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Scene 1
Leela looks at Twinkle’s picture and caresses it, Kunj comes there and recalls how he asked Twinkle to let Yuvi be, he says to Leela that you are missing Twinkle? Leela is surprised to see Kunj, Kunj says you must be missing Twinkle, she says no actually, Kunj says the way you were caressing her picture, it seemed like you are loving her, Leela ask why did he come here? Kunj says i came to talk to you, i was tensed yesterday thats why talked to you rudely, did you feel bad? Leela says mother never feel about son’s things, Kunj says till when you will keep yourself away from Twinkle? tomorrow is her birthday, i have seen Twinkle likes to take limelight, she born on Christmas day, you did great planning, Leela laughs and says sameday, years back i got most precious thing

of my life, i used to become santa clause for her and used to gift her, Kunj says why not this year? you have to become santa clause for her, we will have surprise party for her, i will bring her here, Leela says i cant do this, Kunj says i am asking you this as a right, if you dont listen to me then i will feel bad afterall i am not your real son, he thinks to do more emotional blackmail, he says i am your only son in law so you have to listen to me, Leela says i pray that everyone gets son in law like you, Kunj says they cant as they dont have mother in law like you, Leela says but.. Kunj says i will bring her tomorrow, you be prepared, he leaves, Leela is tensed.
Yuvi is coughing, Twinkle comes there and gets tensed seeing this, she calls ;out for Kunj, she ask Yuvi if he is fine? Yuvik smirks and says you still casre for me so much, you still long for me, i am so much happy to know this, what you thought that mixed poison in milk? i could have done it earlier if i wanted that, i was just teasing you, i knew you will come to save Kunj as good wife and will go against me which Kunj will not like and he did exactly same, whats the need of this marriage where there is no love? no trust? see how much i trust you, i knew you will come behind me and you know why? because you love me, you cant stay without me, we are made for each other and soon you will be mine, Twinkle ask him to shut up, she says dont see cheap dreams that i will leave Kunj for you, i am married now and i will not let you destroy my marriage, you can try as much as you can but let me tell you, you wont be able to me, my family or my husband, she leaves, Yuvi says Twinkle doesnt know that she loves Yuvi, she cant forget me, she was mine, she is mine and will remain mine as Tujhe apna banane ki qasam khayi hai(swore to make you mine).
its morning, Kunj says to Babee that we will act like we dont remember her birthday as i have planned a surprise birthday party for her, you all go there, i will bring here there so dont wish her, Twinkle comes there and thinks everyone must have remembered its my birthday today especially Kunj, she comes there, Babee ask her to go in kitchen and see if breakfast is ready, Twinkle gets sad and leaves, Kunj, babee and Yuvi laughs.

