Tashan-e-Ishq 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kunj tries to wake up, they both fall off from bed as Twinle moves in sleep. They both get up, Twinkle asks how did they fall? Kunj says because of you, now get off me, Chinki is right you are fat. Babee comes in their room and asks where are they? Twinkle gets up from floor and says yes Babee, Kunj gets up too, Babee asks why they are lying on floor? Kunj says we were doing Yoga, you should do it too, Babee says i just came to say that you both should go to Guradvarh to pray for competition’s last round, she says do your Yoga, she leaves. Kunj says to Twinkle that you kicked me and i fell, you are bruce lee in bed, Twinkle says i sleep on my side only, Kunj laughs and says you should see how much you kicked me, Twinkle says we will fit camera and then see who move legs in sleep

like Bruce lee, Kunj says let me sleep, Twinkle leaves.
Kunj and Twinkle comes in Guradvarah. Twinkle gets Leela’s call, she takes it, Leela says i came to your house, Babee told me that tomorrow is last round of contest so you went to pray, Twinkle says i want Mahi to win thats why i came to pray for her, Leela says you have big heart, you always pray for others, today pray for yourself that your and Kunj’s relation become more stronger and your love remains same, very less people get loving partners who always show them right path in difficult situation, you have Kunj in your life to protect you, pray that your couple always remain from evil eyeand your love increases, Twinkle looks at Kunj, Sajna ve plays, she leaves from there. Twinkle comes to Lord and prays, she recalls Leela’s words, she thinks that i have question, i wanted a loving life partner, is Kunj that one? Priest comes and says you have questions in your mind but you know the answer, just close your eyes and ask from your heart not from your mind, you will get the answer, he leaves. Twinkle closes her eyes, and opens it, she looks on.
Kunj is serving people in Guradvarah, Twinkle looks at him cooking food for poor, she smiles. Kunj helps people in their work, Twinkle admires him. Twinkle starts helping in work too, Twinkle closes lid of pan(patela) her hand gets burned, Kunj shouts Twinkle, he comes to her and blows air on her hand, he puts water on her, Manmarziyan plays, Twinkle stares him, Kunj caresses her head and leaves, Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle is serving poo food, Kunj comes there and takes container from her as her hand is burned, he starts serving people while holding Twinkle’s hand, they both serve food to poor together, Twinkle keep looking at Kunj, he looks at her so she smiles.
Kunj comes to lake side of Guradvarah and prays. Twinkle recalls priest’s words to close her eyes, she will know the answer. Kunj starts coming to her, Twinkle recalls their first meeting at Guradvarah, how they both came closer, Sajna ve’s new version plays, she recalls their marriage, how Kunj saved her in Goa, Kunj comes to her. Twinkle bends and touches his feet, Rab ne banadi Jodi plays, Kunj is surprised and says what are you doing? why did you touch my feet? have you gone mad? Twinkle says i felt like doing it, Kunj says you are weird, you do stupid things, dont touch my feet again, it feels weird and it doesnt suite you too, Twinkle smiles at him and says shall we leave? they start to leave, Twinkle is staring him continuously.
Leela is busy in work, Twinkle comes there, she thanks Leela and hugs her, she thanks her continuously, Leela asks for what? Twinkle says for everything, for being there with me, for taking right decisions for me, for thinking about my future and for Kunj, Kunj is so nice, i am so lucky that he is my partner, Leela says but what happened to you? Twinkle says i just felt like thanking you, she gives peck on her cheek, Leela says Kunj is lucky too that he got you, you are not less than him, you both are perfect for each other, she hugs her, Twinkle thinks that in this Tashan-e-shadi, i fell in love with Kunj but i dont know if he loves me or not, i have to find it out.
Yuvi says to himself that now its time to play my last trump card, Kunj and Twinkle can never be together, in final round of competition, Twinkle will lose her respect, her dignity and everything, just wait and watch.
Twinkle and Mahi comes to competition venue, Leela says you both are same for me, Twinkle calls out Mahi, Leela asks Mahi will she not wish her sister? Twinkle says its okay, i am elder so i will wish her, she wishes Mahi to win competition.

