out of her body but next 4 hours are crucial for her, she should become conscious, pray for her, he leaves, Leela says i have only 4 hours for Twinkle, i know where i have to go, she leaves with Kunj.
Leela comes to Mandir with Kunj, she says there is water’s pond upstairs and it is believed that if that water is given to someone, he or she is treated and all their illness go away, this is my belief too and i will climb stairs for Twinkle, Kunj says but there are so much stairs, you cant go up, Leela says i will bring that water for my Twinkle, she starts climbing stairs, Kunj is looking at her from down, otherside Twinkle’s breath start reviving, Leela falls on stairs, Kunj shouts Aunty… it turns out to his dream, they are still standing down, Kunj says to Leela that you will get hurt and if you believe that water can revive Twinkle then i will bring that for her, he starts walking upstairs, Leela sees this and says see Twinkle i chose right guy for you, he will take away all your pain, Kunj is tired, he finally reaches upstairs and fills water for Twinkle.
Leela comes in hospital, she makes Twinkle drink that water, all are there, Twinkle becomes conscious, Leela is happy, and says to Twinkle that its all my fault and i shouldnt have asked those questions, i am sorry, forget everything, Leela says till you are with me nothing can happen to me, Leela says no till Kunj is with you nothing can happen to you, Twinkle looks at him, SAjna ve plays, Leela says nobody can do what Kunj has today, he has taken so much for pain for Twinkle’s life, he walked all the stairs of mandir to bring water for Twinkle, this is love, my daughter is so lucky to get son like Kunj, she blesses him, Usha thinks that these women are taking advantage of my son’s goodness, Leela says i dont want delay now, she says to Manohar that we will start marriage preparations that whole world will see, Twinkle is tensed, Kunj looks at her.

Scene 2
Twinkle is brought to house, Yuvi calls Twinkle and says thank God you are fine, i was so worried for you, why you did that, i wanna see you now, Twinkle come in balcony, Yuvi is in his house’s balcony, they share eyelock, Tere rang mein rang jaon plays, Twinkle says if my mother got to know there is something inbetween us then she would have taken her life, i have taken decision, i cant tel truth to my mom, Twinkle says to Yuvi that the one who has given me birth, i cant take her life, i thought i will tell her everything about and she will understand but i was wrong, she will hurt herself and i cant see her being hurt, Yuvi says so you dont love me? Twinkle says i love you but i love my mother too and i cant kill her, she is my life, she has given me life, raised me up so i cant give her pain, now i will marry the guy whom she wants, Yuvi ask have you gone mad? Twinkle says this is my decision, try to understand, Yuvi says thanks for making me realize my worth in your eyes, he ends call, Twinkle cries, he leaves from balcony.
Twinkle comes in room, she says mom should not see tears in my eyes else she will be worried, she wipes her tears, Leela comes and ask how you are feeling now? twinkle says fine, she ask Twinkle to eat apple, Leela says i wanna ask one question from you, Twinkle says yes, Leela says there is still one thing in my heart, why did you drink that poison?

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that i have realized my mother is important for me. Yuvi says to himself that how can Twinkle breakup with me. Twinkle says to Kunj that i am saying truth Alisha doesnt love you, she is behind your money, Kunj says enough, what you think that Yuvi loves you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What a episode! Amazing,awesome,mind blowing,

  2. So now both are going marry one another In order save each other,so romantic,fabulous,so finally that yuvi cheap have to deserve this.

  3. Finally! This series has restored the faith I almost lost in Indian television. Kunj and Twinkle wonderful Jodi 🙂 too cute

    1. i agree. others shows like saathiya and satrangi sasural have gotten so stupid.

  4. Kool… waiting for the nxt episode… its gttn bttr day by day… ?❤

  5. Mind blowing episode

  6. Awzme..epi

  7. thnx god now the marriage will happen de 2 villians will sun be out of twinkle and kunjs life congagulation f u a marriage

  8. Kunjjjj..:-*

  9. finally..twinkle married kunj….i so nice show.i really njy that serial..its quietly romantic and nice….yuvi so cheep….he betryal twinkle love….kunj always help her….finally ma is always RIGHT…i despiretly to see that nxt episode…what they happnd????!

  10. Awesome episode. Want kunjj n twinkle to marry……please writers!!!! All the signs are there for them to marry. Cheap yuvvi…..want you to lose. You dont deserve twinkle….she needs a man to be her support not her misery……she’ s still so immature. Looking forward to the wedding…..but then again,im thinking…….if all goes well with this alliance n yuvvi dont marry twinkle, then serial will get boring coz kunjj n twinkle might live happily ever after unless yuvvi becomes psyco n terrorises them,!!!! So im gonna wait and see what writers have in store for us.

  11. I think they both should realize that their love interests do not love them….they should marry each other……i want yuvi to fail…

  12. Amazing episode twinkle at least take a decision to marry kunj super

  13. How twinkle comes to know about Alisha’s intensions and similarly kunj know about yuvi? Any how twinj pair should marry each other.

  14. The episode is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice and twinkle and kunj make a cute couple.

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