Scene 2
Twinkle thinks that no one remembers my birthday, what kind of husband is Kunj? he doesnt even remember my birthday, its my first birthday after marriage, he didnt plan any party, any card for me, before marriage i used to get such a big party and today no one even wished me, her hands get burned by stove, Kunj and Babee comes there, Babee ask her if she is fine? where is she lost? she says nowhere, Babee ask her to bring breakfast, she nods, she thinks that i am getting miffed with Kunj when my mother hasnt wished me for first time today, she is so much angry on me that she didnt call me even today, Kunj ask her if she is fine? she nods and leaves, Babee says to Kunj that you are doing wrong, she must be feeling bad, Kunj says after surprise party she will get double happiness, Yuvi listens this and scene is fully set, i and Twinkle will be alone, i will make this day memorable for Twinkle.
Kunj gets ready in tuxedo and ask Twinkle to get ready for christmas party, she murmurs that he is saying everything except happy birthday, Kunj ask her to get ready soon and do less make up today, you take 2hours to do make up, Twinkle ask him to shut up, Kunj says today is something special, Twinkle gets happy and ask if he remember? Kunj says yes there is something special in day as you are silent and not eating my mind, i am so happy, Twinkle gets upset and says Kunj Sarna today is my birthday so wish me happy Birthday Princess, say it, Kunj says happy birthday princess, Twinkle says now greet me like princess, he greets her… it turns out to be Twinkle’s dream, Twinkle says i am not feeling to go in party, Kunj says i am thinking to set your mood but you are not listening to me, get ready as i am saying this lovingly else i will lift you in arms and take you and you know i can do this, you have less time, get ready, he ask how he is looking? must be killer right? he leaves, Twinkle says what type of husband i have got? instead of wishing me birthday, he is scolding me even today, Yuvi comes there with wine glasses and says i was telling you this would happen, Kunj doesnt care for you, the much i love you, no one can do it, Kunj is good for nothing, he ask her to drink wine and says feel light, i know you are not happy with this marriage, your husband doesnt even remember your birthday, but i cant forget your birthday, happy birthday baby, Twinkle takes wine glass from him and thinks that i am not that fool Twinkle anymore, i am very smart now, i will bring your truth out on my birthday, thanks for this gift Yuvi, she says to Yuvi that you are right, nothing is happy in this birthday, my mom didnt wish me, my husband doesnt remember it and who wished me? its you, you are right, i am frustrated with this life, i should end it, i have nothing in life, i am married but my husband doesnt love me, Yuvi says i am with you, Twinkle says no, i should die, she leaves.
Twinkle comes on terrace and hides mobile in pot after switching on the video recording, she thinks that i am sure Yuvi cant become nice so i have to bring his truth out, i will trap him now, Yuvi comes there, Twinkle stand on terrace end and acts like jumping down, he ask if she is gone mad? Twinkle says yes i have gone mad, nothing is remaining in my life, you have destroyed everything, you have taken away my mother from me, my mother doesnt even talk to me, my husband doesnt love me, my inlaws dont like me and than you are acting like kid to destroy my marriage, Yuvi says i am doing all this for you? we will live together, Twinkle says you are destroying my life and saying that you care for me? Yuvi says i really love you and i realized it when you were getting married to Kunj, i really love you, from that time, i have done everything for you, whatever i did in Goa then this kid acting is all done to get you back, to be with you, Twinkle says you are lying, youy are doing all this to take revenge for your mother, Yuvi says no it was before, i accept that i used to not love you before your marriage, i wanted to take revenge from your mother and whats better than getting married to you? the time we spent together was a lie, it was my mother’s plan, i am sorry i lied to you but now i really love you, leave old things, and comeback, Twinkle thinks that thanks Yuvi, i have to bring your ugly face infront of everyone because i have two reasons for that, one is that because of you, my marriage was breaking and second is you used me to take revenge for your mother, now i will bring your truth out and will become inspiration for every girl who get used by their boyfriends, i will play this video in christmas party, just wait and watch what Kunj will do with you then, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i have done mistakes but now i will rectify everything, you come to me and leave Kunj, Twinkle says this is not an option now, Yuvi says we will live together, Twinkle says leave me alone, Yuvi says okay i am leaving but you leave that railing and comes inside, Twinkle leaves railing and comes in room, she ask Yuvi to bring water, he says okay, he leaves, Twinkle comes on terrace and watches Yuvi’s confession video, Yuvi comes there too and is angry seeing this, Twinkle gets tensed seeing him there.

PRECAP- Tomorrow there will be Mahasangam of Jamai Raja and Tashan e ishq, Roshni(from Jamai Raja) calls Kunj and says there is one problem, she tells him problem(which is muted), Kunj says i think you and Sid needs change so come over here, we will sit and discuss matter.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. don’t like the ending Twinkle should expose Yuvi now Hope her mother wish her Happy birthday & all goes well in the surprise party it would have been nice if she played the tape in the party

  2. Piyush Agarwal

    Now This is Interesting Twinkle Has recorded the video Now I Hope This Yuvi Drama Should be over . Episode Writer and Director should not Prolong This anymore .Its already a month this is running. By The Way Appreciate the Nice Work of Telly updates and Pooja to bring Quality comprehensive Word to Word transcription of Episodes. Keep The Good Work.

