Tashan-e-Ishq 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi says Kunj will regret the pain i am going to give him, he said that Twinkle trusts him but now i will make Twinkle mistrust him, wait and watch, Yuvraj Luthra is best.
Kunj comes to college, Twinkle passesby him but doesnt see him, they go in opposite direction.
Yuvi is getting ready as Jassi, He keeps knife and petrol bottle in his bag and leaves.
Twinkle says dont know where is Jassi, he is so late. Twinkle is about to strike with Kunj, she says hi, she hides cake bag from him, he sees it and says let me guesss, there is birthday cake in bag which you baked for me, Twinkle says dont get wrong idea, you know i love baking, its your birthday so i made it, that doesnt mean everything is fine between us, Kunj says okay if you have made it with so much love, i mean

for love of baking then make me eat it too as a friend? Twinkle says ofcourse as a friend only.
Twinkle and Kunj sits down in one room. Twinkle light candles, Kunj looks at her, he asks him to cut cake, Sajna ve plays, Kunj blows off candles and cuts cake, Twinkle smiles. Kunj says its weird to cut and eat cake yourself on your birthday, i mean will you feed me? i mean just as a friend, friends can feed cake to each other, Twinkle says yes as friend i can make you eat it. Tere Sang Yara plays, Twinkle takes cake piece, her hand shivers, Kunj holds her hand, she emotionally looks at him, Kunj eats cake from her hands, he takes cake piece and offers to her, she eats it. Kunj says now it felt like it was a special day. Principal comes there and says cake? Kunj says its my birthday, Principal wishes him and says Twinkle i want to discuss about scholarship, come to my cabin, he leaves. Twinkle says happy birthday Kunj, i should leave, she turns to leave but Kunj pulls her arm and brings her closer to him, he says you really wanna go? she says yes, he says really? she doesnt answer, he pins her to wall and says till when you will keep running away from me? Twinkle says let me go, i dont feel anything anything by you coming near. Kunj leans in and touches their noses, he caresses her face, she closes her eyes, he says it doesnt make any difference? she says no i dont feel anything, let me go, Kunj cups her face and is about to kiss her when they listen students running outside college, they leave too.

