Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Babee says to Surjeet that Yuvi has hurt Twinkle, Twinkle got hurt on head because of Yuvi, Surjeet says this is not true, Twinkle must have fell herself and now she is alleging Yuvi, Babee says its not Twinkle’s fault, Yuvi has hit her, truth is that Yuvi is out of control, thank God you didnt do anything serious, didnt you see Yuvi raising hand on Cherry? Surjeet says he is a kid, Babee says yeah its right that Yuvi is kid and his mind doesnt think much before doing anything but we cant ignore fact that its dangerous, he can hurt anyone, i cant put whole family in danger because of him so we have to send him to mental asylum for better treatment, Kunj says but.. Babee says you are saying but? cant you see your wife? see your wife has wound on head because of Yuvi and you are

still taking Yuvi’s side? we cant keep eye on Yuvi for whole time, we have to send him mental asylum for better treatment and its good for Yuvi only, Babee ask Cherry to call mental asylum, he goes to call, Surjeet says but let Anita come, she is his mother and she should know we are sending Yuvi to mental asylum, Babee says this is my house and i will take decision, you are so much lost in Yuvi’s love that you are putting whole family in danger, i agree Anita will be hurt but we are doing all this for Yuvi’s betterment, Kunj says i promise i will be with Yuvi for 24hours and i wont let anything happen, Babee says where were you when he put fire on your bed? where were you when he hit your wife? why will you take care of Yuvi? you feel that you are behind Yuvi’s mental state? what you did was absolutely right, you should concentrate on your married life not on Yuvi, Yuvi will go to mental asylum for sure, Cherry says i have called them, they will come soon, babee says good, she leaves.
Leela says to Chinki that i am worried to Twinkle, i couldnt throw Anita and Yuvi out of Twinkle’s life, and this Yuvi’s mental drama, i am not able to do anything for Twinkle, Chinki says dont worry, twinkle is your daughter, she will solve all problems, dont worry, Leela says but i am worried, if this all creates problem in Twinkle’s married life, Kunj is good but afterall he is human and can get fed up, i cant get involved in their lives, Chinki says dont worry, Twinkle and Kunj are made for each other, they will come more closer afterall this, Leela says i hope so.
Doctor comes to take Yuvi, Cherry says to doctor that Yuvi keep hitting people, Babee and everyone comes to Yuvi’s room and finds locked, Babee knocks door and ask Yuvi to come out, she says docto has come to take you, when you will become fine, they will bring you back, she ask Kunj to talk as Yuvi will listen to him, Kunj knocks door and ask Yuvi to come out, he says come out doctors have come to take you, Twinkle thinks that i know Kunj you are feeling bad but its better that Yuvi is leaving else he would have destroyed our married life and our family, Kunj says to Yuvi that i will come to meet you daily, please open door, Cherry says he will not come out easily, we should break door, Cherry breaks door and says capture this mad person, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi’s end has come, all come in, Yuvi says i am good boy, i didnt hit Twinkle, he ask Kunj to not send him to mental asylum, Cherry ask him to stop his drama mental, your time is finished, Kunj says dont call him mental, Cherry says so should i call him Shahrukh khan? Kunj says to Yuvi that its about few days then i will come to take you from there, you need this, doctors will take care of you and i will come to meet you daily, Yuvi says i will not go there, i am afraid, Surjeet says we should wait for Anita, Babee says even i am not liking it but i cant put whole family at risk, Twinkle thinks that i know you must be afraid of asylum and you will tell truth that you are not mad, Babee ask Yuvi to go else they have to drag him, Yuvi says dont take me, i will not do anything, doctor tries to capture Yuvi but Yuvi runs from there, Twinkle thinks what Yuvi is trying to do?
Yuvi is running, doctors and cherry are running behind him, they capture Yuvi finally, Yuvi says i will not go, Yuvi says Kunj you hate me too? but i am telling you i am good boy, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi say that you are pretending to be mad, Babee ask Doctor to take Yuvi and take care of him, Yuvi says ok i will go but i will not talk to you Kunj ever, Twinkle thinks that why Yuvi is doing drama so much, doctors drag Yuvi from house, Cherry says finally we will get rid of him, Yuvi shouts leave me, i am Yuvraj Luthra, Twinkle thinks that i knew it, you will not go to mental asylum, yuvi controls himself and says i am not bad, i am not mad, he says sorry to Cherry, he says to Surjeet that you know Yuvi is good boy, he ask Twinki to tell them that i am not mad, tell them that i am not mad, i will not complain about you, i will not miff you ever, i am good boy, Twinkle is confused, Yuvi says ok i am good boy, i will not act stubborn, he ask doctors to take him, doctors leave with him, Twinkle thinks Yuvi went to asylum what he wants? Kunj says to Twinkle that Yuvi went to asylum now you are happy? you must not have any problem now, he leaves.
Twinkle thinks that how Yuvi got ready to go to mental asylum? what he is upto, she calls Chinki and says my plan failed and Yuvi went to mental asylum, i didnt know that he will agree to go there to keep his reality hidden, Chinki says maybe you are mistaken and Yuvi is ill for real, maybe he has become kid for real, Twinkle says i am sure he is pretending, he cant fool me, i can see evilness in his eyes, Chinki says but think why will he go to mental asylum? why will he bear so much to keep his identity hidden? Twinkle says Yuvi plans everything and i know he is planning something, we just can wait to see whats his next plan.

