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Scene 1
Kunj says to Twinkle that my love was true before and now too, you will see your shadow in my eyes even now, give chance to our love for once. Sajna ve plays, everyone claps, Twinkle is in tears. Girls say that their chemistry is nice, Yuvi is angry and hurt to see it, he leaves from there.
Backstage, everyone congratulates kunj and Twinkle. Principal says it didnt seem like you were performing, but it looked like you were saying heart thing, Kunj says it was just peformance, nothing serious, he leaves. Principal says to Twinkle that i have seen world and i cen feel there is connection between you too, Rocky told me to not tell you but you are in this college because of Rocky only, Rocky agreed to train our students so you can get late admission here, he got admitted here, Twinkle

is shocked and sad hearing it.
Yuvi comes to Kunj’s room and says Kunj will shock now. He keeps live electric wire on his room’s door lock so that Kunj will get electric shock. Twinkle comes there and thinks that i have to talk to Kunj and sort everything. She is about to touch his door’s knob where wire is but Yuvi stops her and throws wire away, he gets electric shock and says Oh Teri.. Kunj comes there and recalls how Yuvi used same words, he thinks that Jassi is using Yuvi’s words. Yuvi runs from there before Twinkle can stop him.
Yuvi comes to room and sets his fake beard, Kunj sees him from far setting his fake beard, he thinks it means Yuvi is Jassi. Yuvi thinks that i hope Kunj didnt recognize me, Kunj thinks that i wont talk to Yuvi now, he starts to leave but creates noise by mistakenly striking with wall, his bracelet falls there, he doesnt see it and runs away from there before Yuvi can see him. Yuvi comes out of room and sees bracelet there, he says it means someone was spying on me, i have to be careful.
Twinkle slips, two guys come and catches her, Twinkle thanks them. Guys say that come in our arms again, your performance was hot, come here girl. Kunj comes there and says i will set you straight, he beats them, guys runaway seeing it was Rocky. Twinkle thinks that Kunj was just helping me till now, Kunj thinks that i have to tell Twinkle about Yuvi/Jassi’s reality, both say that they want to talk to each other, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says i will drop you home, Twinkle says no its not needed, Kunj says you know i wont let you go alone at night, Twinkle nods, they leave. Yuvi has seen all this, Yuvi says Kunj was ready to resign to stay away from Twinkle, and now he is dropping her home, i have to get my act together else i will lose.
Kunj and Twinkle are in car. Twinkle says Principal told.. she says you talk first, what you want to say? Kunj thinks that Yuvi is better than me and she trusts him so much so i have to carefully tell her everything. Kunj says actually.. Twinkle gets Jassi’s call, Twinkle asks Jassi how are you? how is your hand? Jassi says i was feeling like crying and my mom says to not cry infront of girls to i went away from there, i want to ask if you will go on dinner with me? it will be success party for your performance, Twinkle says okay i will meet you, she ends call. Kunj thinks that Yuvi is playing with Twinkle’s feeling, i have to inform Twinkle.
Kunj and Twinkle arrives Sarna house. Usha says to Kunj that you have to give lift to strangers? Twinkle greets Usha, Usha says i am talking to my son, Kunj says how could i let her go alone at night? Usha says Twinkle has told herself that she can live alone and doesnt want any man in her life, Twinkle says Maa.. she says let it be, she leaves, Kunj tries to behind her but Usha says go behind her if you want me to get ill again, he stops from going to her, she leaves.
Twinkle comes to her room and says i couldnt talk to Kunj today. She sees his ring in her purse and recalls how he forgot it in college and she took it, she says i forgot to give it back to him too. Kunj in his room and says i have to talk to Twinkle, he sees his ring missing and says i should ask Twinkle about it. Twinkle says i should call Kunj and tell him about ring. They both call each on mobile at sametime so couldnt get through. Yuvi calls on landline, Twinkle picks up, she says yes Jassi i am coming for dinner, she ends call and leaves.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes to Jassi’s house, he says i couldnt arrange grand welcome. She says no issues. They sit on couch to eat dinner, Yuvi says i will bring water. Yuvi comes in kitchen and sees from window that Kunj is outside his house, he says Kunj must have got my address from college, i think he has doubt on me. Twinkle sees Kunj’s bracelet(which he forgot outside Yuvi room’s earlier) on couch and calls Jassi, she says what is Kunj’s bracelet doing here? Yuvi thinks that it means it was Kunj spying on me, Kunj knows about my reality and has come here to expose me infront of Twinkle, he says i got it outside green room, i kept it to give it to its owner back as my mother says its bad manners to keep others things. Kunj is approaching Yuvi’s flat. Yuvi is tensed and is fidgeting with his hands looking at gate. Twinkle asks what happened? he says nothing, she says lets eat food. Kunj comes outside Jassi’s house and knocks on door. Kunj says i am sure he is trying to runaway but i wont spare him today. Kunj tries to break door, he kicks door and opens it. He comes inside and doesnt find anyone, he shouts Yuvi .. Twinkle.. He finds his bracelet on couch and says now he knows his secret is not secret anymore, run Jassi as much as you want but you wont be able to save yourself.
Yuvi brings Twinkle to some isolated place. Twinkle says why did you bring me here Jassi? yuvi says i thought we should do something special, hotel and house is boring and i dont want to bore my special friend thats why i did this arrangement, Twinkle asks what we will do here? Yuvi says we will mash bubbles here, she whats? Yuvi says one minute. Yuvi brings and blows soap bubbles towards Twinkle, Twinkle tries to take bucket from Yuvi but he sits on ladder and blows bubbles, Twinkle plays with them and is happy, Teri yaad plays. Yuvi smiles at her and thinks that loser Kunj will keep finding us everywhere and here i will spend alone time with Twinkle, Twinkle is smiling after so much time, it gives me peace, i will make her happy, i will do anything to keep her happy.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Kunj that you want to expose me to Twinkle? go ahead and do it, snatch the little happiness that she has got from Jassi too as you have done nothing in life but take her happiness away, if her heart breaks this time then only you will be responsible and no one else, Kunj looks on. Twinkle comes from behind and looks at them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SidMin

