Tashan-e-Ishq 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj is about to get hit by car, Twinkle closes her eyes but car passesby him and doesnt hit him, Yuvi says on call that see Twinkle, how sweet i am, now get papers ready and file for my bail, he ends call. Leela comes to Twinkle and asks what happened? what did Yuvi say? Twinkle says he wants me take back case and free him from jail else he will kill Kunj, Leela says they have crossed all limits, they are not ashamed of using his illness, we will not let him use this, we will tell everything to Kunj, Twinkle says truth that we are caught in web, even if we find donor, Anita will bribe him, if Kunj gets to know that he took Yuvi’s blood then he wont be able to bear it, if anything happens to Kunj then i will die, Leela says dont say like this, tell me what we have to do? Twinkle

says we have to agree to Yuvi’s conditions and will take his blood for Kunj but wont tell Kunj about it, Leela says you are walking on path which will give you pain, God understands that you are lying to Kunj for his life’s sake only but if Yuvi comes out of jail then he will start preparing to destroy your life again, Twinkle says no, i am agreeing to Yuvi’s conditions for Kunj only but i wont let him play with my life, Leela says lets go to lawyer then, they leave.
Yuvi sings woh sikandar song, Anita says i am so happy to see you happy, Yuvi laughs, jailer comes there and says Yuvi is so happy as if he is not going ti jail but to his home, Yuvi says to doctor that it was nice meeting you, he says to Anita that Twinkle did my help, she made me send to jail after so much effort and now she is putting efforts to free me from jail, he says to inspector that bodyguard lets go.
Kunj comes home, he says i am hungry, he sees salad and oats, he says to Babee and Usha whats all this? its like i am at farmhouse, please make parathas for me, Babee says oily food is banned, we will eat healthy food from now on, Kunj says it doesnt end my hunger, Babee says healthy food is good for life, we all will eat it, Kunj says now i understand that i am advised by doctor to eat healthy so you people are eating this with me too? Babee says why not, we will become healthy too but i like parathas with butter, Usha says i like pakoras, Kunj says what about healthy food you guys were talking about? i will tell you how to make healthy food tasty.
kunj, Babee and Usha come sin kitchen, they prepare food together. They smell food after making it and likes aroma, Kunj says happiness doesnt lie in things but in togetherness, we found happiness after so much problems, Babee says Twinkle would have loved this sight, where is she?
Twinkle calls Leela, Leela says lawyer is saying that we need Kunj’s sign on bail’s papers, Twinkle says i am doing this for Kunj only, i will take his sign, dont worry, she ends call.
Twinkle comes home, Kunj says to Twinkle that your chef husband has prepared food today, he takes papers from Twinkle and says first eat, Twinkle thinks what he sees papers? Kunj says i will make Twinkle eat with my hands, Babee jokes that make us eat with your hands sometime too, they laugh, Kunj makes Twinkle eat food, she says its very nice, Kunj is happy, Babee says i knew my son is good chef, Usha says after all he is my son, Babee says he is my son, Kunj smiles at Twinkle, Twinkle is tensed, she says i will come later, she take papers and leaves from there, Babee feeds Kunj food.
Twinkle comes in room and says i will mix Yuvi’s release papers with company’s contract papers, Kunj will sign them without seeing, she says Lord i promised that i will not hide anything from Kunj but i am breaking this promise for Kunj’s life only, if Yuvi’s conditions are not fulfilled then he will try to harm Kunj. Kunj comes there and hugs from back, Kunj says i am here then what are you praying? Twinkle says our company has got new contract, i was praying for it, i need your sign on papers, Kunj says i can give my life for you darling, he sign papers without reading.
Yuvi is in jail, he asks anita when is Twinkle coming? she says wait for somtime, Yuvi says she made me go in jail after so much hard work and now she will release me, Anita says its like licking after spitting, Yuvi says thats gross, have some sympathy for her, drama left Twinkle’s life after i went from her life for sometime, she must have done work of release papers, Anita says she should be else we can be bad for her.
Kunj is signing papers, pen stops working, Twinkle says i will bring another pen, Babee calls Kunj and says your friend has come to meet you, Kunj asks Twinkle to bring pen in hall, he leaves with papers, Twinkle says what if Kunj reads those papers.
Kunj meets his friend sandy, Twinkle comes there and see file on table, Kunj asks Twinkle to bring refreshments, Twinkle goes and brings it. She asks Kunj to sign papers, he says give me sometime, i am working on my project, sorry for making you wait, Twinkle says no issues.

