Tashan-e-Ishq 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle gets ready to take bath from cow’s pee, Kunj comes and says to Usha that in which you are living? you are asking Twinkle to take bath with cow’s pee, Guruji says we have to do it to rectify Twinkle’s mistake, Kunj says i dont think its a mistake if she had put her left feet in house first, she doesnt need to rectify it, Manohar says now you will tell us what to do? Twinkle sit to take bath, Kunj is disgusted., Usha pours pee on Twinkle’s head, Kunj thinks that Twinkle hasnt entered house and this is happening with her, he leaves from there.
Nikki brings Twinkle to Kunj’s room and says dont mind but you are stinging, Kunj would vomit to smell it, i suggest you to use perfume, you sting and its spread in whole house, if you need anything then

tell me, welcome to inlaws house, she leaves, Twinkle start using perfumes, Kunj comes and ask dont you dare touch my perfume, Twinkle says i am stinging, i have to use it, Kunj says i tried to stop them but.. Twinkle says i had to bath with cow’s pee and you are thinking about your perfume, Kunj says why should i think about you? its your problem, you can take bath with anything, i had problem with the ritual, you dont matter to me, Twinkle says you keep giving explanation, i dont care if you care for me or not, Kunj says i cant live with you, i will kill myself, Twinkle says i will suicide too if you remain with me, leave from here, Kunj says this is my room, Twinkle says they said this is my room too so i wont go anywhere, Kunj closes door, Twinkle ask why did you close the door? Kunj starts coming near her, Twinkle says stay away, why are you coming near me, she falls on bed, Kunj leans in on her, he smells the sting, he takes pillow and says i cant even talk to you as you sting, i have no interest in coming near you, i can go to guest room but then people will talk about it so i will sleep in balcony, Twinkle says you are right even i dont want parents to get worried, Kunj goes in balcony and sit on rocking chair, Twinkle stares him, he turns his chair away from her but keep looking at her, he sleeps, Twinkle opens her luggage and sees her and Leela’s picture, she recalls her harsh words, Twinkle says i will become good daughter in law.
Some goon calls Manohar and says if you dont give us money on time then your family will be in problem, we will kidnap your grandson, Manohar says i wont give you money, do whatever you can, he ends call, Usha ask about matter, Manohar says its none of your business, he leaves, Usha thinks if same problem has cropped up again.

Scene 2
Its morning, Kunj is trying to adjust on chair while sleeping, Usha comes to Kunj’s room and starts knocking it, Twinkle wakes up and says maa is knocking it with so much noise, she opens door to find Usha there, she says Mummy you here, Usha says i am not your mother but your mother in law and daughter in laws of Sarnas doesnt sleep till late, now let me go in and wake Kunj up, she goes in, Twinkle is worried if she finds Kunj sleeping on chair then, she turns to find Kunj sleeping on bed, Usha finds him sleeping and says wake him up, you both will kdo dushhera pooja, she leaves, Twinkle comes to Kunj and ask why is he sleeping on her bed? wake up, she removes his blanket to find him sleeping without wearing shirt, she turns away, Kunj wakes up and ask her to stop irritating him, you should thank me that mother didnt see me sleeping in balcony, this is my bed, i can sleep here, Twinkle says first you should start wearing clothes, Kunj says you go and sleep without AC in balcony then i will see, he wakes up, covers himself with sheet and leaves.
Leela wakes up and comes to Twinkle’s room, she misses her and recalls her good time with Twinkle.
Twinkle does aarti in Sarna’s home, she gives aarti and parsad to everyone, she gives Ishan(Nikki’s son) candies, Ishan goes to garden, Twinkle says dont let him go alone, Nikki says he goes alone only, we cant appoint bodyguards everywhere, i am his mother and i know what is right, she leaves, Twinkle prays to Lord, Kunj ask who did horror channel turned off and this traditional channel started? Twinkle says i am modern but i know rituals, i am not like you, Kunj says i am impressed, Twinkle says i didnt find anything in you that can impress me.
Some goons kidnap Ishan, Twinkle comes out and sees them taking Ishan, she runs behind them but they leave.

PRECAP- Twinkle comes to Yuvi and ask did you kidnap that innocent kid? Yuvi says you came to me finally, Twinkle says what will you get doing all this? Anita comes and says you are right we wont sit quiet till we dont destroy you, your mother and your new family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. twinkle save ishan this nicki is so irritating uff ! kunj please give twinkle your support she needs it

  2. Kunj plz support twinkle now that her mom too is not wid her….usha is really a bit too much….afterall she too has a strict hubby n has been put down a lot….I think now she will dominate over twinkle n create hell. Wen is nikki leaving to the US? She really is very annoying….

  3. Is that ritual real?

  4. The track was so good but now anita and yuvi r just destroying it…isshhh

  5. When will love blossom between twinkle and kunj????and yuvi has become villain due to misunderstandings between mothers ufffff!!!!!

  6. The best nd funny chemistry so far!!! Love twinj!!!! 🙂 🙂

  7. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Omg.yuvi you are looking sooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. YUVi can look but what what is that if his heart is black. Even dogs look good with a bit of grooming at least they are loyal unlike that pig of a person.

    1. Thanks 4 comparing zain to a dog.BT remember dogs r always loyal.I know u said it to UV BT face is zains

  9. Princess roshni

    Hey stop saying yuvi is hot he is never hot than kunj

    1. Of coarse he’s hotter n handsm then kunj.

      1. Princess roshni

        And I know uv is cute but he is not the actor in this serial.know that u bore if u abuse kunj

  10. Kunji will always support her no matter what and I live him for that

  11. Princess roshni

    Yeah you should tell them that

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