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Scene 1
Twinkle tells Yuvi that Kunj and she are getting married, media comes there and says there are three kids of famous families of Punjab, Twinkle Taneja, Yuvraj Luthra and Kunj Sarna, we will ask them about love, Twinkle says love can go from your life but wound never leave your life, two people come together, see some dreams and then part ways, its only memories that remains with you, Yuvi looks at her, she leaves.
Twinkle is in washroom, she recalls how Yuvi asked her to leave him, how he said that he is happy without her, she cries, Yuvi comes there, she is stunned and ask him to leave, he holds her, she says dont touch me, you said that you have no feelings for me so leave, i have no feelings for you too, Yuvi sit on knees and says i am sorry, she pushes him away and ask him

to not hurt more, Anita comes outside and ask Yuvi if he is inside, Yuvi says yes, i will come, you leave, she leaves, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i cant live without you, i realized that i cant handle myself if you get married to someone else, i did all that as i was hurt, Twinkle says i was hurt too but i came to you to solve everything, i dont know what i said in anger, sorry, Twinkel says great when you want you can break up when you want you can patch up, i cant forgive you this time, its over, Yuvi is hurt, Twinkle starts leaving, Yuvi breaks glass, put glass piece on his pulse, she says if you think i will change my mind with this drama then you are wrong, Yuvi says i am serious, i will hurt myself, he starts cutting his hand, he says i hurt you so i have to get hurt now too, till you dont forgive me i will keep hurting myself, she takes glass piece from him and says i forgive you, i cant see you in pain, he says even i cant see you in pain, both hug each other, Tashan e isq song plays, twinkle ask what will happen now i said yes for marriage, Yuvi says dont worry, you made 49 guys runaway now its time for 50th, Leela comes on door and ask Twinkle are you inside? Twinkle says yes, i will come, Anita comes there and says my son is inside what you are doing here? Leela says my daughter is inside, you are saying that they are together, they hate each other, she says lets see who is inside, she ask Twinkle to say hello, Twinkle is shocked, Anita ask Yuvi to say something, he is silent too, Twinkle opens door, Anita is shocked and says Twinkle? i talked to Yuvi 2 minutes back, Leela says stop your drama, Anita goes in to check, she doesnt find Yuvi there and sees his message on phone that he is in party, she leaves, Leela finds glass broken of washroom, Manohar comes there, Twinkle says it got broken by mistake, sorry, Manohar says its okay and leaves, Twinkle looks at window and leaves. Yuvi thanks Chinki that she opened window and took him out.

Scene 2
Priest is checking Kundlis of Kunj and twinkle, Twinkle prays that it should not match, Priest says shocking, i have not seen kundlis like it, its matching greatly, its like that they are made for each other, Manohar says i like Twinkle so we should done this relationship, Leela says i have no problem too, Raman says make girl and boy too, Leela says its waste of time, they have already met, Twinkle thinks she is my mother, she knows if i meet him alone then he will run, Manohar says i think they should talk alone, they will become comfortable, he ask Kunj to go, Kunj leaves with Twinkle.
Twinkle and Kunj are sitting in room, she thinks that i should start, she says will we stay silent? i will start, lets start with hobbies, i have only 2 hobbies that is to make poor eat and .. Kunj says i have only one hobby that is girls, she says what? he says hot, he shows her video of girls rampwalk, she is shocked, he says this is my morning alarm, i will show you something, he brings girls magazines, Twinkle moves away, he shows her dupatta and says its of Tina, she left clue at night, i think its of Laveena, i am confused, she ask how many girls come here? he says i dotn count, my philosophy is simple that just enjoy life, you look good while blushing, he pulls her and makes her sit on his lap, he says i will change after marriage, Twinkle is stunned and leaves, Kunj laughs, opens his diary and looks at picture of his girlfriend Alisha, he says i did this for you, i had to do characterless things with Twinkle for you, now just say yes and make my life soon, i love you.
Twinkle and Kunj comesback to family, Manohar gets call from manager who tells him that we have got alot profit, Manohar looks at Twinkle and gets happy, he ends call and says relation is confirmed from my and Kunj’s side, he cant say no to me, right Kunj? he says right dad, Leela says i am her mother, i can read on her face that she likes Kunj but she is shy to say yes, dont worry, i will take her home and tell her answer, she leaves with family, Kunj thinks that i am sure Twinkle will say no.
Leela says to Twinkle how can you say all this to me, Twinkle says this was all said by Kunj not me, Leela says you started your drama again, you always make boy run, this time you saw that family is ready for marriage so you changed story and saying rubbish about that sweet Kunj, i will not listen to you this time, i will decide this time and you will follow it.

PRECAP- Leela says to Anita that today is Roka of my daughter, see how i closed your mouth, Anita says its just start, you have to cross many hurdles. Twinkle says to Yuvi that i will give proof to Leela that Kunj is cheapster. Kunj says to his mother that you dont want Twinkle to become daughter in law of this house? she says yes, she ask you dont wanna marry her? he says no? both are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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