Tashan-e-Ishq 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yuvi is in Twinnkle-Kunj’s room, Yuvi goes towards Twinkle she wakes up, Yuvi leaves before that. Yuvi says to himself he will be near Twinkle they will go out and be together he will make sure Twinkle is away from Kunj. Yuvi whistles and leaves. Twinkle tries to wake Kunj up he says even in sleep Twinkle is annoying him, Twinkle throws water on Kunj he wakes up, Twinkle tells him someone is in the room and they are whistling, Kunj says no one is here it might be a ghost even they will get scared seeing her face. Twinkle is very worried, Kunj assures Twinkle he is awake he is here he will watch TV she should sleep. It’s morning, Twinkle is at the beach Yuvi is also there whistling tune, Twinkle is scared, Yuvi sings Tumhe apna banane ki kasam kayi hai, Twinkle is really scared,

she runs. Just then Kunj comes behind her Twinkle screams, Kunj says its him her one and only husband, the star of her eyes, Twinkle says she heard the whistle again. Kunj assures her its only her fear nothing there its probably a tourist whistling. Kunj tells her Twinkle needs to calm down no one is following her. Kunj says he is with Twinkle she shouldn’t worry, Twinkle tries to assure herself its nothing its just a whistle. Yuvi is whistling again to the song, Twinkle, Kunj are walking on the beach along with other couples, Twinkle says to Kunj what is her looking at calls him a cheepo and says to him to stop thinking of ideas, Kunj says seeing her he will not have any ideas not even if she takes rebirth. Both Twinkle and Kunj leaves angrily. Twinkle receives a call no one speaks, she disconnects the calls, the phone rings again its Yuvi he is whistling on the phone, Twinkle is scared, Yuvi sings the song again. Twinkle runs to the rocks, Yuvi is there too she doesnt see him he is behind her, Yuvi grabs her neck before Twinkle can see he leaves. Twinkle runs from there she sees a set she says Yuvi use to do the same arrangements for there dates, the whistling starts again, Twinkle says Yuvi is here but she is not sure, she is scared. Twinkle says she wants to know who it is she runs to climb the cliff, she falls Twinkle is hanging of the cliff. Kunj comes in time saves her, Twinkle hugs Kunj crying, Sajna Ve plays in the background.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Kunj have ball room dance in masquerade party, Twinkle listens mysterious whistle again and gets worried.

Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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  1. Wowwwwwww nce gd yvi thanku ki tumna twinj ko hug kar ya thankuuu twinj humshah asi rahnamuh

  2. OMG!! yuvi is not realising dat in de process of separatin dem he z gettin dem united!!!!!

  3. I really luv ur jodi kunj twinkle:-)

  4. Its reallllllyyyy Gooooooooddddddd!!!!!!??????!!!!!!

  5. Awesome episode

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