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Scene 1
Twinkle is brought to hospital, Yuvi tells doctor about her condition, Twinkle is taken to operation theater. Yuvi says to Leela that how this happened? we exchanged poison bottle, Usha says to Leela that Yuvi must have done this, Leela i am telling you but you are blindly trusting him, why he doesnt leave our lives? Leela says enough, Yuvi is my son in law and i want him here with my daughter, Babee asks Usha to calm down, this is hospital, Usha stops. Everyone is praying for Twinkle. Doctor comes out and says Twinkle is out of danger, we have shifted her from ICU, you people can meet her, family goes to her.
Babee comes to Twinkle with family and says to Twinkle why did you drink poison? Twinkle is conscious, Babee says how can Rocky be Kunj? Nurse asks them to not disturb patient,

she asks Yuvi if he is her husband? he nods, she asks everyone to leave except Yuvi, Manohar takes Usha and Babee out, Leela says to Twinkle that you did wrong today, i know you want to know if Rocky is Kunj but this doesnt mean you forget about other people, just see around how much people love you, some people easily express their love and some are who keep their feelings inside their hearts, she looks at Yuvi saying this and says to Twinkle that if they dont show feelings then that doesnt mean they dont love you, you didnt think about us before taking this step? if you do this again then i will stop talking to you, Twinkle says sorry, Leela says if Rocky was Kunj then he wouldnt have allowed you to take poison, you were dying there and he left you alone, he didnt even look at you before leaving, would Kunj do something like this? you are intelligent to know everything, take rest, she looks at Yuvi and leaves. Twinkle says to Yuvi that I.. he says i will talk to doctor, take rest, he leaves.
Its dark in hospital at night, Kunj coems to Twinkle’s ward room, she sees him and says you? i knew you would come here, you wouldnt be able to stop yourself from seeing me, Kunj says even after all this, you are saying this? how to make you believe that i am not Kunj, you are my wedding planner so i came here to see you for humanity sake, Twinkle says even now you wont accept? just see what i do now, Kunj says do anything you want, i will see how you prove anything, he goes out. He sees Yuvi outside room and says its good that you brought medicines, you should be feeling bad that your wife is finding her deceased husband in other people when you are her husband, Yuvi says i dont feel bad about anything that Twinkle says, thats my relation with her, i am always standing by her side, i feel bad for her, you stood there silent when she was drinking poison for you, you didnt do anything, Kunj says she is crazy, she actually drank it, Yuvi says she is little crazy when it comes to her Kunj, when there is love there is no sanity, she has loved Kunj truly and her true love is pure, Kunj says its funny to see you talking about real love when your wife is looking at other men to find her ex husband, make your wife understand because i am not Kunj, i am Rocky Singh, he leaves, Yuvi thinks.
Its morning, Babee asks doctor about Twinkle, doctor says she is fine, he leaves. Babee says dont know what happened to Twinkle last night, what was she saying? Kunj says i think Twinkle should see psychiatrist, she is talking weird, she calls me Kunj everytime, last night she crossed her limits by drinking poison, i think she is not able to accept that Kunj has died, Usha says you are right, Yuvi has destroyed her life, its better to get her treated, Pallavi says i know one psychiatrist, i will take appointment, Babee says its right, Leela comes there and says no way, my daughter is completely fine, no need for any doctor, she leaves and think to tell Yuvi.
Twinkle meets her family, family suggests about Twinkle seeing psychiatrist, Twinkle says i am fine, this Rocky is doing this deliberately, she holds his collar and says why you are doing this?
Leela comes to Yuvi and says come to Twinkle’s room, Rocky is provoking everyone that Twinkle is not mentally stable.
Twinkle says to family that he is Kunj, she asks Kunj why you are doing this? she says to Usha that you remember Kunj had allergy from nuts? he is lying, Manohar says lets call doctor, Yuvi is coming there. Twinkle says Yuvi knows truth, where is Yuvi? she calls out to him, Kunj smirks at her, Twinkle says see he is smirking, Kunj changes his smirk when family looks at them, all thinks that Twinkle is going crazy, Twinkls shouts that this is all drama, why you are doing this Kunj? she goes hysteric, doctor comes and gives Twinkle injection to make her sleep, everyone is tensed for Twinkle.
Leela and Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room and sees her gone, Leela says did they take her from here?
Twinkle is brought to different room, Psychiatrist asks Babee if anything happened to Twinkle? Babee says her husband kidnapped her somedays ago, doctor says she is not mentally stable, we will treat her, family leaves from there. Kunj gives money to doctor to bribe him, Pallavi says to doctor that do anything but keep Twinkle here, give her shocks, injections, anything but keep her here, Kunj smirks listening this.
Yuvi and Leela are finding Twinkle in hospital, Yuvi says Rocky might have taken her to psychiatric ward. They come to that ward and sees doctor saying to nurse that dont let anyone go in Twinkle’s room. Leela says we have to save Twinkle, what to do? Yuvi says dont worry, you go out and wait for me, i will not let anything happen to my Twinkle.

