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Scene 1
People chant against Twinkle, Twinkle is tensed. Cherry comes there and smirks, he says sorry Bhabhi, i didnt want to do it but i had to do it, i dont have good days, its Anita who is making my life good by giving me money. One man throws stone at Twinkle, it hits Twinkle, Kunj shouts at him. Other man tries to attack Twinkle with wooden stick but Kunj holds it and kicks man, he starts fighting with men. One man hits Kunj on head with stick, Twinkle goes to save him but man pushes away Twinkle, Twinkle is about to fall down on floor but Yuvi comes there and holds her, man is about to attack Twinkle with stick but Yuvi holds it and kicks man, he hides Twinkle behind him and beat goons, Cherry gets tensed. Kunj and Yuvi fight with goons. Men try to attack Twinkle with sticks but Yuvi and

Kunj comes infront of her and hold wooden sticks while protecting Twinkle, Kunj and yuvi looks at each other, they beat goons with wooden sticks. Leela hugs Twinkle and asks if she is fine? she nods, goons run from there. Yuvi comes to Kunj and says i.. Kunj pushes him away, he throws stick on floor and comes to Twinkle who looks at Yuvi in tension, Kunj asks Twinkle if she is fine? did someone hit her? she nods in no, she stares Yuvi who looks away. Yuvi starts leaving and thinks that i am sure Anita is behind all this, i have to find her, dont know where she is but she has to say sorry to Twinkle.
Twinkle comes in room, she says i am sorry Kunj, Kunj says dont say anything, i am important to you or these society people? i am with you, you dont need to take stress, he gives her water. Babee says i think you both should go out from here for sometime, situation will get mild here and you both will get rest too, Leela says you both should go for holiday, Kunj says i dont think running away is solution, we should stay here and face situation, there is no guarantee that Anita and Yuvi will not do any stunt after go from here, Babee says we will handle them here but till you both are here, they will keep creating problems, see Twinkle’s situation, atleast think about her, Kunj says my Twinkle is not that weak, these small things cant effect her, dont underestimate my sayappa queen, Babee says i know Twinkle is very strong but sometime person get tired of all this, Leela says Anita can do any other act after this.
Anita calls Cherry and says you yourself are good for nothing, Cherry says Yuvi is good for nothing, i dont know why he is acting like your step son, i had set everything but Kunjj and Yuvi beat my goons so much, your son has gone mad, he has become Twinkle’s bodyguard from her devil, Anita says i have to think some solid plan to separate Kunj and Twinkle, Cherry says when you talk about new plan, my heart shivers, Anita says you need money right? just listen to me.
Leela says to Kunj that you both should have holiday, Kunj says if you both think that we should go out so i will go away with Twinkle, Leela says good, she leaves with Babee, Twinkle looks at Kunj tensely.
Yuvi comes to Cherry and holds his collar, he asks him to speak, he asks where is my mom? Cherry says she is your mom so you should know where she is, i dont know about her, i should ask you where is Anita mom, Yuvi says dont act innocent, why you keep taking money from my mom? Cherry says i have no interest in your mom, your mother is going from rough patch and i dont want to get crushed in all this, and i told you i have right on her money too so i take it from her. Yuvi says you wont understand in nice words, from now on wherever you will go, i will keep eyes on you and if you get caught by me then you will be gone.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room, she says you in my bedroom? Yuvi says actually I.. just listen to me once, there is awkward feeling after yesterday night but trust me nothing happened last night, i didnt even touch you, it was situation created by someone, i know you are sensitive girl and must be feeling bad after yesterday’s night, dont think that you did any sin, i know i had tried to do this cheap act with your earlier, i feel so horrible about it now, he folds his hand and says whatever mistake i have done in past, please forgive me for that, what happened yesterday night was done by my mom, i swear i will bring her to you, she will confess her mistakes and will ask forgiveness from you, you have my word, i promise you, forget everything what happened last night as bad dream, Twinkle recalls what happened last night, she says i dont understand how we reached there yesterday night, Yuvi tries to touch her shoulder to support her but she moves away, he says i am sorry, i know your dont trust me but you trust yourself, whole family is with you, no one doubts you which means you have won this war already, trust me i wont let you get affected by whatever happened last night, its shadow will never fall on you, Kunj comes there and angrily looks at Yuvi, he says you came here again? whats your problem? listen one thing carefully, dont stress my wife, if you come in this room again then i will put straining order on you by calling police here, Twinkle says you are thinking wrong Kunj, Yuvi just came here to say sorry about last night, Yuvi says i didnt mean to stress anyone here, i just came to say sorry to Twinkle, Kunj take care of Twinkle, Kunj says you dont need to say it, Yuvi leaves from there, Twinkle is tensed. Kunj gives medicine to Twinkle and starts leaving but Twinkle holds his hand and points him to not go away, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle smiles at him, they share eyelock.
At night, Twinkle is sleeping in Kunj’s arms. Kunj thinks that i am trying so hard but i am not able to bring smile on your face, i am feeling helpless seeing you stressed, Babee is right, we should go away from here for sometime, you will feel better and we will be away from Anita aunty too, he caresses her head while she sleeps.
Yuvi calls his manager and asks him to find out where is Mom, check her farmhouses, every place but locate her.
Kunj makes Twinkle lie on bed, he turns around to see some silhouette near room’s door. he asks who is outside room? he comes out of room to find someone running away with knife, he runs behind silhouette and says who it can be? silhouette disappears. Kunj calls out Twinkle’s name. Twinkle wakes up in room and doesnt find Kunj in room, she goes to search him. Twinkle comes in corridor, she sees Kunj standing there, he says you here? Kunj sees shadow on wall, he pushes away Twinkle and runs behind shadow. He grabs person, lights are switched, its Yuvi whom Kunj has grabbed, Kunj and Twinkle are stunned. Kunj says i knew it must be you, whom you wanted to kill, me or Twinkle? Yuvi looks on.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Yuvi that dont test my patience, i can do anything with you. Yuvi says you are thinking wrong, i have come here now only, i dont know anything, Kunj says till i am here, you cant even touch Twinkle, i wont let your cheap shadow fall on her. The shadow was of Cherry, Cherry hides behind wall and saves himself from Kunj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope twinkle doesn’t start liking yuvi again. And if after the leap there is no kunj I will legit stop watching this show

