Tashan-e-Ishq 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Usha opens door for Kunj and says Son you have come? Pallavi smiles, Usha says i was waiting for you, Yuvi comes from behind and says sorry maa, Usha was calling him son, Yuvi says i got stuck in traffic, he says meet Rocky and Pallavi and Rocky meet my lovely maa, Usha says babee is fan of Rocky, come inside and think me as your mother, Kunj is tensed, Usha hugs him, Kunj hugs her back, Usha feels something and remembers Kunj, Kunj throws his lighter and bends to pick it up, he touches her feet in process, Usha asks them to come inside. Yuvi introduces Babee and says you have already met Twinkle, she is better than best half of mine, he holds Twinkle’s shoulder, Kunj gets angry. Babee says i am your fan Rocky, can i click photo with you? put your hand on my shoulder in photo, Yuvi

says she is your fan. Yuvi clicks their picture, Kunj coughs, Babee says worry not, Kunj thinks what if she recognizes me, Babee says i will make tea, you remember we used to make it for Yuvi? Kunj thinks that my enemy is living my life here and i am unknown to my own family now, i am trying to find my identity in my own house. Twinkle says lets go for dinner, Babee says come Rocky.
They all go to dining table. Usha serves Rocky and says dont be shy, Babee says i got to know that you like this dish, eat calmly. Yuvi serves Twinkle, Kunj sees this and gets angry, Yuvi offers Twinkle that he make her eat with this hands, she nods in no. Babee asks how you you and Rocky met? Pallavi says i used to handle his PR, Babee says PR means pyar(love), Kunj says Twinkle and Yuvi tell me about your love story, Usha says they are married for 5years, we are lucky to have son like Yuvi, Babee says yes he is very innocent guy, he has joined our family, he takes care of everyone specially Twinkle and Twinkle also takes care of whole family. Kunj sees his old picture on wall and garland on it, he asks whose photo is this? it seems like he is your son Usha? what was his name? he looks to see Twinkle’s reaction, Usha says his name was Kunj, Rocky says oh Kunj Sarna murder case? i got to know he died in accident in Goa, i also listened that it was planned murder, what happened? i hope your son’s murderer was arrested, Yuvi feels uneasy listening all this, Babee says some wounds can never be healed, we should not dig them again and again, what happened had to happen, lets finish this here, Rocky says i am so stupid, ofcourse you must have caught murderer, he mus be biggest criminal who killed your son, i am so sorry, Babee asks if you need anything to eat? he says no, Twinkle leaves from there, Kunj thinks that people runaway from bitter truth, Yuvi goes behind Twinkle, Kunj thinks that seems like their guilt have come to fore thats why they both left, i have to check whats happening between them. Kunj gets call, he says its important call, i will be back, he goes from there, Usha and Babee are tensed.
Usha comes to kitchen, Babee comes and says Rocky is not at fault, he doesnt know truth, he must have listened it as rumor, we should not feel bad about his words, Usha says you are right, they go from there.
Kunj walks upstairs, he is going towards his room, he sees Yuvi and Twinkle’s photo in corridor and gets angry. In room, Twinkle is hugging Kunj’s picture. Yuvi comes there and sees her sad, he sits beside her, Kunj comes to their room’s door. Yuvi holds Twinkle’s hand and says i am sorry, i shouldnt have called Rocky here, he did wrong by talking about Kunj, its all my fault, dont be sad, he pulls Twinkle’s cheeks, Kunj gets angry and leaves from there. Twinkle says i felt bad about you, i dont like when people still point fingers at you, you have lived this fake marriage for 5years, after Kunj has gone, you have always stood by my side as my best friend, how dare that Rocky sees you like criminal, Yuvi says dont talk this much serious, we both know what the truth is so let Rocky say anything, i should be thanking Rocky, you said these words to me and it shows that how much you care for me, Twinkle says i care for you as you are my best friend, Yuvi says and you are my wifey, Twinkle frowns, Yuvi says i dont like you sad, you look good when you fight, Twinkle says you think i always fight? i dont lose any fight, Yuvi says your victory is my victory, lets go, Twinkle says why did you call that Rocky here? Yuvi says i am sorry. Kunj is in corridor and thinks that my own family has disowned me, nothing seems familiar here, everything seems changed, i dont feel like i belong here.
Kunj comes to Twinkle and Yuvi’s room which used to be his room. He sees Yuvi’s clothes there and fumes in anger, he doesnt his and Twinkle’s picture still at side table. Kunj opens cupboard and sees Yuvi’s clothes hanging there, he closes it and thinks that my biggest enemy is living my life today, he has got right on my things, even my wife has become his and i am not able to do anything, he sees Yuvi and Twinkle’s picture on wall and says you must be happy that i left your life, you both dont get tired of showing off your happiness, but soon i will snatch your happiness soon, i will unmask your filthy face, i will destroy you both. Kunj switches on his lighter and looks at Twinkle and Yuvi’s picture, the kunj which you threw out of your life so easily has died way back and now this person is not Kunj but Rocky Singh and Rocky Singh doesnt lose any fight, he throws lighter on Twinkle’s bed, bed catches fire.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Yuvi comes in room and sees bed on fire, Yuvi goes to bring water. They tries to doze off fire, Twinkle says how did this bed catch fire? Yuvi says Rocky i showed you way to washroom but what you are doing in this room?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SidMin

    Burning the bed is what Uv did right in the show when he saw Twinkle with Knuj

  2. Yuvle ki deewani

    Awww ma yuvle are so adorable together pls don separate thm.

