Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Lights are switched on, its Yuvi in dark, Kunj says i knew it was you, whom you wanted to kill, me or Twinkle? where is knife? Kunj says to Yuvi that dont test my patience, i can do anything with you. Yuvi says you are thinking wrong, i have come here now only, i dont know anything, Yuvi says i saw someone entering house and i followed him in house, you can check that i dont have any knife with me, Kunj says you keep telling lie after lie, you never get tired, listen carefully, till i am alive, no one can touch Twinkle, i wont let your shadow fall on her, Yuvi says trust me, why would i hurt Twinkle? i came here to save her, Kunj says enough, just get out of here, he leaves, yuvi is miffed. Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and leaves from there. The shadow was of Cherry, Cherry hides behind

wall and saves himself from Kunj. Cherry calls Anita and says i was about to do your work but your good for nothing son Yuvi came and saved Kunj, Anita says dont do anything now, if you get caught then there will be more problem.
Its morning, Babee says to Twinkle and Kunj, why you both didnt tell us about what happened last night, Leela says thank God you both are fine, Kunj says till when we will keep living in fear? Kunj says i agree with Babee, i will take Twinkle to London for somedays, Manohar and Usha are there too, Twinkle says who will take care of Babee and Leela then? Babee says i will take care of Leela and Leela will take care of me and if i miss you both then i will take flight and come to London, Leela says i will accompany her too. Sandy comes there, he is Kunj’s friend, Sandy says you are going to London, what will happen to our project then? Kunj says dont worry, lets go in room and then we will talk, Twinkle asks Sandy what he is saying? Kunj says let it be, Sandy says Kunj withdrawn from project to go to London, he will not get his MBA degree now, Twinkle gets angry with Kunj and leaves from there.
Kunj comes to Twinkle in room, he asks her to look at him and listen, she looks at him, he says i am doing all this for you, to bring back smile on your face and dont be upset with me, you are most important to me, i will get degree next year, Twinkle says no this is your dream, you have worked so hard to get it, you cant destroy it for me, Kunj says this is my dream but you are my reality and i cant runaway from my reality, i can achieve anything when you are with me, Twinkle says i am always with you, we are together for life and wer should become strength for each other and if you dont get degree then i will feel that i have become liability for you, Kunj puts hand on her mouth and says i can give my life for you, this degree doesnt matter for you, Twinkle says we have lived this dream, you should get ths degree, Kunj says its dangerous to live her, Twinkle says we will fight Anita, we will make her life hell, promise me that you will complete this degree then we will go anywhere, He says you are stubborn, Twinkle says i am ptakha(bomb) with brains, Kunj says i doubt that you have brain, Kunj smiles, Sajna ve plays, they touch their head together.
Babee says to Leela that i will make parathas for Twinkle and Kunj when they will go to london, Kunj says you all concentrate on shopping, i will tell Principal that i will go after completing my degree, he leaves.
Twinkle takes glass in hand, glass falls down from her hands mistakenly, she thinks its bad omen that glass brokedown means something wrong is going to happen? nothing will happen, God is with us.
Kunj sits on his bike and starts driving, some goons start following him.
Leela, Babee and Twinkle come to market for shopping. Leela says Twinkle likes bangles alot from childhood, she used to wear mine when she was kid. Babee says to Twinkle that buy as much as bangles you want, you wont get them in London. Twinkle buys red bangles, Babee says they are pretty, i will make you wear these bangles, she makes Twinkle wear it, Babee says these red bangles symbolize married life for wife, i pray that these bangles are always in your hands and their noise always fill life, Twinkle thinks that i am wearing these bangles on Kunj’s name, i cant thank God enough for sending Kunj in my life, she smiles. One bangle breaks in Twinkle’s hand, she is shocked.
Kunj stops bike at signal. Goons stop behind him, one goon is coming near hims with knife.
Twinkle says how can my bangle break? these signify my married life, Leela says look carefully, its not broken, Twinkle looks at her bangles and says these are fine then why i felt that it brokedown? why i am feeling weird?
Babee buys some spices for Usha. Twinkle sees red chili and imagines blood on them, she says why there is blood on it? Leela says what are you saying? there is no blood here, its just red chili, Twinkle sees no blood and says i saw blood on them, Leela says you seem tired, we should go back home, Babee says you are right, Twinkle says why i am seeing all this? i should talk to Kunj, Babee says he must be on his way to college, he wont receive call, we should go home then we will call him.
Twinkle comes back home, she sees blood stains on floor and says if i am imagining blood again? Babee and Leela comes there and sees blood stains too, Babee says this is blood? Leela says how did it come here? Twinkle calls out Kunj’s name. She says nothing can happen to Kunj, she run to her room, Leela and Babee are tensed. Twinkle comes in room to see Kunj lying on bed with his hand injured, she is shocked. yuvi comes there, Twinkle slaps him hard, he is stunned, Twinkle says this all must be done by your mother, what happened to my Kunj? Yuvi says nothing happened to your Kunj, some goons were following Kunj on bike, they knife in their hands, i saw them. Flashback shows Goons about to attack Kunj with knife but Yuvi comes from behind and grabs goons before he can attack Kunj, Kunj doesnt see them and leaves from there. Yuvi beat goons, one goons attacks Yuvi on hand with knife, Yuvi’s hand bleeds but he beats goon, he fights with all of them, flashback ends. Yuvi says my hand bleed, nothing happened to Kunj, dont tell anything to Kunj, he wont believe me. Twinkle thanks him and says i am sorry. Kunj wakes up and calls out Twinkle’s name. Twinkle runs and hugs Kunj, she asks Kunj if he is fine? yuvi comes there. Twinkle says i got so afraid seeing blood that you might be, Kunj says nothing happened to me, this is not blood on my shirt but its paint, i was busy in project and paint fell on me and you thought that i am hurt? Twinkle says thank God nothing happened to you, she hugs him tightly, Yuvi smiles seeing them hugging.