Scene 2
Yuvi comes outside Twinkle’s room dressed as nurse, other nurse asks where he is going? Yuvi says taking medicine for patient, nurse allows him to go inside Twinkle’s room. Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room dressed as male nurse, he asks Twinkle to wake up, he tries to take her from there by freeing her hands, Twinkle is unconscious so Yuvi lifts her in arms and leaves with her. In hospital, psychiatrist sees nurse roaming and asks what he is doing there and not guarding Twinkle’s room? nurse says i came to eat something, doctor gets tensed thinking Twinkle can run. Yuvi puts Twinkle on wheel chair and starts leaving. Doctor comes to Twinkle’s room and sees somebody lying on bed while covered with sheet from head to toe, he thinks its Twinkle and says thank God she is here, he asks nurse to keep guarding her room, he leaves.
Twinkle has head lied on Yuvi’s shoulder in backseat of car while Leela is driving. Twinkle wakes up and says i knew you would come and wont let anything happen to me, you know what that Rocky.. Kunj was saying? that i have gone mad, Yuvi says its okay, till i am with you, i wont let anything happen to you, he covers her with his coat, Leela smiles at him, Leela asks Twinkle if she is fine? she nods, Yuvi says you have to promise to not do this poison stunt again, your fight is bigger so you have to be strong and dont drowm in emotions again, promise me you wont do it again, Twinkle holds his hand to promise. Twinkle, Yuvi and Leela are in car, Twinkle says to Yuvi that i have an idea, everyone at home thinks i am in hospital, they dont know that i am not there, this is good chance to go to home and find some proof against Rocky, Leela says no need, you need to rest, Twinkle says please let me go, this time i will make sure to get something that will prove that Rocky is Kunj only, Leela and Yuvi looks on tensed.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Yuvi comes to their room at Sarna house, Twinkle starts searching for file, she finds it and says there is marriage certificate of Kunj and my marriage in it, there is Kunj’s thumb print on it, they start leaving with file but Usha comes there and sees them, they get tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Romaisha

    I literally have no comments whatsoever for today and yesterday’s episode .
    Why are the family hating yuvi so much?? This is madness
    Yuvi has changed can’t they see that !!
    And then there’s kunj. Idk wat plans the writers have (sorry im not bashing anyone) but it ruined kunjs personality. Kunj wouldnt think of hurting twinkle and would get worried for every little thing. And pallavi turned out to be so shrewd
    Im surprised im still watching tei anyway hope to see sumn good changes in TEI soon .. But they are acting really good hats off to them ??

  2. what’s wrong with kunj. Till now i wanted kunj n twinkle to be together. But not anymore Yuvi is far better than then this Rocky singh aka kunj!!!I hate you know!!

  3. Jisha

    Thus CVS have completely ruined the character of kunj…done with it… half of the tei serial u showed kunj rescuing Twinkle from all uv’s bad intentions and cruelties… now rest you are gonna show uv rescuing Twinkle from Kunj’s cruelties…. u better stop serial n say just imagine the other way around what u showed till kunj died is gonna be in coming episodes…

  4. Hahahahahahaha…..hohohohoho…..huhuhuhuhuhu….Idiots!!! Patha nahi in dhinp kyun mujhe twinkle ko dhekte hi gussa aa jaati hai!!!! idiotic female lead character!!! She married someome else and she is thinking of someone else!!! Whenever i see yuvi ke naam ka mangalsutr aur vermilion dhekte man lagta hai jaake Cvs ko ek thappad maaru!!!
    I seriously dont have any problem of twinkle and kunj becoming one…. PROVIDED YUVI AND TWINKLE ARENT A COUPLE NOW!!
    Stupid cvs they ahud have just shown yuvi supportng twinkle and both twinkle and yuvi being good frndz!!

    What was d need for getting twinkle married to yuvi… Complete ADULTERY ke scenes dhika rahe hai…ye tho indian culture nahi hai!!

    Mein ne aisi ladkiyon ko dheka serials mein jaha shaadi ke baad apne lover ko bhool jaake pathi ko sab kuch maantha….twinkle jaise idiotic lead ko aaj thak kisi serial mein nahi dheka!!

    Kaisa cvs aur writers hai yaar… Kuch bhi dhikkaathe…agar dhono twinkle aur kunj ko ek karna hi hai tho yuvi aur twinkle ko separate karne ke baad ye nonsense dhikaana… Pathi ek aur dil mein doosre….this cant be a leads character….

