Tashan-e-Ishq 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anita’s shooter shoots Kunj. Bullet hits Kunj on chest, Otherside Twinkle is trying to doze off fire, she is tensed. She dozes off by pouring water in aarti plate, everything is destroyed in aarti plate. Kunj falls off from boat and drowns in sea. Yuvi jumps in sea and starts searching for Kunj. Twinkle says this is such a bad omen, pooja plate caught fire and everything related to married status is destroyed.
Kunj is lying under water, Yuvi is searching for him but doesnt find him, Yuvi cries and screams for him.
Twinkle tries to call Kunj but call is not reachable, Pundit says pooja time is going, call your husband. Twinkle calls Leela, Leela says did you start pooja? you have to do pooja on time, its important, Twinkle says i have done all preparations for pooja but

Kunj hasnt come till now, Leela says maybe he is at hotel and waiting for you, go and check there, dont think anything wrong, Twinkle says i will go and check hotel.
Yuvi lies on bay of sea and says this cant happen, Kunj.. i have to find Kunj at any cost, what should i do? where to find him in sea? he thinks about calling police, he dials number.
Twinkle comes to hotel room and doesnt find Kunj there too, she says dont know where Kunj is. Door bell rings, its delivery boy who has brought bouquet for her and says your husband have sent it, he leaves. Twinkle says he took my life her to give this surprise, i will not spare him. Twinkle reads his note:
Twinkle.. Twinkle this name have changed my life
You are most important part of my life and
I am letting you know this by sending flowers,
I love you Twinkle

Twinkle says i love you too Kunj, where are you? Police comes to beach site, Yuvi asks them to find Kunj in sea. Twinkle gets Leela’s call, Leela asks about Kunj, Twinkle says Kunj is fine, he has sent me very cute bouquet, Leela says do pooja with him and then call me, Twinkle says okay.
Police call divers and starts finding Kunj in sea. Police asks Yuvi why did he go to deep sea with Kunj? Yuvi says its not Kunj’s fault, its all a plan against him.
Twinkle finds camcorder in room as another gift from Kunj. She plays video in it, Kunj says in video that My Sayappa queen, you must be missing me, i wanted to say that you are beautiful, dont get boosted now. I keep fighting with you all the time but i havent seen pretty girl like you, i miss you, i love you so much, i want to be with you, after you came in my life, i have started living my life, when you fight with me, i feel like i have lived my life. Last night you were so beautiful, so much so much, you never looked that beautiful, your hair, your lips, everything about you is so beautiful that i cant describe, i get pulled towards you. I have praised you so much so now you have to give me a kiss, come closer to me. Twinkle comes closer to camcorder, Kunj says i know you havent kissed me till now, you must thinking that he has praised me so much so you can atleast give me a kiss, Twinkle kisses camcorder tightly, indirectly kissing Kunj, Kunj says in video that when you kiss me, it feels out of world, Twinkle smiles.
Yuvi says to police inspector that my mom is behind this murder plan, she wanted to kill Kunj, you find her, she is in Goa only. Anita is hiding there and gives money to shooter and her agent, she says you dont know me from now on, its like we never met. Police says to Yuvi that you have to come with us to police station, its serious matter.
Door bell rings, Twinkle opens door to find delivery boy with another gift from Kunj, she says to delivery boy that ask Kunj to come and meet me, he says Kunj booked these gifts in morning only, he is not in hotel. Twinkle gets tensed and tries to call Kunj, she says why he is not picking my call? if anything wrong happened? why i am thinking like this, i should find him, she leaves.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s friends and asks about Kunj, friend says Kunj got call and left without saying anything. Twinkle says i have searched whole hotel, Kunj is not anywhere, where did he go? Friend says he went to beach site, Twinkle leaves.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes to beach site, she says Kunj where are you? please dont tease me, come here Kunj. She comes to policeman and says i am finding my husband, he was wearing white shirt, did you see him? Policeman says that please be away from sea, tides are high today and one man is drowning in sea too. Yuvi comes from behind and says Twinkle? Twinkle turns to see him. Twinkle says what are you doing in Goa? Twinkle asks Yuvi where is my Kunj, she angrily asks him to tell her what happened to Kunj, Yuvi is tensed and points towards sea, Twinkle is shocked. Policeman comes to Yuvi and says our divers who are specialists couldnt find anyone in sea so i dont think anyone can be saved from this sea, Twinkle asks what they are talking about, whom they are referring? Yuvi says Kunj Sarna, he is in sea, Twinkle is shocked. Anita sees this hiding behind bushes and says Twinkle must be so sad, she got married and lost her husband so soon, her life is destroyed like my life was destroyed, i lost my husband because of Leela and today Twinkle lost her husband because of Anita, i have won finally, i have made Twinkle lose, Leela says i have won over your daughter, I have won Leela, she laughs evilly and says you are finished Leela Taneja. Twinkle says Yuvi to answer her, Yuvi says Kunj.. he is there, he points towards sea, Sajna ve sad version plays, Twinkle looks at sea, she wipes her tears and says nothing has happened to Kunj, Kunj i am coming, she runs towards sea, Yuvi runs behind her and grabs her from hand, Twinkle is going hysteric, Yuvi holds her and says come to senses Twinkle and says listen to me carefully, accident has happened here, Kunj has drowned in sea, Twinkle shouts that nothing can happen to Kunj, she is not able to take shock and falls unconscious, Yuvi says Twinkle get up.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Yuvi that you told us many times that Anita can hurt Kunj but we couldnt do anything for protection. Anita is leaving in her car when Yuvi comes infront of her car, she stops, Yuvi comes to her car and brings her out, she says what are you doing? Yuvi says now you will do what i will tell you to do, we are going to police station, Anita is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • Ritzi

