Tashan-e-Ishq 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
5Years later in show
Guests are coming in Sarna house, there is some function. Usha calls girl Suman and asks her to come fast, i am waiting for you, she ends call. She is busy in preparations. Babee calls her name, she smiles at Usha, Babee says you didnt apply mehndi? we have less time for Karvachauth, ladies have come too, Usha says yes i am seeing preparations, Babee says i will handle everything, where is Twinkle? Usha asys Yuvi has taken her to parlour, he was saying that my Twinkle should apply best mehndi, Babee says then they will go to Leela’s house too as their favorite daughter is there, they cant live without her, usha says they both become child with her too, they smile.
Yuvi is driving bike, Twinkle is sitting behind him, she asks him to drive slower,

he says you could have come by walking, my bike is helicopter, Twinkle says drive slow else i will jump off bike, Yuvi drives more faster, Twinkle says i will apply mehndi on your face, Yuvi says you are trying to warn me? people will see flying sikhni now, get ready to fly. He drives faster. They come home, Twinkle says cant you drive slower? what if anything had happen to Prisha’s things? Yuvi says nothing will happen to my Prisha’s things, you take care of my mehndi, i will take care of Prisha, she is my darling princess, Twinkle asks him to give her Prisha’s things, Yuvi says go inside and work, tomorrow is Prisha’s birthday, you havent done anything except for buying pink dress for her, i have to work in this house otherwise no work is done in this house, Twinkle smiles at him.
Yuvi and Twinkle comes to Leela’s house, Twinkle daughter Prisha hugs them, Yuvi shows her gifts, she says its for me? he says yes its for our cute little princess, Prisha kisses Yuvi on cheeks, Yuvi is flattered and says to Twinkle that see Prisha loves me more, Twinkle says are you done with your showing off? Yuvi takes selfie with Prisha, Prisha leaves, Leela says she didnt finish her fruits. Twinkle says i can take my selfie alone, she starts taking selfie, Yuvi goes to her and stands behind her showing toy in picture, Twinkle says what are you doing? Yuvi says Leela Maa you must have not seen Ex- Miss Amritsar with duck toy, you are like duck twinkle, Twinkle says you are like monkye, how dare you call me duck? she runs behind him to beat him, he runs away from her, Twinkle slips and lands in Yuvi’s arms, they share eyelock, Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye song plays, Leela smiles seeing them close, Yuvi says this is perfect selfie moment, Yuvi holds Twinkle in arms and takes selfie with her, she poses with him and says i am looking pretty, Yuvi says you are duck, Twinkle teases him, Leela says you both are like kids too, she laughs and leaves, Twinkle looks at Yuvi, he goes from there. Prisha comes to Twinkle and says my ball is stuck, bring it down for me. Twinkle sees her stuck in basket net, she stands on ladder to bring it down., Yuvi comes there with Leela, Yuvi says she started doing stunts again, he asks Twinkle to come down, this ladder cant bear your weight, Twinkle says you are calling me fat? you monkey? Yuvi says be careful, give me hand, Yuvi says why dont you listen to me ever? Twinkle says when you say something sensible only then i will listen to you, Twinkle slips from ladder and falls in Yuvi’s arms. One servant clicks their photo in that pose. Yuvi smiles at Twinkle, she looks at him confused, they share eyelock, music plays, Yuvi says you would have fallen if i was not there, Twinkle says Yuvi my savior, my hero as if you were not present then i would have become injured, Yuvi says like seriously? she says seriously. One woman comes there, Prisha runs and hugs her calling her mother, mother thanks Leela, Prisha is her daughter, Leela says i have opened this day care to help working women like you, Prisha is special, she is part of family now, i have one complaint, she doesnt eat fruits, mother says i will leave now, she leaves with Prisha. Twinkle is sad, Leela and Yuvi notices it.
Usha looks at Kunj’s picture in her room and starts crying, Bebee comes there , Usha tries to look fine, Babee sits beside her and says why you keep looking at your wounds? after so many years, Twinkle have forgotten Kunj and have started to live again, if you try to become weak then think what will happen to Twinkle? Usha says what can i do? in these five years, i have shown strength but i cant forget my son, i keep remembering him and i cant stop my tears coming down, so much changed in these years, i lost my son, Twinkle lost her husband then she lost her baby too, we had hopes to live life with Kunj’s baby but God didnt want that too, Babee says we all wanted to welcome Twinkle’s baby but you know after Kunj was gone, Twinkle was in trauma, she was in stress and because of that we couldnt save baby, even after that Twinkle showed strength, if you become weak then Twinkle will break down too so you have to control yourself, you know Leela have opened day care, Twinkle gets happy there, she gets happy seeing kids of other people, Usha says if Kunj was here today then everything would have been fine, Babee says i wish Kunj was here.

