Tashan-e-Ishq 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anita comes in house, she mixes some powder in food prepared by Kunj, Yuvi sees her in burqa, he tried to catch her but she runs from there.
Kunj is about to eat food but Yuvi comes and throws away food, Kunj holds Yuvi’s collar and says you came here again? Yuvi says there is poison in food, Kunj says i wanted to spend some time with my family but you can let us be at peace, Yuvi says trust me there is poison in food, Twinkle is shocked to listen that, Kunj says not in food but you have filled our lives with poison. Anita is angry seeing all this and says how dare Yuvi, my own son is against me, he is changed. Kunj says to Yuvi that she put poison in my food and nobody saw her except you and where is she now? Yuvi says i am damn sure it was my mom, i dont know where dis she

go, Kunj says what proof do you have? Yuvi says you want proof? i will give it to you, i will eat this food only then you will realize that i am saying truth, just wait and watch, Yuvi looks at everyone, he is about to eat food, date, he thinks and eats it, all are tensed, Yuvi starts coughing, he feels dizzy, Kunj says what happened? you are alive, you have so much poison in you that poison is not affecting you, Yuvi says i swear mom was mixing something in food. Anita sees this and says i was not able to mix poison in food because of Yuvi. Anita says i am going to turn fear into reality, Kunj has to die, 27th may will be last day of Kunj in this world and even God cant change this, nobody can change it, Kunj has to die, he has to die, she laughs evilly and says live your life Kunj fully till 27th may, she laughs like crazy. Kunj says to Yuvi that you have made our lives hell with this drama, just get lost from here, Yuvi says try and listen to me, Kunj says you want me to throw you out of house? get out of here, Yuvi tensely looks at Twinkle and leaves.
Its morning, Babee says to Kunj that your Principal is good, he is taking you all to Goa for convocation, you and Twinkle go and enjoy, Kunj says i am surprised too, he called us and said to reach Goa, we will be there till 27th may, Kunj sneeze, Twinkle says we should leave after sometime, sneezing is not good omen, Kunj says from when you have started believing all this? Leela says Twinkle dont worry, everything will be fine, just enjoy, Twinkle says for my peace, you call Guru ji and ask him if Kunj is safe, Leela says i will call him. Kunj and Twinkle leaves for Goa.
Yuvi comes in Anita’s room, he says Anita ranaway last night but i know she must be planning something against Kunj and Twinkle. Yuvi sees diary there, he sketches with pencil and sees erased note, note says that there is convocation in Goa on 27th may, Yuvi says its Kunj’s convocation, it means mom is planning something, he calls Twinkle but her phone is out of reach, he gets tensed.
Kunj and Twinkle comes to Goa, Kunj says we have so many memories from this place, we used to fight alot, Twinkle says but you always protected me, Kunj says i am going to protect you for life time, what we couldnt do it in first chance, we will do it in 2nd chance, he asks what he means? Kunj says we couldnt celebrate our honeymoon, Twinkle says you have become naughty, Kunj says i have done all studies, it time for love studies, i will enjoy whole day with you, we will go to beach, Twinkle says we should go to hotel room first, Kunj says thats boring, i have called Babee, she will inform Leela that we have reached, Twinkle thinks that i had to ask Leela if she talked to Guruji or not, Kunj sees her tensed and says we should go to room first, Twinkle says but you want to go to beach so lets go there, Kunj gets happy, they leave.
Leela meets Guruji, Guruji says that Kunj’s life is in danger, Leela gets tensed and asks if there is any way to protect him from danger? guruji says there is one way, if Kunj’s wife get ready as bride, wear jewelry and bangles and does pooja with Kunj for hours then he will be protected, they have to do it together, Leela thinks about it.

Scene Yuvi reaches Goa and says nothing is going to happen to Kunj, Mom has forgotten that Yuvi never lose, i will never let anything happen to Kunj.
Twinkle and Kunj rides bike. They come to beach, aaji blue hai pani. Kunj kisses Twinkle on cheek. Kunj and Twinkle goes for boat ride, they enjoy time together, Twinkle hugs Kunj tightly.
Twinkle comes to hotel room, Twinkle calls Leela and asks what did Guruji say about Kunj’s life, Leela thinks its not good to tell Twinkle now about what Guruji said, she will get tensed, she has gone out of house after much tension, Leela says there is nothing to worry, you have to do small pooja, you have to get ready and do pooja with Kunj, Twinkle says thank God nothing to worry about Kunj’s life, i will do pooja with Kunj, Leela says do pooja on right time and call me after pooja, Twinkle says okay and ends call. Twinkle says i should get ready else Kunj will come and taunt me that i take so much time to get ready. She sees gift box there, she reads note from Kunj:

roses are red, violets are blue
I am waiting for you, where are you?