    Hope Twinkle comes to know that UV is Jassi but feeling bad for her coz she will breakdown But I think she has started Trusting Kunj again hope she does Trust him and this Usha’s behaviour is always rude towards Twinkle how can she forget that Twinkle was the one who helped her in these 5 years she was married to UV but still considered Usha as her Mother in Law and never left That so rude of Usha

  2. This show, just a Joke. Children play.. Get to the point writer…

    1. I agree 100%.

  3. Exactly I agreed with you Pam.

  4. Director if u want twinj then make it naaa.. Y turning uv -ve again and if u r doing so twiraj fans gonna hate it more n more. Y cant u guys give a chance to twiraj??

  5. Usha is behaving like a b*t*h

  6. oh yuvi you loser dont you know liars always lose in the end why try for the sky when its beyond your reach stick to being Twinkle’s friend you can never be more than that, if you were to end up with her it would’ve happen a long time ago that is just to show how strong her love is for Kunj back off LOSER

    1. Hey raven behave yourself yaar yuvi is the superhero without him theres nothing in this show and yuvraj is doing so to get his long lost love and we yule’s fans are supporting him.. I hope they get united so soon

      1. Baby

        yr i agree bt twinj ll get united as we all no n uvraj is a loser we all no dat koi pyaar ko jhoot se nhi jeet skta do pyaar krne valo ke beech mein glatfamiya paida krke unke sath itna bura krke never so pls

    2. Well said raven he is her friend only nothing else bcoz her love is kunj only and no one can take his place. Kunj always love her truely but uv always use planing or ploting. Twinj is forever.

