Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle says to Yuvi that i will bring Kunj’s truth out, Yuvi says bt he is not accepting that he is Kunj, Twinkle says you have done alot for me and my family, its not fair to you, this is my fight and i dont want to involve you, Yuvi says have you gone mad? i thought you would rightfully tell me to be with you in this fight, this Yuvi is with you in this fight, Twinkle says please.. Yuvi says if you think that your Yuvi can leave you like this then you are wrong, tell me your plan, Twinkle is silent, Yuvi says if you think that i wont find out your plan if you give me silent treatment then see how i find it out, Twinkle smiles at him.
Party starts. Sarna family comes there, Rocky says its good to see you all here, Manohar says Twinkle asked us to come, Rocky says yes, its

good to see you all, its special party for special someone, Pallavi holds his arm tightly, Twinkle stares him, Rocky greets Leela but she feels awkward. Yuvi comes in party dressed as waiter. Twinkle says to Rocky that nice party, either you accept that you are Kunj Sarna or i will do what i am upto, Rocky says you do what you want to, i dont care, i am Rocky Singh and will remain Rocky, excuse me, he thinks dont know whats in her mind, he leaves. Rocky comes to Pallavi and says Twinkle is upto something, go and find out, Pallavi stares him and leaves. Yuvi looks at Twinkle and thinks what she is upto? Leela comes to Yuvi and says i will talk to Twinkle, she is upto something, Yuvi says no dont talk to her, she is on different tangent, i have plan, he tells her plan which is muted. Twinkle sits around table and says only 15minutes Kunj then i will show you my plan, Kunj stares him and leaves. Leela comes to Twinkle with food and asks her to eat, Twinkle keeps her purse closer, Leela asks if there is anything important in purse? Twinkle thinks that Maa should not know about my plan, she says nothing its my favorite purse, Leela makes her eat food, Leela looks at Yuvi behind her, Yuvi hints at water bottle, Leela nods, Yuvi leaves bottle there. Leela asks Twinkle to come and meet guest, they greet guest, Leela gets call and leaves. She comes to table and looks in Twinkle’s purse, she finds poison bottle in it and replaces it with water bottle which Yuvi left there, someone makes video of whole Leela’s act. Leela goes back to Twinkle, guest invites her to his home and leaves. Twinkle says to Leela that i have some work. Twinkle comes to table and takes her purse, she leaves, Leela looks at poison bottle which she has hidden and says this girl is mad. She comes in corner and says thank God Yuvi told me about this, dont know what Twinkle was about to do with it, she throws poison bottle in bin and leaves, someone has made video of this too, person who has captured everything in video is none other than Pallavi, she smirks and takes poison bottle out of bin, she says Twinkle was about to do stunt with this poison bottle but Leela aunty saved her but dont worry, i will send this poison back to Twinkle. She sees Twinkle, she bangs with Twinkle, Twinkle purse falls from her hands, Pallavi bends to pick it up and replaces bottle again, putting real poison bottle in purse again, she gives it to Twinkle and says sorry, Twinkle sees bottle in her purse and leaves.
Pallavi shows Kunj video of how Leela exchanged poison bottle, this way Twinkle would be saved and would blackmail you too, it was all their plan to trap you, Kunj says i cant believe Twinkle did this but i should have known, cheating and lying is part of habit now, i shouldnt expect anything better, Pallavi thinks that i am sorry, i didnt want to play this game but i cant lose you Kunj.