PRECAP- Kunj is about to eat food but Yuvi comes and throws away food, Kunj holds Yuvi’s collar and says you came here again? Yuvi says there is poison in food, Kunj says i wanted to spend some time with my family but you can let us be at peace, Yuvi says trust me there is poison in food, Twinkle is shocked to listen that, Kunj says not in food but you have filled our lives with poison. Anita is hiding in porch of house and says there is going to be fun in party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It juz make my eye teary seen uv in dz state …no1 belves hm….bt seen hs smiling face makes me jumping around.. Uv i die for u….n 4m da begining of dz show i had a huge crush on zain…. Wowww zain u r da best….

  2. Ohhh good goddd!!! Dont know wen this anita is gonna let our twinj b at peace!!!??.. kide pade us manhoos anita ko…!!!! Ab uv sudhar gya h to use fasa deti h.. apne bete ko sab ki nazar me bura banana chahti h.. chee.. kaisi maa h!!!!!! God knows wats gonna happen next..!!!

  3. Love u uv…why is kunj not believing him….now kunj wioo die n we will see twiraj after leap

  4. Yrr m feeling really bad for uv. When he stares twinkle kunj hugging.. N when No one trust him.. But sb Kia Dhara b to Isi ka h. But he is such an amazing actor his expression are too good man seriously.
    N yrrr m feelinggggg so baad than kunj is quitting tei jus for jdj good luck to tei after kunj.. It seems really boring then. Coz aadhe log to sirf sid ko dekhne k lye tei dekhte h.. M the 1 in those peoples..

  5. Oh uv !
    I luv twinj but i also like uv’s positivity
    Hope kunj and all others will believe uv soon.
    I wanna kill anita- good for nothing.