  7. Baby

    please ohk only twinj is there twinjs lve story n pls ohk cvs now its enough kunj shuld tell d truth to twinkle as its uvraj whom creating misunderstandings i ll kill him fr sure
    yr pls ohk cvs now its enough atleast let twinkle no d truth kunj bccha nhi hai joh voh uvraj ki sunke decision lega

  8. Go to hell yuvi, u will always remain the two face yuvi u are. I cant wait for twinkle to discover ur truth and kick u out of her life forever

  9. Peewangmo

    Twinj always ?

  10. Hiii Rayna my dear i am back and i miss u yar and all guys very much due to some work i was busy those days but now i am back. How r u rayna.

    1. I am fine dear.You know how much I was missing you and your comments.
      How are you dear?
      And finally our twinj is coming back.

      1. I am also fine yar and and i am so happy that our twinj is back now this cheap uv will expose soon. And twinkle will also hate him as before. Love u my twinj fans and twinj.

  11. I couldn’t understand this cv writers.if kunj is no more then whole family wants the marriage with yuvi. Twinkle after marriage was also loyal to kunj and once rocky came back she was after him to prove that its their kunj and once everything got cleared she is showing attitude .then y all these melodrama she could have live with yuvi itself and by the way where is the daughter of kunj and twinkle.leela has became so Mahan that she has forgotten kunj and has only love for twinkle and yuvi….Really fed up with this daily boring drama and getting more irritated with yuvis new attire….please stop this

    1. Right said sheetal.I agree with you.
      And twinj baby was died.When twinkle was pregnant,she suffered from miscarriage.And she lost her baby.
      But I wish,after twinj reunion Twinkle may become pregnant.And wish that twinj child should be a cute like her mother.

  12. Chanpreet0815

    U r absolutely right. Rayna

    1. Thanks dear Chanpreet

  13. thanks you so much for supporting me guys and Aisha jha be honest here hun,you would not want Twinkle to be in an intimate relationship with Yuvi when she was already in one with Kunj,its not fair on her part yaar,one husband being intimate with her is more than enough for her, and he is indeed a loser she told him she does not have feelings for him, yet he is adamant, he really really needs to back off and let her mend her relationship with Kunj its his child she lost, she has no memories with Yuvi she has lots with Kunj know what i mean its not that i hate Yuvi i dont its just a serial and they are actors its the roles that they are getting sometimes makes them so mean and you guys keep commenting i read all of the comments

  14. Hey guys don’t be so senty because from 5 years yuvi is taking care of kunj’s family and he is loving twinkle so much but when kunj is returned what has done with yuvi kunj’s family banished yuvi from their home and what is twinkle doing she wants to live alone I don’t understand one thing that why twinkle is so selfish she needs to accept one of them then situation will be handled otherwise the fighting between kunj and yuvi will go on and there is time come when they will try to kill each other only for twinkle they all are ruined their life and there will be only tragedy

  15. ohh come on uv…back off..tera khel khatam…ab twinj pakka to now want sid back to the show as kunj again as he eliminated from jdj…so cvs,makers just bring our hero back..we just want only him.now the whole fandom wants him..bring sid back..?

  16. Oh really in what way was Yuvi taking care of Kunj and his family? if he did then he had something up his sleeve, Yuvi care about no one but Yuvi he is self centered everything he has ever done there was always a motive behind it, if he was so loyal then why the disguise,Twinkle ask for some space then what did he do? gone in a disguise where as Kunj is appearing as himself, just think when she finds out all hell will break loose all the trust she had in him will go through the window, if there are men out there reading what would you have done if you were in Kunj’s shoes? and ladies what would you have done if you were in Twinkle shoes? lets not get hyper just think about it and then give your opinion,no need to be sarcastic though one can never forgets ones first love right or so i heard so glad i dont know about love yet and want to be 23 years forever lol

  17. Where is 23rd August 2016 written update?

  18. Yes rajdip,I am also searching for it.But didn’t get it till now.

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