  2. Oh goddd.. again I missed the epi.. actually zee channels r not available for few days??… god knows wen this channel will start…!!!! Bt update seems good.. bt m worried abt the precap.. wats gonna happen next!!! Waiting for the nxt!!!??

  3. So kunj is dieng the death sequence is alrdy shot jus nw i saw in twitter as they wl b gng for outng kunj wl meet with an accident & wil die

  4. Are u out of ur mind.?I want twiraj .I hate kunj.he is ridiculous. And UV is hot and I love him more.stupid kunj,get a life.twiraj is best.love u UV

  5. ya aliona u r ri8… kunj will die as well as my madness over this show which was only bcus of sid… kunj… twinj…. sidmin will die…. i m done wid this show guys.. bye bye tei… bye bye TU

  6. I can’t wait for leap

  7. pls dont make him die atleast make another guy for kunj character or end the show with happy ending of twinj because i cant see twraj together plsssssssss

  8. btr yaar stop d shw on a happy note than making hero die n bringing new hero or making d villian as hero…

  9. if sid will die or replaced then there will no meaning to watch tei anymore.so i am done.no sid means no tei for me.so thank u so much tei for entertaining us for a long tym.but i respect sid’s decision as it’s the question about career.but without sid tei is nothing.so with a very broken heart goodbye tei forever.going to miss the show badly..?????

  10. Oh no hero is going to die nooooo yaar it seems boooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggghhhh leap r worst part in serial I hate it & it changes the story also if link die I won’t watch the show

  11. Princess y r u being harsh on kunj’s character? Seems like you av a thing for maniac men tht changes his face every now and again..
    Sid is a great actor and slayed kunj’s character along with the chemistry between him and jasmine…
    I dnt think another person acting as kunj will give off the same impact as sid… I’d rather c sidhant’s character dead than married to someone tht isn’t twinkle…it hurts me to say tht…
    If its tru abt killing off kunj then twinkle should unleash misery on Anita…
    Make her homeless, bald her head, make her an outcast..hell IDC…just mke Anita suffer…n I dnt even like the idea of twiraj..ewwwww!!
    I mean zain is a wonderful actor but jasmine and sid stole hearts with their chemistry… I’m 100% sure the twinj fans over shadows the twiraj fans..
    N one other thing, this is for the twiraj fans..
    You’re getting wht u always wanted but tht does nt give u the right to critize kunj..wanna give ur opinion? Do so without the lame comments.

