Tashan-e-Ishq 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Babee and anita are ready to welcome Twinkle and Kunj as they are coming back from honeymoon. Leela and Raman comes there too, Leela is tensed, Babee says Leela must be missing her daughter, she is coming in sometime, dont worry, Anita gets call from business partner JP and says i will email you papers, Leela gets tensed listening JP’s name.
Twinkle and Kunj comes back to home, all welcome them, they are shocked to see asthiya Kalash in Kunj’s hands, Kunj is about to answer but Yuvi comes in and says Aunty.. all look at him tensed, Yuvi starts acting like kid, he takes Kalash from Kunj and plays with it, he hides it from Anita, Anita ask Yuvi why is he behaving like kid? Kunj says Yuvi is not what we used to know, he has lost his memory, due to injury on head, his

brain has become like that of 5years old kid, Kunj tells them everything what happened in goa, how Yuvi came in their boat and attacked them, how Kunj fought with him and Yuvi fell in sea, Kunj tried to save him but Yuvi got hit by rock and he lost his memory, this is my fault, i shouldnt have thrown him in sea and he wouldnt have been in this condition, forgive me, Anita slaps him and says you are responsible for his situation, you have done this deliberately, Twinkle says Kunj didnt do anything wrong, he protected his wife only, Yuvi crosses all limits this time, he came behind us to Goa and tried to kill Kunj and molest me, Kunj fought with him to protect me, Anita says you are lying, you both have taken revenge from my son, tell me whats the truth, she holds Kunj’s collar, but Yuvi says witch aunty, leave my friend, Anita is devastated seeing his state, Leela says Kunj is not at fault, Anita says you dont say anything, Kunj says it was an accident, Usha says i know Kunj, he cant hurt anyone, it was an accident, Anita says you wont understand my pain, your son is fine and my son is behaving like 5year old kid, Surjeet comes there and says Anita dont worry, this Kunj wont remain fine for much time, he points gun at Kunj and says Kunj made my wife cry, i wont leave him, Twinkle says to Surjeet that Kunj didnt do anything, it was an accident, Anita says dont listen to anyone, kill him, Surjeet points gun at Kunj, Yuvi takes gun from him and says no one should touch my friend Kunj, i will kill everyone, nobody should hurt him, Kunj ask Yuvi to give gun to him, he says i am fine, i am your friend, give me gun, Yuvi gives him gun.
Kunj and Twinkle are in room, Kunj says Yuvi is in this state because of me, i shouldnt have pushed him in sea, i am guilty, Anita must be in pain, Twinkle says you didnt do anything wrong, what you did was in self defense else Yuvi would have killed us, Kunj says i am responsible for his state, he cries, Twinkle cries with him and says Yuvi is responsible for his condition, she puts her hand on his shoulder to console him, Sajna ve plays, both look at each other and get conscious, Kunj leaves, Twinkle says that Kunj have decided to take care of Yuvi till he doesnt get fine, his decision of bringing Yuvi in our lives cant affect our marriage, we had decided that to keep up this marriage for our family and i wont let it fall apart, i will keep my marriage intact.

