Tashan-e-Ishq 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj says this is award is just not mine but it is because of person who supported me to stand here today, my lovely wife Twinkle Sarna, this is for you Twinkle, Twinkle smiles, Kunj comes and hugs Twinkle. Yuvi sees them and thinks that thank God everything is fine, till they are together, everything will be fine, i have to be careful, mom can plan anything against them. Kunj’s friends say to Kunj that you have to give party to us, Twinkle says yes party should happen, friends leave. Twinkle says to Kunj that you go with your friends for party, i have to go for Pooja, Kunj asks which pooja? she says i have arranged one pooja, i will do pooja at home, you go for party and come later, Kunj says nobody does pooja in Goa, we will do pooja in Amritsar, Twinkle says you go and chill with

your friends, this pooja is important, she ties band on Kunj’s hand and says i kept it with me to give you on some special occasion, promise me that you will keep it with you, Kunj says i will always keep it with me as my love has given me this with love, Twinkle says now go, Kunj says dont leave me, he holds her hand, Twinkle says anyone can see, Kunj says so what? you are my wife, people call us madly in love, i doesnt matter, Twinkle says we will meet in evening, Kunj says no its so far, Twinkle says people will say that i dont let you go anywhere, Kunj says people can call me wifey’s pet but i dont care, if you are insisting then i am ready to go, Twinkle says i love you, Kunj says i love you too, three, four.. i have forgotten counting in your love, Twinkle says you are dramatic. Friend asks Kunj to come, he says to Twinkle that we will send him soon to you. Kunj starts leaving, he turns to look at Twinkle, Twinkle gives him flying kiss, Sajna ve plays, Kunj acts like sad being away from here, he passes flying kiss to her and waves last bye, he leaves, Twinkle smiles. Yuvi is in convocation ceremony, he thinks that till Twinkle is with Kunj, she wont let anything happen to Kunj, she is like shield to him, they will protect each other and i will protect them while standing outside.
Twinkle comes to room, she gets ready for pooja wearing saree and bangles.
Kunj is with his friends, he gets call from man, man says to Kunj that you did mistake by letting Twinkle go alone in this new city, you wife is looking beautiful in saree. Kunj gets angry and asks who is speaking? man says if you want to meet your wife then come to beach site and dont try to call Twinkle, she is beautiful and i dont want to kill her but if you make me angry by calling her then i can kill her, come to beach site in 5minutes, Kunj ends call and leaves from hotel. Man says to Anita that Kunj is coming to beach site, Anit says let game begin.

Scene 2
Twinkle is trying to light diya but match stick doesnt catch fire, she says this is bad omen, Diya is not lighting, i should think positive and i am doing pooja, i will light diya on mandir, she goes to mandir.
Kunj runs from hotel, Yuvi sees him running and says where he is going? i asked Twinkle to remain with him when i wrote note. He goes behind Kunj.
Kunj comes to beach site and says man called me here. Man comes to Kunj, Kunj holds his collar and asks where is Twinkle? Man says if you want to your wife to be safe then go and sit on boat. Yuvi comes there and sees Kunj talking to man, he says who this man can be? Did Anita send him? she must be here only. Yuvi sees anita hiding behind bushes and says this means it was mom’s plan to call Kunj here, i have to stop Kunj. Kunj goes and sits on boat. Man comes to Anita, she gives him money and says good job. Yuvi runs behind Kunj and tries to stop him. Anita sees Yuvi and says what he is doing here? i cant let Yuvi save Kunj, Kunj has to die today. Kunj is going in sea on boat. Yuvi starts riding other boat and starts following Kunj.
Twinkle gives things to Pundit for pooja, Pundit asks Twinkle to call Kunj for pooja. Twinkle calls Kunj but he is not picking her call, she says why his is not reachable?
Kunj is going in sea. Boat rider asks him to switch boats. Kunj jumps in other boat. Yuvi is following him in other boat. Anita sees seeing everything through binoculars. Yuvi jumps in Kunj’s boat, Anita sees this and says why did Yuvi go to his boat? Kunj says to Yuvi that you here? so it was all your plan? he holds his collar and asks where is my wife? Yuvi says you are thinking wrong, my mom wants to kill you, Kunj says you can pretend infront of everyone but i can never trust you, where is Twinkle? Yuvi says trust me, i am not lying, my mom is behind your life, Kunj says i still remember your earlier drama, where is my wife? Yuvi says understand me, my mom has planned all this to kill you, Kunj says i have to save my wife, Yuvi says i am saying truth, trust me, Kunj says you can never sat truth. Kunj tries to start boat, Yuvi says please listen to me, my mom has planned everything to kill you, Kunj gets angry and says move away from my way, he punches Yuvi, Yuvi falls on boat. Kunj tries to start boat but is not able to. Anita seeing all this and says i planned everything nicely, Kunj is in middle of sea, our man would have thrown him from boat and Kunj would have died by drowning in sea but now Yuvi has come here so we have to execute our plan B. Shooter comes there, Anita says to shooter that be careful, bullet should hit Kunj only, if my son gets a little bruise then i will not spare you.
Twinkle is preparing for pooja when her saree catches fire from Diya in aarti plate, she is shocked.
Yuvi says to Kunj that take boat back, this is dangerous here. Your life is in danger, Kunj says not mime but Twinkle’s life is in danger and thats because of you. Yuvi says Twinkle is fine, your life is in danger, i am begging you, please believe me, your life is in danger, try and understand, please take boat from here. Twinkle tries to blow off fire. Otherside Kunj says to Yuvi that dont come in my way, Yuvi says i am telling you last time to take boat back, Kunj pushes him on floor and starts beating Yuvi badly, Yuvi doesnt hit him back, Kunj punches Yuvi, Yuvi lies there bruised, Kunj gets up. Anita shouts to shoot now. Anita’s shooter aims at Kunj and fires bullet. Bullet hits Kunj on chest, Kunj is stunned, Yuvi is lying on floor of boat and screams seeing Kunj being shot down, Kunj touches his chest and sees blood coming out. Anita smirks seeing all this.

