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Scene 1
Leela asks Twinkle to not tell Kunj about Yuvi’s deed, we will tell him when he becomes fine, dont tell him rightnow that Yuvi gave him blood, Usha comes there and asks what are you talking? Leela says we were talking about donor, Usha says i cant thank you enough, you are doing so much for my son, Leela says Kunj is my son and i can do anything for him, dont thank me, Twinkle goes to Kunj.
Twinkle brings juice for Kunj and says it will give you energy, Kunj says its herbal juice, you think i will become fine with this? it looks so bad, Twinkle says you have to drink it so that you become fine, drink it in one go, Kunj drinks it in one go, Twinkle says good boy, Kunj says husband become silent when wife takes charge, Twinkle says shut up, she starts to leave but Kunj pulls

her back and says where are you going? your husband is ill so you should stay with him, listen to me, Twinkle says tell me what you wanna say, Kunj says i thought.. he comes closer to her, Twinkle closes her eyes as he comes close to kiss her.. she waits, Kunj puts mask on his face, Twinkle opens eyes and gets scared, she screams and falls from bed, Kunj takes off mask and laughs, he says look at your expression, he laughs, Twinkle smiles and thinks God keep him happy and he should always be laughing like this, nothing should happen to my Kunj, no illness should hurt him, Kunj screams, Twinkle sits beside him and asks what happened? he says i am hurt, she asks where? he puts her hand near his heart and says i have pain here, when i see tears in your eyes, i feel pain in heart, Sajna va plays, Kunj kisses her hand, she smiles.
Anita says to policeman that Yuvi’s discharge papers should not reach to jailer, she offers him money, he says no, i have done alot, i allowed you to give food and other things to Yuvi but i cant stop those papers to reach jailer, it will put my job in danger, Yuvi has to comeback to jail, he leaves. Leela calls Anita and says you must be in shock that Yuvi will return to jail, maybe you will get admitted to hospital, i will send fruits for you, Anita is anry, Leela says how is Yuvi? he gave blood and his planned failed too, he will go back to jail, he must be sad, Anita says shut up, Leela says dont shout, you can have heart attack, i will have peaceful sleep tonight, she ends call, Anita calls her manager and asks him to find Leela’s donor soon.
Twinkle and Leela comes to meet doctor, he says Kunj needs 3bottles more blood, where is donor? Leela says donor is Mohan, i asked me to come here at this time, i dont know why he didnt come, i will call him, she calls him but his phone is switched off, she says to doctor that i will go to his home and will bring him, she leaves with Twinkle.
Twinkle and Leela comes to society where Mohan resides, she says to Twinkle that he must have got confused with timings else he doesnt come late. She comes to Mohan’s and sees lock on his door, Twinkle says something is wrong, confusion didnt happen but it was created, Anita comes there and says right answer, Leela your daughter is smart, she didnt go on you, what you guys are doing here? did you come to meet someone? oh whose house is this? Mohan’s right? he is blood donor right? he is gone, now ask me how i know all this, i am smart too, the difference is that i am more smarter than your daughter, what you thought that i will not know who is donor? this donor’s house is mine now, Leela says i knew your standard, good thing is that you bought house of your standard, Anita laughs and says such cheap joke, for your information, i have given alot of money to your donor, i have given him so much money that he cant even think in dreams, he has taken flight and gone abroad today morning only, what will Kunj do now? you people dont have much time, Leela see Twinkle is about to cry, Twinkle you need tissues? Leela what were you saying on call that i must be dizzy? now its Kunj who must be dizzy? he doesnt have blood, doesnt have donor and is ill too, i will help you like a good neighbor, Leela slaps her hard, Anita is shocked, Leela says you forgot last time’s slap thats why making you remember again, stop this nonsense, if you say anything against Kunj then i wont spare you, you are so cheap that you are taking advantage of someone’s illness, you made this donor runaway but i will bring many donors for him, i am Leela Taneja, i dont give right to anyone to play with children’s lives, she leaves with Twinkle. Anita says her ego didnt break, i will take revenge of this slap when Twinkle will come to Yuvi and beg him to save her husband’s life then Leela come into senses and i will answer her then.

Scene 2
Leela and Twinkle are in car, Leela calls her people and ask them to find donor, Twinkle says to Leela that Anita will buy our donors, what if its to late when we find donor, Leela says nothing will happen, Yuvi calls Twinkle and says i got to know that your donor ranaway, i have called you to give you a bad news that your ill, half dead husband has gone to college, i am feeling something wrong is going to happen, he might have accident, Twinkle says what are you saying? Yuvi says think if he has accident, his blood will be lost and you dont even have donor, what will you do? save him, run for his life, Twinkle is shocked, Yuvi ends call. Twinkle calls Kunj.
Yuvi calls his goon and says i have sent you Kunj’s photo, start you car and do my work, he ends call. Kunj is walking on road, Twinkle calls him and asks where are you? Kunj says i am not able to listen to you, i will call you later, there is network problem, he ends call. Twinkle says to driver take car to Kunj.
Twinkle comes to street, she sees Kunj at distance, Twinkle sees car coming near Kunj, she calls Yuvi, yuvi says Kunj might die after accident, Twinkle says shut up, Yuvi says dont raise your voice, Twinkle asks Yuvi to not kill Kunj, stop that car, what you want? Yuvi says my first demand is that you take case back and free me from jail, you dont have much time.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Leela comes to jail, Yuvi says sees because of her love for her husband, she has come to free me with release papers, Twinkle says its because of strength of our love that your freedom depends on us only, be happy with this charity that i have done for you, go you are free.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what the hell is happening in tei
    y isn’t yuvi leaving twinj in peace
    I am surely gonna kill yuvi if I see him anywhere

    1. is this hafsah

  2. Yr had hai i hvnt evr seen sch cheapest prsn lk dis uv of d serial i hate him? wat d hell is happening in twinjs life??

  3. N thanks atiba fr d fast updates

  4. Thanks Atiba

  5. Thankxxxx atiba for fast update wat the hell is happening in twinj lyf & moreover UV which I hate more in the serial uhhhhhhh???????????

  6. Plz twinj ko alag math karo….. kunj ko jo problem haina i wish o uv ke sath hota……… uv ki carector ko positivly convert nahi karsakti lya……. vaise positive karanekeloye uv our twincal ko ek mat kigiye:-) ok

  7. thanks Atiba for fastesssssss update. oh God I’m really worried about twinj as UV is free noe. I know this time he will create some big problem. love u Twinj

    1. Nothing will happen to twin and kunj. Although uvi will create many problems as he comes frm the jail but he couldn t do anything to them because the pwr of love.

  8. What the hell is this. What happened with tei. I hate yuvi. Writer common man

  9. God this is crazy… y twinkle has to beg yuvi nonsense can it be twinkle has d upper hand rather than anita n her son

  10. Tei is going bad. But still precap is good that wicked UV should realize that he got freedom because Twinj love each other a lot n he needs their help to get freedom. As usual Twinj scenes were good. But what was the necessity for Kunj to college in this condition?

  11. I totally agree with luv twinj. Eagerly waiting for next episode. And love u twinj

  12. Twinj should not separate at all….twinkle should discus the matter with kunj…and they should do something big with proper planning against uvi and anita….

  13. Wish u happy birth day sidhant

  14. What is happening here what is this yuvi doing , why are makers so desperate to unite twinkle yuvraj if they wanted to do so why they decieve fans by showing twinkle kunj, only watching this for twinj

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