Tashan-e-Ishq 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj gathers everyone in Sarna house. He shows video to family in which Twinkle is close to him and romancing him, all are shocked, Twinkle cant believe it. Kunj says i am sorry but i had to do it to bring her truth, Twinkle keeps calling me Kunj and even tried to come near me, she is obsessed with me, i had to make her video to show you people, she has gone to ahead that she didnt even remember that she is married to someone. Babee shows video to Leela and says see what your daughter is doing, what will you say now? Yuvi looks away from video, Leela says but it can not be whole truth, Yuvi says this is some misunderstanding, Babee says you just shut up, we threw you out of house then why you keep coming back here? Twinkle comes to Kunj and slaps him hard, all are shocked, Twinkle says

you cant be my Kunj, i never dreamt that you will stoop so low that you will make our beautiful relation look like this, enough of all this, this cant be Kunj, she says to family that i did everything to prove that he is Kunj but he cant be Kunj, i made plans, went crazy to prove that he is Kunj, i went to meet him so that he accepts that he is Kunj and this family gets his son back but he played with my dignity, my Kunj used to say that my dignity is his respect, he used to fight for my respect with world but you destroyed my honor, you locked your family in ice factory and Kunj used to love his family, i used to see God in my Kunj but i was wrong about you. Its good that God killed our unborn baby before he came in world, she cries and says what i would have answered my baby when he would get to know that his father is like this, she grabs his collar, and cries, she sits on floor and cries, Kunj says my baby? Kunj says you are lying, he says Twinkle tell me where is my baby, all are stunned to listen this, Usha says Kunj, Babee says he is Kunj? Kunj says Twinkle what happened to my baby? he makes her get up and says where is my baby? Twinkle says it means you accept that you are Kunj? he says yes i accept that i am Kunj but just tell me where is my baby? tell me please, Twinkle says after you went, i was living with your memories then i got to know that i am pregnant, i got hope to live, everyone thought that i wont be able to raise baby alone, all thought that i will break down so everyone asked me to marry Yuvi, without any condition Yuvi agreed to marry me, he was ready to give his name to our baby, Yuvi is the one because of whom your Twinkle is alive, Kunj says Yuvi wanted to live my life thats why he killed me and got you and my family. Twinkle says you are thinking, he went to Goa to save you, after your death, he took Anita’s crime blame on his name, then Anita aunty came out and accepted her crime, flashback shows how Yuvi got her arrested, Twinkle says Yuvi killed his identity for us, for our family, Twinkle says to family that i want to tell truth now, Yuvi and my marriage was just a compromise for the happiness of family, there is no relation like husband and wife between, we are just good friends, i always took fast of Kunj’s name on Karvachauth and you know who supported me? Yuvi supported me, he forgot his identity for us and you people threw him out of house, Kunj says i saw you both getting married, you moved on so soon, i was broken to see you cheating, my family was getting my wife married to my enemy, Twinkle says you saw me getting married to Yuvi but you didnt say anything, you didnt stop me and ask me what was i doing and why? was our love so weak? Kunj says i thought you moved on, it was misunderstanding, after my accident i thought my family forgot me, nobody came to me and when i returned, i saw you getting married so i lost it, Twinkle says how can you forget your family? you didnt even think about us? you didnt miss us? even after coming back, you kept taking revenge s Rocky, you didnt ask us anything, didnt take any answers from us why? Kunj says i am so sorry, i tortured everyone in my anger, he folds his hands and says please forgive me, he asks family to forgive him. Yuvi wipes his tears, Kunj says i am sorry yuvi, Usha says you have come? now everything will be fine, you didnt do anything wrong, she hugs him, Manohar says only we know how we lived without you in these years, he hugs him too, Babee, Anand coms to him too, Babee hugs him, he says forgive me, Babee says we got our son back, she comes to Twinkle and says i dont want to see you crying now, see you won, Kunj has comeback. She makes Twinkle hold Kunj’s hand and says she is yours and now you both will start new life, everything is fine. Leela sadly looks at Yuvi, Yuvi looks away. Babee comes to Yuvi and says i dont have words to say sorry, she folds her hand, Yuvi holds her hands and says you are my family, we have heart relation, i am your son.. i mean i am like your son, you cant ask forgiveness from me, i am happy that Twinkle got Kunj back, my happiness lies in Twinkle’s happiness, its most important to me, Babee says long live. all are talking to Kunj. Twinkle comes to Leela and says i told you Kunj will comeback, wife’s hope has won, i have given son back to this family, all are so happy. Leela says you are right, i am happy that this family has got son back but you are avoiding relations, Leela says to Twinkle that this family has got its son back but Yuvi is still your husband and you have to understand that thing, its been 5years of this relation, you both have followed this relation nicely but you are not understanding how much difficult you are making all this, Yuvi is standing at a distance seeing everyone happy, he leaves.

