Tashan-e-Ishq 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj is playing with kids in Leela’s house. Yuvi says kids are impressed with you, Kunj says kids have clear heart, and people having clear heart likes me and those who are cheaters like to cheat me, he asks if they are free now? Twinkle says yes, he goes out, Twinkle gets roses from one kid, she smiles, party manager says to Yuvi that you can come to our NGO wearing that monkey costume dress, Twinkle smirks, he says i will come there, Twinkle says to Yuvi that you go to NGO, i will go to Rocky’s house, Yuvi says you will fight him again, Twinkle says Pllavi will be there, i wont do anything, Yuvi says promise me to not fight with him, Twinkle says fine and leaves. Party manager comes to Kunj and says i have made Yuvi busy, twinkle is free, Kunj says thank you, i will send

gifts for your NGO, manager leaves. Twinkle comes to Kunj in parking lot, she sits in car and says hi, he stares. Twinkle says i will ask you some questions for wedding planning, dream color? Kunj says red, she asks favorite color? he says red, she asks stage decoration? he says red, she says bride and groom should wear color coordinated dresses, what color you want? he says red, Twinkle says you are joking right? Kunj says i havent started joking, if i start joking then you will forget to laugh. Red is my favorite color, real love is of red color and blood that spills in love is red, anger has red color and passion has red color and i do everything with passion if its love or hate, he goes out of car as they have reached his house, Twinkle says i thought he is arrogant but he mad too, she comes out of car. Pallavi sees her from far and says to manager that you know your work. Twinkle is pricked by thorn of roses her in her hands.
Twinkle and Kunj comes to Kunj’s house. Twinkle asks if Pallavi is not here? manager says she had press conference, she has gone there. Twinkle says if Pallavi is not here then i will come later, Kunj says we are not free all the time, this would should be done so lets do it, Twinkle says fine. Manager says Pallavi called jeweler to select wedding ring, you select it for her, Twinkle says okay. She selects one ring and says its classy, Kunj says this is rubbish, i am selecting ring for my fiance not for servant, i didnt know you have such bad choice, Kunj selects one ring and asks Twinkle to try it, she says how can i try your fiance’s ring? jeweler says just try it, Twinkle says its small in size, jeweler makes her wear ring, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and says ring is pretty but not on your hands. Twinkle takes her hand back, Kunj says Pallavi’s hands are delicate, Kunj thinks that now she will understand that how much you hate it when you have something of person whom you hate like you have my ring and you hate me, exactly same hatred i am feeling for five years. Twinkle tries to take off ring from her finger but its stuck in her hands, she says its not getting out, Kunj says to jeweler that i want this ring for my fiance, i dont want it in finger of some wedding planner, jeweler says its stuck, Kunj says its special ring and it suits on special person, i want this ring, Twinkle says why you are talking like this? if it was that specila then you shouldnt have asked me to try it, it isnt anyone’s fault, manager says i will call ring cutter, jeweler says her finger can get cut, Kunj says i dont care, i want ring back. Ringer cutter comes and cuts ring from Twinkle’s finger but Twinkle’s finger gets cut too and starts bleeding, Kunj gets worried for her, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle is in pain, Yuvi comes there and says i finally i cameback, he sees her hand bleeding and says how did this happen? dont worry, it will be fine, Yuvi sucks blood from her finger, Twinkle stares Kunj angrily. Yuvi says we will go to doctor, Twinkle says i am fine, no need to go to doctor, Yuvi says we should go, come with me. Pallavi sees Kunj and thinks that he is angry, he can do anything. Yuvi says Rocky this is highly unacceptable, you should have taken care of Twinkle, Kunj says now you have come, you are Twinkle’s knight in shining armour. Pallavi comes and says what hand is cut? i have bandaid, she gives bandaid, Yuvi applies it on Twinkle’s wound. Yuvi says to Kunj that we will decide guest list, who is in your family and relatives Rocky? Kunj looks sad, Pallavi says Rocky doesnt have family, Yuvi says i am so sorry, i will come in a minute, he leaves. Pallavi says to Twinkle that ring is pretty. Yuvi comes and says to Kunj that someone wants to talk to you on call, Kunj takes call, Usha is on call and says Rocky i am Usha, i am Yuvi’s mother, he talks about you alot, i wanted to invite you and Pallavi on dinner, please come, she ends call. Kunj is hurt, Yuvi says so you both are coming for dinner to our house and its mom’s order so dont deny it, we will discuss things there, he leaves with Twinkle. Kunj says to Pallavi that how will i go to my house? how will i face maa? what if i become weak and say truth? i cant go there, Pallavi says you need to control yourself, you had to face them someday, you want to take revenge right? you need to be strong for that and i with you too, Kunj looks on.