Scene 2
In street fight ground, Rocky Singh comes in ring, all chant for him.
Twinkle comes down in function of Karvachauth. Babee says moon is going to come out soon, Yuvi is there too, same servant is spying on Twinkle. One lady says moon will come out late today, Yuvi says to himself that innocent Twinkle didnt eat or drink anything in whole day, dont know how much she would have to wait.
in boxing ring, all are chanting for Rocky, Rocky remembers Twinkle and Yuvi’s marriage, he takes off hoodie, its Kunj. Kunj starts fight but gets beaten by other fighter, he angrily looks at fighter and recalls Twinkle and Yuvi’s marriage again, he starts beating fighter but gets beaten again, he lies on floor, recalls their marriage again, he gets up and beats fighter, he wins the fight, all chant for Rocky/Kunj.
Yuvi says to himself that i have to do something otherwise Twinkle will get ill without eating anything, should i bring fake moon? no thats bad idea, i should say that moon has come in Dehli. Usha comes to him and says i knew you would do something like this, you care for Twinkle alot but this fast is done by wives for their husbands, if she breaks her fast before moon then it can be bad omen, i have lost my son earlier too and i dont want to loose my son again, Yuvi says your son will always be with you Maa, he caresses her face, usha smiles.
Kunj says in boxing ring that i had to win because i am not loser.

PRECAP- Pallavi says to Kunj that i have planted a servant in Sarna house and in Leela’s house, he will work there and will give us every information from there, he has sent some pictures to me, she shows him pictures of Yuvi and Twinkle close, Pallavi says its seems like they have forgotten past and have moved on, Twinkle seems happy too.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Kashfia (Zuha's sister)

    Love you Twiraj!! But I hate the fact that Twinkle suffered a miscarriage, I thought that this baby will bring TwiRaj closer, but no, this TEI is so like Uggghhhh… First Sod bro. left, okay if he left then better make the character of Kunj die, and make it Twiraj! Zain, is 1000 times better than Naman! And more over that Pallavi, she is more annoying!
    Love u Twiraj!?

    • Y

      Ya I feel bad for miscarriage but I think it is good for twiraj cause now kunj and twinkle has no connection through a baby



    |Registered Member

    How cruel episode…atleasf team have shown twinkle and kunj child…. so that kunj and twinkle come closer but no, they spoiled show fully…. and now making kunj evil…. too much…. now from today i willl not watch, not read or not even going to comment….. bye bye TEI…..

  3. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    So sad Twinkle lost her child It was this that I was thinking how could Jasmine agree to play the role of a mother Uv really loves Twinkle now but how can Twinkle openly romance with Uv she forgot Kunj so easily????

  4. Sparkle


    |Registered Member

    Wow loved today’s update as I am a yuvle fan. They are looking so cute together. Really sad for twinkles child.

  5. Megha


    |Registered Member

    No no no no! First I don’t like Naman! He isn’t 0.000000001% Kunj, ad an actor he’s good but as Kunj, no don’t want to go there ?
    It was good to see TwiRaj as best friends that they are now and I really thought that Prisha was TwiNj’s daughter but my heart broken to millions of pieces when I got to know that Twinkle miscarried.? ?
    And to the top of that Kunj misunderstood Twinkle???
    He just saw them getting married and misunderstood them, wasn’t he able to see his family there? Couldn’t he just go stop the marriage and demand an explanation!!! ??
    And that brainless, irritating, idiotic Pallavi! Good lord! Why is she doing this? Spying on Twinkle, instigating Kunj and blah blah ?
    I officially hate TEI now!

