Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj comes in his room and recalls how Twinkle said that she will take part in competition to protect Mahi from Yuvi. He looks at Twinkle’s picture and says you are stubborn, you want to fight alone,you can fight and do anything alone but i wont be with you, i dont wanna talk to you. He says why its bothering me, its good that i wont have any problems, he hurts his hand with cupboard door, he looks at Twinkle’s picture and says i am not feeling pain, he says i should not think about her, dont know what she is doing on her save Mahi mission.
Twinkle is in competition party. Mahi looks at her angrily, Twinkle says Mahi.. Mahi leaves from there. Twinkle thinks where is the girl who was in MMS, Twinkle recalls flashback, she sees an MMS in which a girl blackmails Manohar

to give her 10lacs else she will tell about him to everyone, Manohar pleads her to not do it, he will give her money, flashback ends. Twinkle thinks that where wil i find that girl? Host comes there and introduces Twinkle as contestant, he introduces Mahi as contestant too, Mahi gives victorious look to Twinkle, Twinkle sees contestant Survi and thinks that she is MMS girl, i have to be in competition to find truth, Host says we have 6contestants, we will start it tomorrow, they have to take part with their husbands for dance competition, Twinkle thinks that i had fight with Kunj, if he doesnt take part with me then how will i find truth of Survi. Survi calls someone and says work id done, Sarna family wont be able to show face to anyone, she leaves. Twinkle thinks to tell Kunj all this, she says no i should not tell him, he and papa doesnt get alone well so i should not tell him, she says i am sorry Kunj to not tell you all this, i have to part in competition to find truth of this girl, i wont let any problem fall on my family, Kunj has takesn care of my family everytime and now its my turn.
Kunj is waiting for Twinkle, he says its too late and she hasnt come. Kunj gets Twinkle’s message to eat food, she will be late. He listens’ car horn, he comes in balcony to find Twinkle arriving back home, he angrily looks at her, she looks at him too.
Twinkle comes in room and says sorry for being late, Kunj says i dont wanna listen, i am sorry for not tolerating all this, everything is sorry to not be on your side, we should sleep now. Twinkle says i messaged you that i will be late, Kunj says you can do anything you want in your life, you can go anywhere, i dont care, why would i? we are roommates, we are married but we dont love each other, you can live your life and i can mine, i dont care. Twinkle says if you dont care then why were you waiting for me in balcony? why were you angry? Kunj says as if you can read my face, Twinkle asks him to take off his kurta, he says what? Twinkle says you are wearing kurta in wrong way, Kunj says its fashion, why should i listen to you when you dont, Twinkle says dont take anger on yourself, wear it properly else buttons will hurt you, Kunj looks at her and says leaves this Amritsar contestant, please, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says you will not leave it right? i thought to ask you last time, he says good night and leaves, he goes to sleep, Twinkle thinks that i know you are hurt, i wish i could tell you everything but trust me i am doing all this for our family.

Scene 2
Its morning, Twinkle thinks if i did right by hiding MMS thing? i know we decided to tell each other everything but he will be hurt to listen it. Babee comes there and asks what she is thinking? TWinkle says i am thinking about competition, Babee says i thought you are not taking part in it but its your decision so i wont say anything, Twinkle says what if we lie to someone for their good? Babee says lying is wrong but sometimes its not wrong to lie for someone’s good, Twinkle thanks her.
Twinkle is leaving, Yuvi is leaving with Mahi, he says to Twinkle that you need your husband in this competition else you will be disqualified, i dont see Kunj with you? i and Mahi are going to win this round and this competition, he leaves with Mahi.
Twinkle arrives at competition venue. Mahi’s foot twists, Twinkle tries to support her but Mahi leaves. Twinkle sees Survi’s makes up room and says its locked from outside means no one is inside, this is right time. She comes in er room and starts searching here and there, Survi is coming there, Twinkle doesnt find anything in her room, Survi comes in her room, Twinkle hides behind door, she is afraid, Survi goes in washroom, Twinkle is relieved.
Manohar calls someone and says i need loan of 10lac rupees, Kunj comes and asks why you need money? Manohar says how dare you ask question to me, i need loan for business, he leaves, Kunj thinks that there is something, Manohar seems tensed.
Host announces couples, he sees Twinkle alone and asks about her husband, one judge says that your husband is so careless that he didnt even come to be with you, Twinkle says please dont say anything about my husband, judge says if he is not here then we have to disqualify you, Twinkle starts to leave but Kunj comes there and says Twinkle will not be disqualified from competition as husband is here, Twinkle smiles looking at him, Sajna ve plays. Kunj says i am Kunj Sarna, he comes to Twinkle and says sorry i am late but i am on right path now, to be with my wife to make her win this competition, Kunj recalls how Yuvi said to Twinkle that husband is needed in this competition, Kunj says to Twinkle that i wont let your head bow down infront of anyone, i will always be with you, he holds her hand.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Twinkle that are you done with all this or not? Twinkle says i know Mahi and Yuvi did wrong in this competition but i cant backout, i will remain in this competition and you also said that it doesnt matter to you if i am here or not, Kunj says it does matter to me as i lo.. he stops and cups her face.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. tara

    omg omg omg…kunj u rocked it today……………….i hope is bar bol do…bol do twinkle ” I LOVE YOU..”
    Can’t wait for tmrw…

  2. Simi

    Promo is awesome . kunj loves twinkle……. Wow. Soooooo gud to read tat one thing …. . so excited for tomorrow …….kunj is sooooo cute…….. Jus love twinj???????