Scene 2
Twinkle is in kitchen and says Yuvi have called that boxer to our house, he had cut my finger too, he has so much attitude. Yuvi says to Usha that i felt bad when i listened that he doesnt have family, he will get little happy with our family, Usha says you did right. Yuvi taunts Twinkle saying that i thought my wife will think that i am sensitive and caring and i thought my high command(Twinkle) will praise me but she is miffed with me. Twinkle says i will tell him now, i am making pakoras for my sweet Yuvi. Twinkle mixes lots of chili powder in pakora and says you wanted to invite that Rocky for dinner so now you will eat this. Twinkle comes to Yuvi and says now when you have already invited Rocky so i thought to cook something for you, see i have made special pakoras for you, Yuvi gets happy and says for me? Twinkle says yes, you work so hard so i thought to cook for you, eat now, Yuvi eats it and feels it too spicy, he gasp and starts sneezing, he says what you did Twinkle, Twinkle says this is penalty for calling that boxer, Yuvi drinks water, Twinkle snatches water from him, Yuvi says now i will make you eat them too, he runs behind her, Twinkle runs away, Usha laughs.
Kunj says to Pallavi that its so weird to go back to my house, i never thought that i would need invitation to come to my house, i never thought i would hesitate to meet my family, Pallavi says you always say that you are not the one to loose right? you have to be strong, trust me you will win this fight. Kunj and Pallavi comes to Sarna house, Kunj recalls his moments in house with family. He rings bell. Usha opens door of house and sees Kunj and Pallavi standing there, she looks at Kunj and says Son you have come, she smiles at him, Kunj gets tensed listening this, Kunj thinks that i knew my mother will recognize me.

(P.S- Guys updates are little late these days as iftar timing totally clashes with TEI and it becomes really difficult to manage time, my sincere apologies for inconvenience, I hope you guys understand.)

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that i am sorry, i shouldnt have invited that Rocky, Twinkle says i am not miffed about that, people dont understand how much you have changed, you have got stuck in this forceful fake kind of marriage, Yuvi looks on, Twinkle feels bad for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks atiba apo for update.And RAMADAN MUBARAK.

  2. Precap??? ? When will twinkle realise yuvis love for her ??

  3. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Still m with kunj.. i still do love our kunj on behalf of sidhant.. no meta who he is i will alys love kunj’s role.. As he said how can his families and love can forget him within 5 yrs..
    Cheap people with cheap character..
    What so ever m still with you new kunj..

  4. aj ka episode me ek chiz notice kiya???kunj still loves twinkle.vo kehta hain ke use nafrat hain and vo un logo ko barbad karna chahta hain and agar ring nikal neki wakt uski ungli kat jaye to use koyi faraq nehi parta.but jab ungli kat geya then twinkle ko dard me dekhke kunj ko v dard hua and sajna ve plays.kyun ki vo avi b twinkle se hi pyar karta hain and twinkle v abi v kunj se pyar karti hain.5 years me na twinkle move on kiya aur nahi kunj.and that’s called love.chahkar v kunj twinkle ko dard me nehi dekh sakta.now i am sure twinj hi ek honge.cv’s ki dimag abi v thikane par hain.

