Tashan-e-Ishq 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Sarna family comes out, Twinkle tells them about Ishan’s kidnapping, Nikki says Yuvi must have done this, Twinkle says if Yuvi has done this then i will go to him and will talk to him, Kunj says have you gone mad? dont you know that Yuvi has become psycho, its not good to go to him, Twinkle says i dont wanna see his face but i have to go to him for Ishan and i will go there, i dont anyone to get hurt because of my past mistakes.
Yuvi is drinking wine and recalls Twinkle’s harsh words, Twinkle comes there, Yuvi taunts if she bored with her sweet husband that she has come to him, Yuvi says you must be missing the spark of our relation thats why you have come here, Twinkle says i would die rather than coming to you, i came to here to tell you that stop your cheap acts,

you have tried many things but failed everytime, where is Ishan? Yuvi says what? Twinkle says Ishan is a small kid, what you got by kidnapping him? tell me where is he? Sarna family knows about your cheap acts too, they wont leave, Yuvi says i dont know anything, i have not kidnapped him, Twinkle says i know you can do anything to destroy me, Anita comes and says you are right, we will destroy you, your mother and your new inlaws family but we will not play hide and seek now, we will not back stab, we will attack like lions now, we have not kidnapped Ishan, we will attack from front now and one attack will be enough for you all, now leave from here, Yuvi pushes Twinkle away, she is about to fall but Kunj comes and holds her, he says to Yuvi till when you keep raising your hands on girls? she is my wife and if you try to touch her again then i will break you, Anita says your wife has come here herself, we have not kidnapped Ishan, Kunj says we will see that matter too, if Yuvi is involved in this then i wont even warn you, he leaves with Twinkle from there. Anita says if we have not kidnapped Ishan then who did it? this means Twinkle have more enemies too.
Kunj says to Twinkle that i told you to not go to him, Leela comes out and listens their conversation, Twinkle says to Kunj that what if Yuvi had kidnapped Ishan? When Nkki pointed towards him then i was in doubt too that he has done this, i wanna find Ishan, Leela comes to them and ask the matter, Twinkle tells her that Ishan is being kidnapped and they are finding him, Leela says to Kunj that you dont worry, we will find him in whole Amrtisar, she starts leaving but Twinkle ask her to to talk to her, she needs her support, Leela comes to Kunj and says i will play for Ishan, she leaves without looking at Twinkle.
Twinkle and kunj are in car, Kunj says i will drop you home then i will find Ishan, Twinkle says no i will come with you, Kunj says its dangerous, will i keep protecting you or find ishan, Twinlkle says i can take care of myself, you wont go alone, i will come with you, Kunj says its sweet of you but you are problematic girl and i dont want any problem, Twinkle says dont forget if i had not come to police station that night then nobody would have saved you, Kunj says i have saved you many times too, i will find Ishan, Twinkle says you have so much over confidence, just leave me here and i will bring Ishan back on my own, Kunj ask if she has any plan? Twinkle says i saw kidnappers leaving in 7seater car with Ishan, Kunj says how we will find 7seater in whole amrtisar, Twinkle says God will help me, she gets out of car, Kunj leaves, Twinkle prays to lord to give her hint, she find same 7seater going from there.
Anand ask Manohar what did kidnappers say to him? Manohar says i told you everything, dont irritate me now, he gets call from kidnappers, kidnapper says that now you know our strength, your grandson is with us, if you want him alive then give us money, we will tell you place and time, you know how much money we want, he ends call, Nikki ask if Ishan is fine? Usha ask how much money they are asking? Manohar says they didnt tell me about money, they will tell it later, Manohar is tensed.
Twinkle is finding car, she finds toffees on road which she gave to Ishan, she follows it and goes in godown, she calls out Ishan’s name, Kidnappers hide Ishan and covers his mouth, Twinkle finds Ishan’s shoe there.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Kunj are finding Ishan in market, Kidnapper is in market too with Ishan covered in sheet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m Speechless it’s too much
    Pragya just can’t stop thinking about Abhi n Abhi is like somebody is calling me, someone close to me
    Y can’t he just admit that he feels that Pragya is calling n maybe she is in danger
    But anyways we all know Abhi will save her
    I’m happy this track is going to end soon
    Really wish cvs play humdar song from ek villain it’s perfect for abhigya

  2. Oh god.plz stop showing dis crap of twinj.its so boring.what tashan so boring.no tashan at all. now enough no more negative yuvi plz.is kunj ko innocent dekha kar trying to attract ppl.plz stop Dis crap n concentrate on yuvle love story.ab maza nahi ata show dekhne mai yar.sidhant ke expressions r always same BT zain he stunning in all roles whether its intense,comic o villian.I want sweet n caring yuvi back in twinkles life BT not this devil yuvi.ur just amazing.love zain a lot n seeing his acting I think he shld b made positive soon n he’s d real hero.jus watching d show to c yuvle together n I think there is some suspense of yuvi also Caz he had 7 long yrs to ruin twinkles life BT he always cared 4 her n suddenly changed nw.7 years were enough for him to ruin twinkles life BT he didn’t do anything.its a big question mark??in sm article it was given DAT “its a suspense to c whom will yuvi favour Anita o twinkle”.