  3. prapti

    omg!!! kunj is about to speak his heart out…so I don’t mind problems coming as it’ll bring ’em more closer…?

  4. sonal

    Thanx atiba for fast update
    Nowwwwwww kunj will say I love you I am right n akanksha n Tara ……….
    Finally day has came I can’t waitttt

  5. Free

    Oh my Goddd???… I’ve never commented but 2d i’ve to…. Seriously did i jst kind of heard kunj sayin he lo… Twinkle…. O my goddd… When is tomorrow ??????

  6. sudha

    thank u atiba for fastest update and u always update an interesting episode on time thank u from all tei telly update fans

  7. aradhya

    I have never commented b4 I hv alwys been a silent reader but after reading the precap I can’t resist myself frm writing ……this is one of the bestest serial everrrr…nd thnx atiba fr the fast updatr

  8. sudha

    and episode was awesome and precap was toooooooooooooooo good finally much awaited time arrived i just cant control my happiness but there will be something a head which spoils it but i dont care about it as i am too much happy for today

  9. sudha

    i want to celebrate it withu people tara mahira sonal akankasha rakshitha smc fatarajo atiba free star and all new people and silent readers

      • sudha

        how ?????? we can share chocolates with people around us or hv a lunch r dinner with with loved friends and post the things u did in telly updates …….but i will do it after sunday since i have my pg entrance test on sunday so i can t give time to celebrationsss but i am soooo happy finally kunj rocked hey this is completely new angle in kunj na negative side of kunj i am anger harsh words possessive etc etc etc

      • tara

        ohk di…lets see when the confession takes place and we ll celebrate accordingly…
        btw all the best for u entrance xam..

  10. SMC

    I doubt he will confess…..but hopefully he does bcoz not only me but the whole Twinj fans r just waiting for one of them to confess…

    • sudha

      of course he will not say it… he will definitely say that i mean i care about u as many times……. but kushiyonka bath ye hi ki kunj realised his love for twinkle …now there will be some romantic love story btw them and it will not be such a good if he confesses as we miss their nokjok and it will be fun see them suffering to express their hearts and finally he will not leave her at all …….and last but not least thing is that we heard many comments that twinkle goes to uv and there after kunj realises his love for twinkle which is not true and our tashan e ishq continues as it is as twinj (up to nw i hv a fear of rumours of twiraj coming true but nw i am confident about twinj )

    • sudha

      dont know about purvi but twinkle doing this for kunj and his family so she is concentrating on her husband only…. not at all worried too much for maahi (maahi is just an excuse in front of kunj) she did it many times as mission uv ko expose karo, mission maya se bath karo, mission leela ke shhadi karavo, mission bebe ko bachavo ,and in all these kunj ne uska sath nahi diya but pleased after all so this is too end as a cute mission twinkle ka sath diyo…. and as kunj to heard manohar convo i think they two reach the point at same time

  11. SMC

    Tara I think just think that Twinkle confessed that she loves Kunj bcoz the day Kunj tells her about the truth(UV)she breaks down and he leaves on his bike and she says Kunj don’t leave me,pls don’t leave me,kyunki mein tujhe mohabbat karta hoon…..I just think but pls tell me the correct thing bcoz my friends r telling me Twinkle confessed it that time when the joint Mahasangham of Jamai,Kumkum and Tashan was there pls check and inform me if u can.
    Lol SMC
    P.S-Lol(Lots of Love)

    • tara

      smc are u asking me?? m getting confused actually..
      anyways i dont think such a thing has taken place may be ur friends misunderstood..
      what do u all say guys??

      • sudha

        yes smc twinkle not at all confessed and kunj was angry on her at that time and maya came in btw if twinki confessed then kunj dont take this much time to say that he loves her

  12. Araadhya

    Guys…..hii I never commntd as I m new…but I must say…tei is becoming interesting day by day….Nd Twinj are cmng closer day by day….thnx atiba for fast update but btw how did u updated as they are not accepting any written matter!!

  13. akshra

    Ohh my god,kunj has realized his love for twinkle.tats awesome.waiting for the next epi.so excited.wen ll they confesss their luv.waiting for more twinj scenes and romances.

  14. lifna navaz

    omg…??? kujjj will say I love you….
    ???????? kunjjjjjjjjjjjjj I love uuuuuuuuuu… ur bzt husband of thiz wrld….

  15. Preety sid bieber

    Omg omgggg m gone be crazy finaly kunj ne suruwat toh ki lo……..i lovvvvvv u kunj…. u prved that u r a heroooo .. thats why i lovv u so much … i cant wait 4 2mru…
    Btw lots of thank u atiba…agr 2m nahi hoti toh me one mnth tei dekh nahi pati..
    hii writers plz plz ye rqest he aap ogo se ki 3th march se pehle yeh love confsn naa hoo…????

