Tashan-e-Ishq 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Roshni gets call from Kunj, Kunj says today is Twinkle’s birthday party and christmas party, i am waiting for you and Sid in Amritsar, Roshni says i dont we will be able to come, we are in a problem, she tells him about child marriage, Kunj says no one believes in that in this age, you both come here, it will be change for you both and we will discuss here too, she nods and calls, Roshni says i am not liking Sid’s plan, i will make plan this time.
Twinkle comes on terrace and sees Yuvi’s confession video, she finds Yuvi there, Yuvi ask Twinkle to give phone to him, she doesnt, she pushes him away and runs from there, he gets angry.
Twinkle is sending video to Kunj, Yuvi comes there and says be a good girl and give phone to him, he says i am getting angry,

give me phone,Twinkle stumbles and phone falls from her hands, Yuvi tries to take phone from her but Twinkle takes phone, Twinkle runs from there.
Twinkle is running and thinks to go to Leela’s house as that is safe, she runs out of house, she bangs into Kunj, he ask why you are not ready till now? Twinkle says i have to show you something, she sees her phone being exchanged and thinks where her phone must be? she thinks that i got proof after so much difficulty, Kunj will not believe me without proof, Kunj ask Twinkle what is she thinking? she says nothing, Yuvi comes and acts like kid infront of Kunj, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi should not know that my phone got exchanged.
Kunj brings Twinkle in Leela’s house, she ask why so much darkness? lights are switched on, everyone wishes her birthday, she is happy to see it, she ask Kunj if he has done this? he says actually.. she thanks him, Bubbly ask who was surprise? she looks at Kunj and says everything is just perfect, Babee wishes her birthday and gifts her, Raman and Pinni gifts her too, Twinkle looks around and ask where is Leela? Raman says i tried to make her understand but she didnt want to be part of it, Kunj goes to call. he calls Leela and says we have reached, you come when you are ready. Yuvi comes there and dances with Twinkle, Yuvi whispers to Twinkle that give him phone else he will try something else, Twinkle thinks before Yuvi gets to know that i dont have phone, i have to go back and find phone in sarna house, i am feel lonely without Leela, Anita comes there and claps, Anita says to Twinkle that you should be behind bars and you are enjoying party? she slaps Twinkle and says how dare you beat my Yuvi? Babee says how dare you Anita to slap her infront of all? Anita says why you were silent when she beat my son? you gave her party in return of this? Surjeet have told me everything, she says to Kunj that you gave me guarantee to take care of Yuvi but you were silent infront of your wife too? Yuvi says you are bad aunty, go from here, Twinki is my friend, Twinkle thinks that he should be ashamed to play game with his mother too, Kunj says sorry to Anita, Anita says you both will be punished, you both will not get a penny from my house and even food too, Babee says no this cant happen as i have named my half property to Twinkle and Kunj, all are stunned, she says now they have equal right on property, Surjeet says what you did babee? Babee says its my decision and its final, she ask Twinkle to come and cut the cake, Anita thinks that i cant let Twinkle and Kunj get property of Babee, i have to do something and have to teach lesson to Babee.
Everyone ask Twinkle to cut the cake, Kunj says no, take cake from there as Twinkle will start crying, you all know she loves cake, so she will cry when she will cut cake and will eat it half herself, Babee ask Twinkle to cut cake with Twinkle, Sid and Roshni arrives there and wishes birthday to Twinkle, Sid gives her bouquet, Sid says to Kunj that you called us from mumbai and cutting cake without us? Twinkle thanks them for giving lovely surprise, Sid says Kunj called me so i had to come, Kunj thanks Roshni for coming, Roshni says lets cut the cake. Twinkle cuts cake and offers cake to babee, Babee says no first right is your husband, Twinkle is shy, Kunj holds her hand and makes her feed cake to him, sid says oh openly flirting and all, Kunj Sarna? Roshni says didnt you listen Khulam Khula pyar karengy song? Sid says i thought this song implies to us but they both too? he ask Kunj if he gifted Twinkle? Kunj says yes alot of tashan, i mean love, babee ask Kunj to feed cake to Twinkle too, Kunj makes Twinkle eat cake with his hands. Anita is fuming in anger and calls someone, she says i have one work, come here, she ends call.

