Tashan-e-Ishq 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Twinkle and Yuvi smells some smoke. They come to their room and sees bed on fire, she says this fire? Yuvi says let me handle it, Twinkle and Yuvi starts throwing water on bed to doze off fire, Twinkle coughs, Kunj is there too, Yuvi dozes off fire, Twinkle says how did this fire started? Yuvi sees lighter there, he picks it up , Kunj says this is my lighter, i didnt know how it slipped from my pocket, i am sorry, your bed got destroyed because of me, all family members come there, Pallavi asks if Rocky are you fine? Twinkle says how can you be so careless, couldnt you see fire here, you are so irresponsible, Babee says no problem, thank God everyone is fine, Rocky you should have been careful, Yuvi says Rocky i showed you way to washroom otherway what you are doing here? Kunj says i

didnt listen carefully, i said i am sorry, Yuvi says no problem, i am glad that you are fine, Pallavi sys i think we should go, thank you for dinner. Twinkle tomorrow me and Rocky will go to see engagement venue, you will come? Twinkle nods, Pallavi and Rocky leaves from there.
Its morning, Twinkle is packing her bag, Yuvi says you are upsetting me, Twinkle says why? Yuvi says why you are going alone, its so far from here, why you have to go alone to check venues? you and Rocky dont get along too, if i will be there then i will calm you down, Twinkle says dont take stress, nothing will happen, he starts fight but i know how to put him in place, we have alot to do, you see catering, i will check venues, Yuvi says tension is my job, taking care of you is my job, you are my wifey and best friend too so i have to take care of you, Twinkle says you.. Yuvi says i am serious, this friendship, these fights that we have is our relation and i have to fulfill my duties, Twinkle says i should leave now else that Rocky will call and start his scolding, Twinkle gives him instructions while Yuvi keep staring him lovingly, Tum hi ho music plays, Twinkle starts leaving, Yuvi says if you have any problem then call me, Twinkle says relax, Yuvi says but please call me anytime, i will come there, Twinkle nods and leaves, Yuvi says she is mad girl.
Kunj kass Pallavi if she is ready? she nods. Twinkle comes to their house, Pallavi offers her breakfast, she no thanks, we shall be going, Pallavi shows her bandaged leg and says i slipped in washroom and now i have to rest, Twinkle says we will go later then, Pallavi says no this work should be done today, Rocky doesnt get time, you both can go please, Rocky smirks, Twinkle thinks and says okay, Pallavi thanks her, Twinkle says take rest, Rocky says shall we leave? Twinkle leaves with him.
Yuvi comes to Leela and asks if she is busy? she says no, Yuvi says i was thinking to book amritsar caterers for Rocky’s engagement, Leela asks if Twinkle is working too or just giving you all work? Yuvi says no she is working alot, she has gone to finalize location, she is super talented and multi-tasking, you remember i used to call her Miss problem but now i am proud of her, she is too good, Leela says too good? Yuvi says she is your daughter thats why she is good, i am complimenting you, Leela says dont lie, you love her alot? Yuvi gets silent.. no, love means care, Twinkle is my wife, my best friend so i care for her, Leela says dont insult your love by calling is friendship, i know you love her alot, Yuvi says you are saying this without thinking, its nothing like that, Leela says i can see your love in every step, i remember Twinkle married you 5years back for her child but she lost her baby, i know you both are fulfilling this relation for your families but i can see my daughter’s face, she loves Kunj even today, she still calls herself as Twinkle Sarna, she hasnt given you position of her husband, you both live together but just as friends, Yuvi says dont tell this to anyone, Leela sys i wont, i used to think that you are wrong person for my daughter but you proved me wrong, the Yuvi who wanted to destroy my daughter’s life now loves her so much, you have changed alot, Yuvi says your daughter have taught me, Twinkle have taught me that love is not about gaining but about sacrificing, if you love someone then you can give your world for them, Leela says you love her so much? Yuvi says i love her so much, more than myself, from the time i have realized what love is, i have loved her only, she was and she is and she will be my love only, my story started from Twinkle and it will end with Twinkle only, Leela says so now you have to show your love, you have to make her realize about your love, make her believe that you are her life partner in every sense, you have to bring her out of her past, she has to give place to your in her heart, she has to leave her past, she has to accept you as her husband and i will be with you in this work, long live son, Yuvi thanks her and thinks.