  12. It’s had been a great show through out so tq to the entire crew of tei n zee TV for keeping us entetaining n update about each and every episodes of the show.Really going to miss sidmin aka twnj.Both of ur crezziling chemistry on screen was awesome guys on screen hats off to both of u n very good luck in ur future projects n undertakings as well.

  13. sid is good actor but all twiraj fans hate him please don’t do this please see his awesome acting I know bocoz of entry twiraj was separate but it not fault of sid writer change the story AND all twinkunj fan I have some idea in post leap if writer show twinkunj child bcoz of that no kunj in life but there memories still remaining in twinkle heart and yuvi heart but if kunj character is not in tei seems it so boring

  14. Noooooooooooooooo kunj cant die.kunj is the main hero of TEI.he cant die like this.
    Aisa q hota h ki jo serial hum pasand karte h usi ka main hero ko maar dega.I was madly in love with twinj and love their jodi a lot.I think it was d best serial.And now sid is quitting d show.No sid means no TEI.I am done with tashan e ishq with heart broken,tears.Thanx for entertaining us.

  15. We love twinj just because of sidmin. No sidmin then…………

  16. Crap Crap a complete Crap …..kunj will die nd Twiraj will romance Wowww yrr what a great message to society ..ewwww….loving a person who has crossed all the limits of shamelessness is really disgusting.
    Now zee nd ph whatever they want to do they can surely do whether they want to replace kunj wid new one or they want to show stupid romance between yuvle they can ….now when they have totally spoiled the serial the can easily make it worse….we all twinj fans r least concerned about any track ..

  17. One more thing which I came across through many people’s comments that difference between TWINJ FAN ND YUVLE FANS …what a great difference yrrr .
    Just give a thought nd try to remember we Twinj fans always hated Uv character but always loved Zain ; we never wanted him to leave tei at any cost coz we all love him to the core but why all yuvle fans r consistently bashing sid ; why u people r so happy with his exit ; in fact many of them said ” get him out of the show yr ‘ why yr u hate kunj character but why u people r against Sid.
    I’m really sorry if I had hurt anyone but it was necessary for me to express my self coz I can’t see others bashing Sid….

  18. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    bye bye tashan e ishq…..thankyou for entertaining us so much….n giving us the worlds best couple twinj….but the show without sid is nothing…gonna miss tashan e ishq:-( :'(

  19. if kunj were die then I also not see this show after leap

  20. Yehhhhhh…… Finally good news….. Kunj is going to die….wow….i can’t wait to see it….n nw i guess it will be twraj… N uv is da best..

  21. I hope Sid changes his mind in last minute 😛 actually if he wants to quit the show it’s his choice he says he is quitting due to getting a big show or movie that’s good but he is taking a risk if the movie becomes flop than he will regret well it’s his decision we r just fans but that’s just my opinion I m already starting to miss Twinj usually most of the time I like shows more than the Jodis, but Twinj is too good

  22. I totally agree with sayeeda that ppl have grudges with kunj so why the hell they r dragging sid in between…. N dear narrow minded ppl let me tell u one thing that if u remember that when twinkle married uv n that toowas a trap..the trp of tei went from 1.8 to 1.3 then just imagine that if they show twiraj romance the show will loose all its fan following…. N I bet that this serial cannot withstand on twiraj alone…I m sorry for my harsh words n I was not criticizing any twiraj fan but all those ppl who r opposing sid…this is too much

  23. forever fan of twinj

    Hey Frnds can u pls tell me tei set location address

  24. Well said yrr u know some times it is the frustration of Yuvle fans which compels them to speak harsh words nd bash Sid instead of kunj. They themselves know the popularity of Twinj couple nd their fan following is much much much more than yuvle ones and the after the entry of kunj character trp of tei increased drastically. Just once ph gave a try to separate our twinj and the results of such decision was drastic.
    Now when their is no Kunj’s character in tei so let yuvle fans enjoy . All d best tei for ur trp ratings.
    And plzzz yrr don’t speak bad about Sid ….speaking about Kunj is your choice…

  25. Fan of twinkle and kunj 4ever

    Want them to mate and have a child

  26. R u all crap guys
    Omy many has their own choise
    U love kunj r no z left to u
    But degrading SIDS acting skill z not good

    I m sad yar
    N one more thing UV looks good as villain only ??