Scene 2
Kunj comes to Surjeet, Surjeet ask him to leave, Kunj says i just wanna talk to Anita, Surjeet says what will you say? your wife filler Babee’s ears against Anita so she can take advantage of Anita’s absence here and can send Yuvi to mental asylum, this is all her plan, Kunj says you are thinking wrong, Twinkle will not anything deliberately, Surjeet says what will Anita have to bear when she will know that they dragged Yuvi out of this house, Kunj says i will bring Yuvi soon again, i promise, Surjeet says enough, dont do more for us, its enough, when Yuvi will comeback, make sure your wife remain away from him, now go to your wife, Kunj leaves.
kunj comes in his room and finds Twinkle putting medicine on her wounds, Kunj takes medicine from her, she says i will do it, he applies cream on her wounds, she screams in pain and ask him to apply calmly, he says sorry and blows air on her wounds, he comes closer, Twinkle gets afraid, Twinkle smiles, Sajna ve plays, Kunj puts bandage on her wounds, Twinkle thanks him, they listen Yuvi’s voice and are confused, they go to check.
All come in lounge to find Yuvi there, Babee ask why did they bring back Yuvi? Doctor says we dont know if Yuvi is threat for you all or not but there is threat for Yuvi in this house, Yuvi is not safe in this house, Kunj says what you mean? Yuvi says i will not complain about anyone, doctor removes Yuvi’s blanket from his body and shows marks on Yuvi’s back, he says these marks shows that someone from your house has beaten very badly, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Yuvi is alone in his room and says Twinkle did you forget that my name is Yuvraj Luthra? and Yuvraj never loses to anyone, and i will not lose this time too, i will snatch you back Twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Expected . I knew that Yuvi was doing drama of losing his memory. Yuvi, Do whatever you want to do to get Twinkle, but you will end up bringing Twinj closer 🙂 😛

  2. Shilpi

    Zee tv, made us fool 🙁 they were showing that Monday will have ‘sach ka var’. Even tuesday went off and instead of exposing Yuvi, problems became bigger for twinkle. I fear that this Yuvi will succeed in his plans. Still no signs of positivity for twinj’s relation. Director saab what’s in ur mind? Really are u going with srk’s darr….. plz don’t, plz….

    Thanks Atiba for the update.

  3. kripa

    only babee has some brains in this serial…otherwise everyone is brainless -_-
    kunj should understand that twinkle knows yuvi since a long tym and she knows him well…if she is saying yuvi is just acting then she must have solid reasons :/
    and twinkle!she makes silly plans to expose him…
    leela is the worst -_-
    heartless lady.she knows twinkle needs her most…she should now forgive her daughter -_-

    • I agree with u
      Nowadays leela is getting on my nerve i accept twinkle make a mistake who dont make mistakes no1 is perfect every1 have flaws n faults even leela is hiding some secret about that JP if twinkle find out about that secret now and start to treat her leela the same way how she use to treat twinkle how the hell leela will feel this leela need to put her big talks aside n forgive twinkle it not like she/twinkle commit a crime it just that she fall in love with the wrong guy at the wrong time just hope this leela realise what she is doing asap

      • kripa

        we all know twinkle did wrong but she has done a lot to set everything right…she broke up with yuvi.married kunj,appologized to leela….
        what else she can do now? :/
        nobody likes her in her in laws except babee.her own mother is not supporting her.yuvi and cherry are making her life miserable…poo girl

  4. Getting sick n tired of yuvi antics just want him to get expose asap cuz kunj will not stop blaming his self n fall prey in yuvi nonsense……!!!!
    Anyway i believe yuvi n cherry antics will bring twinkle n kunj together and they will falling love with one another without them realise it or maybe they will realise it but they will not be ready to accept it….???? i know for sure twinkle will hate yuvi more when she will get to know the whole truth about him

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Why top 3 shows that is Yeh hai Mohobattein, Kumkum Bhagya and Tashan-e-ishq toooooooo much dragging….
    Inka sabka time slot itna catchy hai but shows are going without any direction….

  6. samyu

    Got tired.. …..plzzzZ stop this psycho track yaaaar.. ….
    Seriously.. …i think babee hav to get involve in twinkle’s plans thn it may help.. … Bcuz, its her who shows sum brain aftrall.. …..

    Luv twinj scenes.. …

  7. samyu

    Got tired.. …..plzzzZ stop this psycho track yaaaar.. ….
    Seriously.. …i think babee hav to get involve in twinkle’s plans thn it may help.. … Bcuz, its her who shows sum brain aftrall..
    Luv twinj scenes.. …

  8. Ya seriously… Now it’s becoming boring day by day ?. We want to see twinj…. N for how long this track is going to go plzz… Tell me I will start watching tashan e ishq from that day.?

  9. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Sadaf khan this love track started sometime around the 18 th August 2015.

  10. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Yuvi I knew that you were acting all the time because only a stupid director will give you a mad role.and being a handsome,sweet, cute,heart stealer like you only a person with no sense can do that .so yuvi what we have to say “kunj sarna de end”and.”Twinkie be mine”ha ha ha lol.how sweet you both will look again you bought will make. This show shine once more.and I am sure that there are more people like me who wish the same but I know to my heart that there are a lot of people out there who hates you.so sad but to hell with them.so proud that your my favorite actor.and I am not ashamed to say that.love you yuvi aka zain imam???

  11. Why kunj is not trusting upon twinkle..is he out of his senses …how could he say to twinkle to apply medicine on yuvraj’s wounds….m so sad to see that he is showing believe in UV and not his wife

  12. Plzz change the story line..UV issue is dragged so much which is making show boring…want some good twist for twinj love relationship…twinj is the cuttest couple I hv ever seen in TV serials…plzz bring kunj and twinkle close and build their love

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