Tashan-e-Ishq 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Twinkle finds video in her phone, she thinks to show it to Babee, Babee is coming upstairs, Twinkle is coming down fast to show her video of Yuvi, she bangs into Babee and Babee falls from stairs, all are shocked and runs to Babee, babee faints, Kunj ask Twinkle what she did, why was she running? Twinkle says i was coming to show her video of Yuvi, Kunj throws her phone in anger, Twinkle says i was just.. Kunj slaps her and says its enough, you are mad behind Yuvi, Twinkle is shocked, Twinkle tries to come near Babee but Kunj ask her to stay away, Babee becomes conscious and says Twinkle didnt hit me, the man pushed me purposely, its waiter who was appointed by Anita, he tries to run but Surjeet brings him, Kunj takes Babee to hospital, Surjeet ask waiter why he did it? Raman says i will call police,

waiter says no forgive me, i did all this for money, Surjeet ask who gave you money to push babee from stairs? waiter points at Kunj and says he gave me money to push babe from stairs and make it look like accident, Kunj comes there and says what are you saying? waiter says you called me and asked me to do it, Kun beats him and says he is taking my name to save someone else, Anita thinks that kunj again fell in my trap, Anita says to Kunj that why that waiter took your name only? Kunj says i can never do this with my babee, Twinkle says Kunj is right, he cant do this, Kunj is surprised that she is still supporting him, waiter runs from there, Anita says Kunj has done this, Leela says we all know how Kunj loves Babee, why would he hurt her? Anita says Babee have already named her property on his name so he must have thought to remove her from way, Kunj says i cant stoop so much low to hit my babee for some money, Anand says Kunj cant do this, someone is trapping him, Leela says Anita have done this, its her habit to trap people and then enjoy, you must have given money to that waiter, Anita says you are blaming me so your daughter is saved too, Twinkle was also involved in all this, like Kunj slapping her and blaming her so that it all looks like accident and not their plan, its clear when waiter took Kunj’s name, Kunj says dont bring Twinkle in all this, Twinkle is innocent and i cant do this with Babee, Twinkle says Babee means alot to us, we cant do this with her, Surjeet says even i am understanding that it was Kunj and Twinkle’s plan, Kunj says i havent done anything, Yuvi thinks that only my mom can make such good plans, now Kunj will go in jail and will be with Twinkle, inspector comes there, Surjeet ask him to arrest Kunj for pushing Babee, Anita says Twinkle was involved in all this, take her too, Yuvi thinks what mom is doing, Twinkle should not go, he acts like kid and says dont take them, Kunj says Twinkle is daughter in law of this house, Babee wouldnt have allowed to let her go in jail, Surjeet says so you will go in jail, inspector takes Kunj from there, Anita says to Twinkle that i am ashamed that you can stoop so low for property, you have gone on your mom and you have ruined Kunj too, she takes Yuvi and leaves from there, Twinkle breakdowns and says i didnt do anything, i didnt push Babee, Kunj is taken to jail, why they are framing us? we are innocent, Leela ask her to not cry and says you have always fought to become good daughter in law so now fight for your husband, wipe these tears and bring Kunj out of jail, Twinkle wipes her tears and says you are right, i will bring Kunj out of jail after proving him innocent, bless me, Leela says mother are always with kids.
Surjeet’s family is in hospital, Anita says i am worried if anything happens to Babee then Kunj will have to live in jail, Anand says Kunj is innocent and maybe you are behind all this, Surjeet says stop it, we all know about your family, your father is cheater, you are kidnapper and now your brother is killer, Anand says no need to fight, think about Babee, Surjeet says i know what to do and what not, Anita thinks to complete her work.
Anita calls killer and says work is still remaining, Kill Babee and frame Kunj in all this, make her death look like accident and then Kunj will be jailed, killer says your work will be done.

Scene 2
Twinkle is in her room, she says what is happening, i am here and Kunj in jail, i am feeling helpless, i dont understand if Yuvi have done this or Anita, she gets call from Yuvi, Twinkle says dont irritate her, what you want? he says i want you, he ask if she has white saree as your Kunj is in world for somedays only, Kunj will leave world and you will come to me, you dont have to wait much as when Kunj will die, you will become mine, Twinkle says dont blabber anything, Yuvi says dont miff me else i will give more pain to Kunj, Yuvi says listen to me, this night will be last night of Kunj who is in jail, you get ready to become mine, he sing sTujhe apna banane ki kasam kahyi hai, he says i love you and ends call, Twinkle gets worried for Kunj and says his life is in danger, she gets call from someone.
Anita says to Surjeet that we should go back home as its not allowed to stay in hospital dont worry about Babee,two ladies come in hospital in veil, they go towards Babee’s room, Anita sees them going and says who are they going to Babee’s room? nurse comes and says they have come to message Babee as part of treatment, you leave as visiting hours are finished, Anita calls killer but he doesnt pick up.
the veiled women were Twinkle and Chinki, nurse comes there, Twinkle thanks her and says Babee’s life is in danger, thanks for taking our side.
goon comes in lock-up where Kunj is, they bring out knife and comes towards Kunj.

PRECAP- Goons attacks Kunj with knife but Kunj holds their knife, Twinkle comes there with Chinki and killer(i think) and sees goons attacking Kunj and he holding their knife, she shouts Kunj’s name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    What rubbish I think yuvi really loves twinkle. Twinkle will save kunj and act as good to yuvi and bring his truth out.
    Guys avuna mahasangam pottu blade poduranga pls stop it and unite kunj and twinkle

  2. lot of things happened today!
    I hated the part where kunj slapped twinkle -_-
    just hated it -_-
    but now I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode..hope twinj will come out of this problem soon

  3. Its not fair….àt the end of this week again kunj is to be killed…..y always kunj and ywinkle have to face problems….twinj are always insulted añd misbehaved

  4. Plz Godcsaveckunj…

  5. Can’t believe Kunj slapped Twinkle, now she is the one who’s going to save him. Lets see if he will apologize to her or if Yuvi will get exposed anytime soon. He probably took up the phone that Kunj threw away.

