Tashan e Ishq 24th March 2016 Episode Review (Episode update)


Hi guyzz I am callmeprincess3 and I am posting an article for the first time. Today, I dont know why but Atiba didn’t posted the written update of today’s epi so i thought of writing the review.
here we go

Episode starts with Kunj scolding Twinkle & Twinkle replies that she will risk her life any time for Kunj. UV was standing behind the door and was listening their conversation Twinkle sees UV & Hugs Kunj tightly & tells him to hug back to trick Yuvi and escape from Chaudary’s house. UV gets frustrated seeing them together & opens the door, he asks Twinkle to dump Kunj & come with him as he can not see her in pain. Twinkle and kunj pushes him and ran, Yuvi breaks the door and informs Chaudary, While running Twinkle gets hurt & Kunj removes the thorn from Twinkle’s feet. On the other side in Sarna house Leela & Bebe wish Mahi on Holi,Mahi is heartbroken & cries hugging Leela but hides the fact, Mahi remembers all UV’s Gyp & decides to end her life. In the jungle Sangram & Uv decides to search. Twinkle asks Kunj to rest for sometime in a Tent Kunj agrees seeing her hurt her leg. As kunj was trying to remove the handcuff twinkle said that she is having no problem in staying this way with Kunj, Kunj suggests to break it and get out of forest sooner. Uv searches in forest for TwiNj,Twinkle suggests Cooking & Kunj asks her to eat watermelon they have a small nok jhok .Twinkle struggles,Kunj teases her & makes her eat Watermelon with his hand,they share eyelock. Yuvi keeps searching all around, Kunj asks Twinkle to take rest & he will stay awake to keep an eye. Twinkle stops Kunj and she gets closer to him & Kunj puts his hand around & Twinkle lays on his shoulder.

Precap : Kunj runs towards Twinkle,Yuvi aims gun at Kunj & fires at him,Twinkle is scared.

Credit to: callmeprincess3

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  1. Thanks for the update

  2. awesome I was searching for the update for atleast 5 hours now its there….thank you so much princesss….mmmuuhhhhhhh

    1. thankx for d support i was just too much nervous when i was writing so i posted it late

  3. awesome update….but after lots of wait. but thank u princess

  4. Is tat the full episode,plz d reply???

    1. yupp its d reivew of full epi

  5. Thank you so much for the update. I’ve from checking for tashan e Ishq update after every minute because I didn’t watch it today. Once again, thank you so much.

  6. Hey wat happend to atiba? I was waiting 4 her update since 8.35 and i checked evry 5 min. And dont know how i fall into sleep. Tanx 4 d update callmeprincess. If u hadnt done this den i will b gonna mad. Thankxxxx.

  7. Thanks for ur update I m waiting from night for the update at mid night too waking & checking the written update of tashan e ishq thank you princesss ?????

  8. Thanx a lot princess for d update .
    Today’s episode was very nice but the precap is scary.

  9. Tysm for your efforts n u should be called princess

  10. Muskan{News reporter}

    Thanks for the update..

  11. Thanks for the update i was waiting for such long time. And about the episode loved twinj scenes as they were too close specially the jungle scene how kunj tease twinkle i loved it and when twinkle lays on kunj shoulder. I like it vry mmuch. Love u twinj.

  12. Thank u very much for the update.

  13. Thnkx yr for update

  14. If I’m not wrong this update is not by u….u hv copied from Twitter tei updates….am I rt princess???anyways! It helped many so keep it up!?

    1. lol…….u caught me cutiepie…..yupp u are right i copied it from insta but i just changed some of the lines.

  15. Thanx a lot for these updates as whenever I miss any episode it helps me to know everything. Thanx a lot once again. I love it….

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