Tashan-e-Ishq 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj says to Yuvi that send strong goons next time because your current goons told everything easily, your standard is always to use cheap tricks and use shortcuts but you forget that shortcuts take you nowhere and truth always wins thats why my Twinkle supported me infront of everyone today, what are you doing? just cheating her, one day Twinkle will come to me herself because i am not cheater like you, i am original and pure infront of her, you are gonna lose Yuvraj Luhtra, very badly, he leaves.
Kunj is going when he strikes with Twinkle. Twinkle’s books falls down, Twinkle says sorry, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says sorry and thank you for trusting me infront of all today, he picks her books, Twinkle says i did what was right, i always truth’s side and truth is that

we maybe have many misunderstandings but you can never stoop that low, Kunj says thank you for trusting me. Yuvi listens all this and is angry. He rings lecture bell, Kunj says lecture got over so soon? Yuvi comes there and says lecture is over, i will drop you Twinkle, Twinkle glances at Kunj and leaves. Kunj thinks that i know you are melting Twinkle, i am sure one day you will forgive me.
Twinkle says Jassi i know you dont like when i take Rocky’s side but i know he is very respectful person, he can never disrespect anyone, he doesnt deserve to be expelled from college, Yuvi says i thought alot about Rocky, i think i have been very bad with him, i think i misbehaved with him, i wont do it again. Twinkle says thanks for being my best friend, Yuvi says no worries, i am and will always be your best friend and your well wisher, Twinkle remembers Yuvi listening his words, he says dont worry you said you are my best friend right? Twinkle says tomorrow is Rocky’s birthday, i want to do something for him nothing really special but something nice, are you sure you are okay with Rocky? he says yes i will help you, Twinkle says thanks, i am happy that i can share anything with you, she leaves. Yuvi says ofcourse my Twinkle can share anything with me, you are mine Twinkle. He calls Pallavi.. he ends call and says i will give shocking surprise to Kunj this birthday.
Its midnight, Twinkle says its 12am, should i wish Kunj birthday? why i am feeling awkward? its late, i will wish tomorrow. Kunj is sitting in his room and says i am sure, you can never forget my birthday, call me please, i am sure you must be contemplating to call me or not, i think i should call her. Kunj calls her, she takes it, he says thanks for answering, she says why i shouldnt pick your call? Kunj says no, by taking my call you proved that space between us is decreasing, Twinkle says why did you call? Kunj says today is my birthday and i wanted you to wish me first, Twinkle says oh your birthday.. happy birthday, i am ending call now, its late, good night, he says good night and ends call. Ishq hua song plays, Twinkle sits near window of her room and is restless. Kunj is roaming in his room and smiles, he is restless too.. ishqy hua.. Ishq hua plays.. Kunj looks at his and Twinkle’s picture and sleeps.
Its morning, Leela sees date and says today is Kunj’s birthday, my daughter must be in trouble, she would want to wish him and dont want to at sametime, i should take her out for shopping, her mind will be diverted, first i should make breakfast for her. Leela comes in kitchen and sees Twinkle there, and asks what are you doing here? Twinkle says you woke up early, Leela says i wake up at this time daily, what are you doing? Twinkle says i am baking cake, i promised friend to make cake for him, Leela says friend? i should taste cake, Twinkle says no Kunj doesnt like to share cake, Leela says oh so Kunj is your that friend? Twinkle says thats why i didnt tell you, i havent taken any decision but i wanted to make him happy today so i thought to bake cake for him, did i do right? Leela says absolutely right, making someone happy on their birthday cant be wrong, God bless you.
Kunj wakes up, someone is showering rose patels on him, he says Twinkle my Sayappa queen what are you doing? he turns to see Pallavi showering flower patels, he says i am sorry, i dont know what i was blabbering in sleep, she says its okay, she leans in on bed and kisses his cheek, she says happy birthday, he looks on. Pallavi cuts cake and asks him to eat, he says i will eat later, Pallavi says i brought it with love thinking that you will start day with eating something sweet, but its okay, its your day, you can do anything but dont deny to go to Guradvarah with me and Usha, Kunj says but.. Family comes there. Cherry, Anand and Usha wishes him, Kunj asks about Babee and Manohar, Cherry says they had some business work, Usha says lets go to Guradvarah, Kunj says i have to go to college now, Pallavi says its your birthday, you should pray to God and listen to your mother, Kunj says okay i will get fresh, he goes. Pallavi messages on phone that we are leaving for Guradvarah.

Scene 2
Kunj comes to Guradvarah and prays.
Twinkle comes to college and searches for Kunj, she says he should have come till now, i have to give him cake and wish him birthday, where is he?
Sarna Family comes to Guradvarah with Pallavi, Pallavi stares Kunj. She sees Yuvi hiding behind pillar and nods at him, he smirks at her. Family prays there, Yuvi is watching them whole time. Kunj says to Usha that i am going to serve poor, he leaves. Yuvi recalls flashback how he gave oil to man and asked him to spill it on floor, he gives him money, fb ends. Kunj serves food to poor. Yuvi is hiding behind pillar and watches as Kunj starts walking down the hallway of Guradvarah, oil is spilled on floor ahead of Kunj. Kunj is about to step on oil but Yuvi’s phone rings. Kunj gets alert listening ringtone and turns to see, Yuvi cuts call and sees Kunj walking ahead. Yuvi says as soon as Kunj step on it, he will fall down and would break his leg, that way he wont be able to go to college and Twinkle and I will get sometime to spend alone with Twinkle. Kunj is about to step on oil but Usha calls him and says i want you to meet guest, Kunj goes back and doesnt step on oil. Yuvi gets Twinkle’s call, Twinkle says Jassi are you sure you dont have problem with Kunj? he says no, Twinkle says then do my work, give cake to Kunj? Yuvi says ofcourse i will give it, she says okay and ends call. Yuvi says this loser Kunj has good lick, my plan failed. Yuvi walks and steps on oil himself and falls down, he hurts himself and says Kunj got saved but i got stuck, he gets up and says this pain was nothing, what pain i am about to give to Kunj Sarna, he is going to regret it.