Scene 2
Twinkle and Kunj are in car, Kunj is driving, she says if you have water? he says no, Twinkle says stop at some shop, i will get water bottle, Kunj says i dont wanna waste time, he takes turn, Twinkle says you have taken wrong turn GPS is showing different location, she is tensed, Kunj looks at her, he stops car and says i told you that i dont walk on wrong path, i know where i am going, life has taught me that people just show you wrong path to get to their destination but you need to trust yourself then nobody can cheat me thats why i dont listen to anyone, Twinkle looks in GPS and is confused.
Kunj and Twinkle comes to hotel. Hotel manager says to Kunj that it will mean alot if you take our hotel for your engagement ceremony, Kunj says this girl Twinkle will decide everything, Twinkle says i am wedding planner, Rocky came to us for his wedding preparation, Twinkle sees different locations, she sees one location and says this location is very pretty, manager says we dont give this location now, once a lover killed himself for girl, Kunj says these girls are useless, Twinkle says dont talk about love like this, Kunj says no one gets anything by loving, love is just game now, especially girls, love is just game for them, girls trap boys and use them for their benefit, love and emotions are game for them.. talking of game, i think we should arrange my engagement party with a theme of game, like chess room or something, Twinkle is confused listening this, manager says brilliant idea, manager says i have one locations exactly like you are saying, Twinkle says are you sure you wanna do engagement in chess room? Kunj says its my engagement so choice will be mine, dont waste time, he leaves with manager, Twinkle looks in her mobile and says this Rocky is mad, he makes me angry, i am fed up of him.
Manager brings Kunj and Twinkle to chess room and says we dont give this location for ceremonies anymore because incident happened here years back but you can check this location, i will come later, he shows thumbs up to Kunj and leaves. Twinkle looks around in chess room, she recalls how she got stcuk here earlier with Kunj, how gas started filling in there, she thinks that its same like..

PRECAP- Gas starts filling in chess room, Twinkle and Kunj coughs. Kunj says Twinkle played game with me so now i will play same game with her. Yuvi starts calling Twinkle, Kunj sees Twinkle’s phone on ground, he kicks it away so that she cant pick up call.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Happy birthday Jasmin and coming to the episode why don’t kunj trust twinkle his love??

  2. so they given a hint that yuvle is the end game as uv said his story end with twinkle only.stupid cvs

    1. Yes and I knew that was going to happen yuvi and twinkle were original couple of the show and are now and will be

  3. Is aneri vajani’s cameo all already shown? If yes then pls tell me the all date. I will be very greatful to u.

    1. directionert91

      I hope kunj reveals his identity soooooooooooooooooooooon

    2. directionert91

      sorry wrong number?
      It isn’t a reply

  4. Esha

    Ahhhh !!!!! Kunj has gone mad oops sorry …..rocky Singh has gone mad …I want sidhant back …seeing his flashbacks , I feel really bad ……
    But now twiraj are rocking the show ….I mean I am in love with UV …..he is such a cute and caring person ….love u loads UV ……
    Hope to see twiraj love story soon

  5. I really wish to kill the writer right now.how can they do this to kunj role.where is yuvi first wife mahi?how can they made story like this.it is so stupid

  6. Mayahtwinjfan

    This story is sooo messed up they have runined the character of kunj and sidhants hardwork is all going to waste

  7. Ye kunj ko ho kya gaya hai ye vo purana vala kunj ho he nahe sakta kunj ka the ned karoooo writterrss…..nd make yuvle tghhthherrr

  8. y kunj Has no concern for twinkle.with plastic surgery only face got changed how love for his siyappa queen and family got changed. tei lost its charm with the exit of sid

  9. Kunj is such a selfish person. I mean there is Yuvi ready to sacrifice for his love and then there’s Kunj sacrificing the person he’s supposed to have “loved” so much? If Kunj really loved her he would either tell her the truth or let her live her life. He doesn’t deserve her anymore.

