Tashan-e-Ishq 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and takes her from party venue, Yuvi sees this and gets angry, he recalls how Kunj was dancing with Twinkle and says Kunj get ready for your the end, she might have come with you but will go with me, be ready for your death, i will kill you with my hands, and will take my Twinkle back to Amritsar.
In morning, Kunj and Twinkle are on boat. Twinkle is still sad, Kunj ask why is she sad? he says we will fly in sky, he says i am afraid of water, i never learnt swimming, Twinkle says i remember when i fell in pool, you jumped to save but was drowning and i had to save you, Twinkle says i didnt thank you that day, thank you for all the time you helped me, Kunj says i can believe you are praising me? he ask her to set her mood right, he says lets go

for parasailing, she says i am not feeling to do anything, Kunj says you used to say that you are a firecracker, you said you have beauty and brains but you are afraid fish, cant do anything, Twinkle says you can make fun of me but i am not feeling right, i feel something wrong is going to happen.
Yuvi is lying by beach side and says Twinkle become mine.
Kunj says to Twinkle that i am going to parasailing, Twinkle says i am not feeling right, you should also not go today, we will go some other day, he says just chill, dont worry, he goes for parasailing, Twinkle smiles at him and thinks that i am not feeling right, wish Leela had talked to me today, we need her prayers.
Leela comes to Manohar’s house, babee ask Usha to bring refreshments for her, Usha leaves. Surjeet comes to babee and says Anita is bring her business partner today. Anita comes there with business partner JP, Surjeet meets him, Leela is shocked to see JP there, Anita introduces Leela to JP, Leela gets tensed and says to Babee that i will come later, she leaves, Anita is surprised too.
Leela comes out of home and is worried, she recalls seeing JP and is sweating, she leaves from there.
Twinkle sees Kunj parasailing and prays for him to land safely, Kunj is landing in sea, he shouts that i dont know swimming, dont land me in sea, Twinkle ask instructor to bring him out of sea, he told you to not land him in sea, she ask him to bring Kunj out of sea, he doesnt know swimming, she cries but instructor doesnt listen.
Leela comes to her room and says this cant be true, she opens some old newspaper and says this cant happen after so many years, she breaths heavily and thinks that 20years the news which was published in newspaper, how that can be a lie.
Kunj is drowning in sea, Yuvi comes in sea, Kunj sees him, Yuvi fights with him in sea, Twinkle is shouting from boat for Kunj, Yuvi takes Kunj’s life jacket and tries to kill him, Kunj tries to free himself but Yuvi strangles him, Kunj becomes unconscious and drowns down in sea, Yuvi smriks and comes in boat, Twinkle is crying for Kunj, Yuvi whistles for her and says Hi baby, Twinkle says i was right, it was you who were doing all this, Yuvi says dont worry, your husband wont come inbetween us now, your Kunj Sarna must be somewhere in deep sea, Twinkle cries, Yuvi laughs, and says Kunj doesnt know swimming too thats i chose sea to fight with him, i have left him under sea, Twinkle says he is my husband, Yuvi says you got married forcefully, you must be happy to see me, you are a widow now, you will marry your brother in law Yuvi now, you never got close to Kunj as you love me, we will enjoy our marriage night soon, Twinkle sees instructor unconscious too, Yuvi says no one is here, we will celebrate our love night in boat, Twinkle slaps him, Yuvi grabs Twinkle and says why are you shouting for Kunj? he tries to molest her but Kunj comes back and hits Yuvi on head, Yuvi falls down, Twinkle runs and hugs Kunj tightly, Kunj hugs her back, he comes to Yuvi and says are you shocked to see me alive? the one who has prayers of mother and wife, he cant die like this, he beats Yuvi, Yuvi beats him back, both try to overpower each other in fight, Kunj puches Yuvi, Twinkle hugs Kunj from behind, Yuvi beats Kunj, Twinkle tries to stop him but Yuvi pushes her away, Twinkle falls down and faints, Kunj runs to her and checks if she is fine but Yuvi stops Kunj and says Twinkle is mine only, i thought i would rape her and put blame one you so Twinkle would hate you and will become mine, Kunj recalls how he found Twinkle at farm-house in devastated state, and how all thought that it was Kunj who tried to rape Twinkle. Kunj says to Yuvi that you did that? how can you do that to her? she loved so much, you dont deserve to live, he punches, Yuvi falls in sea but is wearing life jacket and acts like drowning, he extends his hands, Kunj holds it to bring him back on boat but Yuvi pulls him in sea, Kunj drowns as he isnt wearing life jacket, Yuvi tries to strangle him in water, Kunj recalls Twinkle and how she fasted for him on Karwachauth, he breaks free from Yuvi and fights with him, Yuvi’s life jacket opens up and he drowns in deep sea, Kunj holds Yuvi’s life jacket and floats on sea while Yuvi’s head hits rock in sea and he faints.