  16. no guyz no confession would not be that fast…..it would take time…..tbi maza bhi ayga and would be interesting to see…..but atleast kunj ko feel bhi ho jaye then dat wud be great….

  17. Hi friends !!!!” Today episode awesome , kunj u r killing me man , what n entry , u r supporting twinkle its good, twinkle pls leave the all problems listen kunj dil ki baat , uv you r such a losser , mahi disgusting, precap excited iam flying…..

  18. angel

    Thnx for d fast update i am waiting 4 d precap nd i think there is no need for new villan as there are many villans in d show

  19. Ritzi

    Wow was kunj about the say I love uuuuuu!!!!!!!?????? Mind blowing….. Fabulous Free I totally agree with u when is tomro?

  20. zarmeen

    wow good episode and iam waiting for next epi kunj says to twinkle i love…..very nice finally he had realized wow ……

  21. sachu

    Bushy waiting 4 the day when kunj confess his love 4 twinkle… uv u had lost one more plan of bringing distance b/w twinj…luv dis episode..

  22. Rakshita

    OMG….did I saw the correct precap….my god…. u mean our kunj has finally not only realized his love but also accidentally confessed it…!! Eagerly w8ing for tomorrow’s episode……. Nd why is tomorrow so far….Plss com early……???????

  23. Araadhya

    Hello everybody….I m new here…..so hope u all will accept as ur frnd….btw today’s episode was very cool specially kunj’s perfect timing in Mrs. Amritsar competition…… Tomorrow’s epi is gonna b rocking Nd cute …..Nd I hope twinkle also realizes her feelings and they soon confess though I don’t think this will happen so soon as many evils are over our Twinj like yuhi, Anita ,cherry etc…..!!!! Btw all the best to Twinj…..for tomorrow’s episode…. Eagerly waiting…!!!???

  24. Ajivika

    I thought Twinkle would realise first about her feelings for Kunj…. But here Kunj is the one who is going to realise his feelings 1st…

  25. twinj fan

    what the …
    is twinkle mad , again hiding truth from kunj and thinks that its for kunj’s happiness
    why dont she realise that she has to share all this to kunj , she is not only person who wants to protect her family , by hiding the truth she is giving him false happiness
    she should tell him all so that he could satisfy by her act and dont get irrited

  26. hehe…i am grinning like an idiot..this is soo cute kunj’s half confession but i dont think he is gonna confess…they might drag it a bit more…still fingers crossed for tomorrow.. love twinj foreva…… :*

  27. ?Carol Ann โ›ตโ›ต

    Yes, yes, yes!!! That’s my hero!!! You go for it, Kunj!!! Go and tell your wife ” I LOVE YOU ” loudly!!! HA…! How does it feel, Yuvi ? All your Satan plans go back agains you. Now I want to say goodnight everyone because its already pass midnight here, and sleep happily.. Hooray!!! I know all of Twinkj fans feel the same as I am now…. ???????????? ????????????

  28. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice secne b/w twinkle and kunj…
    And finally kunj ko tashan-e-love ho hi gya.. i hope twinkle ko b jaldi realise ho jaye … and yuvi, anita and cherry ki band baj jaaye… and mahi ko akal aa jaye…

  29. loveleen

    hey tara rakshita smc n all other ff writers where are u guys ….yesterday i was vry sad that not a single ff was posted..plzz any one write…

      • loveleen

        oooo m so sry ….i thought everyone is busy wid exams….TU plzzz dont do this to us….plzzzstart accepting

    • Araadhya

      On god loveleen…. In fact we r dying to post our ff….u don’t know how am i living without posting my ff I don’t know why tu is not accepting any ffs….!!!

  30. I don’t think that kunj will confess his feelings for twinkle. And even if he doesn’t I don’t care because he is in love with twinkle and that is awesome. I love you kunj

  31. SMC

    Kunj is not going to confess he might change the wording but it wl start with I maybe but I hope I am wrong but Twinj is life……Tara if I am not mistaken my friends keep telling me that Twinkle confessed that she loves Kunj not to him but to himself bcoz that day wen Twinkle comes to know that It was UV who took advantage of her not Kunj he leaves while she says Kunj don’t leave me pls,don’t leave me…Mein tumse mohabbat karta hoon I don’t know if it is right but pls can u find out and tell me if u can,anyone…..I got news for upcoming episode of Tashan e Ishq if the upcoming episode Twinkle wears a short blue dress and a man takes advantage of her but Kunj comes on time…Hug scene…and Kunj makes her wear his jacket that all I know…

    • tara

      yeah smc the news is absolutely right…but twinkle never confessed her love neither to kunj nor to herself…at that time she just said that she wanna give a chance to their marrriage…bt never said that she loves him..so i think ur friends are mistaken…bte the news about the blue dress is true..!!

    • Rakshita

      SMC first of all there was nothing like love confession in that scene…..nd thanks for news….I m sure it would be a gr8 scene!!!

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