  6. sys

    Its good that Twinkel had miscarrage & lost her baby . Aab there is no connection between Twinkel & kunj . Now this story ahead with Twinkel With Yuvraj love story k saath . So , i am so so happy now one & only Twiraj .

  7. shnaakht

    maja aagya…i like so much today’s episode…twiraaj luks very cute together..now tashon isq come back agin..kunj was just a mediator for making some special story btwn twiraj…like uv’s silent love ncare gor twinkle…i like this new story. n kunj chrctr going to b completly spoiled..but I like twiraj tom n Jerry fight.. ..keep it up..

  8. Somona

    Twiraj was awesome…. Feel bad for twinkle miscarraige but now no connection with kunj at all . Hope she falls in love with yuvi again .. No offense to twinj fans but twiraj looks better than new kunj nd twinkle!

  9. suni

    first time posting —-

    I don’t understand why pallavi didn’t let kunj family know he was in her care and needed a face reconstruction. Who hides from their families after such big accident? Now ,Five years after and kunj still didn’t make contact with his family and now pallavi spying on twinkle after so long? In real life twinkle could already have a child for yuvi and five years is a lot. This show is so much crap now.

  10. Nadira

    Kunj will come back and he’ll try to get back twinkle in his life.he won’t be negative also..that’s d good thing. if Kunj becomes negative then it would a be a bakwas for sure.bcz he loved twin more thn his life naa!!
    but i don’t like ds kunj.nd this Doctor!!
    ugh ugh…she looks like a aaglaganewali…?

  11. Naz

    In the first place, it was yuvi n twinkle. They were the lead pair, till kunj was brought in,they took away yuvi playfull and romantic attitude and made him the bad boy. Twinkle and yuvi were in love. The story took a 180degree turn and made kunj n twinkle, the lead pair. We all grew to hate yuvi. While I loved twinj pairing, I like how yuvi character got to be redeemed and now it’s full circle. The baby had to be written off the story coz it’s about yuvi n twinkle now. Waiting to see what the writers bring for us now.

  12. Rayna

    Yes kunj will come back in twinkle’s life…But I hate the fact that twinkle was so closed with yuvi and she has never taken a name of kunj once.Is it a true love of twinkle for kunj.Kya yeh wahi twinkle h jo pehle kunj ko itna pyaar karti thi..But kunj ko dekho woh ab bhi twinkle se itna hi pyaar karta h jitna ki pehle karta h.How can twinkle forget her true love kunj so easily.
    Hate u twinkle
    Hate twiraj
    Love twinj.
    I want only twinj.
    Plz cvs reunite twinkle and kunj fastly

  13. Rayna

    I mean jitna ki pehle karta tha..
    I cant tolerate this yuvle.
    Aur dekhna sab koi twinj bohot jaldi reunite hoga.

  14. Rayna

    And one more thing family have married yuvle for the sake of unborn twinj child.but baby had miscarriage then what is the use of uniting yuvle.Cant twinkle stay away from that yuvi.She has totally forgotten kunj and moved on so easily with yuvi.She cant even think about him while kunj keep thinking about her from the past five yrs….

  15. Jasmine wani

    Omg!!! sid bhai(kunj) ki ek nishani thi vo b hm se cheen gye….serial ko bnd kyu nai krte……BAKWASS PORA TEI TEAM..CHI CHI CHI ND dr palavi 2 bdi selfish h….

