Tashan-e-Ishq 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj and Pallavi comes to boxing room. Pallavi says you didnt practice for many days so i thought to bring you here, he starts getting ready for practice, Pallavi thinks that i have to keep him away from Twinkle so i brought him here. Twinkle and Yuvi comes there, Twinkle says to Kunj that i told you such a big thing but you are not affected? Pallavi says you start practice, Twinkle says just a second, Kunj you are not effected to listen that Yuvi and i dont share real husband and wife relation, its namesake relation, we married because of family, we dont share husband wife relation, Kunj says wow, you guys are good, both are good actors, you should get oscar award, what kind of marriage is this? wife is talking about her married life to some other man and her husband is supporting her?

Twinkle says Yuvi and me are just good friends, Kunj says then why didnt you wear friendship band? why did you wear mangalsutra? you think i am a fool? you both were college sweethearts and you think i will believe that there is no relation between you? come on think something original, Twinkle says you dont trust your Twinkle? Kunj says i never thought you will make fun of your marriage to prove my identity, or do you have habit of having affairs with new boys? Yuvi says control your tongue, Kunj says i havent held her hand, take your wife. Flashback shows Pallavi saying to Kunj that Twinkle will try to emotionally blackmail you by talking about her marriage, fb ends. Pallavi thinks that thank God that Kunj came in my talks, Kunj says to Twinkle that if you wanted a new boy then you didnt have to call me Kunj, you should have asked me favor directly, Yuvi holds his collar and says how dare you talk like this with Twinkle, Twinkle says Yuvi leave him, if he was my Kunj then he wouldnt have said those words, no use of talking to him, they leave, Kunj punches punching bag.
Leela says to Twinkle that dont cry for person who doesnt care for you, Twinkle says i am doing this for family too, if they get their son back then they will be so happy, i dont understand that why Kunj is doing this, Leela says why you go to him and get insulted everytime? its breaking your heart, Twinkle says this is a wife’s fight and i will do anything to bring his truth out, i only has one way now, i know this is going to be difficult but i dont have any other option, she wipes her tears.
Twinkle comes to Sarna family and says i have to talk to you all, she says i am sorry, you all had to bear alot in last days, i am sorry for all that, i was mad to prove Rocky as Kunj but truth is that our Kunj has let us and will never comeback, as a Kunj’s wife i want Kunj’s property to be transferred to my name, i want to starts my business, Usha says what are you saying? Twinkle says why you are overreacting? i am handling your business for last five years, i am taking care of you all so now if i want to settle down then whats wrong in that? Kunj says i knew money can make anyone greedy, he says to Pallavi that give some money to her, finish this matter. Twinkle says excuse me who are you involve in our family matter? my husband had property, i will take that from his family, Rocky says atleast talk with respect to your husband’s family, Twinkle says who are you tell me who to talk to my family? you are guest here and just act like that, Pallavi calms Kunj. Twinkle asks family how they are going to divide property? should i call my lawyer? why you are all silent? Babee says this family will break if you do this, Twinkle says i have to do this, one more thing i have to do. NGO women comes there and chants against Sarna family, one woman says you people are torturing your daughter in law, after her husband’s death, you did torture on her and make her do business, you took dowry from her too, Usha says we didnt do any such thing, woman says Twinkle will live here else we will file police complaint, she asks Twinkle to inform them if her in law try to torture her, she says okay, they leave. Usha says to Twinkle how dare you insult us like this? she is about to slap Twinkle but Twinkle holds her hand and stares her, Kunj is angry but Pallavi holds her hand. Twinkle says you didnt listen that if you try to do anything with me then i will file domestic violence case then whole family will remember me in jail, she turns and leaves in full attitude, Babee says what has happened to Twinkle? she has changed, Kunj looks on.