PRECAP- Yuvi is lying injured outside college, Twinkl runs to him and says Jassi are you fine? She turns him towards herself and his fake beard comes off, she sees it and says Yuvi? Jassi is Yuvi? Kunj sees all this, Twinkle is hurt seeing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sanjanaagrawal

    Nowadays episodes are coming boring …. first of all I want sid back in the show …. second I want uv again to be poitive …
    LOVE U TRIO ……

  2. SidMin

    Finally Twinj would come close soon hope the day is near 🙂

  3. Woww atlast uv truth cme out …. gud…

  4. who injured uv.will uv blame kunj for attacking him.

  5. at last OMG, Yuvi you LOSER you were pretending to be good,if you had wanted to be good you never would have stoop so low,truth always prevails, liars always gets nothing but pain and shame,hope all this nonsense with Twinkle ends soon and going back to be Kunjs love and wife good luck twinj

  6. fan of sidhant

    Tei is becoming boring missing sidhant from d show

  7. Superb episode uv and pallavi do what u want to do but both of u got failed in your each and every plan becoz u both don’t know the power of true love but don’t worry soon u guys will know about it. Kal bhi kamaal ka episode aaya tha mjaa aa gya dekh kr twinj superb rocking. I am so happy that all twinj fans back love them. U uv u are so cheap and there is no limits of your cheapness idot tu kbhi suodra hi nhi tha or na hi kbhi suodra sakta sb drama tha kyu ki tujhe lgta tha ki kunj tu margya or kunj k baad twinkle tujhe kbhi n kbhi apna hi legi pr so sad essa kuch bhi nhi hua she alway her husband kunj for ever not u. Or kunj chaahe tu ek minute m twinkle apne pyar ka essahs kra sakta twinkle k karib aa k or kunj k karib aate hi twinkle sb bhool jati h or kunj m koh jati h but kunj kbhi essa nhi kre ga kyu ki vo twinkle se sacha pray kr ta h or ose apne pyar ka essahs shi tarike se krana chahta h. Love u alot my TWINJ.

  8. Am OK with did current track…yuvi is negative
    Kunj n twinkle shud reunite…

  9. Twinj is back in full form but Iam missing Sid. Long live Twinj. Kunj will win bcoz he is in path of truth and honesty.

  10. This show is really boring nowadays as they are showing this charmless #twinj . Seriously I’m about to stop even reading the written episodes but I’m still having some hope that my yule get together 4ever and rock the show otherwise I might end up bidding diEu to this show

  11. we want sidhant gupta back to the show..without him show is really disgusting…bakwas show lagta hain.twinj ek ho rahe hain…we r satisfied…but want just sidhant gupta back…want sidmin as twinj…

  12. Jisha

    Loved the episode. . Nowadays tei is turning good…started watching tei after a long gap… yesterday’s episode was also nice…finally twinj are going to be together…no doubt Sid has a special place…but I must say naman has really portrayed kunj very well…it is not easy to portray a character which was already established by another actor..n make us feel it is our kunj n feel for his sorrows n happiness…

  13. Wow superb episode.
    How dare you pallavi kisses kunj.Get one thing clear that he is twinkle’s kunj not your revant.Ok.
    And finally twinkle will see jassi’s true face.And wish that she will kick that cheap yuvi out of her life and reunite with kunj.
    And now pallavi and yuvi joins hand to create amid between kunj and twinkle.Soon anita will also join them.And then there will be villain triangle.Get one thing clear all the villains that no one can separate twinj.Even death also can’t sepatate them.Kunj maut se lad kar twinkle ke paas wapas aaya hain.This is known as true love.
    Yuvi tum jitne bhi gaddhe kunj ke liye khodoge,tum hi usmein gir jaoge.Ok.Jaise ki aaj gir gaye the.lol.

  14. Tashan e ishq to end on september 16

    1. Yar mane bhi ye new padi h kya ye news sach h i am feeling so sad i just hope that this news was fake news god plz ye hi tu ek serial h jise m dekh ti hu ab aagy mera kya ho ga. Writer kyu kr rha h essa dekhane k liy to bhut kuch baki h jase mahi ki entry krana pallavi or uv ka pagalpan anita ki chalaki. God ye news fake ho i just wish.

      1. hey naina its not fake.all the actors confirmed it on twitter

  15. NOOOOOOO tashan e ishq can’t end so soon.Now only it has completed 1 year.It’s very much heartbreaking news.Feeling cry by this news.Plz cvs don’t end this so soon.Plzzzz.

  16. Nice episode…

  17. TEI is about two kids fighting for a Barbie doll.

  18. So sad tashan e ishq will end on September 16

    Miss you Jasmine

  19. Wish writers do something to extend show.
    I will miss everyone

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