Tashan-e-Ishq 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle listens Pallavi calling manager and asking for London’s flight and says i will convince Rocky, Twinkle gets tensed.
Twinkle tells Yuvi that Pallavi is taking Kunj from here, if she takes him then we wont be able to anything, we have to stop them.
Kunj says to Pallavi that you know how Twinkle is behaving with everyone, how can i leave? Pallavi thinks thats what i want, i want to take you from here with me, Pallavi says this meeting is important, its about your image, Kunj says fine only two days, i will comeback, Pallavi thinks once we reach London then its only me and Kunj, just the way we were meant to be, we will be together.
Manager comes to Kunj and says event of London is cancelled, they have issues with your medical reports, Kunj says i was not interested.

Pallavi thinks how is this possible?
Yuvi calls someone and says thanks for sending fake reports of event cancellation to Rocky, he ends call and says to Twinkle that Kunj is not going now,m are you happy baby doll? she thanks him.
Twinkle and Yuvi are praying in Guradvarah, Twinkle prays that i am misbehaving with my family but only to bring truth of Kunj out, just give me my Kunj back, Yuvi says God knows you are doing this for good, remember i am with you at every step, she nods.
Babee says to Leela that Twinkle misbehaves with us, Usha says we did good by sending her mental hospital but you brought her back, Babee says we beg you to make your daughter understand, they leave. Leela says i just pray that either Twinkle get successful in doing what she wants or everything ends.
Pallavi says to Kunj that Yuvi created fake reports so that you cant go to London, they know you cant see family in misery and wants you to blurt out truth, Kunj says i am not old Kunj, the emotional, she is digging her own grave, fun will be when not only Sarna family but her mother Leela will hate her too, she smirks.
Babee and Usha comes home and listens loud music, Babee says this girl is giving headache, i will talk to her, Usha says yes she will listen to you only.
Twinkle is playing loud music in her room, Babee comes there and tries to talk to her but she ignores her, Babee switches off music and says what has happened to you? Twinkle switches on music again and ignores her, Babee says enough of misbehaving, she tries to take remote but Twinkle grabs her hand tightly and says you remember NGO women? Babee says you are threatening your babee? she is shocked, Twinkle bring out wooden stick and beats herself, Kunj sees all this. Twinkle keeps hitting her hand, Babee is shocked and says what are you doing? she is distraught, Twinkle says i can make many beating marks like this then i will do some acting then you will go to jail for domestic violence, choice is yours, you want to go to jail or let me play loud music? Babee is hurt seeing her red marks on her hand, she says Twinkle what has happened to you? how can you change so much? you dont respect elders now? she cries and leaves, Kunj has seen all this, Twinkle stares him and thinks that till when you will keep seeing your family in pain? just accept that you are Kunj, Kunj leaves from there, Twinkle slaps herself for doing all that.

