Tashan-e-Ishq 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manohar says to Kunj that you must have said something to Twinkle, remember Twinkle isw very lucky for us, it will be good if Leela says yes for marriage, Leela calls him and says i am sorry i couldnt give answer before, my Twinkle as shy infront of all, he ask Leela what you decided? she says Twinkle likes Kunj alot, relation is fixed from our side, Manohar says congrats then, from now on your Twinkle is mine, Twinkle is tensed listeing all this.
Twinkle comes in guredvarah, she prays to guruji that why all this is happening with me? do something that my love is beside me, Kunj comes there and prays too, Twinkle prays that one ,,day me and my love prays to you together, Kunj prays that i know you do ood for everyone, but why you brouht Twinkle in my life? help me and give my

love to me, Twinkle starts leaving but her dupatta flows on Kunj’s face, she turns and pulls her dupatta and leaves, Kunj is confused.
Anita thinks why Taneja’s are celebrating so much, Leela comes in Anita’s house and dances, Anita comes there, Leela says history changed, i came to your house as your life’s loss is my life’s gain, you gave me 5 days, see i completed this challenge in 2 days, she says today is Roka of my daughter, Anita says this is temporary happiness, have sweets, you came to my house for first time, history can change but things are same, you won small game but whole war is left, only relation is fixed, she has not married, all know about Twinkle’s character maybe they change their mind after Roka, i will make you eat your loss’s sweets soon, Leela says Kunj and Twinkle will marry at any cost, Anita says this marriage will not happen, Leela says lets see.

Scene 2
yuvi ask Twinkle why did you say yes for marriage? Twinkle says i didnt say anything, my mom said yes, Twinkle finds her nana there, she hides with you Yuvi Yuvi says i think he has doubt on us, Nana leavesm Yuvi ask why you didnt tell Kunj what you used to say othersm Twinkle says because Kunj saiod all that bekfore mem Yuvi says i wil not leave him Twinkle ask him to calm down she says i will give proofs to my mom that Kunj is cheapster then this marriage wil be over Yuvi says how dare he touch you, Twinkle says dont create scene, i will handle him.
Kunj says i didnt behave this way with any girl like i behaved Twinkle, what tyoe of girl is she that didnt say no, how will i marry that girl but i cant say no to dad, Manohar calls him and says we are doing Roka, Kunj says isnt is fasT? MNanohar says you tole me thaty you like Twinkle so whats issue in doing Roka, Guruji said this day is good for Roka, he ask wife and Kunj to be ready and leaves.
Leela is checking decorations, she checks food and ask to make it more fine, she checks bar and ask bar tender will you handle everything? he says dont worry, Raman ask will you make guests drink wine in party? she says its lassi bar, she ask did you bring coin which i will give in Shagun to Kunj he says i forgot, she says what will we do now, a man(Bedi) comes in and says i have brought it, she says thanks, he says i am just manager, you have given me respect, Leela says you are part of family..
Kunj says to his mother that i coulldnt say no infront of Manohar she says i dont like that girl at all, he says so you donjt want me to marry her? she no, she ask that you dont want to marry her? he says yes, both are stunned.
Bedi says to leela that i have brought gift for groom, he shows her watch, she says this is same which i chose for my son in law you didnt forget it thanks, Twinke comes and greets him, leela ask her to not roam around.
Yuvi gives money to goons and takes his den from him, he says it will be good place to welcome Kunj Sarna.
Yuvi kidnaps some waiters abd takes their clothes, he dresses as waiter, Twinkle calls him and says thanks for being cool and for not creating scene about Kunj, Yuvi thinks i will teach lesson to Kunj, Twinkle ask where are you? he says near you he ends call, Yuvi thinks how dare kunj try to do Roka with my Twinkle, i will not leave him.

PRECAP- Yuvi comes in party dressed as waiter, Leela stops him and says you are not same bar tender who met in day, who are you? Yuvi is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I really lyk kunj’s character
    It will be vry intresting 2 no how kunj n twinkle fall in luv …….. I thnk uv will hav. -ve role in d serial

    1. No yuvraj and twinkle
      Kunj and some girl called alisha

  2. I dont like leela..twinkle’s mom…she’s always after yuvi…like in anything she just wants to beat anita n yuvraj=yuvita…huhh…does she even think of her daughter’s happiness??!!! She just wants to beat the lutra’s..nothing else!!
    Zain u rock cutie!! Miss u as abhi!! The most fun-loving in kyy!!

  3. Nice epi…hope Yuvi isn’t playin a -ve role..luv u twinkraj

  4. Sorry 2 say but d how track is going, it luks lyk twinle n kunj will be paired n not uv

  5. yuvraj’s character is -ve role in this serial……kunj is real hero for twinkle….if alisha(gf of kunj)
    comes also…she will be gone after some time…but twinkle is final love for kunj….

  6. I hope Twinkle will not marry kunj and break Yuvi heart…:(

  7. Want twinkle n yuvi

    They kinda deceived us. I was hoping for twinkle n yuvi but this seems like twinkle n junk hence I have lost interest in this show. I’m not up for another war. It is entertainment then y this deception ! Better to stay away !

  8. hell with kunj

  9. Kunj and twinkle r the perfect pair. Yuvi doesnt love twinkle at all. He hurts her. Heonly wants her when he can’t have her. All just possession. In possession there is no love. He may hv been good as abhi but definitely not in this show.

  10. Love kunj entry.want to see kunj-twinkle
    pair. They are perfect mach.

  11. I luv Yuvi and twinkle couple…dey lyk prfct 2geder..

  12. Kunj is handsome but yuvi n twinkle match up good ♡

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