Tashan-e-Ishq 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Leela stops Twinkle and ask why you are taking Kunj to your room? Twinkle says i will not take him to his room, good girls dont do this type of things, Leela ask then where are you going? Twinkle says i am going to set my hairs, i will comeback, trust me, you are looking beautiful, Leela leaves.
Yuv thinks why Twinkle took Kunj to room. Twinkle closes Room’s door, Kunj ask what are you doing? she says i closed door so that we can talk, i am open and frank too, she hugs him, Kunj thinks that if knew she is like this then i wouldnt have talked cheap with her, who will save my respect now, Kunj moves and falls on bed, Twinkle falls beside him and thinks that i am doing so much but this guy isnt doing anything, she tries to come close but Kunj gets and says i have to go, Twinkle

stops him and hugs him, her shirt’s hook get stunk in his shirt, she ask him to help her, Kunj helps her, Leela comes there, Twinkle is shocked, Kunj leaves from there.
Pinni says to Preto that for first time we are not wearing same clothes, your jewelry is old fashioned, another lady come and says look at her antique purse, its great, Preto says my necklace is 50years but only some people know its worth, Nana comes and says to Preto that you like mango lassi, i like it too.
Leela ask Twinkle why you brought Kunj here? Twinkle says i told you that Kunj is cheapster, i thought to record his cheapness, she shows her recorded video of how Kunj fell on bed and she fell alongwith him, Leela ask Twinkle to stop all these rubbish, he is a nice guy, i dont want your drama anymore, she leaves, Twinkle says what is happening, my plan flopped, i wanted to show Kunj’s devil side but i got trapped, Yuvi comes her and removes his beard, she says you? means you were in bar, i couldnt recognize you, Yuvi says i got idea of how much interested you are in your future husband thats why you took him to room, Twinkle tells him everything about her plan, she says but my plan failed, now i cant stop this Roka, Yuvi sys i am here to break this Roka, i will not goof up, i have made a nice plan, just chill.

Scene 2
A kid throws ice cream on Twinkle;s dress by mistake, her mother scolds kid, Twinkle says its a small stain and its nothing infront of cute kid, Kunj gets impressed, twinkle cleans stain off her clothes, Kunj comes to her and thinks that i will never like girl like you but what you did today was nice, Leela takes them from there. Leela says to Kunj and Twinkle that once this Roka is done then i will be at peace, a girl comes there and says this Roka cant happen, Leela ask why? she says i am mother of Kunj’s unborn child, all are shocked, Twinkle smiles and looks at Yuvi.

PRECAP- Yuvi beats Kunj badly. Leela ask where is Kunj? Yuvi comes and smirks at Twinkle. Yuvi thinks that even i dont know how much i can cross my limits to get you, all i know is that you are that trump card for me which is most important in this game, even if God comes inbetween us, i will fight with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Twinkle is just an trump card for him..it means that he’s is just pretending to be in love with her….nice twist..

  2. Oh this was an action precap

  3. So yuvi actually doesn’t love twinkle? I’m getting confused. Can someone tell me if loves her or not?

  4. Idk what he mean by tramp card why is he getting so hyper when he is only pretending to love her wat is his aims or what does he want and what game he is talking about
    By the way kunj is the lead that what i read

  5. When this show has started i thini that yuvi nad twinkle are lead pair but now i am thinking that kunj and twinkle will he pair together
    Am i right

  6. Twinkle Yuvi dont love u he is after something.

  7. Mark my word
    twinkle will marry Kunj only nt yuvi

    1. mark my word im not gonna let it happen… :'(

  8. when they both went to the temple that is twinkle kunj as she was leaving her vielcovers his face and the way they look at each other? that mean they will be togerther.

  9. I think uv is obssesesd 4 twinkle acc 2 d way dey showed in precap………
    But awsome twist……
    I luv dis serial

  10. I thnk so by trump card he means. He will just use twinkle for his moms motives of defaming twinkles mom by using her ……
    Dats y uvs mom said marriage will not happen…… Its only wat I thnk …….. So pls don’t take wrong……. If it is nt true

  11. I felt bad 4 kunj wen uv was beating him up. I hpe nothing wrong shld happen n roka shld be at least complete despite all drama

  12. tomorrow is Saturday shit tomorrow tashan e ishq will not come

  13. blo*dy shit… I like kunj.. but I cant see the bad side of yuvi.. ax I love him more.. this is not fair.. if they want yuvi to be bad than why did they told us first that he’s the lead… I hate these producers.. they are full of shits..

    1. You could not have said it better….100% agree with u….if Yuvi is not lead Im soooo not watching:(

      1. true.. i hate these producers… first they show us dreams and break it… so not fair kunj cant be twinkles partner… if it happens im so going against this show…

  14. I dn’t think dat kunj will be pair wid twinkle coz as per promo Yuvi is protagonist n now if dey make kunj as d main protagonist den it will b not fair…we luv twinkraj not twinj…i watch dis show juz for twinkraj n if dey make Yuvi as a -ve 1 den m done m not going to watch it

    1. i agree.. neither am igonna watch this show..
      finally they can bring a nice show and nw trying to ruin the loveliest part of the show..

  15. From the beginning I always knew that kunj and twinkle make a great pair together unlike yuvi
    It Will be more fun if yuvi plays a negative role in kunj and twinkle love story so as to keep the show going on

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