PRECAP- Yuvi starts taking off Twinkle’s mangalsutra, she says what are you doing? he says i am freeing you from this friendly relation, now when Kunj has comeback so you can starts new life with him, Twinkle stops him and says no.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. really very bakwas without sid…twinj is confirmed already…but we want sid back as kunj…not that naman…

  2. I like yuvitwinkle pair.but kunj will not sit quietly to forget twinkle. Yuvi have to give divorce to twinkle.y bcoz i can’t see love triangle again same story.so its better to end yuvitwinkle relation respectly.?

  3. I like yuvi twinkle pair(yuvi is better than rocky(kunj)..).but rocky (kunj) will not sit quietly to forget twinkle to move on.I can’t see love triangle again.so it’s better yuvi will give divorce to twinkle .end relation respectly.then they will move on.

  4. yuvi you are the best…Dont separate yuvi n twinkle…they are perfect together…

  5. Twinkle leave yuvi alone??…again she wil marry kunj!!…kitni bar shadi karogi yar???….pehle kunj se, then yuvi, then kunj , then yuvi??? N now again with kunj/rocky ah not again pls…dont leave yuvi

  6. Manny

    Ah that precap, whatz the need of saying that to yuvi, plz dun give false hope to yuvi that u care about him. I know tw will choose her beloved kunj in the end,so stop trying to be yuvi’s wife all of sudden ???
    Honestly today episode was so emotional that I almost cried seeing yuvi in tears ?
    Im rly very sad for him ?

  7. Yuvi is the best

  8. That’s not true siri if you truly love someone and think her or his happiness and you should have faith in them and that’s what yuvi did in this episode he certainly get his love because his love is true and twinkle should understand him as he gave her 5yers and still waiting for her she can’t leave him alone like this otherwise no one will have faith in love or wait for their lovers.

  9. Leela is write how would anylon of u out there feel if someone played with u the way kunj played with everyone.

    Would u like any one from ur pass come n screw with ur present relation.

    I stand by leela as a mother n a mother in law.

    We should hold true to relationship we create weather good or bad .

    Not just throw ppl out and then accept them when it suits us .

    U forget twinkle first love yuvI. Then marries kunj.

    So ppl think carefully before u speak put ur self in yuvi shoe. Non of u would do the thing yuvi did for that family. Married a girl n never had a wedding night. Take all that insult and still support twinkle n her in-laws.

    1. i totally agree with u…
      i hope that twinkle and yuvi stay together coz what kunj did is indespicable and he is untrustworthy
      yuvi has changed so much for twinkle it is really unfair to him ….without the Sarnas, leela and twinkle he has no one. i had tears in my eyes looking at yuvi ,,,he looked like he had lost everything he had dear in life….
      hopefully, the directors bring us a good twist with a happpy ending

  10. well kunj is still twinkle husband as long as first husband still alive second marriage doesnt count… and its against the law… they r still legally wedded

  11. Please twinkle accept Kunj.I hope they will reunite soon.feel sad for yuvi but we can’t do anything . Kunj and twinkle are the main leads. I love them

  12. Love Kunj and twinkle ? .reunite them please. Leela is so stupid

  13. Kunj hi twinkle se sachcha pyar karta hai. Yuvi ne twnkle ke saath itna bura kiya even uski sis mahi ki life barbad kar di uska kiya hua leela aur sabhi log bhool gaye. Aur bechara kunj jo hamesha twnkle ka har situation me sath nibhata raha use uski ek choti si galatfahmi me huyi choti si galti ke liye itni badi saja . Ye to koi insaaf nhi hai. Please reunite twinkle kunj. Yahi hai tashan e ishq

  14. varshitha reddy

    OMG… Yaar kya hogaya??that emotional drama of twinkle dint make me cry today but just reading this episode and imagining uv broke me down…. Love you yv plz don’t do this to him plz your acting is just best uv???