    N lz stop bashing sidif u can’t respect his skills dn better don’t open ur bloddy mouth too to bash or critize him oky???

    1. Wah Crazy ur anger proves that u r true twinj fan. U know we should let yuvle fans enjoy coz itni khoshishon ke baad jakr ab toh inko mauka enjoy krne ka .
      Now what we all have to do is to stand united nd quit tei nd silently let’s watch out how alone Yuvle fans can get enough trp for tei ….
      Nd yes we will always support nd love Sid in his upcoming venture.

    2. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

      Honestly speaking I agree with every single word u Said yaar crazy

  27. Twiraj is the best !!! Even Kunj character didn’t made me to stop loving Twiraj.After all Kunj wants to quit by himself and we being fans can’t take his personal desicion.

  28. One other thing, if the writers knew all along tht the wanted a twiraj y did they put kunj n twinkle together? Y did they let them fall in love? Tht does not say good abt women.. One time twinkle loves yuvi then she loves kunj then she loves yuvi again… I mean come on…
    I love twinj..I want to c them together.. Writers dnt kno wht the hell to write..plz sid, don’t do this…consider staying on the show..or I’ll leave my job n come to Indian n hold a protest “we want sidhant” “we want kunj” “we want sidmin” ” we want twinj” lol…I’m so damn serious..so plz, if u don’t want me to loose my doctor license becz I’m tempted to come thr n demand u stay on the show. Consider hw heart broken ur fans will b. This show will hit rock bottom without kunj..we dnt want to c twiraj..I av ntn against zain…his character yuvi however, does nt fit well with twinkle..
    Ohhhh and another thing, who cares if the twiraj fans does nt like sid? We the twinj fans loves sid enough for all the haters.

  29. I would love if twiyu (twinkle and yuvi) comes together once again and yes the serial was very interesting while their love story was going on( I know it’s fake but still….) I love that track…. I’m really sorry for twinkle fans but I don’t think they match

  30. Hahhaaa…..what a idea awesome hatts off. Till now we all were finding best possible way to stop Sid from quitting TEI but u gave the best idea to stop him by conducting protest. After reading u comment I was smiling like a stupid one. .

    1. I’m referring Ahria in my above comment…

      1. hey sayyeda do you know they have already changed the wikipedia page cast information 1st it was yuvi the male lead now its yuvi & they placed kunj in the former cast list so now its clear n final he is leaving the show u can check it out in tashan e ishq wikipedia page

  31. sorry i mean to say 1st it was kunj the male lead now its yuvi & kunj is added to former cast

    1. Yr Merry let’s just leave them they made fun of love nd fans feelings too. Now it’s there time to pay for it nd we all make sure that they regret their decision…..

  32. Hey, can anyone let me know how to submit article?
    Tried submitting, getting an error at the captcha part. I can’t see any captcha image there so that I can fill the captcha column. Please let me know.please help..wanted to submit a tei ff

    1. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

      If u want to upload in TU then use submit your article option and then fill up all te blanks

  33. Fatarajo (Cricket fan :P)

    I don’t know why I have this gut feeling that it will be shown that after leap it will be Twiraj and then Kunj will make a comeback an then it will be Twinj but with difficulty like already trp dropped so trp will drop more maybe because most Twiraj fans already quit te show long time ago they may not have idea it’s Twiraj again and then makers for sake of trp may bring back Kunj and then it’s again Twinj. That’s what I think but I don’t know what will happen but I m a big fan of Twinj only watching TEI for te sake of Twinj , if not I would have stopped watching this show long time back

  34. Thanks Fatarajo for replying.i clicked submit article and filled the blanks. One of the blank ask for captcha to be typed whereas I am not able to see any captcha image there. So unable to submit.

    I am also a twinj fan n watched tei for twinj only. Going to miss twinj terribly..

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