Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Both couples are dancing on ‘dance pe chance’. Some couples are tripping. Kunj brings twinkle close. Ishq wala love plays in background. The song changes to rab ne bana di jodi.
Kunj pretends slipping twinkle says in heart he has done this deliberately.
Judge announces, we have winner for this round. Its Twinkle and Kunj.
Yuvi says in heart this defeat clears my wayv for upcoming wins. Mahi helps yuvi walking. She asks are you okay? He says i am sorry because of me we lost this round. He takes out a stone from his shoe and says no wonder why couldn’t I dance. I am so sorry. Mahi says its okay, but how this stone came in your shoe? He says think again who can do this. She says twinkle di. Yuvi says of course she must have come to our room when we

were not there. Mahi says I never thought she will stoop that low. Yuvi says we will win the next round don’t worry.

There is a knock on door, Kunj says come in. Manager says Mrs. Mahi Luthra has lost her marriage certificate and we doubt that you have it. We have to search your room. Kunj says you can’t accuse us. Twinkle says go ahead, search it. They start rummaging. They find the certificate. Kunj and Twinkle are dazed. Kunj says this was your plan so you could blame Twinkle. You put it in her bag. Yuvi says she concealed it so we can’t take part in the competition. Manager says this can disqualify you twinkle. Kunj says what prove you have that twinkle placed it in her bag? Don’t accuse us unless you have a proof. Now everyone, leave. He says to Kunj I said leave.
Kunj says to twinkle the sister you are doing all this for, wants to accuse you. She will insult you every day. Lets go from here. She says I wont go anywhere. what they did was wrong but I wont run away. She says you said you don’t care then why are you being stressed? He holds her and says I am worried because I.. He goes out. Twinkle says please help me God. Show me a way. She hears someone talking on call. She says I am Purvi I placed it in my room and I am coming to you. See you.
Twinkle comes near her room and opens her lock. She goes in. She finds some photographs there and is shocked. She says oh my God what is this. I can’t even tell anyone. What should I do? The girl comes in and says what the hell, how you came in my room? And how dare you to touch my stuff. I will tell everyone that you came here to steal in my room. Twinkle says what if I tell them that you blackmail innocent people, you will end up in jail. I have my eyes on you, the person you are blackmailing I will make sure you can’t harm him. End this drama.

Sanyu comes to Sarna and says papa.. He says what is it? She says i have to talk to him. She gives him the photos. He is daze.
The woman says I am here where are you? A man comes.
Sarna says this is all lie. I went to Hisar, this girl was waitress in the room. She gave me team. I lost my consciousness. When I got up, she was in my bed. She said that she has my video, she will give it to all you. She is asking for money. Twinkle says I trust you someone wants to defame you. We have to find out who is doing this and why?
Yuvi says to the girl Twinkle doesn’t even know that this is my plan.
He says she thinks she can save her father in law from purvi. Both will have a misunderstanding. Kunj is already mad at her. Tomorrow, Kunj and twinkle will have a new twist. He fires their picture. he says Twinkle’s countdown has started.
Twinkle says papa don’t worry. I wont let purvi defame you.

Precap-A man comes in room, he tries to misbehave with Twinkle. Kunj comes and saves her. Kunj later shouts at twinkle and says from now on you have your path and I have mine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh thanks everyone Areh why Kunj angry I get scared of Kunj when he is angry doesn’t suits him at all , I hope he somehow confess his love in anger that will be so cute

    1. this will happen only…..I read it somewhere just now that when kunj will shout angrily……twinkle will try to console him and in that state he will say again the incident of (I love) this time to twinkle not complete though but she will be happy after hearing this…..

      1. Oh. Ho why this mr Sarna is not confessing his love properly anyways thanks divya 🙂

      2. is it so can u tell me where u read it since i want to see it with my own eyes and get happy

      3. sm here..plzz do me also..

  2. whenever we think of smthing sweet b/w twinj exactly d opposite happens…but still fingers crossed…

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Kunj twinkle ko help krne ki jagha usse dur kyu ho raha hai, as abhj to dono ne pass ana suru hi kiya tha.. and why twinkle is not telling her FIL prblm to kunj, he will help her and all prblm will be sloved…

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Kya koi bta skta hai ki what they are showing pyar ki jeet ?? I mean exactly hone kya vala hai isme??

    1. it means that even after so any misunderstandings and hurdles creating fights and rifts amid them…..but still their love would be that pure enough to overcome all those…..now exactly what will happen that will depend on show to show and their respective situations and stories decided by their writers;)

  5. oh god i kne it…i knew it was gonna b something like this….kunj v kno u r upset with her but pls dont do it…twinkle is gonna b really hurt by ur words… :'( but anyways good going guys love d show n twinj…. :*

  6. Kunj loves twinkle. Very nice, I love kunj

  7. Nice episode. Twinkle don’t do this with kunj,please.tell him the truth

  8. Tara ankvita zai plzzzz update your ff…………..
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz its morning. Tara I am miffed with you you didn’t answered my question………..whyyyyyyy??????///?????

  9. kunj always rocz. love u kunj

  10. i am really agree with Aakansha as it is. not Twinkle’s mistake. i hope that kunj confess his love very soooooooon
    i love u twinj
    pls unit them plea………se

  11. Wtf

  12. i thought it was pyaar ki jeet?

  13. i am crush on twinj scenes todsy

  14. first uv sent goons to kunj that made kunj jealous and possesive
    next he planned mms to twinkle to separate them which ended up with a romantic dance btw twinj
    tried to put blame of theft on twinkle which made kunj to say i ……..
    know this new plan lets wait to know what happens next…………..

    1. haha..di u have such a good observing skills…hope day by day they come close to each other and end up with love confession

  15. i think even if kunj n his father dont hav a gud relation still kunj wants his father’s love so he would definitely help twinkle… y this twinkle always thinks hat she can solve any problem alone…she is incomplete widout kunj..i was jus afraid the way kunj shouted.. plz twinkle share the problm wid ur hubby..

    1. n frnds i saw in ad that this “pyar ki jeet” is for the shows ETRETR N YVR n not for our TEI

      1. omg!! what are u saying…?? bt i saw all of them

  16. Som1 just kill that UV and mahii

  17. Meenat Abubakar

    Yeah,it was 4 all of dem

  18. hey guys chill that in fb there is a sbs sigment showing twinj bathroom romance i think it is after that angry young man scene just awesome yaar may be tommorrow episode it will be or today it self and there are also some pics showing twinlke speaking to purvi and police standing beside her and twinkle hugging kunj really really awesome

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