Scene 2
Some girls come to Sarna house. Twinkle meets them, its her friends, friend says thanks for calling us here, i thought you forgot us, Twinkle says i was stuck with this family but now i have decided to live like a free bird. She asks Usha to bring snacks, Usha says you are ordering me? Twinkle says yes, i wont leave my friends like this, go and make tea too, why are you sitting? dont you remember NGO women? Babee hints Usha to lets go and make snacks, they leave.
Twinkle is playing cards with her friends. She asks Manohar to serve drinks to my friends, Usha is taking time in kitchen, he says okay. Kunj sees this and gets angry. Twinkle asks Manohar to do it fast, he serves it, Kunj feels bad, Twinkle eyes him.
Babee is working in kitchen, Twinkle shouts where are you Usha Maa? you people are slow, i had to survive with them for many years. Manohar serves drinks, Twinkle smirks and deliberately throws drink on floor, she asks Manohar to clean it, Manohar starts cleaning table, she says clean floor too, he is shocked and sits down to clean it, Kunj is angry to see all this. Usha comes there, Twinkle asks her to serve tea, you make good tea. she deliberately throws tea on her friend and asks Usha to wipe tea off from my friend’s sandal, you people have destroyed my party, clean her sandal, Usha takes tissue box and starts to clean her friend’s feet, Twinkle thinks that i am sorry Maa, Kunj react, you are angry, shout and say that you are Kunj. Kunj is not able to see it anymore, Usha is in tears. Twinkle comes down and pins Twinkle to wall, he says okay fine, you won and i lose, i accept that i am Kunj, yes i am Kunj, stop torturing my family, usha says Kunj? Twinkle looks on in tears, all are happy.. it all turns out to be Twinkle’s dream, she sees Kunj still not reacting and just standing silently. Twinkle says to usha that take everything from here, you spoiled party, Usha takes it. Kunj tries to go there but Pallavi drags him from there, Twinkle is disappointed.
Pallavi brings Kunj to room and says she is trying to provoke you so you react and she proves that you are Kunj, dont come in her trap, she gives him water, he recalls Twinkle’s behavior with his family, he takes glass and breaks it on floor instead of drinking water, he is angry, Pallavi thinks that he can blurt out truth, i have to do something.

PRECAP- Pallavi books tickets for London. Kunj says you are seeing how Twinkle is behaving with family? how can we leave for London? Pallavi says but they are our main sponsors, we have to go for meeting, he says fine but only for two days, she nods. Twinkle says to Yuvi that i listened Pallavi planning to go to London with Kunj, if she takes Kunj from here then we wont be able to do anything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love twinkle go girl

  2. I think cvs are giving a hint he is not kunj.because finally twinkle told he is not my kunj he can’t say like this.And y suddenly they brought the topic of revant.they can directly show pallavi fell in love with rocky.muje haisa kyu leg rah hai they are turning the story in such a way that our kunj can reenter.please sid come back

    1. Jisha

      I think you are right… CVs are still not confirming whether rocky is kunj or not… probably they will continue this Twinkle vs rocky game till the date they get confirmation of Sid… probably they are waiting 4 him… come back soon sid

    2. Its not,like tht palavi is loving kunj becz she has given her dead husband face to kunj through surgery…so its sure tht rockey is kunj as he remembers each and everything he spent with twinkle…

      By the way I too pray tht cvc bring did back to show by re-surgering kunj’s face…

      hope tha happen???

      1. but everytime she says mein kunj ko mujse alag hone nahi dengi.she must said revant that time.its really confusing

  3. dreamer....arundhati

    Atiba a big thank u 4 the update… I was dieing to see but couldn’t but u atleasr gave me to read…. Plz yaar cvs its high. Time we want some positivity now… Plz i don’t want another kumkum bhagya.. .Uff

  4. Nrk maybe it comes true that kunj aka Siddhant reenter .

  5. Thanmy

    Guys I know that you maybe knowing this but still I wanted to share this news or I must say happiness with u all that this weekend we have got two big surprises on Saturday jdj9 is going to start and we can see our sid again and on Sunday Zee gold awards we can see sidmin’s performance are you all excited?? I’m damn excited!!!

  6. Wow twinkle Awesome this trick will work good job keep it up. Reunite twinj soon plz plz.

  7. It clearly shows that Kunj trust Pallavi more than Twinkle.

  8. ab to sab ko pata chal geya ki twinj will re unite..tellychakkar and india forums pe v a geya news…but now we don’t want this naman with jas at all…bakwas couple ever and ever.we just want sid with jas…many stars do jdj and their shows before even in rival channel…so why not sid?this blo*dy zee….their ego…so plss call zee response team,send mails and feedbacks everyday…majority important…bash the channel and cvs..tweet them.we want sid back.jas aur naman ka jodi se show chalega nehi..that’s a true fact…so plss do….me and my frnds do it everyday…

  9. That was the worst episode ever just yuvraj and twinkle look so good together

  10. I Dont Care About Sid Or Naman Both I Want Only Zain {yuvi}as Main Lead Because He Is More Good Looking Then Both

    1. no…sid is the most handsome guy..even jas told that….he is most handsome…but naman yukkk…but it’s not the matter of face..it’s the matter of true love and morality.twinkle only loves kunj and kunj also loves her only that they both can’t move on in their life with others…once all mu will clear kunj will start to love her again more than uv…

      1. Jisha

        True… it’s not the matter of face… it’s about love. Kunj (Sid/naman) should be with twinkle…

      2. Ya but at the end it’s all just the drama and they’re really not in love

  11. I never understand whats CV what is CV ANYONE ANSWER PLZ

    1. CVs are the creatives?
      The ones who work on the story

  12. [email protected] please send mails to them every day who want sid back.let their inbox flood with mails to bring sid back

  13. guys i prefer yuvi nd twinlke,they are my best couples…

  14. I saw on indiaforums as well as tellychakkar that twinj will only reunite and yuvi will get out from their life.
    Finally twinj is coming back.
    I am very happy.