  15. I think Rocky has an another plan,in the precap why he is shown smiling in another way and twinkle is worried when yuvi is removing the mangalsutra.i think something is wrong. Siddhant please come back.

    1. I also smell something fishy.rocky itna jaldi apna guna confess kiya.agar hamara kunj hota vo kabhi apne apko maaf nahi karta.I don’t find any guilty in the face of rocky.uska face dekar aisa leg raha hai uska dimag mein Kuch wicked plan chal reha hai.I hope he is just an imposter.now I don’t think it is possible. what u guys say

      1. Manny

        Actually I didn’t see that in rocky’s face.i think u guys are over-analyzing the precap :D. Relax twinj will happen although I hate to say that. ;_;
        I know sid won’t cm back cuz naman took the place of sid. Chances are very low but I also can’t say it’s absolutely not possible cuz everything is possible in serieal and if he comes back then I’m sure twinj will reunite for sure.

  16. shayna aka twinkle

    Wowww Rocky accepted that he’s kunj am so happy here nd all the misunderstanding between twinj got cleared nd am jumping here happily nd my joy knew no bounds nd i always wanted this to happen nd see twinj together forever nd hope twinj get married again nd live happily everafter nd uv should get mahi i feel nd twinj forever nd luv u twinj

  17. Is this some kind of jokes…. First it was twiraj’s luv story.n after DAT it was twinj .again it was twiraj n now it will b twinj I guess….. Its just full of shits …..only leela n UV r in Dr sense In tei…..luv zain to DA core.,..


  18. I want think❤but I also love yuvi why they had to put two nice boys as main??

  19. Nishaanth Nishu

    What an awesome episode
    I really loved it
    It was a most emotional episode
    Sterday i didn see, today mor retelecasting 9.30 I have seen it, when twinkle said the truth, both their expression twinkle n kunj, I was really cried cant able to control my feelings
    Awesome acting everyone,yuvi I can understand ur pain yaar bt i donno wat to say ?

  20. Nishaanth Nishu

    Naman sha acting is nice but chemistry between twinkle n rocky(Naman sha) is not nice
    So pls unite Yuvi n twinkle their pairs are very nice ???

  21. i just cried to see yuvi in yesterday’s episode , he had very few dialogues but the acting zain did with his eyes , tears , expressions , was beyond excellence , precap was a bit interesting . i literally felt bad for uv , all r happy to get back their beloved kunj , but none is thinking what uv is going through . in a second he has lost his everything and none cared for him . still he didn’t utter a single word , he stood by twinkle all d time to proof rocky as kunj although he knew that twinkle won’t be his after this . yesterday when he was leaving and suddenly turned , saw everybody’s happy face , then finally left ; i too had tears for him .
    zain just nailed it yesterday , love u zain and love u yuvi

  22. Poor Yuvi !!!! So sad to see him this way..Leela is right how can Twinkle forget that she’s married to Yuvi ??…. This is not right.. Twinkle can’t just move away like that and live happily leaving a man who gave her his 5 years … Gotta feel for Yuvi..He never gets what he want… ?
    Zain is brilliant..nailed those expressions

  23. Yup naina,i had also watch candid interview of naman shaw.
    He said that jald hi twinj romance dekhoge.and he will turn good.
    I hate this leela.how can he take kunj so lightly.woh shayad bhul gayi hai ki kunj ne uske liye kya kya kiya tha.taking that yuvi side.she dont know that twinkle loves kunj unconditionally.she doesn’t love yuvi.
    Stupid leela.
    Anyways it’s confirmed that twinj will only reunite.I am very happy.
    And sorry yaar naina,I was too late to give answer of your question.Actually at morning I was commenting but it seemed to be error.
    Love twinj….

  24. I think yuvi has done much worse things years together when he can be forgiven then kunj can also be forgiven, and leela. What she feels for yuvi is accepted but how come she has totally forgotten all the things kunj has done for her even when twinkle and kunj weren’t in good terms

  25. Its ok rayna . Wating for our twinj to finally reunite forever.

  26. Yes naina,eagerly waiting for our twinj to reunite.

  27. miss u Siddhant.Leela so stupid. Who is d main lead???

  28. Woww kunj is back

  29. yaaar purana kunj jyada accha tha to use hi rehna chaiye tha….baki i love this episode…

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