  6. Better to end this serial there is no story at all ..From Day 1 its same..

  7. I dkunj ko kuch naa ho bss…otherwise uvraj twinkle ko hasil kr le gaaa…and this would not be good ….plz twinj must not be separated….they look awesome superb,cute,lovely etc together ..love u twinj ommmmhhhhh???

  8. The most painful scenecin this epi was when kunj raised his hand on twinkle

  9. I think that this time kunj will be killed..but why every week kunj ko hi Marne ka socha IATA hai….the serial has nothing new,jst kidnaping.,murder plans and twinj insult….all the time same track

  10. Sooooooo boring.the same problems twinj have to face.NEXT TIME don’t murder/kidnap good people pls kill the devils like anita,uv,cherry and his father.

  11. How the story took a 360° turn!!!!its unbelievable!!!hats off to the cvs for thinking such incredible plots!!!!trp will surely fall with such good plots & twists which make no sense & in the end can only ruin the moods of fans… Good going cvs…good way to stop the show…but i suggest u dont take such a long process…just unite twinj…make uv realise his mistake & give it a happy ending…every 1 will be happy…simple…

    1. Wah wah…what a ending….????????

  12. Why all the time twinkle and kunj has to face problems ,there is no love between them!whenever love starts between them there will be some problem

  13. I think Kunj will die, as the story of this serial is initially about yuvi and twinkle, as for yuvi, I think he really does love twinkle now.

  14. Hmmmmm..twinkle kunj ko love realize hona chahye

  15. josphine muthoni

    I dont think kunj can die because if he does there will be no rivalry…twinkle will save kunj i presume
    Yuvi loves twinkle bt prblm is his mother who diverted him from lov to revange
    nyc update

  16. There is no luv between twinz.I want more romance between them

  17. Yay!!! Twinkle was slapped by two people…Anita and kunj..???..yahoo,??,,she deserves this?,,,all the time she is blabering??,,,U.V ko expose karna hay,,, expose my foot…abhi tak tu expose kar tu nae pae aur expose,,,go to he’ll u twinkle…tumnay 24 hours kaha tha expose krny k liay and dekhoooo,,ur time is over and u still didn’t expose him,,,,??
    And u kunj seriously tum nay twinki ko slap kun kia…what happened to u is totally right…tumnay twinki ko slap kia now go to jail and chakkipees…lolxxx??…I just don’t understand what’s going on in this stupid drama….everyone is just….can’t tell what.
    And u U.V plz stop over acting….???
    And this surjeet u r just stupid…baba ba. …????
    I hope ab babey ko kuch na ho,,,otherwise kunj aur twinkle k supporters tu wAsey hi kam Hain…??

  18. Lack of romance in almost episode. so care it.

  19. I love uv he is such a actor..even he us villan..he plays..very well ….i just hate anitha

  20. Unexpected track . feel sorry for kunj and twinkle

  21. I have no idea where the story is heading this week , in one scene Kunj slapped twinkle and after a while he gets arrested? Kunj shouldn’t have slapped Twinkle, but I did felt bad for him when he got arrested. I only liked te Twinkle dream scene this week , I love this show but this week it’s quite disappointing. Luckily, I m out of town currently.

  22. Love the pair twinj and this story too.?

  23. I think whatever z happening z for gud. Kunj will feel guilty on why he doubted his wife. As in precap twinkle has arrived with the contractor, she will save both kunj and bebe. On the other part now onwards they can fight together against Yuvi, at least it’s much better than twinkle fighting alone……

  24. The serial is just going in wrong track.. Day by day it is becoming BORING …. No good scenes of twinj… Fan fiction is more interesting than the serial .. I am really tired of all this nonsense… The writer don’t have the story… Only kidnapping, slapping, murder, etc. Is going on supporters are less and villains are more….. Just hating this track… UV is acting can’t anyone see that n Kunj, he is just gone mad he threw the phone chalo it’s OK but then he slapped Twinkle I am just not understanding what the writter is doing

    1. I understand what u r saying. But try to think if there r not these scenes the viewer & everything is going on line then there would be happy ending. By making UV doing these tasks they r trying to denote the phase of pain & suffering that twinj r going through. The circumstances that will help the twinj come more nearer & closer to each other.

  25. Just happy for one thing that Leela is now supporting twinkle

  26. i agree wiyh u shilpi…….its better to see twinj together rather than twinkle being sole support for family…….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. What a rubbish. Twinkle should patch up with Yuvi .Then all their probs would be over. I think that Yuvi would care her a lot.

  28. I really hope Kunj wakes up , see the truth and behaves himself. And start supporting Twinkle . It is a husbands duty to stand with his wife and fight all the battles together.. My mom really loves Twinkle. Because she is the youngest daughter in law of all shows and she is tolerating alot for her age. She is so nice and loving and strong.

  29. Nice yuvi.love you ??❤️

  30. Hope k kunj bch jaye ..but mje lgta hai kunj bhayya tu aaj gye …plz kunj ko mt marna director sahb ….I lv kunj if he is out of the serial ,I will stop watching this show….

  31. WTF how dare kunj slap twinkle. She should go home with her mom an leave those ppl with their beloved yuvi. This is crap.

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