    She has got ample amount of time….5yrs to move on!!! Shez just being foolish and stubborn….behaving as if shez d only one who knows to love ppl….. Btw kunj is her SECOND love!!!

    1. They are going to end kunj and twinkle together dispite the dude changing so much. It’s pretty obvious how this is going to follow and its going with a dead and us going to be hated because people are starting pair UV and twinkle more!

  5. By the end of time, I swear that Twinkle love for Kunj will fade away and all those sweet memories between them, remains in grave!!

  6. I also feel the same . twinj s love has become meaning less .I think they should end up the serial

  7. I wish kunj’s fingerprint doesn’t match with rocky. our beloved kunj is not rocky

  8. the current track is moving in a rush.I think the next track is already fixed.may be pallavi’s obsession for rocky is the next track

  9. Seriously this writer had gone mad fully how can he spoil kunj character so much can’t beliveable. Feeling bad for twinkl. Writer plz ye bakwas dekhana band kro or stop spoiling kunj and pls reunite twinj .

  10. Plz unite twiraj……hate this kunj

  11. This really makes no sense …. Yuvi was living in the Sarna mansion for 5 years but these people still don’t trust him… God !! And this Rocky..He was hinting Twinkle that he’s Kunj and now all of a sudden he isn’t .. Even if Twinkle proves that Rocky is Kunj.. What next?? Is she gonna divorce Yuvi ?? If so why even got married to Yuvi in the first place? .. Stupid Cvs…

  12. shayna aka twinkle

    I hope kunj to see pallavis plan nd know the truth abt twinkle nd change again as our lovable kunj nd become twinj again nd luv U twinj forever nd if cvs is gng to unite twiraj instead they could stop the show nd am not talking I’ll abt zain r uv am only saying that twinj r made for each other couple nd uv needs some one for him who would luv him nd true luv is between twinj I feel 2nd kunj is only angry nd in anger he does mad things like everyone do so it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care for his luv nd still he luvs her nd he’s manipulated by that pallavi nd soon he come to know the truth nd twinj will reunite I feel 2nd missing my kunj aka Sid

  13. I don’t think this rocky is kunj anymore. He wouldn’t have laughed at the thought of twinkle getting shock and he left her even when she was poisoned. It’s clearly shown now that twinkle loves kunj but still rocky isn’t happy moreover he always refers kunj as third person. This is all Rocky’s plan to make twinkle insane with kunj.

  14. And moreover kunj was shot in the chest.. Why did he have face surgery?

    1. Lol @Twinj_likes you are soo right if he was shot in the chest there was no need whatsoever for him to have plastic surgery on his face….. Its so ironic and putrid……..

      1. Manny

        Fishes in the water must have disfigured kunj’s face ???

  15. Anch's sister

    Now it’s time to put an end to all those dramas and make yule’s story they are rocking well now I also want yule because of their cute tashan and arguments now I know twinj got off the line but never mind twiraj will Rock the show please never separate them

  16. Anch's sister

    I really don’t understand a thing I think the makers of this show are mentally mad they showed us first yule again twinj again yule again twinj and do they really againnnnn. Want to show us twinj. ? ? Very bad I think that idea will never exist by the way does anyone know what will happen next. ? I hope yule would end up together

  17. Guys seriously today uv almost told to rocky that twinkle still loves kunj and he is just supporting her…but still kunj’s anger is not reducing means he really just want to hurt twinkle cruelly… pls no more twinj re reuniting

  18. Ithna kuch hone ke baad bhi twinkle and kunji ek hogaya tho love ka meaning hi change ho jayega, how twinkle can forgive kunj.. he left her to die in front of him.. i love twiraj. Uv twinkle our kunj ko separate karnekeliye plans karte te par twinkle ko harm nahi kiya tha,, its called true love, he was worrying for twinkle in every plan

  19. same story in each and every serial in most of the channels whether its colors or zeetv or starplus.
    Comon show something new yaar.
    Either 1 guy and 2 girls running after him or 1 girl and two guys fighting for her.
    Firs they will show 1 guy to be very good and the other to be a very bad one, and suddenly they will make they good guy bad and bad guy good and let the girl fall in love with the bad turned good guy.
    Fed up with the same story everywhere, be it “Tashan e Ishq”, or “Thapki Pyaar Ki”, or ”Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani”, or even “Vishkanya”.
    Even serial like Vishkanya which i thought it to be supernatural, turned out to be same plotline nowadays.