      hey NRK even if kunj comes back…… there r very less chances of sidhant’s cm back as kunj in tei

  1. anu

    What is this? Hero was gone. It’s not fare. Stupid writer
    Hero and heroine always troubled by villan.they are not living peacefully Atleast some days. In zee tv serial writers have no feelings. Why we are writing stories in sad version? Hero died that means villan become hero. What a thought really appreciable this writer? Disgusting

    • Leanna

      U r r8. Comebacks normally mean some lame problems with health.
      Memory loss holds the present record.
      I can’t think what the heck is going to replace that!

  2. twinky

    After some time sid is back as kunj then we don’t have no problem….but we miss sid as kunj really?????

  3. zarmeen

    ohhhh body has not found that means kunj will come back i am feeling vry sad for twinkle…..

    • Anushka

      Kunj will surely come back but it won’t be sidhant sir….. It would be someone else…. First this sad track will go on then new kunj will come….. Auditions r still going on….

  4. samiarahman

    so kunj is alive.he will be back very soon.but character will change as sid quit tei.ohh..my heart is breaking as i can’t able to see sid anymore in tei.how can i see some other in the place of sid??that’s so disgusting,painful,sorrowful for us.i can’t able to see that..??


    Can anyone tell who is new kunj????
    Going to miss present kunj…..
    I think show will take leap and twinkle will hve baby, and baby will call yuvi as father and when new kunj will come, he will misunderstnd yuvi and twinkle..
    The show is spoiled now and i will not watch it….

    • Sayeeda

      Shraddha nothing is confirmed …auditions are still going on till now no one is finalized for Kunj’s role… till the time leap nd sad track will continue
      Let’s wait nd see who is the new one..

  6. Prtibha

    Now this show is going similar direction of Rab se sona ishq…but i always love tei…please anyone can tell me in which episode kunj n twinkle confessed their love to each other or they realised their love…i couldn’t watch it after that airport scene when twinkle was leaving for sake of kunj n misunderstanding….tell me guys please..i can read written episode too…

    • Sayeeda

      Prthibha as per my knowledge it is 26 march episode where they confessed their love…. bt I’m not very sure but u take a check nd then inform me

  7. sachu

    Oh nooooo….. kunj…… really touching episode ….. will miss u dear…
    Since the body is not found..there is a scope for kunj’s reborn. Bt still wat if sidant is replaced?… oh no i cant bear dat…. plz sid dont quit de show yaar…. we vill really miss uuuu….

  8. shayna

    I pray that sidhant should be back again after leap he was our kunj nd he is our kunj nd he will be our kunj forever nd no one can replace my Sid aka kunj nd pls sid come back we all want u back in tei

    • samiarahman

      i really wish your words will come true.i wish the same yarr..but we can’t do anything…but let’s hope for the best.tei is nothing without sid..??

  9. NRK

    I think some new entry will be there and he will be shown as kunj.and he will say while falling from the boat his face hit on a rock so he underwent a plastic surgery and he will make everyone believe he is kunj.After sometime real kunj will arrive our sidhant. I wish if it happens like that

  10. Ajina ct

    Hmm wt ever evn if kunj s re-entry takes time it’s ok… I want sid to be da kunj as always… bcz I dnt lyk jasmine pairing wid sum othr.. SIDMIN?

  11. sathy

    now uv is lead hero….I’m so happy. …twiraj rocks….nd no more hero in tei. ….no one need to replace kunj role…Sid quit show its his decision.now we should let go his role.if any new face come with kunj role then it distroy tei like qubool hai when azad role replace.

    • samiarahman

      but if kunj die then it will be like that ‘acchai par burai ka jit’ and no show can let that happened.for this reason kunj is alive as his body didn’t get found.and anita can’t win.but the sad part is sid quit tei and new kunj will come.that’s so painful.none can replace sid as he is the best.

    • Damien

      Well you see kunj’s body was lost so and I saw a lot of articles with rumours circulating that lots of actors are getting interviewed for the role of Kunj. So ya Kunj may come with a new face but no sidhant gupta. I personally hope karan tacker replaces sidhant as the new kunj.

    • Sayeeda

      Awwwwww Princess I feel sad for u coz ur happy wid Kunj’s death nd Twiraj union ….infact this will not happen auditions are still going for role of Kunj ……we all just have to wait nd see who is new one….
      But one thing for sure every time we all fans were there to fought against Kunj’s bashers but this time we will surely not support new Kunj …I don’t know about others but for my I’m sure for me kunj is always Sid ….

