Tashan-e-Ishq 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Raja and Rajjo take pheras, Kunj asks Twinkle why you are always charged? your battery never gets low, Twinkle says so should i be like you? always serious and person of 1960s, Kunj says you never allow me to speak, i am thinking why everyone call us perfect couple, Twinkle says i know answer of this, Kunj says you know answer of everything, you are sayappa queen, Twinkle cay dont call me that, you are Sarro(pissed) Sarna, Twinkle leaves, Rajjo and Raja’s marriage is done.
All leave marriage venue. Kunj and Twinkle comes in mandap, they take rounds, Kunj asks is she wanna fight? Twinkle says we can fight alot but we cant hurt each other, we are always with each other, Kunj says its like we are one life, we breath together and for each other, Twinkle says when we are not together,

we feel like lifeless, we are so happy and full of life when we are together, Kunj says we are soul mates, we arealways beside each other, Twinkle says i know whats in your heart, Kunj says truth is that i am crazy about you, Twinkle says and i am crazy about you Kunj, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says i feel alone without you, Twinkle says me too, Kunj says i wanted to say something from much time, Twinkle closes her eyes, Kunj says i love you alot, i love you Twinkle, Twinkle opens her eyes and says i love you too Kunj, i cant stay without you, Sajna ve plays as they share eyelock, Twinkle blushes, Ishq ke noor ko plays, Twinkle hugs Kunj tightly.. she breaks hug and looks at him, they recall their first meeting, their first dance together, how they were with each other in Goa, Kunj caresses Twinkle’s face, mei nachlun plays, Kunj kisses Twinkle’s forehead, Twinkle smiles and hugs him.
Raman is watching match, he says Twinkle and Kunj have returned, Pinni says i just hope that they are happy together, she gets sad without Kunj, she fights with Raman to let her watch serial, he says i want to watch cricket, intelligent people watch cricket, they both fight for remote, they see ad of new show Vishkanya, Raman says what is this? Pinni says vish means poison and Kanya means girl, this is interesting show, Raman says i have seen anything like that, Pinni says we will watch this show, Raman says i will watch it too,
Twinkle and Kunj comes to Manohar’s room, Twinkle puts cheque in his feet and says this is our first income, we have worked hard and we will keep doing it, just give us blessing, Usha comes there and says you have no shame Twinkle, i told you there is no place for you in this house still you came here, i wont let you stay here, just leave, Kunj says stop all this, forgive her, i was angry with her too for hiding things but i understood that she didnt do it deliberately, she wanted us to not get tensed, Usha says she leaked video of Manohar, Kunj says Yuvi leaked not Twinkle, Manohar is in coma because of him, Just look in twinkle’s eyes, you will see love and affection only, just try to see truth for once, forgive her once, forgive her and accept her for me.
Yuvi comes outside Manohar’s house, he says Twinkle and Kunj thinks they are clever and they have made me lose, you both think you can throw me out of this house.
Babee says to Twinkle that soon Usha will understand that you are not at fault, she will accept you, Leela asks what about Yuvi? Kunj says i cant allow him to hurt my family more, he wont be allowed in this house now.
Yuvi says i am not afraid of anyone, here i am, i am back, this time i will take away their love, understanding and togetherness.
Twinkle says what about Mahi? Kunj says Mahi needs to understand, Yuvi is dangerous, there are many criminal cases on him, she needs to understand all this, i will handle her but Yuvi cant come in this house.
Yuvi says this time i will do something which they can even think of, i will destroy them, live for somedays now.
Leela says to Kunj that you are right, relationships based on lie cant run for longer, we have to protect Mahi from Yuvi, we need to save her from his clutches, Twinkle sees Mahi listening all this and goes to her. Leela says to Kunj that i have faith on you, you will take right decision for Mahi. Kunj says you know Twinkle was so happy in Rajjo’s marriage, she was recalling our marriage, our marriage happened in weird situation, we couldnt fulfill many rituals, there is one rituals which i want to complete now, if you both agree, Babee says why not, Leela asks whats the ritual? Kunj thinks about something.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes to Mahi’s room, its locked from inside, Mahi is crying inside, Twinkle says i know you dont like to listen against Yuvi but trust me, Yuvi is faking everything, he is doing everything to take revenge from me, he is using you. Mahi says i know you are saying truth Twinkle, you always sad truth, Yuvi doesnt love me, he is just using me, i never listened to you both, you both always tried to make me see truth but i kept blaming you both and trusted Yuvi, you are not at mistake but i am, i cant even show my face to you, how to face you both. Twinkle knocks her room and asks her to open room, Kunj comes there, Twinkle says she is not listening to me, she is not opening door, Kunj says let her be alone fro sometime, she will understand Yuvi’s truth soon, she will see his real face soon, Usha calls Kunj.
Kunj and Twinkle comes to Manohar’s room, Manohar comes out of coma, he becomes conscious, Twinkle says we were waiting for this moment, we prayed for your life, Manohar looks at Twinkle and says Twinkle.. Twinkle says see he is fine, he is taking my name, Twinkle says to Manohar that Usha used to pray whole night for you, she went to Yatra for you too, we have missed you so much, finally God listened our prayers, Babee says Twinkle have done great work, Kunj and Twinkle have settled your business of wedding planning, they are becoming successful, Manohar puts hand on Twinkle and Kunj’s head to bless them, Babee asks Usha to see clearly, have you ever thought Kunj and Manohar will act like this? you always wanted to remove space between them and now they are closer because of Twinkle only, she has brought this moment in this house, you still have time, you can forgive and accept her, Twinkle is blessing for this house from God, Usha gets emotional.

