Tashan-e-Ishq 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Usha ask who is responsible for all this? Leela says i know no mother can see her son in this state,m i am sorry on Anita’s behalf, Usha says your family has fight with Anita Luthra but why my son is suffering? from the time we have made relation with you, my son is bearing problems, we are reputed family, we dont fight like goons and truth is that i never liked Twinkle for kunj, all are stunned, Leela says what are you saying? Kunj says usha you are tensed to see me like this thats why saying all this, we should leave, Usha says let me speak, Usha says to Leela that i am a mother and i dont think Twinkle is right girl for Kunj, i have doubt on her character, i feel something fishy with her, i dont think she can be nice wife or daughter in law, Leela says enough, i cant listen

anything against Twinkle, she is my pride, i have trust that Twinkle cant do anything which will my head down, Kunj ask Usha to swear on him, she will nto talk further, he takes from there, Leela cries, and says Usha will break this relation, Kunj is best for Twinkle, Twinkle should marry Kunj only.
Kunj ask Usha are you fine? i am fine, Usha says you know i dont like Twinkkle, when you dont like her then why you are keeping this relation, i will talk to your father, Kunj says i am ready to do this marriage, Usha thinks i know he is saying yes for m but i wont let him destroy his life, i wont let him marry, Kunj thinks i am sorry mother to lie to you but Twinkle and i have done deal to not marry so we will not marry.
Anita is crying, Yuvi says i know Leela has insulted you but what i will do with Twinkle this time, for that insult is very small word, i will not fail this time, Anita says your wounds will heal but the wounds which Leela have given on our souls, that will not heal, Yuvi says i have trapped Twinkle in my love so that i can dstroy her, i will do such a thing that Twinkle wont be able to show her in world.
Twinkle is sadly sitting in her room, she recalls how Leela stood up for her, Leela comes there, she wipes her tears and says i know you are because of Usha, youa re afraid of losing Kunj, dont be afraid, i wont let this happen, you should understand relations more seriosly, if husband is with you then you can win anyone, you should agree to your elders, arrange marriages are more successful as they are done by elders, Kunj is best for you, he will keep you happy, Twinkle thinks how to tell her that i wanna marry Yuvi not Kunj/
In morning, Twinkle says to God that i amj confused, give me strength to chose best and the one who is best fro me and family, i should go to that side she closes her eyes and opens it to Find Kunj there, Kehte hain Khuda ne kis k lye to banaya hai.. Raabta.. plays, Kunj says to Twinkle that i am for for whatever mom said, Twinkle says you got injured, i am sorry, doesnt matter if your mom said bitter words for me as we are not going to marry in real, Kunjj says i wanted to say sorry to your mother as she was hurt, Twinkle says i am sorry for Yuvi’s side, he is not like this but he he gets angry fast, Kunj ask how much you will defend him? Twinkle gets Yuvi’s call, Yuvi acts and says i am sorry for last night, i dont know what happened to me, i want to meet Kunj and say sorry to him, Twinkle says he wil meet you, you should say sorry to him, Kunj says i will not meet him, Twinkle holds his hand says to Yuvi that Kunj will come, Sajna ve plays as she looks at Kunj.
Leela comes to Usha and tries to talk to her, she says i have made halwa so thought to bring it here, what you are making in lunch? Usha sternly answers her and says why you are doing this? we know what happened last night, i know you are hurt about last night but i cant stay quiet now, Leela says leave that, i understand you were in pain to see your son in pain, Usha says nobody understand Kunj more than me and Twinkle is not his happiness, Leela says one day Twinkle will win your heart then you will realize that you have done best by marrying Twinkle and Kunj, Usha says i have nothing in my hands, every decision is taken by my husband and if God wants Kunj and Twinkle’s marriage then i cant do anything, Leela says then i dont have any tension as i am sure Twinkle and Kunj are made for each other.

Scene 2
Yuvi, Kunj and Twinkle are in restaurant, Yuvi says to Kunj that my weakness is Twinkle and my anger, i am sorry for last night, lets start afresh, he extend his hand, Twinkle ask Kunj to shake hands with him, Kunj shakes hands with him, Twinkle is happy and says i will leave, mom is waiting for me, she leaves, Kunj says i will leave too but Yuvi says we should sit for sometime and talk like friends, lets shake hands again, he extend his hand and deliberately throws water on Kunj’s pant, he says sorry, Kunj goes to washroom to dry it, Yuvi messages from Kunj’s phone to Twinkle that he has thrown party, she should come. Bubbly reads Twinkle’s message and thinks to go to party. Yuvi says now Kunj is gone.

PRECAP- Some guys misbehaves with Bubbly, she cries and calls Twinkle, she says i am in party where Kunj called you, people are bad here, save me. Twinkle calls Kunj and says how dare you to call me in such cheap party, my sister Bubbly is stuck there, Kunj and Twinkle both runs to save Bubbly

Update Credit to: Atiba

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