Tashan-e-Ishq 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle says to Leela that i loved Yuvi but didnt cross my line, Kunj comes there and says Twinkle told me this truth way before, she never hided anything from me, Twinkleis saying truth, he made Twinkle get up from floor, she cries, Kunj says to Leela that she wanted to tell you truth from many time but she was afraid that you might hurt yourself then she got to know the reality of Yuvi then how could she tell you truth? she married me because of you, she did mistakes as she is innocent but her intentions were not wrong, forgive her please, Leela stares Twinkle and says to Kunj that ask Twinkle to leave from here, i cant trust her now, she says Twinkle’s mother is dead for Twinkle and my daughter is dead for me, she should not see this home again, she ask Twinkle to leave, Twinkle

cries and ask her to look at her once, Leela turns her face away from Twinkle, Twinkle says if you want me to go away from you then i am ready to bear this punishment, it was my mistake that i thought how you would react after knowing truth, our parents teach us to tell truth and i kept such big truth hidden from you, i thought you will breakdown after knowing truth but i should have known that you are strong and would have supported me from breakingdown, it is my mistake so i will bear punishment, you want me to go away from here so i will do that, i will rectify my mistakes, you may not be with me but your upbringing will be with me, now my aim is to all the things which can make my mother proud, she says i am leaving maa, she starts leaving and cries, Leela stands there with stone face, Twinkle turns, looks at Leela in sadness and leaves.
Kunj comes to Twinkle, Twinkle says i have done many mistakes, i broke my mother’s truth, i broker her heart, i hided Yuvi’s affair from her, took advantage of freedom given to me, its all wrong, Kunj says you tried to tell truth, you came our Yuvi’s trap, you married the guy whom your mother wanted, its all good, its very difficult to accept mistake, dont blame yourself, Twinkle says i took time to rectify my mistake, my mother has broken all ties with me, i am dead for my mother, i have hurt my mother so much that she had to give this punishment to me, its enough, i will not lie again till death, Kunj ask shall we go home? Twinkle nods, Kunj gets call.
Leela cries and thinks that why did Twinkle deceive.
Kunj calls Manohar and says his friend had accident so he is going there, Twinkle comes there alone, he says its Twinkle’s Grah pervash and he is not here, Guruji says dont worry, we will do this ritual will Twinkle, Usha does Twinkle’s aarti, Guruji ask Twinkle to kick Kalash and come inside house, Twinkle kicks Kalash with left feet, all are shocked, Usha tells Twinkle what she did, you used your left feet and came in by putting left feet in house, Twinkle says i did this first time so i did mistake, i am sorry, Usha says your mother has not told you anything, all girls know this, Manohar says she is young so let her be, Guruji says we have to rectify this mistake, Twinkle have to take bath with cow’s pee, Twinkle ask if there is no other way to rectify it? Guruji says no you have to take bath from it only, Twinkle says please i wont do it, Usha says i will have to cal Leela, Twinkle says dont call her, i will do what you are saying, all leaves, Twinkle thinks that i wont hurt Leela more, i will bear everything.

Scene 2
Leela tells Raman about Twinkle Yuvi’s affair, Raman says this cant be true, Leela says when someone close to you deceive you then you cant believe it but truth is that Twinkle was deceiving us fro many years, i was so proud of my daughter and see she insulted me so much, Raman says she may have done mistake but she accepted it and she left Yuvi, between Yuvi and her mother, she chose you, she married the guy whom you wanted, it take guts to tell truth and she did it, till when you will be angry with her? Leela says its not about my anger, this thing has gone way ahead, so what if she has married Kunj? she cheated me and thats truth, Raman says all girls need support from her family in her in-laws, she needs you in life ahead, will you leave her like this? Leela says i know i wont be able to live without her, she is reason of my life but for Twinkle’s happiness, i have to do this, her childish things was fine till in this house but now in inlaws house, she should learn how to carry herself, how to keep family united, Twinkle has to grow up, i was so hurt to tell Twinkle to leave from here but i had to do this for her betterment, if she married Yuvi in her foolishness then her life would have been destroyed, Twinkle needs to learn life and have to bear problems herself.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Usha that in which you are living? you are asking Twinkle to take bath with cow’s pee, Guruji says we have to do it to rectify Twinkle’s mistake, Kunj says i dont think its a mistake if she had put her left feet in house first, she doesnt need to rectify it, Manohar says now you will tell us what to do? Twinkle sit to take bath, Kunj is disgusted.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode lella pls forgive twinkle .kunj you are awesome pls nobody will not take bath in cow’s pee..stupid usha I think usha should planned to torture twinkle

  2. I love this show lella pls give one chance to twinkle

  3. narendran you r right I also think that usha torture twinkle

  4. Ik leela u did ths fr twinkle’s betterment but pls frgv her coz ths decision of urs is breaking her completely

    1. Good nice excellent superb bad bad was

  5. love this show love you kunj……and leela please forgive twinkle

  6. It that for real in India that if u kick the kalash with left feet u have to bath with cow pee
    Wish if the table turn n all the cow pee go on the guruji usha n manohor that will be good i just can’t stand usha n her attitude so damn out a place

  7. Kuuuuunj u are soo adorable soo so sweet of u for supporting Twinkle…. and I am pretty sure that kunj will support Twinkle even if usha tries to toture her

  8. mujhe kunj jaisa hi chahye in my futre

  9. Nice episode I think twinkle ‘ s foolishness was limitless so she deserve to this punishment to show her the way to grow up

  10. I have only recently started watching this show – Love KUNJ and hopes he puts USHA and MANOHAR on their place with their domineering attitude. What is it with these Indian people and there thinkin. Very outdated.

  11. kunj ur amazing save twinkle from this nonsense cowpee punishment

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