  16. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    Ab kya yahi dekna baki tha…cvs are really mad… hw can they show yuvle.. they are making fun of marriage, true love. …hw can they…ek khushi ayithi wo bhi chinli humse…twinj ke bacche ko bi maar dala…chii…lagta hai cvs ko hamari khushi dekhi nai jaathi…yah…I know sid was best, is best, n always will be best for kunj’s role…they should unite twinj. ..cant just see yuvle together …new kunj hi sahi lekin twiraj nahi bardash kar sakh thi mai…aur cvs apna dimak goa me hi chod ke aagaye hai kya…seriously hw can they show a girl marrying her rapist…it is the insult fr any girl. ..mai mera fav show ko apne dil pe pathar rak kar kehrahi hun ki…yeh show ka trp 0 hojaye…show bhaad me jaaye…aur sidmin fir kisi show me nazar aaye…

  17. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Afta sidhant tei is boring ?
    I think tei is only meant to sid. I love you old kunj ♥ Missed you dearly ?

  18. Yuvle ki deewani

    Finaly the 1st n real couple of tei are togethr yuvle wr the 1st couple of ths shw im proud to be a yuvle dieheart fan since tei promo days i stoppd wtchng tei whn the makers turnd ma yuvi -ve bt nw yes m sooo hpy for ma cuties yuvle/twiraj/zamin al the way n new kunj chomu kala bandar teri aukat nhi h mere yuvle k beech m ane ki <3 yuvl

  19. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    I thought of reading today’s epi as it’s after leap. One thing I can conclude that it’s definately gonna be twiraj now no chance of twinj at all good news for twiraj fans. So sad, Twinkle suffered a miscarriage :O 🙁 what a twist totally unexpected, and anyways i dont like new kunj also so twiraj is better than twinj, but i already stop watching this show. Show is spoiled, if they wanted to make twiraj from day 1 what was the need of bringing twinj in between? Anyways, bye bye tei,(and m twiraj fan for now, but bigger fan of twinj(sidmin))

  20. Jasmine wani

    M a big fan of jasminD nd SID bhai….sorry 2 say jaz d….i thnk ap ne kbi dil se kisi ko pyar nai kiya h….pehle uv se…jb kunj se pyar huwa fir kaha yhi mera sacha pyar h shayad mene uv c kbi kiya hi nai….2 ab kya huwa 5 year bad kunj bhul gya jo uv k nam ke mehndi lagayi nd kaswachout….kya zrori h aise serial me reh k jhn ladki ka mzk bnate h….nd shadi ka b jb man ne chaha ek se karli….fir dosre se….ap quit q nai krti nd jhn tk mje lgta h ap ko kunj ko nai bhulna chaiye….nd uv ne ap se kitni bar btmezi krne ke koshish kri vaha ap ko kunj bchane ata tha ye mt bhulna….agr ap ne ye pda 2 plz reply krna..SORRY AGR BURA LGA H…..

  21. jaz

    I hate u twinkle.I hate u..UV twinkle pls apne kunj mat bholna.pls pls yehi tumara asli pyar hain.kunj zinda hain twinkle.jo bhi hain jaisa bhi.hain kunj haina and cvs make twinj pair not twiraj PLS I hate UV lot lot.itna gatiya insaan UV ku hero banadya phool jaisa maasum kunj ku villain banadya o come on cvs don’t do this..pata nahi ye show kunj,twinkle,UV ke aalawa kuch nahi hai kya shadi shuda ladki ku o Uv humesha satahta tha.ab o usike saath shadi karkar kush hain ye twinkle.I hate u twinkle .(sab kuch bola dya ye wafa ka kya sila dya.tere wade o iradhe o sathi re kaise sila dya ye wafa ka.kaise.sila dya.)kunj Will sing a song to twinkle..

  22. nrk

    if twinkle had miscarriage then what was the need of 5 yrs leap.it can shown leap with 6 or 8 months

  23. Bids

    love twiraj. They look soooooooo cute.They were the original pair.Hope they unite twinkle and uvraj.. Fast.

  24. jaz

    Kitna badtamiz ladka.hain ye Uv. Twinj ku kitna preshan kartha tha .Goa mein kunj ne uski jaan bachi thi kunj usse mar ne detha tu acha hotha.twinkle ku usse molest kya kunj kitni baar jaan se maarne ki koshshi ki.baar baar twinj ke bich mein aajaatha stalker kahi ka. Uski maa ne kunj ku maara phir bhi twinkle sab kuch bhol gayi. How is impossible. Ab kunj ka baby nahi.raha ek bath bolughi twinkle ne kunj ke saat sacha pyar nahi kya.hain.I hate u twinkle. Uv se bhi.bad kar. Uv tum humesha villain hi ache.lag the.ho.hero banne ki koshish mat karna. Uske liye humara kunj hain. Don’t worry ok uv..