PRECAP- Yuvi comes in Sarna house, Kunj stops him and says you cant come in this house, just get lose, Kunj pushes away Yuvi, he throws him out of house and closes door on his face, Mahi sees all this being distraught.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Aliza

    finalllyyyyy…………. d most awaited love confession………..:):):*:*:*:* nce episode bt lacking of more twinj scenes…….. hope nw usha forgives twinkle n der r more twinj scenes………..n peace in d serial fr smetime atleast……………………:):):):):):)

  2. goldy

    Yaar the most awaited moment. ….atlast….really luved it…..
    the show is really getting exciting. ..
    luv u twinj……

  3. JK08

    Yipppeeeee!! Finally a TwiNj moment! Today’s episode was best. That scene when they proposed and Kunj kissed Twinkle was heart touching. I just hope that Yuvi goes to hell now!

  4. baby

    Kuch gadbad lag rhi hai …hindi seriel me ekdum se happy happy ….smthing big gonna happen …i to wanted this ….bt smthngs fisshy …:)

  5. Muskan{News reporter}

    Todays confession part was the beat part upto noe….i hope every1 was waiting for dis day from many days…i loved todays part.

  6. akann

    Today’s episode was great but I felt like there were so many things going on…Confession, Yuvi, Kunj’s Dad..One after the other. Btw is it just me or someone else thought that the Rasam Kunj was talking about was Suhag raath!! lol..

  7. lakhpreet kaur

    I love all the episode of tashan e ishq but this was best episode I love twinkle and kunj in this episode more

  8. Vaasu

    Bas itni si tamanna hai tere(twinj)rang mein hi rang jaun Bas itni si tamanna hai tere(twinj)rang mein hi rang jaun Rahun main zara mujh mein teri(twinj)hoke hi reh jaun Kissi se na kaha hai Jo Tumhi(twinj)se baat wo kehdun Sabbi dete hain dil aksar Main tujko(twinj)jaan bhi de dun Yeh hai sukoon yeh hai junoon Yeh hai tashan e ishq(twinj)…loved today’s episode to infinity twinj love confession n manohar cuming out of coma everything ws jst fab in today’s episode… Day by day I go crazy fr twinj

  9. SMC

    Whoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!Am I dreaming am I….finallyyyyyyyyy they confessed…when I saw its not a dream I started jumping and dancing…I really did that..??I just loved the acting of our heroine(According to Jasmin) Sid and our hero JAS they were just bang on…I loved todays episode one of the best treat for Easter yessssssss thank u God so much……I love and wl always Live Tashan E Ishq and how can I forget my Tashan-E-Family..today was Ishq-E-Confession I’m on top of the world yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Twinkle and Kunj love u’ll…SIDMIN love u’ll extra…❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • sudha

      smc soooooo nice yaar u know what ur happiness the way u expressed it giving me more happiness ya a day of celebration dear by the if u r christian then happpppppppppppy easter and to all my tei friends happpppppppppppppyyyyyyy easter

      • Twinj Fan

        Thanks Sudha……and yes I am a Christian that’s why I don’t submit my FF on these days but today the confession made me write both my FFs…

      • SMC

        Yes I am a Christian…Wish u the same…and whoever is a Christain Happy Easter though u r a Christuan or Hindu u’ll r the same for me…

    • SMC

      Thanks Sudha….I am a Christian don’t worry that person is someone else I am SMC Twinj Fan thanks for commenting……and hope u’ll liked my episodes….????

  10. srija

    thanx atiba for update

    amazing episode finally everything is becoming fine
    and hopefully usha accepts twinkle soon

    • Baisali Jagyanseni

      Finally twinj confessed their love. Oh God most awaited moment. Evil Uv u will rott in hell now

  11. tanishaa sharma

    Hi many times I had posted my ff but it’s not posting pls say how to post a f2f on tellyupdates

  12. nayana

    Super episod……….l hope usha twincal ko apnale………. and also uv ko dek kar darr lagtahe…. o to pura pagal hogayahaiiiii ufff

  13. Sidmin

    Wowwwwwww!Sidmin what a performance u’ll made me cry in happiness one one the best day of my life 26th March I love this day like anything…

  14. finally love confession is done…superb episode
    seems that everything is going to become fine
    but i am sure that there will be some twist
    twinj love u a lot

  15. tanishaa sharma

    Let me say from some sources I heard that the rasam is who is taking the ring first from the milk

  16. prit

    Today’s episode was superb i loved it vry much finally twinj confessed that how much they love each other but one suspense is there about rasam what would it may be. Nd i m vry happy that manohar is out of coma. Mahi u must have been realize now uv is wrong. I loved how twinj hug each other and how kunj kisses twinkle on forehead. I loved the episode vry vry much yeh hurrrrrrrreh eagerly waiting for next episode. Nd loved how kunj will throw that uv out of the house. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. Fatarajo

    Today I just loved the episode Twinj’s love confession is too good , awesome and good answer by Kunj to Yuvi, annoying Luthra 😛

  18. lamat alia

    Very nice epi. finally they have confessed their love.
    Love the way of confession and how kunj kiss twinkle on her forehead.

  19. Finally yuvi is shown his place and he didnot think plotting and using mahi against sarna and tanunji families won’t help reach his destination but now I hope u are gone for good

  20. Sony

    Thanks atiba for such an beautiful episode we all twinj fans are very happy. I will never forget this episode. Now UV should not do anything thank you once again atiba. We love you, keep it up.

  21. Hi friends, I’m trying to comment on wp, after I make a post it return “Your comment is awaiting moderation + my comment”. Regarding advise what does it mean?, Is it normal ??? plsssssss can anyone tell me??

  22. twinklekunjsarna

    Wowwwww finally they confessed their luv nd wishing for more twinj scenes nd luv u twinj

  23. shreshtha

    Khusi it means that it will get scanned and posted and you can check for errors so do not worry!!! (Something like that).??

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