Scene 2
Twinkle mixes chili in food. She comes to family and says guests are sitting and you are talking here? go and bring food, Babee and Usha leaves. Twinkle says to guests that my mom makes good food. Usha and Babee brings food, Twinkle says i have to tell you to serve too? Usha serves food to everyone, Kunj looks on. Manohar eats food and coughs, Manohar shouts on Usha that what kind of food is this? you used to do one thing nicely and you can even cook food now? Kunj recalls how Manohar used to torture Usha earlier, Manohar throws away food and leaves, Kunj cant see Usha crying and leaves too, Twinkle feels bad.
Twinkle holds Yuvi’s hand and says i am crossing all limits but Kunj is not reacting, i threatened Manohar today. Flashback shows Manohar saying to Twinkle that i wont shout on Usha, Twinkle holds knife and says you decide should i call NGO people? or will you shout on Usha? he says okay i will do as say, fb ends. Twinkle says i am so bad, why i am doing this, she cries, Yuvi wipes her tears and says you are not bad. Leela thinks that Twinkle is hurting everyone to bring Kunj’s truth out, i hope she gets what she wants.
Kunj calls Twinkle and says you are desperate to listen form me? fine come to my house at 10pm but without your bodyguard husband, he ends call. Twinkle tells Yuvi, Yuvi asys its not safe to go there alone, i dont trust him, Twinkle says nothing will happen, he cant do anything wrong with me, he is my Kunj, Yuvi says ofcourse he is your husband, your Kunj, love of your love, why will you listen to me? i am nothing to you, do what you want to do, go, he regrets saying all that, he controls his anger and softly looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s room, Kunj says we have played games, now lets face truth, what you think i am Kunj? she says i am sure that you are Kunj, he caresses her face and says how you are sure that i am Kunj? is this because of touch? Twinkle hugs him, he hugs her back, Tumhe apna banane ka plays. Twinkle holds his hand, he twirls her around and dances with her, she lands in his arms, both are close, Twinkle is in tears and recalls how Kunj used to dance with her, Kunj asks when i take you in my arms, do you feel that i am Kunj? Twinkle recalls how Kunj used to keep her close in his arms, Twinkle pushes him away and says why you dont accept that you are Kunj? he touches her hand and says you remember Kunj when i touch you? so enjoy touch, Twinkle says what kind of vulgar things are you doing? Kunj comes closer to her, she pushes him and says what are you trying to do? Kunj says what Kunj used to not touch you? Twinkle says what has happened to you? what are you trying to prove? he grabs Twinkle, Twinkle tries to push him away but they both fall on bed with Twinkle falling on Kunj, someone makes video of them, Kunj caresses her hair and says dont be scared.. my Sayappa Queen, Twinkle is shocked and distraught, she pulls out of this grips and runs from there, Kunj smirks and says now it will be fun.

PRECAP- Twinkle slaps Kunj and says you cant be my Kunj.. its good that God killed our unborn baby before he came in world, she cries, Kunj is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yes Twinkle, YES !! Pour out everything !!! Tell him all your pain that you bear alone when he gone missing so he won’t easily put the blame on you !! He should know that it’s not always about him to win in this stupid life game . Go and move on !! Although I used to love Twinkle been paired with Kunj, but the way Rocky did today is ENOUGH !!

  2. Wats wrong with the Writers? Y r they not thinking about yuvi’s love side …… They r making him as twinkle’s puppet…,.. Its just full of shit…. N rocky/kunj just go to hell…

  3. shayna aka twinkle

    Pls Cvs atlest now let kunj know abt his baby nd twinkle s truth nd am sure after knowing the truth he himself will accept that he is kunj nd will feel sry for what he had done with his family nd his luv nd we would get our old kunj back nd our lovely twinj nd May be we can’t get sidmin but atleast we will see twinj together forever nd only that would be the tribute to sidhant’s effort in tei as he gave life to this show tei nd am sure even if he s is not present as kunj he will still be happy abt twinj reunion nd one more thing we could see twinj reunite thinking our sid as our kunj nd uv should get someone Better nd our twinj r made for each other couple nd luv twinj forever nd am I saying ryt wat said guys?

    1. Jisha

      Very well said… baby part will be revealed in today’s episode… Kunj’s identity is gonna get revealed soon..watched in a news channel..

  4. i hope Twinkle and Kunj aka Rocky unites.
    No doubt Yuvi has become a good person, but i like Twinj more an i want to see the chemistry between Jasmin and Naman.

  5. Baby

    missing u sidmin 2 very mch

  6. again flash black scene :'( miss u sid please come back

  7. JITHA

    yeah revelation time

  8. JITHA

    yeah revelation time….super duper excited

  9. Wonderful episode.Now kunj knows that twinkle was pregnant with his baby and it died, hopefully this will make him realize the truth.

  10. the precap i wAnted my whole life but to depressing

  11. without sid sab bakwas…?