Scene 2
Twinkle and Kunj comes out of college. Yuvi is lying injured outside college, Twinkl runs to him and says Jassi are you fine? She turns him towards herself and his fake beard comes off, she sees it and says Yuvi? Jassi is Yuvi? Kunj sees all this, Twinkle is hurt seeing it, Yuvi says forgive me Twinkle, i was with you as Jassi to make sure you are okay, i just wanted to protect you but when i listened Kunj’s opinion about you then i thought i was wrong, i was going to come to you to tell you that i was Jassi but before i could talk to you, he beat me like this, Kunj says what rubbish? Yuvi says he is acting like that he doesnt know what he did, i know i deserve this, i can take it but what he did today was wrong, Kunj says he is lying Twinkle, i didnt do anything like that, believe me, Yuvi smirks at him and Kunj Sarna you are clean bowled, Kunj stares him smirking, Yuvi holds Twinkle’s hand and says i know i did wrong but what Kunj was wrong too, it was between us but why he wanted to involve? he can run behind but i dont have right to ask forgiveness from you? i dont have that right? what he did to me, Kunj says i dont believe this, you are cheating Twinkle for so many days, you say you are giving her space but acted like Jassi, you were fake and still fake, this blood and wounds are just drama, Twinkle you know Yuvi can stoop low, he must have hurt himself and blaming me so that you hate me, Twinkle you know i cant do this, Twinkle says dont come near me, be away from me, i cant believe you can do this, he says i didnt do it, Twinkle says you knew Jassi was Yuvi? Kunj says yes but.. Twinkle says when you knew Jassi is Yuvi then why did you hide it from me? Kunj says i thought you were happy with him and till he doesnt misbehave with you.. Twinkle says till then you will let your wife roam around with other man, that man whom you hate so much, you have changed in last 5years, if you hadnt changed then you wouldnt have hidden this from me, my Kunj wont hide anything from me, dont know why you have started hiding things from me, Kunj says i thought you wouldnt trust me, Twinkle says and thats why you didnt tell me truth? honesty and trust is important in love otherwise relationship is nothing, i know what Yuvi did was to be with me, he becomes crazy in love, its Yuvraj Luhtra’s style, but you are Kunj Sarna, you are always honest, deal everything with justice but you beat him like this? Rocky thought he was losing so he beat him like this? and still you think that it would make me happy? am i looking happy? Kunj says i didnt do anything, Twinkle says enough, Twinkle asks Yuvi to get up, i will take you medical room, Yuvi says i cant get up, students help Yuvi to get up, Yuvi smirks at Kunj, Kunj says Twinkle he is acting believe me. Twinkle leaves with Yuvi, Kunj is tensed.
Yuvi is getting his wounds dressed in medical room, Kunj says to Twinkle that how can you believe Yuvi? he acts like this, you know him, Yuvi thinks that i have to do something, this Kunj is not sparing Twinkle. Yuvi winces in pain, Twinkle says doctor be careful, someone has beat him brutally. Yuvi tries to get up but slips, Twinkle supports him, Yuvi says Kunj is right, i shouldnt have lied to you but what i could do, i cant live without you, say once that you forgave me, Twinkle says its okay, you did everything to make me smile, you have always been with me either as Yuvi or as Jassi. Kunj says i dont believe this, what has happened to you? he cheated to you, he lied to you as Jassi but you forgave him and you are blaming me that i didnt tell you that i knew Jassi was Yuvi, he is dramaqueen, he always get away with his antice, i will beat him now, he grabs Yuvi but Twinkle pushes him away and says what has happened to you? what i asked you to give me sometime so i can live like old Twinkle Taneja but you couldnt even give me that, i accept that Yuvi became Jassi but he made me laugh, he made me happy, he was always there as friend and what you did? you snatched my friend from me, are you happy to see me alone? Yuvi says you are not alone, till yuvi is with you, nothing will happen to me, its my promise, Twinkle says thank you for always being there. Peon comes and says Principal is angry and is calling Rocky, he says i am coming, Twinkle says sorry Kunj, this time i cant help you, you have created this problem so you handle it, she puts Yuvi’s arm around her shoulder and takes him away from there, Kunj is tensed.
Twinkle is driving car, Yuvi is on pessanger seat, Yuvi says i did all this because you are my everything, Twinkle says i know, Yuvi says what this Kunj thinks? he doesnt know meaning of relationship, its our 5years of friendship and he wanted to break it. He says where are you going? Twinkle says we are not going home, Yuvi says i get it, you wanted to go on long drive so we can get time to spend, Twinkle says you are right, we should stay together, you have done so much for me but nobody sees your sacrifice, all thinks that i am still Kunj’s wife, nobody values you but there is one way through which we can live together forever, Yuv says should we runaway? Twinkle says running away is not solution, our families will find us anywhere, Yuvi says what should we do then? Twinkle says you cant live without me and this world wont let us live together but we can die together, Yuvi is shocked.

PRECAP- Twinkle is driving fast, Yuvi says have you gone crazy? what are you doing? he sees truck coming and says Twinkle slow down, truck is coming, Twinkle smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. HA HA HA good for you YUVI you deserve nothing but contempt she should kill you for real you can never change as long as you are a liar nothing or no one can ever be yours HA HA HA

    1. You are right raven.I also think that she will kill yuvi.But for that stupid yuvi,why twinkle is taking risk of her own life.Plz twinkle don’t kill yourself otherwise kunj will alsk die without you.Kill that yuvi.

  2. I hate you twinkle.
    How easily you trust yuvi and mistrust your kunj.But don’t know why my heart is saying that twinkle is pretending infront of yuvi by trusting him.So that she can teach yuvi a lesson.
    And plz cvs don’t end this serial so soon.plzzzz.I watch only TEI and nothing else.If you wil end it,then what I will watch.Plz bring season 2 of it but plz dont end it.Feeling very much sad from now onwards.Don’t know what will happen to me when it will end.

  3. Hats off 2 u directr 4 making fun of uvs 5 years sacrifice into nothing. Uv pls jump off d car n let twinkle crash wit d truck. 4 her its always kunj. If u ppl cant make uvle , make uv a sacrifising hero.

    1. Omg just hate the current track.. you’re right how could she forget the sacrifaces which yuvi made ???

  4. Don’t understand why these villains will win every time….. Hope this precap is good… If twinkle is smirking ? then there must be some plan between twinj…..