    1. Luv you twinj

  6. hope uv and twinkle join after leap
    they look cute

  7. Yuvle ki deewani

    I truly respect sid’s dcsn if he wants to explore the biggr projct offrd to hm he must go aftr al he z an actor i cn jus say 1 thng for sid al d bst 4 ur future projects n we wil miss u & on the othr hnd rly exctd 4 yvle cmbk i fl sooo pity inspite of chngng evry1 kips on slapping & hitting hm neways agn il wsh both sid (for jhalak dikhla jaa) n zamin (hope u guys pull of ur chemstry jus lyk before) lv u al

  8. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

    I loved the fact that uv is positive now n now he is the only hope who can keep Twinj united this Anita is so selfish she doesn’t even care about her son and also enjoying when her son is getting blamed for no reason really worse Anita uff n what is this cherry’s problem

  9. I still hate UV.. ?
    Love twinj ?
    Good bye TEI afta twinj separation ?
    & i promise i will neva watch indian serial

    1. Same I am jus reading the updates until Sid leaves??? I have already stop watching the show??

    2. Me too aftr TWINJ separation gud bye TEI.. I LYK DS +VE UV.. bt I can’t accept uv nd twinkle… I need ma TWINJ… twinkle can be nly kunj’s nt ny1 lses. ..

  10. Idiot sid tum tei jdj jaise ghatiyaaa..show ke liye chor rahe ho …I thought ki tum kuch isse bhi better show karoge ….very upset from this….but then also tumhare liye mai jdj jaise boring shoew ko bhi jhel luu……luv u my hero……

  11. i too luv uv and twinkle jodi…dey luk very cute together

  12. if kunj will die or replaced then tei become the most bakwas show ever.if he surely going to quit then it’s better they end the show twinj’s happy ending and anita’s realization.otherwise it will become like another sarojni.which will boring,typical and bakwas.

  13. Poor uv I just feel bed for him.no ones trust him accept twinkle and what’s wrong with kunj. Why behave like that. Anyway I like twiraj pair. …

  14. pls sid change ur decision pls pls pls

  15. Kunj is more stubborn than twinkle.

  16. Whats the problem with uguys sid ko better project mila iss liya he isleaving the show even though producers convice him he didnt they aremany people work for tei if show ko kuch hua what about them for one actor we should not stop watching the show

    1. u r r8.but sid ke bina tei will become worst and bakwas show jo ki sab jante hain.itne dino se twinj ki bech me chemistry tha to koyi aur track kese chalega?vesevi uv aur anita ko hamesha twinj ki romace ki bech me ghusa ghusake trp down ho chuka hain.so it’s better they end the show with twinj’s happy ending.show ko aur bakwas and kharab bananese accha ki show ko khatam kar dia jaye.at least log yad rakhenge ki ak accha show dekha.another sarojni bananeka koyi matlab nehi hain.

  17. i will miss sid too

  18. Plzzzzz sid change your decision.
    Without sidmin there will be no twinj and if there will be no twinj, it will become incomplete.I have always love twinj a lot.And they will remain in my heart till my last breath.plz dont quit sid….

  19. And writer plz never unite yuvle,their jodi will not suit with each other.plzzzzz someone stop sid from quiting d show…

  20. the serial will be over after kunjs death. YOU just cant kill the main lead! the plot will be over.

  21. love you twinj.anitha is very hatefull in this love story. plz plz plz plz destroy anitha

  22. i am really upset with kunj……. i mean how he cannot belive uv. this is always happens when a bad person changes himself to good. please make kunj realise that uv is good and it is anitas plan

  23. i like twirajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  24. Hey guys plzzzz… i like kunj bt dis is nt ryt dat if he leaves d show we shud stop watchin it …der r other actors too…even de do their role so beautifully…specially uv,though i dont like him dat much bt i really love d way he does negative role …before kunj every1 wud watch tei na without kunj den wat now if he want to leave ?al d best tei…

  25. I likr twiraj

  26. I knew it from the beginning that the leading couple will be TwiRaj and I don’t enjoy Twinj as much I enjoy TwiRaj… Zain just rock this show… I only watch this show for Zain or no Tashan e Ishq..I love TwiRaj ???

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