Scene 2
Twinkle announces in party to guests that i have to tell you all something, we have someone between us whose reality is not known, its Rocky, his real identity is not Rocky Singh but he is Kunj Sarna, all are shocked, Manohar says what? TWinkle says to Kunj that if you dont accept that you are Kunj Sarna then i will drink poison and will die here, she shows bottle, Yuvi thinks thank God i exchanged posion with water, Pallavi thinks that i was right, she was about to drink poison, its good that i gave her poison only, Kunj smirks and laughs thinking that she is lying, Twinkel says you are still silent? i am giving my life infront of you and you are still silent? please tell me that you are my Kunj Sarna and stop me from killing myself, Babee says what are you saying? Twinkle says he is Kunj only, he tried to hide it but i recognized him, tell him to say he is Kunj, Usha says what has happened to you? Twinkle says tell him to say he is Kunj else i will drink this poison and will kill myself, Kunj says i am Rocky Singh the boxer and not Kunj, he has died.. Twinkle says you wont say truth even now? Kunj says i am saying truth, i think you need psychiatrist, Twinkle says if you have even a slight love for me in your eyes then you wont let me drink this poison, all ask Twinkle so stop, Twinkle says this fight is between me and Twinkle, nobody should come inbetween, she opens bottle and drinks poison, Yuvi is disappointed, everyone is shocked while some thinks that she has drank water only, Pallavi smirks, Leela is thanking God thinking its water only, Kunj has sly smirk on his face, Twinkle looks at him totally shocked that he is not slightly fazed, she comes to him and says you dont care Kunj? your Twinkle is dying and you wont do anything? Twinkle says i am dying infront of you and you still wont say anything? she holds his collar, he looks away and totally unfazed, he says please stop this drama, i know nothing is going to happen to you, Twinkle coughs and froth/lather comes out of her mouth, Twinkle stumbles and falls on floor, everyone is shocked knowing she has drank poison for real, Yuvi is stunned, everyone rushes to Twinkle while Kunj just stands there shocked, guest calls for doctor, Yuvi tries to wake up Twinkle.

PRECAP- Kunj asks Twinkle to wake up, Pallavi asks Rocky to lets go from here, Kunj says you said Twinkle is doing drama, Pallavi says this can be their trick.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. waiting to watch tomorrow’s episode Atlast rocky showed some concern for twinkle

  2. o teri …..this was the only thing that came out of my mouth…omg omg omg …….haad ho gyi…….hats off to creatives of tashan e ishq

  3. Guys can anyone pls share the link of sajnave sad version pls

  4. Bullshit!! Shitty show… They have no respect fir d word marriage!!
    Gonna quit watching this show now…how many marriages do they wanna show us… If they had to unite twinkle and kunj oly they shudnt have shown twinkle getting married to yuvi… Stupid writers!!! They shud have just shown yuvi supportng twinkle!!!
    Bakwass dhika raha hai!!
    Good that twinkle will now romance Kunj aka naman…. Naman who was paired opposite a old lady who was 60yr old in piya rangrezz!!!! Roflmao!!

  5. Oh god please.. Ab to sach samne aa Jana chahiye. Ab kahi esa nhi Ho Ki twinkle nafrat krne lage kunj se

  6. I just hate this pallavi for doing all. But what happen to kunj how can he do all this. I dont know whats going to be happen.

  7. Amyenna_Emmanuel

    Now I get it, this series director wanna shows us that now Yuvi have all the good quality that used to be Kunj signature! And this new Kunj have All the bad things Yuvi always done in the past…! If this series director think they can make us satisfied with all this BullS**t, he/she are totally WRONG!!!! Stop this cheap trills and serve us with serious Love story !!!

  8. How can kunj show such lack of concern even when she was sick? How can he believe pallavi more than twinkle? Really kunj has changed it seems. . He doesn’t follow his heart anymore..

  9. No way !! Twinkle can’t go back to Kunj this way.. If she is why did she even agree on marrying yuvi !!! Ughh this is utter crap now ?

  10. Omg . twinkle did it for kunj,and he had no concern about it.this pallavi , just gonna kill her.

  11. plz don’t want any more hatred…??
    i just loved it????
    wht an epi

  12. i just hope Kunj plz show ur love???
    plz yaarrr….Nd Both Pallavi,uv shld go to hell
    they r coming between twinj
    bcz for some of us,twinj is more important thn sindhant??