  15. In indiaforums it is mention that twinkle to reunite with kunj leaving yuvi alone.
    Kunj will reveal his identity infront of the whole family.And after twinj reunion,yuvi will be back out from twinkle’s life leaving her with her long lost love,kunj.

  16. I mean yuvi will be out from twinkle’s life.he will leave twinkle with her kunj.
    Now understand rocky is kunj only.
    But if sid will come back then I will be on cloud hundred.
    Tell me,how many of you are happy with this twinj reunion news?

    1. I will be happy if it was sidmin union. otherwise I don’t care.

    2. Hands up here !!! I’m on your side, Girl. I love KUNJ TO BE PAIRED BACK WITH TWINKLE, but at the same time I’m sad for Yuvi after what have he done to bring Kunj back into Twinkle life.

    3. Jisha

      I am happy with twinj reunion….the story is about twinj… no doubt if it was Sid, I would be the happiest

  17. Zain ki deewani

    F*** off i don’t gv a shit to ds bkws ghatiya show my zain dsrvs much mr thn ds f***ng shw. Alws since the strt @zeetv playd with yuvle fans emotions n 1 mr thng we r nt blind shippers tht we wl ship to ne couple the lead of ths shw since the promo days wr yuvraj n twnkle thn u md tht kunj entry frm no where n unitd twnj made uv -ve. Nw aftr sidhant’s exit whn agn we got bk hope ths bl**dy cv’s ditchd us agn mere liye yuvle hi tei k real couple the hain or hamesha rehenge jitne kunj ko lana h lao bt zain jaisa phadu actng na koi aur actor kr sakega. Zain i jus pray u gt wl soon n don rtrn to ds cheap shw they hv wstd ur talent they didn’t realise ur imp in the shw ab pata chalega inko ki inke shw ne ek gem khoya h yes my zainu is a real gem

    1. Amani zandhekar

      Hey friend, don’t be mad like this… This is just a serial drama. No more or less. Although zain changes to been pair with Twinkle is 20%, but a fan, we just hope for the best. Believe me, we do our best to keep our hero be main lead in this serial, but at the end of time it’s depend on CV’s to serve us with whom Twinkle should be pair. Remember, all TEINKJ fans mad like crazy when Sid left this show and they hope CV’s bring their fav. Actor back, but this is all CV’s decision after all, right. So, just like Sid fans, we must bear to see what will CV’s do next. Till then, Adios my friend .


    2. zain deserves a girl better than tw.lets hope cvs bring a heroine for uv also who loves him from her heart.

  18. and may be stupid cvs are saying about twinj union to bring back long lost twinj fans

  19. i’m so disappointed with today’s episode , from past 1 month twinkle is trying to prove rocky’s identity and he’s denying . how long will they drag it ?………….such a disgusting episode . and moreover yuvi had no role yesterday , he has become twinkle’s puppet n is following her everywhere . what rubbish …………when will twinkle start to feel for yuvi?…….i mean i’m not saying her to say i love u to yuvi r8 now but at last she can start to grow some feelings for him at least , this irritating identity proof drama is getting on my nerves now . please please please bring some yuvle role also . yuvi-twinkle fans gather up and demand for their love-track to start please ………..

  20. I am with you rayana love you.

  21. I am very happy to know that many of you love twinj.thanx a lot for supporting twinj.
    Love all the twinj fan a lot….

  22. Now that tellybuzz and tellychakkar confirmed Kunj nd twinkle’s union…itz time for me to bid a bye bye to the show!! Stupid writers…stupid cvs!! I stopped watching tei when Yuvi was made a villain…I resumed it when I saw d promos of him turning positive…and now again a bye bye I guess!! Go to hell tei team!! There are many other shows wch are far better than ur idiotic one…idiotic storyline…no respect for marriage…being Indian show no respect for marriage…u think itz a game..chi!!! Shame on u ppl!!

    Waise bhi top 10 mein tho ho hi nahi sakte ye serial!! Hell with it now!! Bye bye…done now!! blo*dyshitt!!

  23. I always wanted the characters Kunj and Twinkle together . No matter what . And if Yuvi becomes hero then he can be but kunj’s character will have to remain the same or else it might not be acceptable to many viewers of Tashan e Ishq just like me . So kunj will have remain positive . And by Yuvi becomming postive but Kunj and Twinkle should reamin together else show will not work .

  24. Only shit is happening in dz serial …..dz rocky/ kunj is juz disgusting .,..feel pity for yuvi ….. Zain u r DA best n always be the best for me .. I only watch tei for zain …??

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