  3. The dream scene was cute but this Yuvi as usual spoils everything , I just hope somehow Kunj will get to know about Yuvi’s truth and help his Siyaappa Queen

    1. Remember 1 one thing… Jis din kunj aur twinkle ko pyar hua..usi din kunj marega….n phir yuvi n twinkle ki luv story strt hogi….kuki yh kahanai twinkle kunj ki ni h… Yuvi aur twinkle ki h….

  4. twinkle was ryt..kunj is really confused…sometimes he is good to twinkle,sometimes he behaves like typical husbands and sometimes he misbehaves with her…
    Like yesterday he told her he can even brk their marrige and today he is planning a b’day party for her -_-
    where is evil anita?actually it’s good she is not here…at least one evil head is not seen

  5. Y is this truth dragging?

  6. I think twinkle shld put a hidden camera in yuvi room so that she can get some prove of the ways he does act in his room as i know for sure he will definitely act as his self cus no1 is not there with him for him to act as 5 year old and twinkle will be able to prove to the families that he was acting all the times

    1. I agree with u

  7. yar hmesha ye jmai. raja k saath Maha sangam fed up off this thing nd todaus episode was awsuummm luv u twinki thanxxx atiba

  8. Twinj part in epi was jst nice…the evil UV ahhhkh….I hate him

  9. Hmmmm ab to UV ka sch at least kunj ko ptaa chl jaye

  10. How can everyone turn against yuvi he is hurt and he really loves twinkle they should let them be together!

  11. Yuvi really loves her and they look good together they should just be together

  12. Twinkles dream was nice.I hates UV day by day.HApPY Bi

  13. Twinkles dream was nice.I hates UV day by day.HApPY BiRThDaY TWINKLE

  14. still trying to expose yuvi.y is it taking so long twinkle y?after yuvi’s aunt anita will appear. I am positive

  15. still trying to expose yuvi.y is it taking so long twinkle y?after yuvi’s childish drama aunt anita will appear. I am positive

  16. Oh god….!!
    Ab pls ye track khatam kr do

  17. Kunj please twinkle par trust karo

  18. Hoping sid & roshni will help twinkle expose UV and win back kunj’s trust on her & wish they fall in love soon

  19. Love Twinj forever Hate UV,Anita,Cherry & Surjeet
    Hoping Usha will c Twinkle’s kindness & Leela will forgive Twinkle’s foolish mistakes

  20. Nice episode I hope leela washes twinkle on her birthday and for gives her

    1. This will be the best Christmas gift and birthday gift for Twinkle

  21. Love Twinj forever

  22. Waiting for tomorrow episode. Want to see the expression of twinkle when kunj say happy birthday my siyappa queen???

  23. Hope an uv ki wja se surprise party b khrab na ho jaye…aur kunj ka pyar fir se gussy mein na badl jaye towards twinkle….hope for twinj love they look nice together…want UV out of twinkle and kunj’s life soon…lv twing ???☺☺☺

  24. happy birthday twinkle. i like u very much. and kunj also . twinkle plzz expose yuvi on ur birthdayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  25. Don’t worry as it is said in fb that Sid will help twinkle in exposing yuvi and then twinkle will help Sid to

  26. i love uv very much.i say only one thing that if uv really loves twinkle den he will really get her.but she would return to kunj that i dont know…

  27. Twinj part was awesome but yuvi is not just bearable….be is the worst like his mom……hope the truth is out in today’s mahasangam….!! Luv u twinj….. 🙂

  28. some pple they dont understand movies this yuvi is a negative rule

  29. Hmmmm yuvi is a negative lead …so the story should not be changed by making UV and twinkle close….only twinj are awsome…their lv must be promoted and then the serial would be superb

    1. I also like Twinj more than Twiraj, but different people have different opinions , so we can’t change them

  30. Uvi shuld be exposed

  31. Can someone tell to hairstylist to change twinkles hairstyle I don’t like it

  32. Kunj and twinkle love each other. I love them to.I wish all of you merry Christmas

  33. Yr kyaa problem hai …aj ka precap full on bakwaas…m so disappointed to se that kunj will slap twinkle

  34. Alas …yuvraj is still not exposed….

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