  3. Funny kung misunderstanding the relationship with twinkle and yuvi all because of pallvi and himself if he had informed his family that he is alive instead of waiting for the surgery that changed his face. What will he get by getting revenge on twinkle she still love him only and profe of it is her love that they shared in gouia there beautiful daughter.

  4. ohhh nice but I want to see twinj unite and UV destroyed …..

    1. how mean

  5. Maybe coz Kunj keeps doing such things and one day when she gets to know any rocky being Kunj she doesn’t accept him…gradually as Kunj keeps insulting and tormenting Yuvi,twinkle will realise yuvis imporatnce in her life and her love for him which developed in these 5yrs,which she is thinking is frndshp!!

  6. hihi…kunj aur twinkle ka jo scene tha vo sab uv and twinkle ki sath repeat ho raha hain…how funy…vese kitne din hue koyi tei me romance nehi dekha???jab sid tha tab twinj ka hot and sweet romance se ham sab pagal ho jate the.ab aysa kuch nehi bacha.nahi maja wala koyi track ho raha hain.sab bakwas hi bakwas aur boring hain.and kunj!!!vo itna sab kuch janta hain anita ki barime nehi janta?ki anita jail me hain and apna crime confesse kar chuki hain??so funy…

  7. I think ayan is right soon twinkle realise her feeling for uv

    1. I agree with you and ayan she’ll realise yuvi’s love and importance as kunj will try to put space in between them and when she needs him And he’s not there she’ll surely realise his importance and later she’ll fall for yuvi in my opinion

  8. some one said twinkle has a daughter?

  9. Plzzzz don’t separate uv & twinkle. Now sid is not there. Twinkle aur uv ki jodi is far far better than jasmin & naman. If sid was there i will be supporting their jodies but now i think its better if twinraj unites.

  10. even usha had feelings of kunj when she hugged him.only twinkle don’t have any feeling when kunj is near to her.in the first episodes (golden temple scene )twinkle could feel when kunj(sid) was nearby her.now y not

  11. Yeah i also think same i cnt see jasmime with naman if sidhant is there than only i wnt twinj together otherwise yuvi is good pair with twinkle

    1. what happened to twinkle’s baby
      there was no scene on that child

      1. Rekha vaghela

        Twinkle miscarried

  12. I think …after much torching twinkle n uv kunj Will knows the reality of twivle relation n about his family love for himself too..then kunj will turn into positive n does help uv for his twinky love …then uvle will b unite..n will be happy ending….hahaha

  13. ???Carol Ann ???

    What going on with this show?????????
    I cant accept Twinkle been pair with YUVRAJ nor NEW KUNJ other than Siddhant itself. I’m sorry to admit this but bye to TASHAN-E-ISHQ. Last Farewell from Malaysia!!

  14. Gopika....gopu..

    Happy birthday to jasmine{ twinkle. …syappa queen..}♥♥

  15. This message being depicted in totally disgusting. Storyline being repeated. Are fans so desperate for romance that they are willing to accept anything? The uvle romance seems forced. The twinkle character claimed to love only kunj her soul mate and all that nonsense but yet usha felt kunj presence and not her. It is unfortunate that they destroyed the kunj character

  16. Twinkle has a daughter? Only Sid can take d place of Kunj no one else

    1. Rekha vaghela

      No twinkle had miscarried

  17. Disgusting show I can’t tolerate junk and also if how can a girl fall in love three times is it a joke ,no common sense in the writers they are making this show worst.story is lost.

  18. Wat hapend 2 zee tv?all revenge lines on TEI,vishkanya,ETRETR,YVR,…cant c postve changng -ve roles.no meaning for love if twinkle doesnt feel presence of kunj.miss u badly sidhant.show witout sid is disgusting

  19. Yes you’re right

  20. luv uh uvle…..waitng fr their romance

  21. puneet chopra

    I only wants happy ending…
    And i sure one day kunj nd twinkle combine……and story is end….
    Now also kunj love twinkle….because in hurt case their is also love…
    Nd twinkle love kunj even today…..

  22. Plz come bk sidhant …… This should is becoming worst without you. Miss u sidhant and my old syappa queen.. Y dont sidhant come back in a positive role and twinkle and kunj(sidhant) unite? Then happily ever after. Hah. The writers really need to change the story NOW

  23. waiting romance of uvi &Twinkle

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