  12. We miss u sidhant??

  13. Shayna aka twinkle yes yar u r right i am with u bcoz mujhe sabse jaada fark kunj k character se na ki face se sid mujhe bhi bhut acha lg h pr ab vo nhi h or kunj ka character naman play kr rha h or m tu twinj ki fan hu and alway be forever. And love my twinj deeply by my heart. Or acha kiya twinkle ne kunj ko thapd mar kr use yaad dilana jarori h ki vo kunj h jb apne track pr se ootr jate h tu apne hi use track pr vapas late h and i am sure ki vo bhi track pr aajay ga. And also love my superb uv to support twinkle to each and every time. Plz reunite twinj soon.

  14. actually I liked the scenes between naman and jas.and their chemistry is not that bad.please don’t kill meB-) but our sidmin is super duper

  15. No please we don’t want twinkle with rocky see they are not looking good yar twinkle should be with yuvi because she’s his wife otherwise we’ll surely end up hating this show and what’s wrong with the makers of the show ? Twinkle how many times does she get married. ? This is the way indian respect the bond of marriage? Wow this is absolutely. Unacceptable




    uv with pallavi

    1. No way!!! Pallavi is too ugly and annoying for yuvi .. He is too handsome for her … I will seriously hate this show if that happens

  18. Please let twinkle go wid yuvi i feel soo sad for him…though i used to lyk twinkle n kunj before bt tat ws nly coz of sid…since he is nt thr i wnt twink-yuvi…N rocky has pallavi he can go wid her…thr isnt tat gud chemistry btwn twinkle n new kunj n since yuvi has improved sum1 think of him also…atlast he ws twinkle’s first luv dnt she realise he is doin more thn evrythin for her.

  19. Please let twinkle go wid yuvi…though i lykd twink-kunj b4 bt tat ws nly coz of sid since he is nt thr nw i wnt her to go wid yuvi…He has improved soo mch n he is soo sweet i feel soo bad for him…N rocky has pallavi for him he can go wid her..atlast yuvi ws twinkle’s first love.

    1. Yes Sayali G he was her first love and he loves unconditionally and I will always love yuvi even if he turns negative… My love for yuvi is die hard. Twiraj!!!!!

  20. Utter bullshit .. Twinkle is just using Yuvi .. So hate her right now .. And yuvi is letting her use him coz he loves her too much .. My heart cries for you Yuvi .. Just love you .. Starting to Hate Tashan e ishq if the show carries on like this and show twinkle with new kunj… For me Twiraj is best!!!!!

  21. I wana cry when I see yuvi so broken .. Poor boy .. Twinkle doesn’t know what she is missing out on !! Dumb thing , can’t she see his love for her omg makers plz have some sense in your writing and don’t bring that annoying new kunj together with twinkle plz

  22. Hey naina,shayna, and others now it is confirmed that kunj will accept his identity infront of all bcoz i watch a video on tellybites,indiaforums and on dnn news also.It was shown that twinkle will say to kunj about their unborn child.then kunj will say mera bachcha.Kaha hai mera bachcha batao mujhe.twinkle bolegi ki batao ki tum hi kunj ho.then he will accept that he is kunj and said haa main hi kunj hoon batao mera bacha kaha hai then twinkle explain him everything and he breaksdown.
    then twinj reunites,family reunites,kunj realise his mistake and says sorry to everyone.
    I saw on dnn news.
    Are you all excited to watch today’s episode.
    I am very happy.
    Love twinj and all twinj fan a lot.

    1. Thanks rayna for this great news but feeling a little bit bad for uv. Pallavi you go to hell. Missing u siddhant , missing sidmin but love u twinj. Kaash aaj ke episode mai naman ki jagaah siddhant hota. Anyways waiting eagerly for todays episode.