PRECAP- Kunj and Twinkle comes back home, all comes to welcome them, they are shocked to see Kalash in Kunj’s hands and ask who died?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It must be the photographer

    1. Yeah cuz yuvi will cum back with losen memory

  2. omg ..dis really happend kya ?exicited fo next epi …now twinkles confusion wil end about dat farm house night…

    1. but twinkle did not listen when yuvi said about the truth

  3. He did not die. I’m so sure

  4. is this the complete episode?

  5. No yuvi died in precap it seems interesting guys now kunj and twinkle will be united

  6. Oh thank you so much for quick updates. I hope Yuvi had died. I’m happy that kunj is happy.

  7. I don’t think twinkle will be knowing the truth of the farmhouse incident. B’coz she is unconscious.

  8. Very nice kunj nd twinkle pair bahut vachava hai ane valid episodes me yeh dhono alag nahi honi chahiye. Jo bi mushkil ho scathing me face karthi to vachava lagte hai plzzzzzzzz…………….

  9. i dont think yuvi died…

  10. superb episode…i was just flying with happiness for each time kunj beating psycho Yuvi…woww that first beat to yuvi ..awesome…wish it’s true this dog is dead..
    I can tolerate Anita but not that dirty-faced leela…chee ,why she always keeps her face like this…

    1. Anita is uvi’s mother… leela is twinkle’s mother. Are you sure you know what you are saying?


  12. U r correct riya yvi cmes again eitn drama of losen memory

  13. These wicked people survive miraculously. They go before their Gods and do their rituals without a conscience kick. Lord, if this is a true representation of the Indian way of life, All Gods, help us! Wicked people should get a taste of their own medicine.

  14. No uv is not dead he will come back but he has lost his memory

  15. I really like kunj n twinkle pairing much…. it’s awesome……

  16. Wt happend at dt farm house nyt pls any one tell meh detail m seeing dis serial since kunj came

  17. *Kunj n twinkle came to knw d truth of uvi*

  18. So plss someone say meh wt happnd at farm house nyt in dtail

    1. its lik.. before kunj and twinkle marry…one night…kunj had gone somewhere and twinkle went outside to search for him…while she was searching for kunj..yuvi came from behind and using chloroform…he put his hand on her mouth and she fainted…yuvi planned to kidnap her but then he sees kunj coming and yuvi leaves from there….kunj doesn’t see yuvi…he only sees twinkle unconscious and he removes his shirt to keep her warm…then all family members of kunj and twinkle’s family come over there…they see kunj and they think that kunj tried to rape twinkle..then twinkle wakes up and tells dat she didn’t see the face of the person who tried to make her unconscious..she sses kunj without shirt and she also thinks dat kunj tried to rape her…no one saw yuvi and so everyone thinks dat kunj tried to take advantage of twinkle

  19. i hope yuvi is dead

  20. Yuvi rocks!!! He cannot die!! Kunj is the one who must die!!! He is so f##cking annoying!! And yuvi is more goodlooking than kunj…yuvi I love U!!!

    1. i dont belive someone like yuvi despite knowing the truth. kya koi bhi itna girsakta hai apne badlekeliye

  21. I”m glad he”s dead now kunj and twinkle can fall in love and live happily

  22. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    yuvi is tashan e ishq.he cannot die because to according to the update yuvi will loss his memory and will start behaving like a child and kunj will feel guilty and will look after yuvi until he recovers fully.yuvi is far more cute, handsome and charming than kunj.kunj sooooooooooooo boring and girly attitude.yuvi rocks.truly all u people mad.what you say desi girl yuvi is de best.and as for kunj aka Zappa king de end.love yuvi??????????❤️?

  23. Yuvi nooooooooooooooooooo i know he’s bad but i love him

    1. uand yuv ishould be the perfect cuples dream gurl

      1. Thanks i wish lol

  24. I hope yuvi die

  25. Yuvi is such a loser. What an idiot and a waste of a human being! His mother is a fool who has lived in her own world refusing to accept that her husband was a lecherous creep. Instead, she blames Leela! She is still in total denial and has destroyed her son’s life – she is an even bigger loser than Yuvi. Such idiots!

  26. Oh come on guys … We r not judging Zain iman (yuvi) in reality but as yuvi in tashan e Ishq … We all know tht his character n roles r on the negative side yea he is cute handsome but tht doesn’t mean u guys will jus side with the bad ppl n jus forget abt the Gud ones …… So my advice is tht u guys shouldn’t let beauty n handsomeness or cuteness of a person should control ure heart let the personality n respect control ure heart cuz there is a said “don’t judge it’s by the cover” n thts one true thing

  27. CUTE and HANSOMES ass – He needs to Respect other peoples feelings. It shows truly how YUVI was brought up like SCUM from the EARTH. His mother is not better she is a loose sl*t.

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