(I will terribly miss Sid in show if he is leaving, his personality brings charm to show, all the best to him).

PRECAP- Kunj falls off from boat and drowns in sea. Yuvi is shocked, Yuvi jumps in water and starts searching for Kunj in sea. Twinkle comes to beach site and says where are you Kunj? she searches for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. and I’m happy for Sid because we all want whats best for us and he is just taking a step towards his dreams and furture goals and we can’t say anyhting against that because we don’t know how much this project really means to him and obviously he did think about TEI he said it in an interview but he is doing whats best for him and we can’t judge that. Im Proud Of you Sid but we sure are going to miss you’re presence in TEI

  2. Indian programs especially on Zee are the worst programs. You shoot people and nobody is there. I am flabbergasted that people watch such crazy programs. The actors are stupid they let the creators make them do stupid parts.

  3. i will miss u kunj

  4. Yesss.finally kunj died.I’m happy

    1. why u are happy by kunj’s death? ????

      1. Because kunj is ………I hate him .

  5. I will miss u Siddhant Gupta. Actually i m a big fan of Twinj now it’s not possible for Sid to come back, but if someone tells me to choose between yuvle n Twinj with new Kunj I will choose yuvle. My choices:
    1) Twinj 2) yuvle 3) Twinj with new Kunj

  6. I hope sidmin comes back in a new show 🙂 and I feel so bad for this Yuvi now that he became positive everthing is going against him poor Yuvi

  7. I will watch TEI but not like regularly anymore. I will see how makers will shape up the story. But honestly speaking I feel TEI lost charm after this, but despite being a big Twinj fan i will say that only one thing good happenened at least the first pair of TEI is back together that’s the only positive but will miss Twinj a lot

  8. Now I am going to stop watching this and I will switch to jhalak dikhalaja .just because of you sid.love you .have a better and secure future.

    1. Really sid is in jhalak? Wow then jhalak will be my fav show of the year because already 3-4 of my fav actor/actress are in jhalak this time.

  9. Nooooo kunj cant die like this.he cant let his twinkle alone.I hate u sid bcoz u have hurted your fans very badly and leave TEI.twinj are the most cute couple.they will be remembered by me till my last breath.Missing all twinj scenes very badly.Cant control my tears.this will be my last comment
    Goodbye TEI and goodbye to all twinj fans.

    1. Hey Rayna, actually sid sir is not at fault,
      Zee group didn’t allowed him to do two contracts together. Kunj aka sidhant’s sir asked that can he do two contracts at a same time but they said no.

  10. I want kunj to be safe. Plzzzz

  11. You are being so emotional Ms. Rayna. Its just a serial and why we watch s serial beause of our entertainment right ? So don’t take this so seriously sister. Or else it can effect your mind heart and your health badly . Its just nothing . Serials are just for entertainment . Don’t take it so seriously . Good luck , BYE BYE .

  12. Luv Sid (Siddhant Gupta)

    I agree with you Fangirl.Sid best of luck for your life ahead

  13. Sidzee-da best

    Zee tv is now the worst channel ever.. First they ended jodha akbar and now Sidhant sir is leaving the show….
    Really yaar! I too will watch tei But never ever regularly because sidzee left the show.. What the hell will happen if they will bring new kunj. No one could ever replace sidzee.. ANd from now I will never watch any daily sope on Zee except Tei.. Hate u Zeee and will misss u everyday Sidmin

  14. Miss U kunj…bye to tei..

  15. ab kunj pani me gir jayega. use dhundne par b wo nahi milega. fir leap dikhayenge, or tab kunj ki shakal badal gyi hogi stor ybt ayega ki mera chehra kharab ho gya tha me rah chalte kisi ko mila usne meri plastic surgery krayi or meri shakal badal gyi :/

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