  10. Hey stop it guys.. stop this purana wala kunj story.. just make Ur minds clear guys.. kunj is naan Shaw ..Sid is never gonna return..


  12. Plz unit uv and twinkle. ..They r made for each other. …

  13. Apoorwa

    i was a twinj fan i am a twinj fan and i will be a twinj fan

  14. Look even I am Sid fan.. even I like his role as kunj.. but now that he had left I feel twiraj is the best pair.. naman Shaw and Jasmin DO NOT make a good pair.. even tis twiraj story is good.. and I don’t feel tat it’s spoiling kunjs role .. cause he feels ditched by twinkle.. and so he revenge’s her.. tis will make twiraj come closer..and make twinkle realise her love for yuvi.. and I am sure when kunj finally comes to know the truth (maybe after hurting twinkle alot and after her realising her love for yuvi and they become lovers….)kunj will regret for what’s he’s done and will stay away from twinkle because HE HAD LOVED HER ENOUGH TO LET HER GO…so the writer has not spoiled kunjs role but has made him become mad for twinkle’s betrayal and will make him realise how foolish he has been and will prove his love by letting her love be happy… with her love…(yuvi) because ITS A CUTE PAIN TO SEE UR LOVED ONE BEING HAPPY WITHOUT YOU..

    1. may be siddant left but kunj still there in show and we r connected very much to twinj their happy and sad moments i hope many twinj fans hope this seperation and tashan dont last long and our beloved kunj soon realises his mistake …..

  15. I felt almost like crying watching sid flask back part pls cum back

  16. Really,how can CVS broke our hearts by uniting twiraj in end.why so,?if then,why they bought kunj in role.and missing Siddhartha badly.but I’m with twinj.this show has betrayed twinj fans

  17. So I guess love is only skin deep…The Kunj who made us all fall in love with him because his face changed? Everybody is happy to accept yuvi now? Make up your minds!!! If it was true love, then nothing should separate twinj!

  18. Lol…ye tho hona hi that..twiraj/yuvle inka hi jodi hogi…ye tho pakka hai….dhuru hua tya in logo Se…katam hogi tho in dono Se hi..nice.. Twinkle ka pehla pyaar milega use phirse….pehla pehla pyaar!!!
    Nice that CVS are hinting us WD what’s gonna happen!!
    Air upar Humaira ka comment bilkul sahi hai…CVS kunj ka role karab nahi karra!! Anyways twinkle jara apne pati ke pyaar ko samjho jaldi Se…pati inthezaar mein hai..thadap raha hai there pyaar ke liye..get over d past!!

  19. I can Understand why Kunj is upset with Twinkle people it’s seemed to me that you guys forget what Yuvi and his mom did yes Yuvi has changed but Yuvi had done a lot of bad things, in fact, Yuvi tried to kill Kunj & Twinkle a lot of time. I think that if Twinkle had married anybody else other than Yuvi Kunj wouldn’t be that heart he is mad because the person who made their life living hell is no other than Yuvi

  20. Yuvi didn’t only married Twinkle he took over Kunj parents calling Kunj mom, ma C’mon people if you can forgive and forget what Yuvi did what Kunj is doing now there is no comprising what Yuvi did all this time
    so you can also forgive Kunj why not

    1. Why dont u people shut your mouths From the beginning Twinkle and UV were the lead pair it was also mentioned on zee tv’s webpage and from somewhere there is a sudden entry of Kunj and u people are like “O My Twinj ” etc.
      NOW u will understand how we felt when Twiraj were separated!!
      Thnks to the CVs

      1. Hey rose…loved it comment…I agree wd u….?

  21. I don’t think its Kunj’s fault. He is hurt as he loved Twinkle with all his heart and its not easy for him to see her with someone else. He does not know the story so he is misunderstanding.