Scene 2
Competition starts, host says in this round. wives will go in swimming pool, they have to find heart shaped cushion and bring it to her husband, the one who will do it least time will win it, all wives have to wear swimming costume, Twinkle recalls how Kunj was reluctant about her wearing swimming costume, Twinkle says to host that thank you for giving me this opportunity but i cant wear swimming costume so i quit, she leaves, Mahi says to Yuvi that how can i wear swimming suit? he says its okay.
Kunj comes to Twinkle and says why are you quitting? Twinkle says i am Sarna family’s house and i cant put their respect at stake for a competition, Kunj says but you will leave competition just because of a suit? Twinkle says even you said that people comment by seeing girl in short dresses, Kunj says but i know how much hard work you did to come till here so you cant leave it now, you have to take part in it, come with me.
Kunj brings Twinkle to host and says it was confusion, Twinkle will take part it in competition.
Twinkle, Ruhi and Mahi comes in swimming suit(not really). Ruhi goes in swimming pool first but cant find key so she quits. Its Mahi’s turn now, Mahi goes in swimming pool, she finds treasure box there, she opens its lock and finds heart, she comes out. Host says Mahi took 2:22seconds to find it, Twinkle congrats Mahi, she leaves. Host says now its time for Twinkle to go in.
Twinkle goes in swimming pool. She tries to open treasure box but is not opening with key given to her. Kunj says why Twinkle is taking so much time, Mahi gets worried for her too.

PRECAP- Kunj jumps in swimming pool, he sees Twinkle unconscious lying on floor of Swimming pool, he lifts her in arms and brings her out of pool, Leela gets worried for Twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice lovely epi… Yar kunj ko swimming nh ati….

  2. Guys u know wat I guess agli epi me twinkle ko hosh nh ae ga or kunj bht pareshan ho jae ga nd may be he also confesses his love towards twinkle..:-P I m waiting for the next epi…….

  3. yeah simi..i was thnkng the same..stupid mahi..bt neva mind as twinj came closer!

  4. Now kunj will blow air in twinkle’s mouth in front of everyone to make twinkle conscious and UV will be jealous

    1. I don’t think that will happen as twinkle is acting to drown she wanted to waste time so that mahi wins….so I suppose nothing of that sort will happen…maybe im wrong idk

      1. yeah i saw it in news..she wants mahi to win…

  5. Now a days this is the best serial! So so awesome!!

  6. poor mahi why can she understand her brloved sister twingle

  7. thank u Akanksha.

  8. I lovvved the episode i love twinj. They r sooooo cute eargerly waiting fr next episode

  9. Yrr so nice episode but this mahi she is so much irritating yrrrr i hate her frm d bottom of my heart :@:@:@

  10. Thanx akanksha you are very nice thank you very much ………
    I m very happy to have a friend like you

  11. Finally twinle realized her love for kunj now its kunj’s turn to realize his love for twinkle

  12. pls any body tell guys how to download tei epi 29 of engagement part pls pls soooooon the website or send a video guys pls pls iam waiting of a rply

  13. can i also join u guys plz.

  14. I hope that kunj realize his love for twinkle. Twinkle already realize her love for kunj. Now is kunj turn. They made for each other

  15. I think twinkle is acting like drown because of mahi to win or see want to test kunj his love for her.

  16. The upcoming episode will show that Mrs Amritsar competition has ended and Mahi wins the competition.
    Twinkle (Jasmine) let her sister Mahi win and purposely lost the competition.
    Yuvi tried hard to create problems between Twinkle and Kunj throughout the competition.
    But Yuvi’s plan backfires and his cheap tricks bring Twinkle-Kunj close to each other.

    Twinkle confesses love for Kunj

    Twinkle and Kunj realize their love for each other.
    Twinkle is madly in love with Kunj (siddhant) and could see him everywhere.
    While the same condition is with Kunj, but both are unable to confess their love.
    Twinkle and Kunj realize their love and will soon confess it to each other.
    Stay tuned for more Latest updates of the upcoming episodes

  17. Guyss!!! A new ff is here to entertain u….
    All the twinj fans will lov it…. Give it a try…
    Its name – alfriaa!!

  18. Hii friends my self lamat alia. Plz accept me as ur frnd.I am a big fan of twinj .

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