  20. Padmavathy Ram

    Kunj is a past chapter and Yuvi after doing so much and proving himself for 5 years, why such distrust and hatred towards him, it is not acceptable but anyhow Leela’s character is beautifully portrayed as she is the one who is always in support of Yuvi not even Twinkle is as grateful and good as her mother as what she is doing to Yuvi whom she loved first is absolutely pathetic, how can she not love him after living with him for 5 years, not acceptable at all. Kunj came in the middle and has vanished, how come she still loves him and she consuming poison in front of so many asking Rocky to confess that he is Kunj that shows how ungrateful she is as not even for a second did she think of her present husband Yuvi whom she is humiliating with her actions and words. Our culture is not what is being portrayed here pls stop this bakhwas love story of Kunj and Twinkle, you mean if Kunj was a good guy now she should leave Yuvi who had been so good to her for five long years taking care of her whole family, morals are lost this is not what should be shown, please stop dragging this and unite Yuvi and that irritating Twinkle.

  21. anushka varma

    Yah it is right that by the end all good memories of sidhant aka kunj will be lost and sidhant key jagga kis stupid character ko lay kar aae hai like n.a. uska face n.a. body n.a. styles n.a. meray kunj k good looks n.a. aur kuch sidhant say match hota hay I HATE NAMAN aka kunj just HATE HIM

  22. star plus brought back ahem in sns due to falling trps and he already started shooting.star plus Apni viewrs ki baat maan liya.y these stupid zee can’t bring back sid.how much we begged to bring him back.zee ko Apni viewers ki emotions ka Koyi Parva hi nahi. go to hell

  23. Why cvs are ruining kunj’s character dont know.
    When they will reunite twinj.
    Kunj ko dikhta nahi hai kya ki twinkle abhi v usse kitna pyaar karti hai.
    Sirf revenge,revenge.

  24. Really I don’t have words to express here by watching yesterday’s episode.
    Cvs plz don’t make kunj so much worst so that twinkle will also start hating her kunj.And plz make clear the doubt of kunj and plz make kunj good like earlier and reunite twinj plzzzzz.
    Just dragging this track.
    If I find you somewhere,I will kick you so badly so that you will fly on the sky and you will fall in london.You will go from india to london without ticket,passport.
    Uske baad tumhara bacha hua memory v loss ho jayega.
    Stupid cvs.

  25. Twinkle has to accept yuvi’s love

  26. Wow I m in love with twinkle’s dresses …everyday she wears something different and amazing????

  27. Pls by seeing all these I don’t want twinkle and Rocky I think they have done rocky’s brain surgery too..since that old kunj also married twinkle in tashan but he always dint harm anyone that great character liked by everone oh please instead spoinling his character make like kunj has been died but his diary and rocky (who completly lost his past memory )got to that doctor.. by seeing that guy in dairy he asssumed that he is kunj …Oh please have like that …
    Twinkle please prove love is powerfull than revenge when yuvi is on revenge he dint get but when he started loving everyone he got his love but now also he is loving u alot please writer unite yuvi and twinkle ..

  28. star plus brought back ahem on sns and he already started shooting.star plus Apni viewers ki baat maan kar nazim ko sns wapas leker aaya.yee Chee tv ko hum bar bar keh rahi bring back sid. they never listen to us.

  29. sidhant should come back and act as the 1st caring kunj

  30. i like to see uv and twinkle again paired and in love but what the hell is this pyr k sth fun krty hoy 2 din ni drama dikhaty or phir wohi fighting start wohi problems wohi solution yr jolly c story kr do ab to or kunj ko to nikal he do bkwaas lgta hy wo rocky or pallavi bubble ki trha drama kheench rhy hyn leela ko punjabi to sikha dyn or plzzz twinkle ko us kunj ko bholny dyn plzz

  31. i hatee kunjjj plzzz unite twirajjjj

  32. twinkle aka shayna

    Pls make it twinj nd guys kunj is ding mad things in anger yaar nd he is captivated by that idiot pallavi nd he still luv twinkle nd can’t u all see that he felt bad wen twinkle was really poisoned nd am sure we would get back our lid kunj wen he comes to know abt pallavi s intentions nd truth abt twinkle nd so twinj fans do be upset we will get back our old cute nd best pair twinj again with their small cute tashans will their full ishq

  33. Yup twinkle aka shayna u r right.
    I agree with u.
    They will pair twinj only and I also hope so.
    Tumhari baat mein dum hai shayna.Love u.
    Kunj is not using his brains.His fake girlfrnd pallavi is involving kunj in all this.hope that kunj misunderstanding will be clear soon and we will get our old and loving kunj in naman.I hope so.
    But missing sidhant.
    I have a strong feeling that twinkle will prove that rocky is her kunj bcoz true love have a strong power.plz reunite twinj as fast as possible.waiting eagerly for that.

  34. Why would Kunj do this to his parents he professes to love so dearly.

  35. Rayna ur right yar and i also want this coz m poraane kunj ko nhi bool shakti or in dono ne apne pyar ko paane k liy kya kya kiya tha. Writer plz reunite our twinj soon and love you my all twinj fans forever.

  36. Yup naina they will unite our twinj soon.love u too.

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