  3. I know many r liking kunj BT its a positive character so its obvious DAT ppl will like it not a big deal.those who watching d show from beginning they like yuvi n twinkle Caz dey seen our sweet yuvi n its a demand to get him back. think writers shld concentrate on making yuvi positive Caz if he’s bad its necessary to change him n only twinkle can do DAT.instead of showing dis crap of twinj they shld try to make yuvi good.Caz its d love story of yuvi n twinkle.its boring to drag d story too much.

  4. At least dont cheat those viewers who r watching ur show from beginning.give us the story dats promised to us.in all articles its given DAT its d love story of yuvi n twinkle n now I’m finding that we yuvle fans r being cheated.its OK if kunj falls 4 twinkle BT twinkle cannot Caz she loves yuvi n I don’t think dat after learning yuvis truth she will even think abt falling love agn.those who have started watching from kunjs entry i think its a positive character so obviously ppl will like not a big deal.kunj me pass atlst uske parents to hai BT yuvi is gonna loose his mother also after realising his mistk n understanding d truth DAT his mother used him 4 her revenge n DAT will b yuvis punishment.feeling bad for him thinking abt dis.he loves his mother so much n she does dis to him n the girl who loved him much more than his own mother he cheated on her.wow yuvi vo intense role n luk dekhneme maza ayega.waiting to DAT scene.I know I have to wait fo many days BT s waiting.

    1. If u r watching d show frm d begining n regularly den u must know yuvi knows everythng abt his mothr’s revenge n he z nt in love with twinkle. He tried to rape twinkle, he z hurting her, he z bad-mouthing abt twinkle, he tried to kidnap her. Still u r saying he loves twinkle. Love means caring fr some1 even though dey dont belongs to u

      1. S he knows abt revenge BT its a misunderstanding of Anita n yuvi too

  5. M a regular watchr of dis show frm begining. Bt i didnt lyk d char yuvi on d day when he was insulting twinkle aftr drinking. How a boy can insult a girl infrnt of so many frndz just bcoz dey broke up. N so i hate him since den. At dat time i didnt know dat char z -ve
    N when kunj entred i thought he z a side hero n ll make twinkle n yuvi 2gethr bt i was wishing kunj to bcome hero of twinkle n dat wt happened.
    Its nt always ryt dat ur 1st love z correct . Many gals do mistake in choosing dere love n many times parents r ryt choosing partner fr u.
    So dis z just a practical story.
    So m loving dis serial.
    Dose who r supporting yuvi n twinkle’s jodi r dose people who thinks dere love z correct n fr dat dey should go against dere parents.
    Bt twinkle did ryt choice by choosing her mom over yuvi as parents z our 1st love

  6. Yuvi can never be for twinkle! He doesn’t love twinkle at all!!! From the very beginning, he never loved her!!! He only wanted to hurt her!!! You I is a guy who has no standing of his own! He simply listens to the mother whether she is right or wrong!!! He doesn’t know Wats right!! As long as his mother says it, it’s right!!! Not a man!!! He’s a kid!!! A bad kid who likes to hurt others. No humanity!! Definitely a bad choice for twinkle!!!

  7. Dey have spoiled d character so much.cant do anything.d love story of yuvle was good n their jodi is sizzling n I think they should have shown yuvi positive n it was also OK if he’s was negative in d beginning n realises his mistk later.BT showing him so negative like trying to rape a girl o acid attack n all is too much.its a family show year.they shldnt show all such things.its a forced track.forcing ppl like kunj character by spoiling yuvi character so much.very bad of CVS.shows smthng in promos n nw showing smthng els.

  8. If yuvi din love twinkle then twinkle ne konsa yuvi se pyar kiya tha.when Alisha treated bad with kunj y she felt bad4 him.yuvi ka forest date chod kar kunj ke pass chali gayi.if she really loved yuvi she should not have remembered kunj der n so it also easy 4 her to ditch yuvi n move on in life.vo kuch kam nahi hai n yuvi to pagal ho gaya hai Caz of twinkle.thinking abt twinkle marriage with kunj n revenge n love 4 his mother hez not even in position to realize his love 4 love.twinkle suddenly left him n his mother taking d advantage of it making yuvi more furious Caz his already angry on her has made him like this.very bad of twinkle n specially anita

  9. Yeah its so boring and twinkle is brainless as always how can she alert goons by calling out ishaan when she knows he is with the goons foolish girl

  10. True..twinkle sounds childish!
    Zain Imam Roxz!!

  11. Its gone boring now but loved yesterdays episode

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