She says Kunj is cute, i will get ready.
Yuvi comes to hotel and asks for room. Anita sees him in hotel and says what he is doing here?
Kunj blindfolds Twinkle and says today we have a date, come with me, he takes Twinkle to terrace. Twinkle and Kunj comes to terrace, its all decorated for their dinner date, Twinkle gets elated and says its so beautiful.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room but doesnt find her there. Yuvi writes note, he writes that i was not able to call you, mom has planned something major on 27th may to harm Kunj. he keeps note there and leaves, Anita sees him going out. Anita comes in room and sees note, she tears note in anger.
Twinkle says to Kunj that you have done all this for me? he says no for Alia bhatt. You are my sayappa queen so i must have done for you. Kunj says i do everything for you only. That is why i wanted to come late to hotel as i wanted to do all these arrangements as i wanted to see your cute expression, Twinkle hugs tightly.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Kunj are in pool. Kunj is without shirt. They romantically dances with each other on song wajah tum ho. Kunj pours water on Twinkle’s face and kisses her face. Kunj brings Twinkle out of pool and makes her lie on floor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. l feel like death Drama is a plan between kunj. and yuvi to expose Anita. In sbb segment also sidhant didn’t mentioned anything about whether he is quiting the show or not.I hope he will make a grand re entry

    1. Even I feel it yuvi n kunj’s plan cuz Sidhant is still posting pics from the sets of TEI.. god knows what’s happening!

  2. Omg I’m soooo happy twinj finally have suhagraat but it’s bittersweet as kunj will leave the show.

  3. Wow.. Waiting for tomorrow..
    M deathly in love with twinj..
    Hate you UV & Anita ?

  4. SBB segment said that kunj will die. yuvi became late. after kunj’s death twinkle will become pregnant and yuvi will protect her.

  5. but sidhant and jasmin didn’t confirmed that

  6. Hahaha so litrly they are making it kasauti part 2 whr prerna use 2 slp uid anurag thn agn uid bajaj wahhh hamare indian culture ka kya kehna nw twinkle aftr hvng suhagraat with kunj vl gt pregnant thn she wl marry uv n uv wil tk cr of hr n twinj bby wowww & agn yuvle lv story & suhagraat & thr vl b yuvle bby too if ths story cntnues furthr thn both twinj & yuvle’s son wl fal for 1 gal & ths shit tashan cntinues. . .

  7. yes guys i read that after their suhaagraat track twinkle is gonna be pregnant.and yuvi will take care of her child. even i too hope for a dhamaakkedhaar re-entry of our hero kunj sarna.lekhin if re entry happens it should be our sidhaant not someone else.

  8. Twinj scenes were awsome.
    Nice precap , luved it. Waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode.
    Hope kunj urf siddhant doesn’t quit the show.
    Luv u kunj.
    Luv u twinkle.
    Luv you both.

  9. The show will take one year leap where characters and situations will change.
    Twinkle and yuvi will be shown together and Twinkle and kunj seperate

  10. Just hope we hv a grand re – entry !

  11. hay..kya bat hain..kal ka jo episode hoga na vo to akdom cha jayega..twinj’s consummation…i am too excited to see their hot chemistry..hotness overloaded..????❤❤agar sach mein sid quit karaga aue uvle track suru hoga then ye to star plus ki silsila pyar ka,sarojni ka copy hoga jo bohoti zeyada bakwas hoga.trp will 0.show ko puri tarikase barbad karnese accha hoga ki show ko happy ending ke sath khatam karde.the makers should understand the fact.?

    1. aur sid ko shirt ke bina dekhke to mein pagal ho chuki hun.why he is so dam hotttt????????❤❤❤

  12. Plz kunj ko mat marooooooo plzzzzzzz….. we want twinj………. bettar then kill anita….. i hate her….. koyi maa apna beteko acha dekna nahi chatihe kyaaaaa….

  13. Hi guys are u see new promo of tashan e ishq? Kunj died. Without Kunj I can’t see this serial

    1. Plzz send link of d promo..plzz

  14. Hey guyzzz there is a dhamakedar news…..
    Kunj’s character will not end in the serial in fact it will be replaced either by Rafi malik or kunal verma as per the news….
    But for me Kunj means Sid no one else can dare to take his place …miss u Sid ; hope u reach the zenith in ur new project….
    Guys what u all think do u able to watch tei with another person playing Sid’s role

    1. i also heard the news.for me sid is the only person as kunj.i can’t able to see anyone else in his place.so when sid will quit and replaced by someone,i also quit tei.no sid means no tei for me.so i am done.

    2. hey sayeeda how did u know that??????????????

      1. Ritzi I saw the SBS segment where they mentioned it …

      2. hey sayeeda can u pls plssssssss tell me wht they showed in sbs today as i didnt watched it….pls girl plsssss

  15. did really kunj will die.plssss someone tll me plsss

  16. I liked ds episod.. finally twknj are becoming one… I think kunj nd twinkle shld have a baby.. Then a stroy will become more intrestng.. Knuj dnt quit d show.. V r gng to mis u…

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