  5. Who said kunjz forgotten?? Twinkle is still stuck up in d past!! They don’t even know any his existence,he culd have informed them immediately that hez alive,what is d need to wait for 5yrs??
    No one are cheap,itz just that 5yrs is a longtime and they moved on in their lives,Kunj will always be remembered and at d same time they need to live their lives too!!

  6. Ramadan Mubarak atiba!! Thanks for d update 🙂 Nice episode!!
    Let’s see what d cvs are up to 🙂
    Twinkle also needs to live her life,shez still young,she doesn’t even know Kunj is alive,so I think whatever d cvs are showing is rationalised!! There nothing unusual!!

    Anyways itz jus a serial,Jasmin zain and Sid all are happy,why shud we break our heads over dis!! Aur bhi useful kaam karsakte hain na,entertainmnt ko entertainmnt thak hi rakhna chaahiye!!

  7. marriage is jus joke in this serial..twinkle kunj,twinkle yuvi,twinkle kunj,twinkle yuvi!!”..If twinkle accept kunj again they’l get married again!!…

  8. Dont separate twinkle n yuvi this time…yuvi loves her so much

  9. Thanks Atiba for apdates and wish you Ramadan kareem and swaum maqbuul

  10. Yuvle ki deewani

    Stupd new kunj i ht u get the hell out of ma yuvle’s life cnt u see they are jus md for ech othr huh

  11. yuvi is Gud… Don’t separate yuvi and twinkle

  12. where is Twinkle-kunj baby

  13. Loveleen

    guys plz sm1 clear my doubt y ws kunjs family nt informed immediately tht he is alive even though pallavi visited sarnas those days in wich kunj ws admtd to hospital…..n hw cm kunj knew dat twinkle hs married uv..?? plzz reply….

  14. Loveleen

    seriously even dis serial did d same mockery of marg kabhi kunj se kabhi uv se kara dete hain twinkle ki shadi….i nvr thot tht dis shw wud also do dis…

  15. Superb twiraj I knew that they are the real couple

  16. thanks for the update atiba apu..Twiraj rocks..

  17. Now kunj wil become the villain of the story and take revenje from twinkle and uv then twinkle n uv will know the truth of kunj and also become their enemy after that twinkle will feel love for uv and the drama ends on twinkle and uv which are both live forever
    Nice end
    Jhan se story shuru hui wahin par hatam
    Yaani twinkle aur uv pr story shuru hui thi aur unhi pr hatam hogi

    1. This is right….i think aisa hi hoga………aftrall twinkle ka pehla pyaar yuvi jo hain….waise bhi trp ki koyi fiqar nahi…twinj ke fans jitna nahi lekin twiraj ka bhi bahut saare fans hain…writers plz unite yuvi and twinkle!!

  18. After a long time we have got to see sajna ve moment.loved it.
    I am feeling bad by seeing the pain of kunj.Why dont he tell to his twinkle and family that he is only kunj.And i am having two doubts and that is
    1.How new kunj will prove that he is only kunj bcoz his face has changed.
    2.Why dont twinkle have a feeling this time that her kunj is alive.I mean jab v kuch bura hone wala hota h toh twinkle ko feelings aata h ki kuch bura hone wala h.And jab mahi ka death hua tha tab v twinkle ko feelings aata tha ki mahi jinda h.Toh iss baar uska kunj uske samne khada h aur twinkle ko koi feeling nahi aa rahi h ki uska kunj jinda h.
    Anyways cvs plz unite twinj fastly.Ab aur wait nahi hota twinj ko saath dekhne ke liye.Plzzzzzzz unite them.

  19. And hate the family of kunj.What kind of family he have got that doesnt care about their son and never missed him and moved on in life so easily after their son’s death.Stupid family go to the hell.And what kind of mother usha is did she have a heart or not.how can she call her son to yuvi.Dont know whether she recognize kunj by seeing him or not.hate u usha and all the family members.

