Tashan-e-Ishq 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Anita sees Leela’s house decorated and thinks that Leela can celebrate as much as she can but soon her happiness will end, Manohar and his family are going for Roka, Manohar calls Leela and says we will reach on time, he ends call, car stops, driver tries to start again, mother says to Kunj that if car doesnt start on time then Muhrat will go away and then your father will not do Roka, Kunj smiles, Manohar scolds driver that you didnt check car earlier, you are fired now, Kunj feels sad for driver and says i will check car, he opens bonnet and checks car, he fixes it and ask driver to start, car starts, Manohar says now i understand why you dont take interest in business as you want to be mechanic, mother says to Kunj that if muhrat has passed then Roka would have stopped but

you chose to help driver, you cant do bad with others for your benefit.
Twinkle calls Yuvi who is dressed as waiter, Twinkle thanks him that he didnt creat any scene regarding Roka, Yuvi thinks this time have made plan with cool mind, she ask where are you? he says near you, i mean in your heart, he ends call, Twinkle prays that this Roka stops, Yuvi says i will take revenge from Kunj and our truth will also not come out, how dare he think of doing Roka with my girlfriend, he comes in party, Leela stops him and says you are not same bar tender who met me earlier, who are you? Yuvi gets tensed and says you must have talked to my elder brother, he got ill so he sent me, Leela ask will you handle everything? Yuvi says dont worry, our work will be top class, he leaves.
Twinkle puts something on wall and says today i will bring that Kunj’s cheap mentality infront of all, Pinni comes in and ask what are you doing? she says nothing, she leaves, Pinni thinks why she was standing on stool, is she doing something non-sense.

Scene 2
Yuvi comes in bar and starts work, Sarna family enters, Kunj greets everyone, Raman gifts Kunj the watch, Manohar sys such expensive gift was not needed, Leela says kunj and twinkle’s new days are starting. And Kunj is like my son now, how could we not serve him well. Kunj says to his mom they are too ready. Kunj’s mom says i have a solid plan. Guru says its better that you did only invite family members. leela says how could we not listen to you. Manohar says where is twinkle? leela says there she is. They bring her downstairs. Leela says in heart you listened to me God. Kunj says in heart i wont engage you. yuvi says in heart i wont let it happen. Twinkle says in heart my plan is full proof i will expose you and and stop this engagement. Leela says after years i will sleep with serenity. There is nothing more peaceful than a mom than to see her daughter committed.
Raman says just when anand arrives we will start the engagement. Guru says no. Everyone is dazed. We cant wait for anyone. The best moment is tonight at 9. Manohar says the engagement will happen at 9 no matter who comes or not. Leela says yes as you say guru ji.
Twinkle says in heart i have only one hour to expose kunj he will remeber whom has he messed up with.
Everyone is busy in talks. Twinkle says to kunj lets go drink a lassi. He says let me call the waiter. Twinkle says we can drink together we have to get married after all. he says i guess my mom is calling me. She says your wife to be is calling you actually. Lets go. She goes to yuvi and says give us both mango lassi. Twinkle says to Kunj that you are so open and candid, i really like it, you told me everything in first meeting, we dont meet such genuine people, bar tender gives juice to Kunj, Kunj says youa re understanding, Yuvi is jealous, Twinkle thinks now he is convinced that i am impressed by him, she thinks soon i will teach him lesson, how dare he try to marry me, Yuvi hurts Kunj by glass, Twinkle scolds him that he should not get any wound, she thinks i will soon beat him, thank God Yuvi is not here else he would have burst like valcano seeing me flirting with Kunj, i now have to take him to room, i have to do this for my love. Twinkle says to Kunj that i am missing my nani, Kunj ask where is she? Twinkle says she is dead, Twinkle says i have an idea, i have her picture in my room, we should go in room, Kunj says it will not be good to go alone in room, Pinni listens all this, Twinkle says please come to my room for my nani, please, Kunj agrees, Twinkle thinks that if i take Kunj directly to my room then all will see, i have to make some excuse, she throws juice on him and ask him to go to washroom and come to my room from there, Twinkle leaves from there. Pinni comes to Leela and says your daughter is doing something fishy, i listened that Twinkle is taking Kunj to her room, i dont know whats in her mind, Twinkle is leaving for her room but Leela stops her, Leela ask why youa re taking kunj to your room?

PRECAP- Leela says to Twinkle that you had put camera in your room, she plays video in it to find Twinkle falling on Kunj in bed. Leela says to Twinkle and Kunj that once this Roka happens then i will be calm, a girl comes in and says this Roka cant happen as i am mother of Kunj’s unborn child, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today kunj was luking lyk a cutie pie
    I really luv the story line……..
    ……… I just hope kunj n twinkle start feeling 4 each ader ……….

  2. Wat is uv actually doing der??????? I thnk dat grl is called by kunjs mother

    1. Why did u change your name as zayn

  3. yuvi’s character is like he can kill anybody for his love
    kunj’s character is like he can sacrifice his love for somebody’s happiness…
    kunj is perfect for twinkle….twinkle + kunj = twinj……

  4. I think dat gal will b alisha

  5. Yippee… Kunj and twinkle can never be togetherrr… Neverrr… Yuvi is perfect for twinkle…. Twivi.. <3

    1. Yup Aisha! Yuvi is perfect for Twinkle! ♥♥♥♥

  6. great, i’m glad that Kunj wont marry Twinkle.

  7. Simply coz I prefer dis name more dan sara

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