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Scene 1
Twinkle say in recording that i didnt tell you truth as i didnt want people to taunt you, i have never crossed my limits, i didnt allow Yuvi to coem near me, i tried to tell you truth that Anita waqs not wrong but i was afraid as you trusted me so much, you would have broken down to know about my affair but then i decided that if i want to start my life with Kunj then i have to tell you truth, Leela is in tears and recalls how many times Anita tried to tel her about affair, how Twinkle drank poison when she questioned Twinkle.
Kunj and Twinkle are sitting in car, Twinkle’s hand strikes with Kunj’s hands, she jerks it away, Kunj jerks her hand away, both starts pushing each other’s hands away, Raman says you both carry on, he ask driver to leave him here, he

says you both go to Leela’s home, i have some work, i will come later.
Leela cries and says to herself that my daughter cant do this, this is all lie, i trusted Twinkle so much, why did she do this with me, she has broken my faith, she cries.
In car, Kunj ask Twinkle if her mind doesnt work? you recorded such a big truth and gave it to Leela, Twinkle says i didnt get chance to tell her so i recorded it, most important thing is that she knows the truth and whats your problem why are you involving yourself in it? dont take stress, Kunj says its useless to talk to you, its good that you told her everything, Kunj says i will come later in house, you and Leela have to talk aone, Twinkle says dont come in my house, it will be fine too, Kunj says i wish i can do that, why dont you keep in your house only, but sadly you have to comebacki to myu house as this is marriage only, Twinkle says no one can separate me from my house, it will remain my house.
Yuvi is in Leela’s house, he says to Leela that did you like the confession of your daughter? she couldnt tell you truth face to face so recorded, dont ask me from where i got this recording, i know you are hurt, your daughter had affair with me, son of your biggest enemy and she didnt tell you about it, what kind of daughter you have that she gave you pain and now enjoying her honeymoon, he mimmicks her and says you told me to be away from your daughter, that i am cheap etc, you have always insulted me then why you are silent today? i want you to shout that your daughter isnt like this that i akm lying but you cant say it now, he laughs, Anita comes and says Yuvi very bad, Leela is in pain and you are irritating her, she says to Leela that i know you must be in pain, your daughter had affair with your enemy’s son and you didnt know anything, she fooled her, Yuvi says her daughter is characterless, she lied in recording too that we were not close, we were very close, this marriage is just drama, Leela says enough, my daughter cant stoop this much, Anita says how can you say it? you dont have any proof of it, your daughter must have done suhaagraat with Yuvi before her marriage, maybe Kunj knows about it too, Twinkle comes and is shocked to see them, she ask what you both are doing here? Anita says we were talking about you only, you know that Leela didnt get the recording which you gave to your mom then i and Yuvi found it, your bf had to take it from dustbin, he gave it to Leela, Yuvi doesnt let Twinkle go to Leela, Yuvi says to Twinkle that you are looking s*xy after marriage, how was your frist night? was it more good than me? Twinkle ask Leela to react, Anita says she is in shock, she has got to know about your relation with
Yuvi and also you had relation with Yuvi that of husband-wife, you had done everything, Twinkle says my mothers know that i wont cross my lines, Yuvi says you cant hide truth, we have done everything before marriage, dont you remember it? Twinkle slaps Yuvi hard and says shut up. she says to Leela that listen to me, yes i loved Yuvi but i sawear i never crossed my limits, i never did anything which would let you down, Anita says its very common these days that you enjoy before marriage with boyfriend and enjoy with husband after marriage, you have accepted that Yuvi was your bf so also accept that you had done everything with her, Twinkle ask are you done with crap? you know you dont have daughter as you cant respect girls like your cheap son, you have given same upbringing to your son too, you are calling me characterless, just leave from here, i am telling you last time, she pushes Anita away, Yuvi says dare you say anything to my mom, Twinkle says dare you hurt my mother, if you dotn leave from here then i will cops, get out from here, she pushes them away, Anita says you are speaking too much, you dont know the consequences of insulting Anita, see situation of your mother, now its your turn, i will do such scene with you that you wont be able to see your shadow even, you have insulted me today and i will take revenge for that, mark my words, she leaves with Yuvi, Twinkle comes to Leela and says yes i loved Yuvi but i didnt do anything with him, Leela slaps her hard, she says to Twinkle that i dont know you, my daughter is dead, if you were my daughter then you wouldnt have cheated me like this, i trusted you so much and you did this with me, for me my daughter can never do anything wrong and you were cheating me, you were my pride but you have given me lie year per year, Twinkle sit in her feet and says i wanted to tell you everything but i couldnt, i thought you would be hurt, Leela says if you had told me truth earlier then i wouldnt have let you marry Yuvi but i would have been less hurt that i am rightnow, you have decieved me and Kunj, he doesnt know about you and Yuvi. Kunj comes in and says i know everything, Leela is shocked.

PRECAP- Kunj says when she got to know about Yuvi’s truth, she couldnt tell you about her affair, she married me because of you, she did mistakes as she was innocent, forgive her, Leela looks at Twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kunj u r superb…

  2. Soo sweet of Kunj telling leela to forgive Twinkle

  3. Twinkle and Kunj look stupid …….lol,……,.lol

  4. Really gentlemanly behaviour of kunj…..twinkle deserves him all the more coz she lost a lot by associating herself wid that loser guy yuvi….he is an immature brat doing his mom’s bidding….cheapo

  5. always kunj helps twinkle he is so sweeeet..♥♥♥♥

  6. i hope…..
    tiwinkle will also help kunj….
    when he is in problem….

  7. Wow…yuvi Supr acting …:-D
    wat a epi…:-)
    but.. Alwayz..lyk ma kunjjj..
    Kunj so sweet… Ur amezng…:-*;-)

  8. Nice precap superb kunj

  9. In this episode yuvi rocks his act was super he took his so called revenge in such way , but I’m speechless about kunj ‘ s sweetness I just love him so much that in every episode he amazes me about his good nature

  10. Love you kunj…….ur awesome……..twinkle and kunj made for each other

  11. My heart? belongs to U ??Varun Kapoor??(Jennifer)

    Awwww…kunj u r just damn cute ya…??????loving Twinkunj a lot

  12. What can I say than Kunji u are the best. wow just wow. to good a gentleman.

  13. Kunj ur soooooooooooooooo handsome, hot,and such sensitiveness over ur face while u say the dialogues. Im a big fan. Im sooooo happy u became the lead n now waiting to see more of u in the serial. Yaar, everything escapes my mind while looking at u onscreen.

  14. I like kunj en twinkle they are nice couple

  15. nice episode




    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YUVI U ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……DAM CUTE???????

  18. Kunj’s good nature continues to show what a good husband he s going to be for a immature Twinkle. Once Twinkle grows up she and Kunj would make a perfect couple. Both of them are so good and caring individuals.
    Yuvi ‘s acting is good…but here u have a vengeful spoilt brat who would stoop down to any length to prove a point. This shows he never loved Twinkle. Love protects and wants to give the best not defaming a girl’s character. She’s better off without Yuvi in her life.

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