Tashan-e-Ishq 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Police arrives at venue and takes Purvi from there, Twinkle thinks that Purvi wont be able to blackmail Manohar now, Yuvi thinks that Twinkle failed my plan again, now Kunj and Twinkle can move closer so i have to make another plan so separate them. Host ask participants to come on stage, Twinkle thinks that my reason for taking part in competition is completed so i will not stay here, i hope Kunj understands me now, i miss you Kunj, she turns to find Kunj there, Sajna ve plays, Kunj asks Twinkle where are you going? Twinkle says my reason for taking part is finished, i am going home, Kunj says you want to show how great you are and that your husband doesnt support you, Twinkle says nothing like that, i am not in mood to take part and also you didnt want me to take part in it right?

Kunj says then why did you take part in it in first spot? you are doing all this for Mahi right? you cant leave it in middle now, i dont know about you but i care for my wife’s reputation, Twinkle gets happy listening this and hugs Kunj, Sajna ve plays, Yuvi sees this and gets angry. Kunj says to Twinkle that lets show them that we don runaway, he holds her hand and brings her on stage. Host says to participants that husbands will 5minutes to make their wives ready and whoever will do it better will be winner. Round starts, Kunj ties saree on Twinkle, they share eyelock, Manmarziyan plays, Twinkle keep looking at him in love, Yuvi sees them in anger and pins needle on Mahi’s shoulder, she screams, he says i am sorry. Kunj gets closer to Twinkle and makes her wear bangles, host says only 30seconds left, Yuvi is concentrating on Kunj and Twinkle, Kunj brings necklace, he comes closer to Twinkle, she feels it and closes her eyes, Kunj makes her wear necklace, round ends, host says Kunj Sarna have won the round, Twinkle and Kunj shares eyelock, Yuvi is angry.
Twinkle and Kunj comes back home, Babee says i saw on Tv, Kunj did great work and made Twinkle wear saree, Kunj says Twinkle was guiding me, Babee says husband and wife are like this, they together can win in any situation and your couple is special. Yuvi and Mahi comes there, Yuvi thinks that my plan failed but by Mahi losing, Mahi is going away from Twinkle more, Babee says to Mahi that dont worry, many rounds are remaining and you lost to your sister only so smile, Mahi smiles, Babee leaves. Twinkle tries to talk to Mahi but she leaves, Yuvi claps for them and says you both are fooling people that you love each other, you dont have any relation like real husband and wife and this marriage is just Tashan-e-shadi, he leaves, Kunj looks on. Chinki comes there and says congrats for winning this round, but there is one problem, you have become fat, Twinkle says i will have to lose weight now, Kunj says you dont need to lose weight, i can embrace you easily, you fit in my arms perfectly, Twinkle eyes him that Chinki is standing, Kunj gets conscious and says you dont need to lose weight, he leaves. Chinki says to Twinkle that if Kunj doesnt have problem then what can i say? Twinkle asks her to shut up, Chinki asks whats going on between you and him, you both share good chemistry, Twinkle says you say anything you want, Chinki asks her to tell her what is it? Twinkle runs from there.
Yuvi is sitting in room and recalls Kunj and Twinkle’s closeness, Mahi asks him to apply ointment on her back as needle was pinned there, Yuvi thinks that i have to pretend to love her and now i have to serve her too. He brings detol chemical, she says we dont have ointment? this will be itchy, Yuvi thinks that i want you to feel pain so that Twinkle feels pain too seeing you, Yuvi says we dont have ointment. Yuvi applies chemical, Mahi screams, Twinkle comes there and says i have ointment, i will apply it, Yuvi says no need, i am here to serve her, she is already in stress so dont make her more tensed, he says to Mahi that i know this chemical is itchy but it will make you fine soon, Mahi says i trust you, apply it, Twinkle thinks that how should i tell Mahi that Yuvi is psycho and just taking her advantage, she leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes in her room and looks at Kunj, Chup tum raho plays, they share eyelock, Twinkle is sad, she goes to her bed while Kunj sits on couch, Kunj thinks that Twinkle came from Yuvi’s room so she must be tensed, i am an idiot, i knew Twinkle is doing all this for Mahi still i behaved rudely with her. Kunj lies on couch, Twinkle looks at him, she lies on bed, both look at each other, both ask what? Kunj says nothing, Twinkle says nothing, they both try to sleep. Kunj sleeps, Twinkle gets up and closes window as Kunj is feeling cold, Twinkle comes to Kunj and says get up, he wakes up and asks what? Twinkle says its cold today, Kunj says you are feeling cold? take my blanket, Twinkle says what will you use now? Kunj says i am fine, i dont feel cold much, Twinkle says actually i was saying.. Kunj says what? Twinkle says you understand yourself, Kunj says i will understand only if you speak up, Twinkle says i am saying its cold so you can sleep on bed, Kunj says what? i sleep on bed and you on couch? you wont be able to sleep here, go to sleep, Twinkle murmurs that he doesnt understand what i am trying to say, Twinkle says i am saying that you can sleep on bed with me, Kunj is shocked listening this, Kunj says me and you together on bed? Twinkle says you can sleep on bed, you on one side and i on otherside, let me explain, she created pillow wall on bed, she says i have made border, you can sleep on one side, Kunj asks if she is fine? she s ready to share bed with him? Twinkle says not sharing, i have made border, if you sleep in cold area then you will get flu and i will get it from you which i dont want so you can sleep on bed. Kunj comes to sleep on bed, Twinkle says this is my side, can you sleep on otheside? Kunj goes to otherside of bed, Twinkle closes door of room. Kunj lies in bed, Twinkle switches off lights, she lies on her side of bed, Chup tum raho plays, both look at each other, Twinkle turns away, Kunj looks at her and turns away too, both are not able to sleep.
Twinkle’s phone rings, their phones are placed in middle of bed, both try to take their phone, Kunj mistakenly holds Twinkle’s hand instead of phone, she looks at him and takes her hand away. Twinkle checks her phone, Kunj looks at her, Twinkle lies and turns away, both smile.
Its morning, Twinkle is sleeping close to Kunj, she is lying her head on Kunj’s hand, Kunj wakes up and sees this, he looks at Twinkle and says you look so innocent and pretty while sleeping like kid, you look cute but when you wake up, your sayappa mode is on and you make me fall in trap too, he tries to take his hand away but Twinkle comes more closer to him in sleep and holds his hand, Sajna ve plays, Kunj gives up and lies with her.

PRECAP- Leela calls Twinkle and says you always ask God for others happiness but today go and pray for yourself and for your relation with Kunj. Twinkle comes in Guradvarah, she prays to Lord, Priest says you are trying to find answer of question which you already know, just close your eyes and think from your heart not from your mind, you will find answer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Guys I loved kunj’s line “twinkle tumhe weight kam karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai tumhari kamar meri bahon mei perfectly fit hoti hai” wooooooow !!!! What do u guys think about that and yeah ofcourse the dress up and bed scenes were also too good

    1. I liked the way he said that made me laugh !!?

  3. AWSOME! episode today scenes were best in tashan-e-ishq

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    THE BEST epi till today

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    it’s a time when they have started enjoying each other’s touches and closeness so peak time to realize and confess dramatically and emotionally

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