  13. Ufff really i’m fed up with this crap story line . . . Don’t know why the writers are so eager to spoil Kunj’s character . . . They are simply testing our patience . . . If they had to turn Kunj negative what was the need to show those beautiful Twinj moments . . . Very very disappointing

  14. to ab to sab ko pata chal hi geya ki twinj will re unite…ab pallavi ka drama chalu hoga as expected……vese sab log kunj sarna aka rocky sing se pyar karte hain..twinkle to pagalo ki tarah karte hi hain,ab pallavi v….pyar me sab pagal ho geya hain…ek apni jan de rahi hain,dusri jan le rahi hain…haha..uv ki taraf to koyi dikhta hi nehi…hoho…sab log pagal ho geya is show pe…pehle uv tha ek pagal,fer rocky bana aur ek pagal ab twinkle aur pallavi v pagal and leela jesa samajhdar aurat v buri ban geyi coz kunj ke liye vo feel hi nehi kar rahi hain..pura pagalpan ki dukan…circus ban geya show…without sid it’s actually nothing…

  15. Now it’s high time the show is getting interesting yule’s time of course but twinkle is such an idiot girl she should understand how much yuvi loves her and accept him she is searching for kunj who doesn’t really care about her now she is married to yuvi and how many times did she get married ? ? May be 4 times or 5 it seems the directors of this show have no respect for marriage if they again make her go back to kunj they are really brainless she should settle down with yuvi that sounds like a good idea because twinkle always looks like a queen when she’s with yuvraj. Keep looking gorgeous like that yule

  16. Hw can uv change dz much..?? Hw kunj can change dz much??OMG..just miracle..
    A -ve turns completly to +ve..Wow..Nw onwardz i just love uv a lot more than kunj..Superdoopper episode??just waiting for the next epi…#

  17. Pls no twinj

  18. It’s high time the show is getting interesting yule’s time of course but twinkle is such an idiot girl she should understand how much yuvi loves her and accept him why is she searching for kunj who really doesn’t care about her now that she is married to yuvi she should settle down with yuvi and marriage is not a game by the way how many times did she get married may be 4 times or 5 it seems that the directors of this show have no respect for marriage now if they again make her go back to kunj they are really brainless and the show will surely flop I hope yule don’t get separated as I love to watch this show

  19. I don’t like palvi she just ruined everything for kunj turning him into her past lover and now lying to kunj about the poison i just want kunj and twinkle to be together and i still can’t believe leela is choosing yuvi over kunj

  20. U all know that kunj and twinkle are getting back right it even says it if you search up kunj and twinkle reunite and it says he will turn positive and reunite with twinkle over all hurdles

  21. Loveeeeeeeeeeee kunj and twinkle

  22. Miss u sid plz sid ko wapas la aao

  23. kunj will not be able to see twinkle in pain so he will accept by the way hats off to the writers♥♥♥♥♥♥

  24. Someone above asked to search Twinkle and Kunj reunite and I did so…yea itz true itz given lead couple will be twinkle and Kunj!!
    Have been just waiting to know dis thing!!
    Stopped watching dis serial when zain imam was portrayed to be bad!!
    Started watching it back just coz They showed Yuvi and twinkle getting married,with the thout that writers are serious abt marriage!!

    Anyways bye bye to dis shitty serial where marriage is just a game…dis is india guys…writers plz put in some sense in what ever you show us…if twinkle and Kunj ko hi rehna tha tho Yuvi ur twinkle ko frndz hi rakte…what was d nwed of getting them married!!

    I shud have realised these writers are good for nothing…wasted my energy in making an effort to watch dis dirt!!
    Goodbye now!! Hope the serial goes off air soon!! C u guys!! Enjoy watching nonsense!

  25. You’re zara they should’ve not showed yule’s married if they wanted to separate them again they could make them just friends and likeit seems if twinkle again go to kunj it will vary bagwas anyway I still have a hope of that they don’t ruin this lovely show and make yule end up together

  26. twinjfan (tamanna)

    ab thoda dil ko shanti mili….kunj ke dil me abi bi twinkle ke liye pyar hai…jab kunj twinkle ko pyar karta hai or agar wo vapis ve banjaye tho twinj hi unite honge….kyunki twinj ki kundli ke jaisi guruji ne ab tak nahi deki thi aisa Hamare maha cvs ne dikhaya tha….n u guys hv seen promo of JDLJ in which sid is dancing…kitna dil ko tandak mila sid ko tv par dek kar. .

  27. oh! no

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