  25. nayana

    first of all leela ne twincal our uv ko shadhi isiliye karvaya taki twincal kush rahe… par mahi ki charector kaha gayi yar… leela ko e yad nahi hai kya ki uv mahi ki pati hai…. meaning less …..

    ub tho haddi ho gaya yar…. uv mahi ka pati hai. leela ji plz mahi bi apiki beti hai.

    dabba story line.

  26. Nesla

    Wow twiraj pairing was awsome. They look sooo cute when they fights. Luv uv sooo much. I hope this time they won’t separate.

  27. Kk

    This whole thing is weird, yuv and twinkle married and on a romantic way.Ike who does that, he tortured you and your husband, even your family. He should be locked up, but instead the stupid family gets her married to him. Men how mest up are they. This is good life lesson, it’s OK to forgive the one that kidnaps, tortured, and kill your husband. You will be happier with him, then with someone else. This is a home for real, and it’s so random seeing them now as a couple. I’m not watching this anymore, because theirs no logic in this.

  28. Rayna

    I totally agree with u jaz.
    Just wait and watch all twiraj fans cvs will reunite twinj.
    Just waiting for that only verna yeh show toh main kabhi bakwas jodi yuvle k liye nahi dekhti.Hate u yuvi.Love sidhant and also love this new kunj naman.

  29. anseela

    I knw pple r critising twinkle 4 4getting kunj…bt diz is reality…pple r lyk did only in there real lyk…n kunj dnt try to investigate evn y twinkle marry uv I think he even dnt knw she was pregnant with his child..loser kunj?????…feeling gd 4 d miscarriage no connection b/w twinunj I hope they dnt get 2gethr…

  30. vaibhavi

    I am still fan of twinj and will be till the end of the show
    But not of new kunj
    Sidmin love u especially sidhant gupta

  31. jaz

    Hey guys sbs segment mein aaj dikhaya ki kunj ne boxing ring mein Uv ki kunj ne khoob pitayi ki.aur mahaan mahila twinkle ne aakke roka aur char bathei sunakar gayi kunj ku. Twinkle bachaliya uv ku.warna aaj uski kkhair nahi.kunj usse marhi daltha.uv ka mu sooj gaya tha.lekin muje bada mazza araha tha.meine ayse hi chila ya tha mar kunj mar aur mar uv ko.I hate him lot uv.

  32. jaz

    Hi muje ek bath samaj nahi arahi hain ki whr is mahi.she is dead?? Or alive? Kunj ne usse kya kardiya.leela ku mahi yaad nahi yi.I think mahi character was WASTE in this show.I can’t understand uv ne itne sab kaand kiye hain. Phir ye log usse maaf kardiya meine ye show uv ke waje se hi choda tha.jab dekhu tab twinj ke beech mein kehe tha hain.I can’t TOLERATE him so I quite the SHOW bcoz of uv..cvs ne sari STORY barbaad kardhi. Hey ranya thank you and u reply my comment.

  33. Risa


    |Registered Member

    Guys ignore all negative comments…..clear ur mind….. now plz take this as new season yaar….no offense…..n yuvi sudhar gaya hai….if u do a big mistake n r guity of it n not allowed to get a chance to repent….. how would u feel?? Guys stop bashing uv character….yuvle r great together….n i hope u guys understand that…. yaar i dont hate twinj…..its just that u cant keep weeping over one single jodi….move on there is so much more to find out when u clear the past…twinkle did the right thing by moving on and forgetting past…..dont critisize her decision….and at the end of the day its just a show so go with the flow…..

  34. Mariya siddique

    Naman is not as good as kunj. but i m happy for twinkle and yuvi coz both are my favourite.

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