  5. Yashasvi

    i think it’s twinkle’s plan so bring yuvi’s real face infront of everyone…………
    bt nt able to understand one thing that if yuvi is negative then why in the TEI Wiki they r showing him as Male Lead ( protagonist ) and twinkle Female lead ( Protagonist )
    and kunj only – Main Male Protagonist…………..
    just cnt understand it’s twinj or twiraj,……………
    looking like gonna happen twinj , bt cnt trust TEI writers………………
    koi bharossa nhi he unka

    1. Mahi

      I m totally agree eith u yashu don’t know who is hero of it
      I think it will done in the and only
      Btw i m thinking if twinj unit what about palavi & usha

  6. Mahi

    She is realy a drama queen of his kunj hahaha?????????

  7. Hey Rayna my dear come down twinkle acting kr rhi h taki uv ko apne aap expose hona pade twinkle ne kunj ko daat ne ki acting ki h or jaan booj kr kunj ko hurt kr rhi h uv k saamne so just chill yar. Our twinj is forever yar don’t worry.

    1. You are right naina.I also think that she is acting infront of yuvi.I think it’s twinj plan to expose yuvi.
      Don’t know what twinkle is cooking in her mind.

  8. Rayna it is better to end tashn e ishq after naman Shaw entry show became very boring and twinkle is in confussion whom to choose kunj or yuvi . Even yuvi was good with twinkle and her family for 5 years he never misbehaved with twinkle he was keeping her happy. Bt after kunj came sarna family forgot yuvi s sacrifices and threw him out of his house . So it better to end TEI instead of making yuvi villian again .

    1. Noooo yar naman shaw is also a good actor. And i think we should give chance him i know he is not so smart as sid but he is too handsome yar. And i respect his acting he is so fit and active. And twinkle will choose kunj and kunj only becoz story twinj love story based h is liy writer bhi chah k twiraj nhi dekha sakta. And don’t worry guys its serial and end so soon realy gona missed this serial.

  9. I think it’s twinkle plan’s to bring Yuvi’s real face in front of everyone. Because she knows that kunj can’t stoop so low

  10. I stil lv uv. Twinkle made him villain again. She took so much time to take decision. I hate kunj he tried to kil twinkle and family. Uv is best

    1. Its seems like u value 5 years of happiness more and u have forgotten pain he had caused to everyone…. To me he’s just a loser…
      &love is about sacrifice he should know better whom twinkle loves rather than plotting another drama to separate them…
      Kunj never stop to love twinkle and his family but yuv even slapped his mother tried to kill them several times and u still see his good…ok i accept he changed for 5 year but remembered that if u are a devil u will remain being devil and am mega suprised even leela behaviour toward kunj …like he is a devil while she knows the real devil

      So its better if yuv remain in friend zone ????

      1. Very good comment Mimi well said love it.

  11. Guys whatever its good to shut down this show but it has nowhere to go. and I really don’t get what’s wrong with makers of this show they made yule again twinj again yule and I think again for the fourth time they want to make twinj haha really pointless I hope they have some brains and make yule end the game. And one more thing I just can’t wait for this show to get lost but I will miss you yuvi aka zain he’s an amazing actor

  12. TEi KO jadli khatam mat karo na.plzzzzzzz

  13. sach kadwa hota hai

    main villen sali twinkal hai she should die mujhe to samjb nai aata kunj nd twinkal wale fans ka unke pas dimag nai hai kya bewkuf phr se uv ko galat probe kr rhe yha sab ke sab pagal hai writers actors nd twijin fans

  14. shayna aka twinkle

    I think it’s twinkles plan to expose uvs truth nd twinj will join again nd pls cvs if u end tei pls start with season 2 with the pair of sidmin so that we will again get back our lovely nd awesome pair sidmin on screen together nd that only could bring happiness to twinj fans nd we would be on air seeing sidmin pair up again in season 2

  15. Hw dare? sach karwa hota h..ap ka dimag kharab h twinj k fans ka nai understand dubara mt kehna….

  16. I like Naman, he’s a good actor and very handsome. We should give him change.writer don’t stop this storyline but change your mind and heart to write some sensitive storie

  17. tei khatam ho raha hain..i am happy…without sid bakwas tha…bandh hona hi accha hain.??

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