Scene 2
Yuvi comes to Twinkle and sings jingle bells, he ask Twinkle where she is going? your santa is here and i have brought gift for you, he shows her phone and says this has my confession, you are fool to let og only proof against me, he deletes video, Twinkle is shocked, Yuvi says dont be sad, i cant see you sad, i had to do it to save myself? are you angry? no? i will make you angry, he throws phone on floor and crushes it with his shoes, Twinkle is shocked and leaves.
Twinkle talks to Roshni and givs her Ganpati idol, she says Kunj told me about Bansi behen, he told me how she said that you got married to her grandson in childhood and thinks that you are her daughter in law, Bappa will solve your problems, roshni says there are problems in everyone’s life but i have realized that if you have truth in heart and you have your life partner with you then everything will be solved, Twinkle says yes you should trust Sid, he will solve your problems, Roshni says i trust Sid more than me, i have to keep that trust, and ;dont worry soon Yuvi’s truth will be out, have faith in bappa, Twinkle nods.
Twinkle sees Leela’s picture and says you know I can’t do anything without you. I failed and yuvi won again. I tried everything.
A santa comes in laughing. He says merry christmas. Twinkle says merry Christmas maa. He says no no santa clause. Poonam hugs her. She says happy birthday twinkle. Twinkle says what hae you become? Leela says everything for you. Twinkle says you could call and wish me at least. She says I was mad but you could call. Twinkle says I tries so many times you didn’t pick up. eela gives her gifts. She says go downstairs I will change.

Precap-Twinkle comes an says babbe i wanna talk to you. babbe slips down the stairs. Kunj says twinkle you are out of your mind, he slaps her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Twinkle was better off with yuvi till today nor leela lifted her hand on twinkle neither yuvi hw dare him to do dat n if yuvi had bad intentions he would hav done anythng in dos 7 yrs bt nvr did.yuvi cn nvr rape twinkle I strongly feel der is sm reason for yuvi to behave lik this.whn twinkles marriage was being fixed with kunj he knew if he behaved rudely she would leave him n go bt still he took risk n behaved dat way n same happened n so I feel ders sm reason n that’s y I evn feel yuvi has realized that he loves twinkle long back bt he was playing double game with Anita he was saving twinkle frm anitas revenge Caz he knw Anita cn do anythng.I feel yuvis plan was lik to marry twinkle n thn nt leave her instead handle his mom bt kunj came in between thm

  2. I also feel farmhouse incident has sm big suspense dats y its dragged n yuvi isn’t exposed n if hez exposed farmhouse thing shld cm out n dey cannot reveal such big suspense this soon.yuvi has been protecting twinkle frm his moms revenge n still he is protecting her.think guys in goa yuvi sed meri wajah se twinkle ki zindagi khatre mai pad gayi n he felt bad for dat it means he cares for her life n she too knows it dats y did d stunt of suicide n yuvi confessed.he hasn’t realized nw he has realized long back waiting for farmhouse suspense to b revealed.nobody understands yuvi nw bt I’m sure all will knw d reasons 1 day he always treated her lik princess n she moved on so easily dats y I hate twinkle she deserves what shez getting nw yuvi cnt evn slap her Hw cn he rape her impossible jus wait n watch

  3. All think yuvi is bad bt hw much he is crying inside no one knows he has been saving twinkle frm Anita since 7 yrs n still is doing dat n he has sed he cn die for her dat means he really loves her he dint evn slap Hw cn he evn rape her I don believe

    1. Really you think that yuvu is not bad then what the hell he doing with twinkle is good things
      He try to defame her by tryin to rape act on her and if they were to get married he was only to going use her and left her the next day Nd you r saying that he is good n how he was save her from his mom for 7 yrs…..anyways it now he realise that he really love when she already married to some 1

  4. Yuvi has been saving twinkle frm Anita since 7 yrs n is still doing dat n she is hurting him I feel she deserved this

  5. No…kunj in k beech nae ayaa….but kunj ko twinkle ko slap nae krna chahye thaa..its a bad impression of kunj ‘s character

  6. Kunj slapped twinkle……what’s happened to kunj….. He slapped his syappa queen….kunj open ur eyes and mind

  7. Ediot kunj. If yuvi is not exposed by this week i am gonna take a break .i am fed up this .everyday twink is been hurt very badly . When wull happiness come .make the story forward

  8. WHAT!!!!!!! why did he slap her……he was so sweet planing her a suprise and now he slappped her…this is really disappointing…… hopefully that pyscho yuvi’s act is exposed…like seriously its hightime….and like Yuvi is not enough ……where the hell did Anita come from noww….hai…..hai….hai