    • samiarahman

      how dare u to say bastard??sid is the best.u are jealous that twinj are the couple not twiraj.and watch the new promo.kunj is alive.but as sid quit tei,so new male lead will come which is so painful for us.none can replace sid.never..

  12. Oh so same drama body not found well now some hopes for the return of Sid I hope Sid gets his project done like he finishes his shoot for his new movie or after jhalak finishes (Some say he quit for move, some say jhalak) I hope it’s jhalak 😛 I wanna see Shakti, arjun, Sid together 😛

  13. Well I hope if Kunj returns I hope it won’t go the satrangi sasural way like twinkle gets pregnant than Yuvi takes care of her and Kunj lose his memory and thinks his marriage didn’t happen with twinkle and twinkle married her bf Yuvi. This is so typical. I wish some miracles happen Sid returns anyways best of luck to Sid for his future endevours.

  14. Actually I love to watch sony shows and dehleez on star plus as they are finite dramas but I m a big fan of Thapki Pyaar Ki and Tashan-e-Ishq show only because of the pairs I don’t if I should be happy for thahaan or sad for Twinj yaar mein kahan phaas gayi , TEI made me sad yesterday 🙁 but TPK made me smile yesterday 🙂 and last month it was ulta as Bihaan’s anger made me sad and Twinj love confession made me happy maybe that’s why I love two current pairs so if one makes me sad other will make me happy lol

  15. Unknown

    Sorry director your show I watch from I between and liked so much but you should have replaced shidant Gupta. today the hate, lie and jealousy won in your show. I have already unliked and stopped watching from 18 th . It was best than Ekta Kapoor until the marriage of Twinkle and Kunj was safe. I hope Ekta is better than you. …..?????????

  16. anu

    Without Kunj we can’t see this show. This writer replace any new member in place of Kunj all viewers are not feeling good. It’s so horrible. In this show hero behaving like hero. Remaining all serials in zee tv heroes role is nill. I feel very good with this show now this show become more disgusting compare to other zee tv serial. Dear writer please do something. Kunj pls come back.pls unite twinj.plssssssssssssssss

    • samiarahman

      yup..kunj is alive.i knew it.but character will be changed as sid quit tei.that’s so disgusting.i can’t able to see anyone else in the place of sid.no sid,means no tei for me

  17. anu

    Dear writer please don’t introduce new person in place Kunj.if u want to introduce any new person as a villan.we are addict with Kunj action. So pls change that characters that is so better for serial prp ratings. Pls show Kunj body to twinkle she loves him alot. Dear writer please change your thoughts

  18. anu

    Hi anushka may I know one thing?how can you know a new person will come in place of Kunj? Are you know any updates on Kunj status. Pls tell me yar

  19. zarmeen

    anu new promo is all are thought kunj died and they had put a flower malla in kunj picture tw is crying and says my kunj will not die and she is crying and here has shown some one has admitted kunj in hospital upcoming twist is how will they will known that kunj is alive

    new promo of tashan e ishq…

  20. New update :twinkle will married yuvi for the sake of Kunj and her baby. The new Kunj will return with a new face to see for twinkle. When he return he will see twinkle are happy with yuvi?and the new Kunj will take revenge on twinkle for destroying her life

  21. Princess you’re a bit delusional yes?lol..
    U hitting strong on a damn character tht isn’t real…u like yuvi yes? Then change ur dirty ways like he did…rumors have it tht kunj will somehow survive so hw then will thr b a twiraj?
    We dnt want a twiraj..we want twinj..
    Even if new kunj comes my eyes will c sidhant only

  22. NRK

    is it true kunj is turning to negative . what the hell they are doing.I cant see kunj’s character turning to negative. first they made villian to hero now hero to vilian.its,disgusting

  23. zarmeen

    kunj turns negative its a rumour fake news guys we shld not belive i know 100%he will not turns negative we shld only belive in tellychakkar or telly buzz….others are only fake news to admire the fans….

  24. NRK

    is there any chance sidhant will be back in the show. I don’t understand y it is not confirmed he quit the tei and y he is not revealing for what show he quit tei

  25. anu

    Sidhanth pls don’t go from this show plsssssssssssssss. We are missing alot. What is this writer? Why we are changing hero role? That’s not good. Definitely Ur trp ratings fall down. Pls unite twinj. Pls convince sid.

  26. anu

    This serial is also similar to other stories.pls unite twinkle and Kunj. Pls don’t drag the story. Upto here Ur serial is so good and got good trp. But we didn’t unite twinj definitely trp fall down. Sid quite the show that’s not a problem. We introduce new person in place of Kunj. But unite twinj. Twinkle marry Kunj only no one pls otherwise story become disgusting

  27. Hari

    I am feeling very bad for me bacozz I could not see any more kunj I am disheartened fan of sidhaaaant pizzazz come back for us to the show

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