    1. Commmon yaar
      usha stills love kunj.bt she doesn’t wanna show as twinkle will become sad…u should see the rpisode before this.she really feels sad..bt she doesn’t show it infront of everyone

  20. Sahi bola kisine above comments mein 🙂 Seems as if jaha se kahaani shuru hui this,jin logon se shuru hua,unhi se katham hone wali hain yaani Yuvi aur twinkle!!
    Agar Kunj ke baare mein janne ke baad twinkle Yuvi ko chodkar chali jaati tho marrige ka koyi value hi nahi…they are not respecting d wrd marriage!! Hopefully it won’t happen…ab twinkle Yuvi ki patni hain…kaash wo samaj paati Yuvi kitna pyaar karte hain usse!!

  21. Sidhantian (isabella)

    What so eva i knw at the end of this serial twinj will unite..
    I still hv a hope..

    1. ya me tooo…

  22. Yes sidhantian u are right.twinj will only reunite.just hope for the best.

  23. And one more thing that all twiraj fan should understand that kunj loves twinkle more than yuvi.Now only he wants to take revenge from twinkle but afterwards when their misunderstanding will be clear and then they will reunite.Aur phir twinj ka pyaar aur gehra ho jayega aur kunj twinkle se aur v jyada pyaar karne lagega pehle se v jyada.And kunj motive is not to hurt twinkle you have seen he becomes worried when twinkle gets hurt bcoz he still love twinkle a lot as a true love.Just wait and watch.

    1. are yarr…kisi ka samajh ne aur na samajh ne se hune kya farak padta???hum log apna veja fry kyun kar rahe hain???jo v hoga vo to tei dekhneki bad hi pata chalega.kisi ki bat sun nese kuch nehi hoga.makers decide karenge ki un logo kya dekhana hain.hum log apna opinion deke faltu me hi apna tym west kar rahe hain.age jo hoga vo dekhneki bad hi pata chalega

  24. HEYY…let us see what will happen at d end….mostly yuvi aur twinkle ka pair hi rahega…main ne kahi pada tha ki sid chala gaya serial se tho zain hi ab main lead banega….actually pehle mein bhi twinj ko support karti thi kyunki dono shaadi ke bandhan mein the aur sid bahut acha tha….lekin ab yuvi aur twinkle ki shaadi ho gayi hain…wo bhi kunj ki galti hain…usko jaise hosh aaya wo aaake twinkle ko bata sakta tha na ki wo zinda hain..5yrs wait karne ki zharoorat hi kya hain…5yrs mein tho bahut kuch ho sakta hain…tho sab log move on kiya…ye natural si baat hain…isme badla lene waali kya bhaat hain yaar?? And agar twinkle aur yuvi pati patni hain abhi…tho mere kyaal se twinkle yuvi ke saath hi rahegi…aise apni pati ko chodkar chali nahi jaayegi..kyunki yuvi ne use bahut sahara diya tha jab usko zaroorat thi…ye india hain aur indian serials ke muttabiq mostly yuvi aur twinkle ko hi rahna hain!! Let us wait and watch what the writers are upto!!

    No offence…just my point of view..not that i wanna argue over something.!!!

  25. kunj pagal hai keya
    wo human hai,angel nei ki sabko uske liye Wait karna padega..fooll….
    still i want twink kunj together

  26. Fool?? kisko fool kahe rahe ho?? yaha par sab log educated hi hain na…ek show ke liye dusro se aisi lang?? Kaha tha itz jus my point of view…so aisi lang mat use karo… @ayana

  27. atiba thnx for update

  28. Me too I have hope in twinj .true love never dies.

  29. yuvle must unite
    they are made for each other
    waitin for tht moment to come

  30. why this how showing so nonsense i don’t no.most of theevery fans of tashan e ishq writting fans fiction for twinj story only.hence we love that pair only. then why the hell they showing like this

  31. i want twinj to be pair not that yuvi.

  32. Hey Tania are you Bangladeshi ?

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