  9. I think that not only will Kunj slap her but she will also have to leave the house as per the condition that Kunj gave her earlier and that babee might end up in the hospital/even coma for couple days or weeks which will help the villains(house membrs n yuvi) create more problms fr twinkle n prolly her in laws as well(they separate n luk fr anothr place to stat so kunj n twinkle will liv far from each othe bt still in the visiting distance) and kunj’s hate fr twinkle increases n yuvi n anita start torturing twinkle n leela to marry yuvi/cherry and while all this Yuvi’s truth might gt revealed bcz he loves twinkle n will not let hr marry cherry and sumhw Kunj is made aware of this eithr by Leela or the news of weddin spreadin n him shwin up on the day n watchin yuvi’s revelation in wedding. But Anita supports hr son n disrespects twinkle by sayin hw chrctlss she is to hv affair w both guys(cherry n yuvi) and disrespectin hr ex-husband(kunj) n family. But Kunj,Leela, n his family shw up at tht minute n kunj asks Anita to shut the nonsense up n says tht they r all lyin as Twinkle is nt chrctrlss n hs nt cheated him n his family n he can prove tht n he calls babee n Babee enters in wheelchair w bandage still on bt fine or she walks by herself in party n every1s surprisd n shckd esp anita n asks hr if shes fine n why kunj hs brot hr thr n asks hr to rest bt she says shes fine n tht she herself hd askd kunj to bring hr as she knew tht in hr absence theyll make twinkles life hell n wen kunj told hr abt hr weddin she wantd to cum thr as soon as possble to stop this kalesh frm happenin. She tells thm the truth abt hr fallin off stairsby accident as sum1 elsehd planned it n nt twinkle, twinkle hd just cum to talk to hr n she fell n it wznt hr fault. Every1s quite except Anita says bt babee n babeesays enough Anita. U wer the eldest nuh of this house. Aftr me the house wz your responsibility n u did all this? Shud b shameful f urself. I hd so much expctations fm u n u hv truly disappointd me today. U even played w my Surjeet’s heart u don’t deserve him n this house. Get out of my house nw n tak your disgustg son w u too n nvr pass by or luk at our house w evil intentions or else ill b the worst person uv met. Ankta still tries to blame twinkle bt Surjeet slaps hr n tells hr hw cud she n he luvd hr so much n even acceptd hr son as his own n fought w his own family fr hr w his babe too just fr hr why? she says ill explain bt he tells hr to leave n their marriage is ovr n theres no plac fr hr in his house. babee says did u hear tht or u want me to clarify it to u furthr? Leave the house asap r else I shall ask the guards to do it. Anita says no need n ask yuvi lets go n they leave angrily lukin at twinkle kunj n leela on the way n Surjeet apologizes to Kunj n twinkle n family n so does babee n thn Kunj says sorry to twinkle fr nt trustin hr n they hug

  10. This serial is just like abhi and pragya of kumkum bhagya.abhi is very blind to see the good things of pragya.he is a fool and he’s dumb.and now is kunj turn.very boring.no one is supporting twinkle, maybe only babee

  11. I am a big fan of uv and twinki&uv look cute together.
    I jst want them to be together again

  12. M much more disappointed to see this all…kunj has become really a dumb…a pupet in UV ‘ s hands….just disgusting

  13. Omg……what the hell did kunj do he didn’t think before slaping twinkle he did not wait for twinke to give an explaination he will surely regret it sooner or later……beside if kunj can slap twinke then she can slap him to for not listening to her when she does say that yuvi is acting and for not trusting her i know it not right to raise your hands on ur husband but this is so damn too much cant take this anymore…this whole families is like twinkle enemy
    But if i were twinkle i would done leave them on their own and let Anita n yuvi destroy them

  14. Wts wrong vd this serial…ab fir kunj ko Marne ka plan….jst radiculous

  15. I jst thought that ic week kunj ko Marne ka plan nae bnaya Anita ya uvraj ne …buy at the end of week the same track is repeated again and kunj is going to be killed again….m so disappointed over this

  16. Plzz God save kunj

  17. Hmmmm.kunj ne bhtt ghlt kia ..usy twinkle pe hath nae uthana chahye thaa

  18. Today’s episode was such a mess. Kunj slapping Twinkle and then going to jail, I mean like seriously????????
    And I did feel bad for Babe, and the most is Twinkle. So sweet of Twinkle to think about Kunj despite Kunj slapping her. Even though Kunj slapped Twinkle, which was wrong I did feel bad for him when he went to jail

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