      1. there’s a news on tei too which says
        usha will call off twinkle and yuvi marriage in order to make kunj to reunite twinkle . leela won’t be happy at this decision and twinkle will feel sad as none wants to know her opinion .
        it is i guess clear from the news that twinkle won’t be happy .although kunj will accept everything , may be the drama won’t stop here . i think now twinkle will realise how important uv was for him and she’ll start to grow feelings for uv , so nothing is clear as per now . let’s just watch out .

  23. I love Kunj and twinkle ? . I think the new Kunj will win our hearts ? .Today episode was awesome

  24. So dont worry.
    All the things will happen on today’s episode-revalation,realising mistake,clearing misunderstanding,reunion,forgiveness everything.
    When I saw this video,I became very happy.
    Are you all happy by knowing this news?

  25. Thankyou yaar Rayna ye bat bata kr tu tune dil khush kr diya. Love u my sweety sweet news dene wali. Happy for twinj.

  26. Zain ki deewani

    F*** ds shw the most ghatiya shw zain dsrvs mch btr thn ds the makers hv jus usd hm nw being a dieheart zain fan i truly wnt he quits ths f***ng tei .

  27. Thnx rayna.Apne kya baat batai,dil khus ho gaya.I’m vry excited to watch this episode.

  28. You’re absolutely right sayali and somona now it will make no sense if they bring twinkle and rocky they will not exist and the show might not get anyone to watch whereas twinkle and yuvraj are too cool so I think if these cvs have a little piece of brain they will surely not let the show down and they will bring yule together sooner or later but how along I really loved this show at very beginning for sid zain and jasmin they were fab I miss sid and now I only want to watch this show for zain and jasmin aka twinkle and yuvi nothing else

  29. Now I’m hating twinkle too torturing her so sweet home ???? she is just now wanted rocky and y u married yuvi.. yuvi ur love is so pure?? . But anyway they will not reunite twinkle and yuvi?..since true love never wins only it dies in serial??
    Though I like kunj I hate that much rocky’s character( I only liked twinj before since he is so caring though twinkle put inzaam on misbehaving of kunj though he cared till I die but now i feel very bad for Rocky ???whatever old yuvi made before was wrong but he bad people turn to good means its amazing and good… but good people having brain changes to too bad means yak … Though he made because of pallavi… then rocky have don’brain(he is very worse than old yuvi).. such a bad character I don’t like rocky and twinkle pair yak..
    .I only wanting twinkle and yuvi pair

  30. FANGURL?☺??????????

    Yeah the next episodes will show that Rocky finally says he is Kunj and He will ask Twinkle about their child and she will tell him the whole truth and Kunj will be disenheartened knowing his child has died because of him but everything will be find between Twinkle,Kunj, Sarna family, Leela and Yuvi but he’ll be jealous and the new Negative Role player will be Pallavi in her attempted to win Kunj back.

  31. It’s good that kunj got to know about his unborn child at least now he will try to find out why she got married rocky acting is good and he is a better pair for twinkle than yuvi he has changed accepted but this is love and the character their portraying kunj is right he is angry as he thought everyone has deceived him and having a history with yuvi it would be hard for him to accept she married his enemy it’s quit logical even is she married some one else he might have not reacted so much ,but certain things were unnecessary it’s spoiling the characters image

  32. though i dono hindi am watchin tashan e ishq for yuvi.. and please unite yuvi and twinkle together.. he s awesome and perfect match to jasmin//.. let rocky to play negative character.. please hav some concern for yuvi also.. and moreover he loves her more than anything in this world….

  33. Waww I’m waiting for today episode. Love Kunj (rocky) and twinkle. Actually I love ? old Kunj earlier than rocky but it doesn’t matter.

  34. You most welcome dear naina,mariya BBB.
    Waiting eagerly for today’s episode.

  35. Poor Yuvi !!! Now when Twinkle and Kunj get together what will happen to Yuvi ?? ????

  36. Hope Bidisha is right !!! Hope twinkle realise that yuvi loves her more than anything in this world

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