Scene 2
Anita calls Twinkle and asks why did release papers didnt reach my son till now? are you waiting for another attack on Kunj? Twinkle says enough, dont even think of hurting my Kunj, Anita says dont show me attitude, Twinkle says you havent seen my attitude, i know you are desperate to bring your son out of jail but remember only i cant bring him out of jail, as much as i need his blood, i know you need me to free your son, dont waste my time by calling again and again, i know what i have to do, dont try to blackmail me next time, she ends call, Anita is stunned to see her blunt avatar.
Kunj comes to Twinkle and says sorry for making you wait, Twinkle says its okay, Kunj says why are you so nice? tell me where i have to sign, i can sign on death warrant for you, Twinkle says i have told you many times that dont talk about death, Kunj says i was joking, i like to tease you, i can sign any paper for you even with my eyes closed, he closes his eyes, Twinkle is distraught seeing how much he trusts her. Kunj has closed his eyes and asks Twinkle where he has to sign? Twinkle puts his hand on paper, Kunj signs Yuvi’s release papers with eyes closed, he asks if she is happy now? she nods, Twinkle says i will take these papers to client, kunj says okay i will come with you, twinkle gets tensed, she says you complete your college project, i will go with Maa, Kunj says go safely, Twinkle starts to lave but slips and papers fall from her hands, Kunj comes to her and asks if she is fine? she nods and starts collecting papers, Kunj starts collecting too, Twinkle takes papers from his hand before he can see it, he looks at her tensed, he caresses her face, Twinkle thinks that he trusts me blindly but when he will know truth then dont know what will happen to him.

PRECAP- Yuvi grabs Twinkle by hand on road and twists her arm, Twinkle asks him to leave her, people gather there and says you are eve-teasing a girl? Yuvi ask them to mind their business, people start beating Yuvi, Twinkle smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow nice epi i loved twinj scence and precap allso very gooood

  2. Thx you atiba for the fast update. Twinkle you are hiding secret again for Kunj

  3. Honestly speaking more than this Yuvi I m hating Anita’s character how can a mother encourage her son to stoop this low, Yuvi actually doesn’t cares much but his crazy mom always encourages him to do so.

  4. But very funny precap Hahahahaha Yeh Loh Kunj aka sid tumhara birthday gift Twinj fans ke taraaf se 😛

  5. nyc episode…………thanks for updating so fast………..

  6. Lovely yrr amazing episode

  7. Twinkle I don’t agree with what you did. You should have talked to Kunj. He trusts you blindly. You will face many problems now but It’s your fault

  8. thxxx abita fr ur fast update… ohoo this uv na… i luved the dialoge .. aapne abhi mere attitude dekha hi kha he… btw acha hua people started beating uv.. usne bhi twinkle ko aunties se… ab hisaab brabar

  9. Nice episode. Hi guys. Today is my birthday. I am 21 years old ☺

  10. i m eagerly waiting for the end of this track with a twist

  11. Plzzz tell me is someone lives in Ajmer ,Rajasthan ,India……..
    Plzzzzzzzzzz tell me I know all of u read this update that’s why I asked in this….
    I hope u will tell me

    1. Hi sonal i leave in sangaria ,rajasthan

  12. Hi kunj akka siddanth Gupta…I’m ur biggest fan of yours…as ur my favorite actor…I know today is ur birthday so from me I’m wishing u a many many happy returns of the day…and ur rocking…

  13. Too good! Ab yuvi Ke face be bhi black ink LAGA do!!!!

  14. I loved today’s episode And twhtwinj scenes. eagerly waiting for the next episode.

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  17. funny PRECAP. today’s episode was also good but what had done. oh no Kunj belief on twinkle blindly but Twinkle …….. but pls guys don’t blame to twinkle as I’m d biggest fan of her. I can’t able to listen anything against her. as we all know that if we also there in her place we did d same. as if twinkle inform Kunj all about what happened & what condition did UV put infront of her then he clearly say twinkle that I don’t need this UV blood. as we know Kunj very we’ll that he will die but never let UV to create any problem in Twinkle’s life. so,its better dat twinkle didn’t inform Kunj. but pls keep Twinj like this only. don’t sepreat them. love u twinj

  18. Ow..i like the precap…but twinkle should discus the matter with kunj.and they will do someting big with proper planning against uvi and anita together…otherwise twinkle will suffer badly…

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  22. kya bakwaas hai. plz stop this yuvi chapter its like going for ever, plz its like koi aur plot hi nahi hai directors ke pass.

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