    And about Yuvle end game. They should not be endgame, I’m sorry. All this while we were told Kunj and Twinkle were destined for each other. They got God’s blessing, they always ended up together even if they did not want, they eventually got married despite the consequences and trouble so now CV’s are saying that all of a sudden Twinj are not made for each other because Sidhant left the show? If you see it character wise, Twinj should be end game as they are fated to be together by God. Actors give life to the character but the show really wont work if there is no sense and tbh, yuvle being end game wont make sense. Why make so much trouble for twinj, show them destined for each other when they wanted to change end game?

    Don’t make your decision on actors. Sidhant left, its terrible but in the end Sidhant and Naman are both Kunj and I can’t even imagine Twinkle with anyone other than Kunj because since the start of the series we were shown Twinj destined to be together so its not right for Twinkle to be with someone else.

  22. I wish twinkle to realize uv’s love..they are d cutest couple.

  23. Hey..hi everyone…. Am a silent reader….i toooo love sidhant a lot..nd a huge fan of twinj as well as sidmin:-)..bt in ma opinion twinj is better than twiraj…:-/am really very deppressed that sidhanth is not in d show as kunj..but i hope naman and twinkle mst have some chemistry btwn dem..once their romance starts i think everyone vl start liking dem…!!!if its twiraj..,its like disrespecting the meaning of true luv..though twinkle is still stucked in kunj’s memory she vl surely accept rocky as kunj..and once kunj’s misunderstamdings get cleared,,both vl tie up..and we vl be able to see their bonding..!!Naman is a very good n popular actor..so i dont think he vl continue d show as villian!!:-)may be there is some twist dat UV is betraying twinkle by acting gud(means..,may be he is d reason for kunj’s accodent)..nd yeah if it is not so….Mahi should return for UV as his pair…!!!

    I just shared ma view..!!!do anyone agree vth me????:-)

  24. Yes firusha,I totally agree with you.
    Twinj should be only lead pair not twiraj.I hate twiraj.And mariam and maria u both are totally right.Agar yuvi ko maafi mil gayi h toh kunj ko v milni chahiye.Waise kunj ne abhi tak yuvi ke jaisa koi v pagal kaam nahi kiya hai.Woh pagal yuvi toh twinkle se badla lene ke apne saare limit cross kar diye.Aur kunj ne apni twinkle ko hurt nahi kiya aur woh twinkle ko woh hurt karna chahta h qnki woh twinkle se avi v bohot pyaar karta h.Isliye toh twinkle ko ehsaas karwana chahta h ki uska kunj jinda h.Aur kunj revenge lene k liye apne limit mein hi rahega bcoz he cant hurt his love.twinj are made for each other bcoz now also they both love each other truly.
    Only true love exist not first love.As soon as his misunderstanding will be clear then everything will fine.Plz cvs reunite twinj.Ab aur wait nahi hota.
    Love twinj……and will only love twinj.

  25. And one more thing yuvi looks good as a villain only and kunj looks good as a hero.I think that kunj will reveals his identity soon infront of all before it should be too late.And only yuvi loves twinkle but she doesnt love yuvi bcoz she loves kunj now also and she is not a cheater.And she will not cheat kunj so she will not ever think to love yuvi. Isliye twinkle kunj ko dhokha nahi de sakti…

    1. Haha…this is hilarious now…have u even seen zain as abhimanyu in Kauai ye yaariyan??? He was an angel to nandini…it was coz of him nandini and maniks relation progressed….he was a cute sweet boy then…it perfectly suits him…I thout tei mein bhi aisa hi hoga..pata nahi Kunj kaha se aagaya…lol ….zain is pretty awesome in a good boys role…not as a villain…it was cvs who ruined his character for trps previously…now The real yuvis gonna be back…after all Twinkle ka tho first love hi hain Na Yuvi ?