Scene 2
Twinkle is in kitchen and cooking food, she recalls how Yuvi misbehaved with her on boat, Yuvi comes there and acts like kid, he says Twinki i want food, make food for me too, Twinkle ask him to not touch her and sit in corner, Yuvi takes match stick and plays with it, Twinkle thinks if Yuvi is acting or he is really in this state? Yuvi while playing throws match stick on gas cylinder, Twinkle is shocked to see this, she takes match stick from him and ask if he is mad to play with match stick? Yuvi says i will complain to Kunj about you.
Babee says to Leela that i am sad for Yuvi but what Yuvi was doing in Goa? Leela thinks that i am sure Yuvi must have gone there to disturb Kunj and Twinkle on honeymoon.
Yuvi is calling Kunj, he says to Babee that Twinkle scolded me, she is bad, i will complain to my friend Kunj, where is he? Babee says he will come in sometime, Twinkle is nice, she doesnt scold anyone, Yuvi comes to Raman and tickles him saying he is moto(fat) uncle, Babee makes Yuvi sit in corner and ask Twinkle to take Leela and Raman in drawing room, you must want to talk to you mother, Leela says its not needed, Babee says you must want to talk to your daughter as you have met her after much time, Twinkle starts to leave with Leela but Yuvi hugs Twinkle and says i will go with her, i was miffed with her but now i am fine, he ask Twinkle if she angry with him? Babee says no she isnt, let her go, she takes Yuvi from there, Twinkle is tensed.
Raman says to Leela that it all happened for good, now Yuvi wont play with anyone’s life, what you sow shall you reap, Raman ask Leela to end her fight with Twinkle, let bygones be bygones, Twinkle says i miss talking to Leela but she is stil angry with me, Leela says that we should not believe our eyes sometimes, we should not believe everything urgently, Yuvi comes there and ask about Kunj, Raman says he is outside, Yuvi leaves, Leela says there is something which is hidden and truth should come out soon, truth cant be hidden for sometime, she leaves, Twinkle says i understood what Leela wanted to say, Yuvi is pretending to kid, he can do anything to take revenge from me and Kunj, i will bring his truth out.


PRECAP- Leela prays to Lord to help Twinkle to solve all problems. Usha says to Manohar that this Twinkle is so unlucky for us that we keep getting in one problem after another from the time she has come in this house. Twinkle finds Yuvi playing with toys, she says my heart says that he is faking all this and i will bring truth out soon.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Superb acting yuvi I liked this episode especially twinj scenes

  2. I think yuvi is acting as a memory loss patient

  3. I think usha will join hands with Anita to trouble twinkle

  4. mujya too phala sa pata tha ki yvi aya ga ar wo 70s ki movie ka jasa drama karaga losen memory ka bt i feel so bad for kujn bcoz kunj ko lagraha hai uski waja sa ya sb huwa pta nahi kya hoga ab twinjcki zndagi ma bcoz yvi srf twinjko aapna maan ka natak kar raha hai god nos bt thanx ki twinkle koi yvi par barsa nahii hai plze god kch b ho twinj ka pyaar kam na ho plzzzz

  5. Yet another game by Yuvi to trouble twinj. …..this a anita shud be thrown out along wid surjeet n his son….

  6. I just hope she brings Yuvi’s truth out……Hope they love each other soon(Kunj and Twinkle)


    Yuvi is fake..Hope he does not take advantage of Twinkle….
    His truth should come out fast….

  8. Thanks frndz for supporting twinj

  9. Your welcome love u twinj

  10. This serial is going bad.

    1. ek ne toh kuch sahi baat ki!

  11. Yuvi is born an actor and may be putting an action…how i pray he gets out of mr$mrs sanah soon…but he deserves a better lesson.kunj be prepared and please your sasumom is doing injustice to your wife

  12. love twinj scenes



  15. OMG, i expected yuvi to act…
    To be frank i can even watch yuvi and anitha but this dirty Leela and her dirty husband…chee disgusting..

    Leela,Twinkle is not unlucky ,its ur draingae looking face that’s nasty…atleast for once ,can’t u keep ur face normal…ur face and expressions are like u r having piles and unable to bear pain…chee,cheap Leela,u sud be slippered hard by bebe.

  16. Nice episode I love it how kunj managed the situation in goa

  17. I loved the scenes in goa as due to yuvi TWINJ came closer,consoling each other. I just hate yuvi nd , his mom, his so called dad and his so called bro.love u TWINJ…….they make such a caring and lvng pair. kunj managed twinkle in a diffe

  18. (contd) erent way. love u teinj andhate u luthras

  19. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Why this has to happen to yuvi why can’t it be kunj.hate this producer.hope yuvi regain his memory.love you yuvi???????????

    1. i knew kuch log man hi man kunj ko pasand karte hai aur yuvi ko hate

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