  26. You’re right Maria


    Happy Birthday Jasmin
    Hope you enjoy your day
    May you live to see many more birthdays in the future.
    Just want you to know that I love and forever will, hoping that I will get an opportunity to meet you at some point in my life.
    You are my inspiration.
    If you are in any struggle today or face any problem in the future, just remember :
    I think of you all day.
    I hope that you will read this message and it will also inspire you to go further in life,especially when you feel down.
    Please don’t forget to upload videos of your birthday party.


  28. Yuvle ki deewani

    Stupd haters are hatng ma yuvi go & burn in hell hahaha nw yuvle are the main lead shuru bhi yuvle se hua tha khatam bhi yuvle se hi hoga wowww lv ma yuvle mmmuuuaaahhh..

  29. Someone pls reply to my above question.☺☺

  30. Plz don’t separate kunj and twinkle becoz they are the real pair and kunj is the real hero of the serial now not uv.

  31. Plz unite kunj and twinkle becoz they are the ture lover nd kunj is the hero. So don’t separate them.

  32. Kitne serials aaya gaya hai yaar…real pair waala koyi baat nahi hoti…saath nibhaana ko hu dekho…ahem 8-9yrs that serial mein…wo show chod diya tho uske place mein kisi aur ko gopi ki patni baanaya…shukar karo Kunj ke character ko maara nahi…haha haha!!

    Waise bhi sab acting hi hain Na..!!!
    Tho twinkle aur Yuvi bhi chalta ….acha hi hain!!

  33. People y r u disrespecting uv I think u haven’t watched the serial from beginning the lead pair was uvle when kunj did entry for the first time people used to say than twinraj forever n what happened when uv n twinkle r together Accept that uv n twinkle r. Made for each other plz cvs don’t seperate the first love

  34. Ha..Yuvi aur twinkle ka pair bahut acha hain!!
    Theek hain..just think by yourself….ek ladki hai uski 20`s mein…usne kisiko pyaar kiya ..lekin uski shaadi kuch kaaran ke wajah se kisi aur se hogaya…tho shaadi ko respect karni chaahiye isliye usne lover ko bhoolkar…pati ki seva mein lag gayi….ek din pati ke Marne ki news aayi…tho usko nahi pata ki uski pati abhi bhi jindha hai…tho kya wo ladki apni saari umar uski yaad mein guzaarthi aise hi alone?? Agar practically socha jaaye tho cvs Jo dhika rahe hai wo sahi hai…usne life mein moveon kiya aur kisi aur ke saath hai..iska Matlab nahi hai ki wo apne pehle pati ko bhool chuki hai ya phir pehla pati ka koyi kadar nahi karthi….she has her memories…bas zindagi ko ek aur moka dhi Kush rehne ke liye dhoosri shaadi katke?!

    Agar ek ladki ko aisa nahi karna chaahiye tho..iska Matlab hai poori zindagi use akele guzaarna?? Issr tho acha hai…wo apne pati ke saath chali jaati jaise sathi hua karta that in old days!!
    Bas apni opinion comment kiya!!

  35. Twinkle and kunj r very very cute couple please dont separate them ad i hope they will reunite soon please i request u cvs….please………………… 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  36. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    I was twinj fan n always will be twinj fan itself. ..hw u people can think of uv…he had done so many bad things than kunj…cvs are really mad if they wanted to show yuvle than y they kept kunj alive. ..they r making tei worst. ..yah I know sidhant can’t cme back but y they r spoiling sids effort to kunj’s character. ..we loved kunj’s character but they left us heart broken by showing yuvle together. ..always twinj fan no matter yuvi may turn tve or negative. ..but will always support our twinj. ..

  37. A person may be wrong…but one point in life when he realises things he shub forgiven…Yuvi went against his mother,sent her to jail…is dat not enuf!! Everyone have good and bad sides…we need not taunt a changed person for d same always!!

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